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“The mass annihilations that will be carried out by homosexual, transsexual, and especially lesbian commissars will exceed in scale and cruelty anything that has yet happened in known history.”

Meet Taylor Lee, a ginormous flaming sodomite who works for the FDA. I hope Taylor has fun explaining to black ‘Muricans especially how he wants to blow-dart them with poison.

How to do the Religious Exemption right: go straight to the primary argument- IT IS POISON.

Ok, folks. We’re all in agreement that the murdered infant argument is valid and binding, BUT it is secondary. Yes, SECONDARY. Hear me out.

The PRIMARY argument, which everyone should deploy from the beginning is that the injections are POISON, and thus a grave violation of the Fifth Commandment (Thou shalt not do murder) vis-a-vis self-harm. It’s Russian Roulette. The evidence here is irrefutable and grows stronger every day.

But Ann, But Ann! People take chemotherapy, and that is literally a form of “poison”!

To which I reply, “When cancer has a 99.98% natural survival rate, you get RIGHT back to me with this argument.”

See how that works?

Now the FDA itself is hosting a video presentation in which doctors testify that the DeathInjection “kills 2 for every 1 that it saves.”

And that “saves 1” is EXTREMELY dubious. Extremely.

So do you see that the murdered child organ harvesting, even from the 60’s, is wholly secondary to the fact that you CANNOT commit self-harm or even risk self-harm disproportionately? To do so is a species of suicide or suicidal mindset, like playing Russian Roulette.

All citations for Religious Exemption should revolve around DISPROPORTIONATE RISK OF SELF-HARM.

As always, I hope this helps. 🙏🏻

Antichurch and Antipope occupying the Vatican issue decree: No admission to the Vatican without “GreenPass”. This will be cited as global precedent to transfer (almost) every Catholic church on earth to custody of the Covidic political religion. Remnant Catholics will be physically cut-off from the Mass and the Sacraments, while the Antichurch claims “the doors are open”.

Isn’t it just FASCINATING that precisely the same tack has been taken against those of us who have been warning about Bergoglio being a usurper and antipope as is being taken against people who dare question the Covid narrative and death injections?

“Something is wrong. There is no way Bergoglio is the Pope. We need to look at the objective dataset and what exactly happened in February-March ARSH 2013 and leading up to it.  The world is under a massive deception.”

HERETIC! SCHISMATIC! PSYCHOPATH! CONSPIRACY THEORISTS! Censor their speech! Ban them! Deplatform them! Doxx them! Drive them out! DESTROY THEM!

“Something is wrong. There is no way this chest cold requires the total destruction of civilization and totalitarian dictatorship. We need to look at the objective dataset and what exactly happened in February-March ARSH 2020 and leading up to it.  The world is under a massive deception.

HERETIC! SCHISMATIC! PSYCHOPATH! CONSPIRACY THEORISTS! Censor their speech! Ban them! Deplatform them! Doxx them! Drive them out! DESTROY THEM!

Do I think that the two IDENTICAL tacks are related?

YOU’RE DAMN RIGHT I DO.  1000%. It’s the same spirit of satanic evil behind both.

Satan’s bag of tricks is SMALL, and he’s running both of these scams in parallel – but now very swiftly converging.

The Vatican is occupied by the Antichurch with Antipope Bergoglio at its head. Remnant Catholics may no longer enter the Vatican. Only those with the mark of the Covidic political religion may enter.  This will be used to ban all Remnant Catholics from (almost) every Catholic church on earth.  And as SuperNerd brilliantly pointed out to me, isn’t it ESPECIALLY interesting that the Antichurch is using a NON-DOGMATIC means to block the Remnant Catholic Church from the sacraments.

The exception to all of this now is, of course, the SSPX.  Again, INTERESTING.

Vatican document in Italian here:

Remember folks, ECLIPSES are highly, highly visible.  The Church is in ECLIPSE – still highly visible, in fact terribly so. It’s so visible that Remnant Catholics stare at it with their jaws hanging open, filled with horror and dread at the sight.

The Church Militant, occupied by the Freemasonic Covidic Antichurch, is HIGHLY VISIBLE, and likewise the Vicar of Christ on Earth Pope Benedict XVI and his usurper, Antipope Jorge Bergoglio are both HIGHLY, HIGHLY VISIBLE.

Revisiting a now-stunning citation on Alpha-Beta Diabolical Narcissist castes: ““This generation of young people have been trained throughout middle school and high school and college to be subservient to authority.  There is no questioning of authority whatever.  They want an expansion of authority….”

(I originally posted this over five years ago now, but in light of the CoronaScam, it is absolutely stunning in its prescience. -AB)

Alpha-Beta DN castes.  Such a massively important concept.  For those of you who have watched the Diabolical Narcissism video (the module on the Alpha-Beta caste dynamic begins at 01:38:52 ), the first eight minutes of this interview with Camille Paglia is a spot-on calling-out of the Alpha-Beta DN structure and dynamic in Universities. The administation is the Alpha caste, the faculty and students are the Beta casteunthinking cultural stormtroopers who not only accept Alpha domination, but CRAVE it.

Paglia herself is consistently cited and read with appreciation by “conservatives” even though she is a lesbian, feminist, Catholic apostate.  She will in one moment brilliantly testify to reality, and in the next be singing the praises of Hillary Clinton and Madonna Ciccone.  And we all just shake our heads.  How can someone be simultaneously so intelligent, and yet so blind?  I suspect a lifetime of apostasy and sodomy will make even the most robust intellect utterly obtuse and unable to make simple foundational connections.  Anyway, she says this of Universities, both faculty and students:

Note her characterization of the dynamic as “vampirism” at 01:52.  Remember how I explained that DN is contagious and VAMPIRIC?

02:44 “…a pretentious style of superiority…”

04:28 “This generation of young people have been trained throughout middle school and high school and college to be subservient to authority.  There is no questioning of authority whatever.  They want an expansion of authority….”

05:25 “They are passive worms not to fight back against the bureaucrats….”

06:44 “So what’s happened, which is extremely pernicious and toxic, in American universities over the last 35-40 years, is this growth of a massive administrator class which never had any teaching experience whatever, and regard themselves as a master race – and I am not kidding, okay – and they force you into all kinds of formulas you have to follow when you deal with the students and every kind of regulation and law, and they’re a bunch of nervous nellies, et cetera. It’s an outrage.  The faculty has been reduced to slave status.  They’re serfs.”

A couple of happy notes on Ivermectin use

1. The first note is simply a general response to questions about dosing: YES YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN AND SHOULD TAKE HIGHER DOSES THAT ARE BEING RECOMMENDED BY FOLKS LIKE DR. KORY, etc. Ivermectin is literally one of the safest drugs in the world. Don’t hesitate to kick up the dosage, especially for treatment of a suspected viral infection. What I have on my Ivermectin info page is simply the conventional dosage that veterinarians have been quietly using on themselves and their families for decades, and which is printed on every bottle of 1% livestock injectable solution: 1mL per 110 pounds (50kg) of body weight – which humans take orally by drinking it. 1mL of the 1% injectable solution contains 10mg of Ivermectin, again, printed right there on every bottle. And I say again: YES, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN INCREASE THAT DOSAGE WITH NO WORRY. Ivermectin is safer than aspirin.

2. I’ve been aggressively spreading the word on Ivermectin for over six months now, and in that time I’ve received a handful of emails that said essentially the same thing that merits comment.

I took a prophylactic dose of Ivermectin and felt kinda crappy for a day of two, but then it cleared up and I feel better than I have felt in years. I have more energy, and the mild brain fog that I noticed but never took seriously is gone.

If this has happened to you or someone you know, it is POSSIBLE that what happened was that the person in question had a latent parasitic infection of some kind, and the Ivermectin cleared it. The big clue is the “felt kinda crappy for a day or two”. This COULD be the totally normal effect resulting from parasites dying and releasing toxins which are then quickly scrubbed by the liver and kidneys and passed.

I suspect that FAR more people in the former U.S. and first world in general have low-grade parasitic infections than anyone realizes. But these days “parasites” don’t even occur to us as a possibility because we think our standard of living and hygiene has totally eliminated even the possibility. This is false.

Remember the amazing letter from the Dad who dosed his family with Ivermectin when they picked up a suspected virus, and his four year old daughter who had always been inexplicably sickly and underweight promptly passed an eight inch long roundworm? No pediatrician in the first world today would have suspected an upper-middle class American child of having worms. It’s simply not on anyone’s radar. Same for any other type of parasite.

I’m happy to help get the knowledge out that yes, people still can and do have low-grade parasitic infections, and that yes, Ivermectin could potentially clear up years-long undiagnosed or misdiagnosed chronic vitiation, in addition to its antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties.

As always, I hope this helps.



Nurse Claire sends that Julianne in Long Island delivers incontrovertible evidence.

The Cult of Moloch demands universal participation.

Note that the murdered children whose organs are collected and used are called “donors”. Donate, as in “to give”.  What an utterly satanic inversion. -AB

E_WakZvXoAQ1kR2.jpg (1200×471)
Here’s the money shot:
E_Wa-deXMAIrPSK.png (1200×605)

“Fetal liver samples were obtained from the Human Fetal Tissue Repository at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY, and from Advanced Biosciences Resources, Alameda, CA.”

“Newborn RG SKI and RG SKI IL-6 mice were irradiated and engrafted with human CD34+ cells purified from the fetal liver. “

E_WbtydXEAQ_AV7.jpg (1199×294)

I’ve been looking for weeks to find direct evidence, besides their press statements, that Regeneron uses fetal organs to humanize their mice, and here it is. I prayed to Our Lady of Sorrows and Blessed Stefan Wyszynski, and they delivered. 🙏


Gut-check, Kids. We’re the baddies. I know it’s hard, but we all have to face it, put God first, and detach from our collapsed and evil national paradigm. Don’t be a collaborator. Don’t be Vichy.

The worst possible socio-political situation is when good men are on the wrong side. To wit: the former United States, and, far worse, the Antichurch and its Antipope, Jorge “Francis” Bergoglio.

Don’t be a collaborator. Because… survivors WILL remember.

These are the times that try mens’ souls, but it is the trial that purifies and refines. If you’re in the State of Grace, these things should make you BETTER, should advance you in sanctity, and especially in the zealous love of Our Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church, and of the Papacy.

Dr. Mazza and everyone before are right: the Pope and the Papacy is the “great restrainer”, the KATECHON of 2 Thessalonians 2.

“If the United States saw what the United States is doing in the United States, the United States would invade the United States to liberate the United States from the tyranny of the United States.”

Mailbag: General Confession after a Barnhardt Podcast deep-dive

Dear Ann,

I have written before with my praise of your work. Today I have to relay an incredible story to you and again to offer you my thanks. I started listening to the Barnhardt Podcast back in February and I was hooked. Something about the way you, Supernerd, Nurse Claire, et al. present your information reminds me of my decades of listening to Rush Limbaugh. As I have mentioned in my previous emails, I frequently find myself driving between our home in Texas and the Northeast. This past weekend, my kids and I were on such a drive. I decided it would be beneficial to “binge” your podcast starting at episode 1. My wife had flown ahead of us for meetings. When we met up with her, our 13 year-old son told her “We had a great drive. I now know all about the sodomites in the Vatican.” We chuckled at that.

But what was even more amazing is that I got to hear you and Supernerd discussing the concept of general confession in Barnhardt Podcast episode 15. I had long thought about doing a general confession but had assumed it was something that would have to wait until I was able to make a retreat. I envisioned going to a monk and spending hours going over my life’s sins. You described the process in such terms as I began to take courage and to fervently pray for the grace to do this as soon as possible. Well, about two hours ago, only four days after listening to that episode, I made my first general confession. I’m in my 40’s and have been a practicing Catholic all my life. This was one of the most beautiful and spiritually edifying moments I have been blessed to experience. I was able to confess things that I previously had overlooked or not confessed adequately or accurately. It took five minutes and believe me, I got off easier than I deserved by far.

Thank you, Ann, for all that you do. This afternoon, right before I left for the church, I got word that my 53 year-old cousin lost her battle with cancer. She had been away from the Church for a while. In God’s mercy, she received Last Rites including the Apostolic Pardon. Could there be any better news to share than these good things?

If you ever doubt that you are indeed doing God’s work, I hope you will re-read this email and reflect. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

God bless you,


PS: I recently requested a Mass be said for you at my home parish, in Texas. I will let you know when they give me a date so you may join your intentions with that Mass at that hour.

The Dogma of Original Sin Explained in Fifteen Seconds By a Two Year Old

One of the core concepts of Christian Dogma that many people, especially adult converts, struggle with is the Dogma of Original Sin.  People find it difficult to understand that all human beings are born “fallen”, and this stain of sin is literally hereditary, the result of the first sin of Adam.

A very concise definition comes from the Second Council of Orange, which occurred in ARSH 529:

One man has transmitted to the whole human race not only the death of the body, which is the punishment of sin, but even sin itself, which is the death of the soul. As death is the privation of the principle of life, the death of the soul is the privation of sanctifying grace which according to all theologians is the principle of supernatural life. Therefore, if original sin is “the death of the soul”, it is the privation of sanctifying grace.

Because we are fallen, human beings are born with a tendency to sin.  This is called concupiscence.  Concupiscence is not sin itself, it is simply the inclination to sin, which can and should be corrected and held in check.

I came across a perfect example of this “brokenness” in a little video clip that has gone viral.  It is of a little boy named Noel who is two years old.  Just a matter of months before this little video was filmed, Noel was a baby – a literal infant.  But here we see little Noel – cute as a bug’s ear – already manifesting the effects of Original Sin.

Noel’s mom has discovered Noel in her bedroom, standing in front of the full-length mirror. The mirror is covered in “drawing”, apparently with red lipstick.   Little Noel has succumbed to his desire to feel the sensation of drawing on the mirror with lipstick.  He knew that mirrors are not for drawing, and that lipstick is not paint, and that this was the incorrect and unnatural use of the mirror and the lipstick – but he succumbed and chose to do something that he knew was wrong.

But this is just the beginning.  Here, watch the clip, then we will continue on…

If cuteness were carbohydrate, we’d all be in a diabetic coma now.

But let’s look at Noel’s actions, which mirror the Genesis 3 narrative about the Fall of Man.  Like God in the Garden of Eden, Noel’s mother is not asking Noel questions because she lacks information. When God asks Adam, “Where are you?” it isn’t because God doesn’t know.  God is trying to gently elicit a confession.  This is exactly what Noel’s mom is doing.

“Noel, who drew on Mommy’s mirror?”

Because Noel’s mommy loves Noel, she is giving him the chance to confess and come clean.  She knows exactly what he did, but she’s giving him a chance to repent and “get right” with her, again, because she loves him.

But what does Noel do?  He lies.  He lies, and the little tyke lays it on thick.  “I don’t knooow” as he scurries away from the scene of the crime in faux-surprise.  He lies to the person that is the complete source and experience of love in his life.  Noel’s mommy hugs him and kisses him, but also feeds him, dresses him, protects him and provides for him in every way.  Noel is completely dependent upon her and he lives his entire life in the warm embrace of her love… AND HE LIES TO HER FACE.

“Was it you?”


But wait, it gets even worse.  Noel’s Mommy asks him who it was and what does Noel do?

Noel lies again, and frames Batman.  Now, this is very interesting because Batman is Noel’s buddy, his superhero friend.  Noel loves Batman.  Batman’s his boy.  And yet, in order to cover his own tail Noel sells out and frames his boy, Batman.

It all got pretty morally intense pretty quick, didn’t it?  That’s Original Sin, folks.  We are, all of us, broken in this way.  Baptism remits the guilt of Original Sin, but it obviously does not eliminate concupiscence, or that tendency or inclination that we all have to sin.  We all need to accept God’s grace to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow, which is possible, but obviously difficult.  Look at the example of this sweet little tyke, who in a flash lied to his mother and framed Batman.  He’s two.  A young two.  What about when he is 12, or 22 or 42?

Original Sin isn’t a lie that churchmen came up with in order to control people, or whatever argument heretics, apostates and atheists make these days.  It is real, and it is clearly visible, first and foremost in ourselves, but also all around us.  But Christ gave us, through His Holy Church, the Sacrament of Baptism to remit the guilt of Original Sin, and then the Sacrament of Confession so that we can be absolved of all the times we have “framed Batman”, and the Sacrament of Love Itself, the Eucharist, so that like little Noel going to the arms of his mother (after coming clean, and cleaning up the mirror), we can go to the embrace of Our Savior.

The real mind-blower in all of this is the fact that humanity has the potential for even greater beatitude because of The Fall. Because we have to fight our wounded nature, the free choice to love God is even more radical, and God’s love for us in His Incarnation, Death and Resurrection precisely to redeem us from The Fall is infinitely more manifest and wonderful.

At the Easter Vigil Mass every year, the Exultet is proclaimed, and it contains the phrase “O Felix Culpa” – O Happy Fault. If Adam and Eve hadn’t fallen, we wouldn’t know God and His love through His Incarnation, Death, Resurrection and through His Holy Catholic Church, with His Real Presence in the Most Holy Eucharist at the center. Yes, God has poured out His Love all the more… because of The Fall.

O, felix culpa…