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UPDATED: Stay Frosty: Pope Benedict has left the Vatican indefinitely to be with his ailing older brother in Germany

The Pope has left Rome for an indefinite period. There is no Pope in Rome.

Stay confessed, folks.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

And for Fr. Georg Ratzinger.

Human Translation of the Bishop of Regensberg’s official statement: 

Pope Benedict XVI landed in Munich at 11:45a.m. on Thursday, June 18.

Bishop Rudolf Voderholzer said:

“The Pope Emeritus (sic) will stay at the seminary of the Diocese of Regensburg.”

“Benedict XVI travelled with his secretary Archbishop Georg Ganswein, his doctor, his nurse, and a religious. The Pope emeritus made the decision to visit his brother in Regensburg shortly after consulting Pope Francis. (sic)”

“The public is asked to leave this deeply personal encounter in its private setting. It is a heartfelt wish of the two elderly brothers not to tolerate photos…etc.  

All people who want to express their sympathy are cordially invited to say a silent prayer for the two brothers.”

“It is the first trip outside of Italy since Pope Benedict’s retirement.”

In a first statement, the chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference, Bishop Georg Bätzing wrote:

“With great joy and respect I welcome the Pope Emeritus (sic) Benedict XVI retired to Germany.”

“With all my heart I wish Pope Emeritus (sic) Benedict XVI a good stay in Germany and the peace and quiet necessary to take care of his brother privately. My prayers will accompany the Pope’s stay and the visit to his brother Georg,” said Bätzing.

Barnhardt Podcast #114: Eternal Lives Matter

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In this episode we discuss the Corona Facemask as the “New Masonic Veil” and the masonical leverage being exerted in the name of COVID-19 to dull the Faith of many, especially by not keeping holy the Lord’s Day. There is more to the Third Commandment then merely attending Mass: posture and dress are significant outward signs of your respect for the Holiness of God even if you are watching rather than attending Mass. In this strange time when words seem to be losing their meanings we can be assured that there is no change with The Divine Word and that if we earnestly beg His Grace and correspond our lives to doing His Will then we will overcome the Legion of Karen and the religion of Woke.

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Reposted by moral necessity: #TOLDYA: Jorge Bergoglio’s “Other Gustavo”: Why Bergoglio Elevated, Placed and Now Protects Zanchetta

“Come give us a kiss, you naughty, naughty girl!”

(Originally penned and posted in January of ARSH 2019. Gustavo Zanchetta now has an international arrest warrant on his head for multiple sodomitical sexual assaults.)

(Addendum June ARSH 2020. Antipope Faggoglio-Weinstein just re-installed his “boy” Zanchetta at the Vatican Bank. Faggot mafia in FULL MANIFESTATION. Zanchetta SEXUALLY ASSAULTED seminarians. It was part of his compensation package to be placed at a seminary. These prelatial faggots like their prey YOUNG. The ultimate rush for these demoniacs is to corrupt the young.)

The Associated Press’ Rome correspondent Nicole Winfield REALLY hates child molesters.  Hence her relative zeal for reporting on Antipope Bergoglio’s corruption.

Today she has broken the completely not-shocking news that Antipope Bergoglio knew of the formally lodged complaints of sodmitical predation (complete with naked selfies!) of one of his very favorite Argentinian prelates, Gustavo Zanchetta, for YEARS.  Of course he did.  Antipope Bergoglio elevated Zanchetta to the episcopacy almost immediately upon usurping the Petrine See in ARSH 2013.  And where did Antipope Bergoglio send his beloved Gustavo Zanchetta upon naming him a bishop?  To Oran, a backwater diocese Northwest of Buenos Aires on the Bolivian border, nestled at the base of the Andes.

So?  Antipope Bergoglio sent one of his pet sodomites to a backwater.  Why is that of any significance?

Because, as I have reported here and tried unsuccessfully to get actual journalists to pick up, Jorge Bergoglio, through his very, Very, VERY intimate “friend” Gustavo Vera (it is widely known in Argentina that Bergoglio and Vera were sodomite lovers – hence Bergoglio’s installation of Vera in the luxury hotel that Bergoglio lives in in the Vatican – a choice made not out of “humility”, but in order to facilitate “encounters of exquisite tenderness and caressing”) is up to his eyebrows in the trafficking of child sex slaves.  Gustavo Vera is known to essentially hold the monopoly on boy prostitutes working the gay bars of Buenos Aires.  Vera uses his racketeering front of heading an NGO dedicated to – wait for it – fighting child traffficking, and his drifting in and out of government office to A.) protect his monopoly pimping boys to sodomites in the gay bars by cracking down on freelance rent boys working in the streets outside the bars and B.) facilitate running his pipeline of children which are essentially bought from destitute Bolivian Indian peasants living in remote, high Andean mountain villages in Bolivia.

The fact that Antipope Bergoglio IMMEDIATELY put the boy-chasing sodomite (but I repeat myself) Gustavo Zanchetta in Oran, the critical bordertown on the Gustavo Vera child trafficking pipeline between Bolivia and Buenos Aires, is no surprise whatsoever.  The fact that there was a seminary there that Zanchetta was given license to use as his own personal harem/hunting ground was just a consolation for Zanchetta being sent to a backwater town.

Once Zanchetta’s flaming sodomite activities reached critical mass, with PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE, Antipope Bergoglio brought Zanchetta to Rome and installed him in a very plush position overseeing the Vatican’s massive real estate holdings in Rome.  Zanchetta now lives a life of luxury and no doubt gets as much sodomy as he wants with whatever AGE he wants.  Why?  Because he could blackmail the crap out of Bergoglio.

Why don’t Zanchetta and all of the rest of the filth blackmail Bergoglio?  Well, A.) in a sense, they already are.  They live in protected luxury and get all the sodomy (and drugs) that they want, so why jeopardize this form of mutually agreeable blackmail/quid pro quo?  And B.) Bergoglio is well-known in Argentina for enforcing his rule with contracted physical violence and being involved in political assassinations.  In short, like Archbishop Viganò, they all know that to cross Antipope Bergoglio is to take your life in your own hands.

I spoke to some journalists about picking up the Argentinian aspects of Jorge Bergoglio’s criminality, but all declined giving the extremely weak excuse that the whistleblowers are people with morally dubious backgrounds.  AS IF WHISTLEBLOWERS FROM THE CHILD PROSTITUTION SCENE IN BUENOS AIRES ARE GOING TO BE CLOISTERED CARMELITE NUNS????

The reason that Antipope Bergoglio has so very conspicuously NEVER traveled to Argentina as the “heroic son returning in glory” since usurping the papacy is because he is known as a wildly corrupt criminal and is HATED by the Argentinian people.  Bergoglio’s criminal and sodomitical activity is discussed OPENLY on Argentinian television.

But, as with so much these days, the preferred way to deal with this is to TURN A BLIND EYE.

Turning a blind eye is one of the most ubiquitous manifestations of effeminacy today, because confronting sin is perceived to be something that would “reduce one’s own personal pleasure or comfort” even though it is the right thing to do.  Turning a blind eye is also one of the NINE ways of cooperating in sin.


Huh.  I just noticed…. The talking points above are EXACTLY the same as those used by the people who refuse to acknowledge the substantially erroneous nature of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial abdication.  EXACTLY. THE. SAME.

Funny, that.

Here is a short compendium of posts I made last year, all sourced from Argentine readers (“The Argentine Armada”) who desperately want the truth about Antipope Bergoglio, which is so widely known and discussed in Argentina, to make it into the English-speaking world.

The Isaiah 3 Files. Effeminate LARPing Man-children “policing” CHAZ dressed up as comic book characters. Not satire.

For behold the sovereign the Lord of hosts shall take away from Jerusalem, and from Juda the valiant and the strong, the whole strength of bread, and the whole strength of water. [2] The strong man, and the man of war, the judge, and the prophet, and the cunning man, and the ancient. [3] The captain over fifty, and the honourable in countenance, and the counsellor, and the architect, and the skillful in eloquent speech.

[4] And I will give children to be their princes, and the effeminate shall rule over them. [5] And the people shall rush one upon another, and every man against his neighbour: the child shall make it tumult against the ancient, and the base against the honourable.

Must read: woman goes to hospital having a heart issue, they start yelling “Covid”. When her Covid (seasonal cold) test comes back negative they ignore her. Now she’s terrified to go back.

Yup. There’s no way in hell I’d go anywhere near a hospital. And I’m 43 and healthy. Imagine how the older folks feel – even in the midst of a cardiac spell. Isolated from family. No advocate. Surrounded by people who want to shove a tube down their snorkel and murder them by ventilator for a $39,000 FEDGOV windfall.

Never, ever, ever forget the screeching panic-mongers who bullied and browbeat anyone who DARED so much as express the DESIRE to go to Mass.

Over a seasonal cold. An obvious totalitarian plot from day one. OBVIOUS.

Someone walks into a hospital complaining of chest pains and no one will do anything until said person has been tested to see if they have … THIS YEAR’S SEASONAL COLD.

Chest pains.

Seasonal cold.

Now, how many have died, are dying, and will die because of undiagnosed and untreated non-lethal maladies and events that become lethal unnecessarily?

Mark D. has a chilling post that came into his combox. A must read and share.

I went to the hospital with breathlessness due to having a coronary, but the first thing I heard was “we have a Covid.”


Yup. Antipope Jorge Bergoglio is the new Harvey Weinstein

LOVE this analogy. Everyone knows what Antipope Bergoglio is, but no one will say anything because “he is the most powerful guy in the business, and he would end my career. And if I play nice with him in public, I could hit the big time!! I could get the gullible rubes to give me $20,000 per month, and live in a million dollar house… and play video games all day. “Pope Francis” is good for business!”

Yup. Exactly. And still. They all know.

Here is the source of the meme.

And on the off-chance you haven’t read them yet, here is Archbishop Viganò’s letter to Pres. Trump, and here is +Viganò’s latest letter FINALLY saying what everyone knows deep down: the “Second Vatican Council” was a failed council and should be trashed. We did a Barnhardt Podcast on said dumpster fire HERE years ago.

Link here to Barnhardt Podcast #026.

It was a real barn burner.

“In this episode we discuss Flammantem Receptaculum Repleti Jentaculum Canis (the flaming dumpster filled with a dog’s breakfast) more commonly referred to as the Second Vatican Council (or Vatican 2 for short). The documents which were discussed and voted on at the Council weren’t based on the original schemata assembled by Cardinal Ottaviani and his preparatory team; rather, they were a substituted agenda put in place after the council was hijacked during its first week! We look at part of one of the documents from this original schema which deals with marriage and the family and contrast it to Amoris Laetitia which is almost an exact, point for point, contradiction.”

Folks, this EPIC rant applies to far more people than just the Antifa brats.

Via VanderLeun, from Zerohedge. To whomever wrote this… I doff my cap and raise my snifter.

Some of you have done NOTHING with your life and you’re mad. You have a college degree & a smart phone with access to virtually *anything* and you can barely get out of bed in the morning while you spit on people who built a whole world with nothing but a horse, map, & axe.

You’ve made nothing with access to everything. You’ve conquered nothing. Hell you can’t even conquer yourself. So go tear it all down. Scream into the void how unfair it all is. It’s not that you’ve wasted your short time here. Surely not.

Don’t bother with your own legacy you’re busy shitting on the long dead who aren’t here to care. Go burn down every Starbucks. That’ll show them. Torch the Target. Tear down every monument. Deface every memorial. But what have you built? What do you leave behind?

So take your benzos. Watch your porn. Get Uber to drop off your dinner. Buy an adult coloring book. Have sex with strangers to ease your crippling anxiety. It’s not you. It’s the system really. It isn’t fair. Go cancel someone. Dox someone. They deserve it. You’re the good guy.

Don’t write an epic novel worth building a statue to remember you. Go troll seven year old problematic tweets ever on the hunt for the boogeymen. See now you’ve accomplished something. Cancel everyone. You’re a warrior now. A real hero.

And lastly whatever you do never ever take even a moment to self reflect on your own failures. Never own them. Never take a hint of responsibility. Remember you’re just a helpless victim of circumstances beyond your control. This all means nothing. Its like you weren’t even here.