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Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth…

Happy feast of St. Joan of Arc, the only person of either sex to be the supreme commander of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen. How lovely that her feast falls on Pentecost Tuesday this year.

Today, this quote seems especially fitting:

“Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth.”


St. Joan, pray for us.


(This has been a very popular piece since it was originally written for Memorial Day over a decade ago, and explains to a culture so stripped of any sense of reverence, respect or even decorum why it is that liturgy should be masculine, solemn, reverent, and especially BEAUTIFUL, in the only terms that can still, just barely, be understood: the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. I have received many emails over the years mostly from men, but also a few women, who reported having a change of heart about the “fancy vestments” or “hyper-formal and distant” rubrics of the Traditional Mass after reading this piece. It is so sad that today’s infiltrated and fallen culture considers masculinity and beauty to be in opposition to each other. Nothing could be farther from the truth.)


Those are the words engraved on the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery. Here is a video of the Changing of the Guard.

I think we can all agree that the Tomb of the Unknowns, the 24/7 guarding of the Tomb, and the intense precision of the ceremonial rubrics therein is one of the most excellent things in American culture. The old saying goes, “You may judge a nation by how it treats its fallen warriors.” In an otherwise degraded and despair-inducing society, the Tomb of the Unknowns is a beacon of cultural light and hope.

The Tomb of the Unknowns is also extremely instructive, and believe it or not, it instructs us about . . . the Mass. The reason the Tomb of the Unknowns instructs us today about the Mass is because the Tomb of the Unknowns rubrics are highly informed by the rubrics of the Mass, which were themselves informed by military rubrics, which were informed by even older liturgical rubrics. Military ceremonials and the Ceremonials of the Church are intertwined. Only since the Asteroid hit in the 1960s has the masculinity and, if I may use the term, militant aesthetic been utterly purged, in an attempt by the infiltrators to destroy the Church Militant from within by concealing its very nature from itself – MILITANCY. And so I am reminded of a quote I once heard:

It is important for Christians to know their own history, because if you know your own history, no one else can tell you who you are.

And that is precisely what has happened, and continues to happen. The enemies and infiltrators desperately want all knowledge of WHO and WHAT the Church truly is suppressed and forgotten so that they can lyingly “tell you who you are”. And if you have no knowledge of your own history, you will have no way to discern what is truth and what is lies, and you can thus be conned into believing that you are what you are not, and deceived into believing that you are not what you in actuality are.

For those of you who have never seen a pre-1969 Tridentine Mass and are used to the clownish, degraded, irreverent Novus Ordo Masses of the last 50 years, or of Superfun Rockband church, I hope the sense of reverent awe and solemnity you feel when watching the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns helps you understand what exactly it is that has been robbed from you.

After watching the ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns above, I want you to imagine the guards walking about casually, maybe wearing a partial uniform jacket, but with jeans and sandals. Imagine the guards walking out and introducing themselves, “Hi, my name is Lieutenant Jones, but you can call me Lieutenant Jake, or just Jake.” Then the guard might say something like, “Isn’t it a beautiful day today? It sure was rainy yesterday. I had to wear a rain jacket. I’m so glad you all could make it to my shift today. I’m going to be guarding the tomb for the next few hours, and I know that it can sure get BOOOORING! That’s why I have asked a local band to come in and play some awesome new music for you guys, because I want this to be A FUN EXPERIENCE for all of us! And, of course, GO RAVENS!”

If this happened, you would be shocked and disgusted, right? Do you understand that what I have just described is a watered-down comparison of what has happened to the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass? The Mass went from being even more reverent than the rubrics of the Tomb Guard to what I just described above – and many times even worse than what I described above. And this happened for many people within a span of several WEEKS in late 1969 into early 1970.

Let’s walk through some of the many parallels.

The soldiers are in full dress uniform, meticulously turned-out and maintained. They are not in combat gear that soldiers would use to walk a patrol in Afghanistan. The Tomb guards are doing something DIFFERENT, and thus their uniforms reflect that.

Really, what the ceremonies surrounding the Tomb are is the highest form of ART. It is living ART, not consisting of a mere two-dimensional representation, not consisting of inanimate objects, but ART consisting of human beings in action. The uniforms, the gait, the precise rubrics, words, gestures and movements – these all combine into a perpetual work of art that not only moves and inspires the people who witness it, but also accomplishes the goal of making tangible a RESPECT for and a REMEMBRANCE of all of the fallen unknown soldiers. The Tomb Guards walk their patrol whether anyone is there to see them do it or not. It isn’t a show. It is a service. It is a rite.

It isn't all about him. For real men, it never is.

It isn’t all about him. For real men, it never is.

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is exactly what I just described, except that the Mass is the most perfect artistic action in the universe because the Mass is the artistic creation of God Himself. The Mass is SUPERNATURAL ART. The Holy Spirit taught the Church the Mass. The Mass is art that is so perfect that it actually causes something SUPERNATURAL to happen – it causes Heaven and Earth to touch, it causes time to be bent such that the moment of “now” touches and intersects with the moment of Calvary 1984 years ago, and it causes bread and wine to be transubstantiated into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, made PHYSICALLY SUBSTANTIALLY PRESENT. Man calls down God, and God, in His infinite love, responds and fully submits in complete love, making Himself present on the Altar both at the moment of His death, and in His resurrection, so that He may go into us not only spiritually but also physically as Food.

-In the Tridentine Mass, the priest observes “custody of the eyes”, never looking around and NEVER looking out at the people. Like the guards, priests are supposed to keep their eyes on exactly what they are doing without distraction. The Guards at the Tomb wear mirrored sunglasses to block out all eye contact. Priests are supposed to keep their eyes DOWN or CLOSED, with a couple of exceptions such as just before the consecration when they are to look up to Heaven. This is like the Guards’ rubric of looking from side-to-side very deliberately when inspecting the rifle and the relieving officer. Did you catch that?

Priests are also supposed to walk with a very deliberate gait – slow, measured and reverent in exactly the same way the Tomb Guards walk in a slow, deliberate, reverent gait.

Priests are only supposed to say very specific words – no improvisation, no modifications. The Guards are the same way. They have a very strict announcement that they make at the changing, and they have very strict words that they say when telling people to be quiet and observe reverent silence (there is a YouTube video of that happening, look it up.) There is no chatting or extemporaneous speech. In the Church, the command is “Say the black, do the red,” in reference to the layout of the Roman Missal with the words of prayer in black and the instructions for the intensely precise rubrics, down to every gesture, in red.

-I would analogize the exaggerated heel-clicking movement that the Guards do to the genuflecting of the Priest (and servers, and laity, ahem) to the rubric of ALWAYS genuflecting to the right knee EACH AND EVERY TIME the axis of the Tabernacle and/or Altar Cross is crossed. In many Catholic Churches, the Tabernacle, which is the center of the Church – heck, it is the center of the universe – has been moved off to the side, or even hidden in a sacristy. Where a Tabernacle is present, Our Lord, physically present inside, is largely ignored. I have never seen a Novus Ordo priest consistently observe the loving rubric of genuflecting to the Tabernacle every time the plane is crossed. (I have learned since originally writing this that the General Instruction of the Roman Missal for the Novus Ordo Mass specifically states that there are to be no genuflections to the Blessed Sacrament or Cross except by the priest at the consecrations. Sit in stillness with this for a moment. Do you see why I say that the Novus Ordo was conceived in malice by the infiltrators, and thus cannot be “fixed”?)

In fact, most Novus Ordo priests wander around the sanctuary with their backs turned to the Tabernacle while they put on their “performance.” This would be analogous to the Tomb of the Unknowns itself at Arlington being moved “out of the way” and instead a stage being erected upon which the Guards would perform. It makes you sick to think of that happening at Arlington – but that is largely what has happened to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

-There is even an analogue in the Changing of the Guard ceremony to the Consecration of the Host in the Mass. Did you hear it when you watched the video above? It comes at the 2:36 mark. A rifle is fired, its report thus commemorating the moment of death of the Unknowns. In the Mass, the moment of consecration and transubstantiation are the report of Christ’s words spoken by the priest:

(This is My Body.)

If you are fortunate, you can still find a church with a bell tower which rings the bell at the consecration of the Host and again at the consecration of the Chalice. This enabled everyone within earshot – oftentimes miles away – of pausing and saying a prayer as Our Lord came down upon the Altar, uniting themselves to the Mass.

Finally, the words engraved on the Tomb of the Unknowns:


This is analogous to the words of the Mass:

(Behold the Lamb of God, behold Him who takes away the sins of the world.)

In the Mass, Christ is obviously alive, physically substantially present in the Eucharist, veiled under the mere appearance of bread and wine. Every Mass is a supernatural event – a miracle. At the Tomb, the Unknowns remain dead – only their memory, veiled in anonymity, is honored. There is absolutely NOTHING supernatural about the Tomb of the Unknowns. Let me say that again: There is absolutely NOTHING supernatural about the Tomb of the Unknowns. It is most excellent, to be sure, but it is not a supernatural thing.

The point is this: if we all know and understand and FEEL the power of the excellent, excellent ceremonial rubrics of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers, if we understand the power of “living art”, and we understand how important the concepts of reverence, solemnity, precision, dignity and beauty in movement and action are in the context of the Tomb, why, oh why, do we continue to tolerate the lack of reverence, the lack of solemnity, the absence of liturgical precision and dignity and the resulting UGLINESS that has been unleashed on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, which is not just a mere memorial of Calvary, but is Calvary Itself, made supernaturally present, and Our Resurrected Lord physically substantially present?

The Tomb of the Unknowns merits the excellent, beautiful, solemn, reverent, disciplined ceremony of the Guards.

Our Lord, Crucified, Risen and physically substantially present to us in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar deserves INFINITELY MORE excellence, beauty, solemnity, reverence, discipline and dignity in His Mass.

Seek it out. Demand it. Make it your priority.

Happy Memorial Day

Musical Interlude: Goodbye (She Quietly Says)

There is no great big ending,
No sunset in the sky.
There is no string ensemble,
And she doesn’t even cry.
And just as I begin to say
That we should make another try,
She reaches out across the table looks at me and quietly says good-bye.
There is no big explosion,
No tempest in the tea.
The world does not stop turning round,
There’s no big tragedy.
Sitting in a coffee shop
With cheesecake and some apple pie,
She reaches out across the table looks at me and quietly says good-bye.
Said so easily.

Said so quietly.
Good-bye good-bye good-bye.

Antipope Bergoglio sick with a fever. Pray that he repent and revert to Catholicism.

Even a wretched monster like Antipope Bergoglio can repent and be saved in the infinitude of Christ’s mercy… IF Bergoglio avails himself of it. One good confession and a public statement is all it would take. So simple. Our Lord provides an EASY path to His mercy in even the most horrific situations. The only obstacle is ourselves. The only thing keeping Jorge Bergoglio from the State of Grace is Jorge Bergoglio.

The same goes for anyone.

Pray not that Antipope Bergoglio die, but that he repent and revert to Catholicism.

Thank you, don Fili! Happy Feast!

Thank you for everything, don Fili. You are my “Pippo Bono”. Please continue to pray for me, and for all of my benefactors and supporters.

St. Philip Neri, Third Apostle of Rome, ARSH 1515 – 1595

In this life there is no purgatory; it is either hell or paradise; for to him who serves God truly, every trouble and infirmity turns into consolations, and through all kinds of trouble he has a paradise within himself even in this world: and he who does not serve God truly, and gives himself up to sensuality, has one hell in this world, and another in the next.
-St. Philip Neri

Musical … respite? At least something achingly beautiful. “But my words, like silent raindrops fell…”

If you know… you know. And yes, I know that Simon and Garfunkel are Jooooooooz. Thanks. Clocked that. Gotcha. Able to transcend. Cheers.

Hello darkness, my old friend

I’ve come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping

Left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain

Still remains

Within the sound of silence

In restless dreams I walked alone

Narrow streets of cobblestone

‘Neath the halo of a street lamp

I turned my collar to the cold and damp

When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light

That split the night

And touched the sound of silence

And in the naked light I saw

Ten thousand people, maybe more

People talking without speaking

People hearing without listening

People writing songs that voices never share

No one dared

Disturb the sound of silence

Fools” said I, “You do not know

Silence like a cancer grows

Hear my words that I might teach you

Take my arms that I might reach you

But my words like silent raindrops fell

And echoed in the wells of silence

And the people bowed and prayed

To the neon god they made

And the sign flashed out its warning

In the words that it was forming

And the sign said, “The words of the prophets

Are written on the subway walls

And tenement halls”

And whispered in the sounds of silence.

TOLDYA: Target’s satanist tranny designer sells “Homophobe Headrest” guillotine jewelry pins.

The most sadistic Mass murderers and genocidists in history are, almost totally unanimously, sex perverts. (Cough, high-level Nazis, all trannys, sodomites and pedophiles, cough.) Sodomites of both sexes are some of the most violent, sadistic, bloodthirsty, murderous human demoniacs to prowl the earth. You show me a serial killer, a mass murderer, a torturer, a genocidist, a Luciferian, and dollars-to-doughnuts, you’re looking into the dead-eyed abyss of a sex pervert of some stripe. Every time. Or at least enough to place a damn good wager, with a commensurately low payout.

So Target, which has been woke for YEARS, is now sweating like a tranny in a Transheuser-Busch distribution center for trying to push penis-tucking and “pride” garments on TODDLERS and INFANTS.

The literal satanist whom they hired as their “Pride” designer – and I cannot figure out if it’s a man masquerading as a woman, or a woman masquerading as a man: lets just call it “legion” – has in its oeuvre a jewelry pin of a guillotine with the slogan “Homophobe Headrest”.

Y’all wonder why I walked away from a VERY lucrative and exponentially growing business in then-paradisical Denver at age 35, and went totally off-grid a year later, almost literally shaking the dust from my sandals?

THIS is why. Because I saw, CLEARLY, well over a decade ago, that the entire financial, political and CULTURAL situation was careening toward one thing: me, and people like me, being executed in the public square, and the people doing it and witnessing it congratulating themselves for “doing the world a tremendous service.” Nevermind the MERE total disqualification from operating normally as a business person in the run-up.

This shit ends in the cold lap of Madame le Guillotine. Make absolutely no mistake. A sodomite, because he is a Diabolical Narcissist, would kill you as soon as look at you, and many of them would consider your torture a very, very satisfying bonus.

So, I might as well say and do what is true and just, while I can. Every day is a gift. And then when the day comes when I mount the gibbet, reciting Psalm 42 as I go, and am murdered by sodomites for my hamfisted attempt at Catholicism – and at this point as we see above, the smart money is on my executioners being western sodomites, not musloids – my death might serve some purpose, the most important being fidelity to the Most Holy Trinity and the One True Faith.

They are coming. Like the orcs and ultimately the Balrog coming up out of Moria after Pippin Took dropped the bucket down the well, they are coming.

Another lawyer checks in: The Doctrine of VAGUENESS

Hi Ann –

Here’s something to file away under CONSILIENCE:

U.S. constitutional and constitutional criminal law have a doctrine called vagueness. A statute is void for vagueness if it does not clearly communicate its purpose to a person of average intelligence. In other words, a criminal statute must be intelligible to the workaday layman before it can impose criminal liability. Notice is a cornerstone of statutory criminal law. Vague, equivocal statutes that can be understood any number of ways are ripe for abuse by overly zealous prosecutors and political enemies.

There are similar doctrines for other areas of the civil law, such as real property. If a deed fails to sufficiently identify a parcel of land, any conveyance under that deed is void. It is void for vagueness.

Pope Benedict’s resignation purported to affirmatively renounce something, but since the Code of Canon Law goes out of its way to distinguish between munus and ministerium, merely renouncing one while implicitly retaining the other was ambiguous. His post-“resignation” acts further equivocated his intention. The entire post-event explanation was also vague. Novus Ordo Church™ says that the resignation was just like that of any other emeritus bishop (an infelicitous term so generously bequeathed to us by the springtime of Vatican II) who merely “retires” from the active ministry of his diocese. +Ganswein, on the other hand, apparently with Benedict’s blessing, laughably (sacrilegiously?) likens the move to the Immaculate Conception.

Applying the doctrine of vagueness: Ten years later, people of even above-average intelligence cannot understand or agree to the effect of Benedict’s “resignation.” The “resignation” failed to communicate Benedict’s intentions in a clear manner. Therefore, the Church cannot be bound by it. It is void for vagueness.

Were it possible to bifurcate the papacy (it is not, and never will be – HYPOTHETICAL HERE), his declaration and the manifestation of his “resignation” would still likely be void for vagueness given the inexactitude of his words in the declaration and the incongruity between what he said and how he manifested what he said. In any event, what he apparently intended was, in fact, substantially erroneous and invalid by the law itself. Even if Benedict had clearly and unequivocally communicated his intent to bifurcate the papacy, it still would have been void for substantial error. I raise the vagueness doctrine not as the true invalidating factor, but simply as yet another point of attack. Remember, this is for the consilience file wherein we operate on two different planes yet manage to arrive at the same endpoint. The same endpoint here? Invalidity.

Ideally, the Church will formulate an analogous doctrine and assert it against the Second Vatican Council and most everything following. What word could sum up the “teachings” of Novus Ordo Church™ better than “vague”? Legally speaking, what is vagueness other than chaos—Satan’s MO?

The Second Vatican Council is essentially self-negating. It says everything; it says nothing. People of above-average intelligence have collectively made millions of dollars and spilled oceans of ink trying—and failing miserably—to explain what the Council “rEaLly mEaNt!” We can do it a lot cheaper and with a 100% success rate: The Second Vatican Council means whatever the hell anyone from Cardinal Ottaviani, God rest his soul, to James Martin, S.J. wants it to. It has caused chaos because it is vague. It should be declared null and void. It should be VOIDED FOR VAGUENESS.