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Hey Catholics! YOU READY TO FACE REALITY AND LISTEN YET? Pope Benedict never validly resigned, and Antipope Bergoglio is moving fast to trick the world into totally abolishing the VALID offering of the Mass in any Rite from the earth. STOP HITTING YOURSELF.

Did you honestly think that satan’s endgame with regards to installing an Antipope or Antipopes was to just grind sideways? From the DAY Pope Ratzinger did what he said he would likely do – attempt to flee for fear of the wolves – the OBVIOUS end of all of this is and ever was the TOTAL ELIMINATION OF THE MASS AND THE CHURCH MILITANT from the earth by satan and his minions: Freemasons, Communists and sodomites. But I repeat myself.

Unlike the effeminate heterosexual faggots infecting this culture like so many cysts with their vidja games, sportsball, teevee and insufferable bleating about their own “victimhood”, the demons and their human comrades-in-arms never stop, never tire, and are willing, despite certain ultimate defeat, to fight, motivated only by spite.

The only motivator more powerful than spite is AGAPE (SACRIFICIAL) LOVE, something today’s culture of apostate narcissist manchildren and misandrist StormKarens and their commandant overdykes know nothing of – they voluntarily purged it from their souls long ago.


This is OBVIOUSLY THE PLAN and has been for going on ten years now. COME ON.

Any priests who flee former Ecclesia Dei communities AND TRY TO GO TO THE SSPX will be fake “excommunicated” – fake, because remember, Jorge Bergoglio has as much authority to excommunicate anyone from the Catholic Church as Kim Kardashian has. Bergoglio IN SE is nothing more than DECEPTION. He is, it could be said, “a man of deception”.

The SSPX is being played every bit as hard as the former Ecclesia Dei communities are – remember, the SSPX is “FiP” and commemorates “Francisco” at the Te Igitur, too. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Every ounce of “power” that Antipope Bergoglio possesses is COMPLETELY GIVEN to him BY YOU. Every bit of groveling, boot licking and capitulation BY YOU is his power. NOTHING MORE.

I’m reminded of childhood bullies grabbing another child’s arm and hitting them in the face with their own hand, taunting, “Why you hitting yourself? Why you hitting yourself?”

That’s EXACTLY what satan and Antipope Bergoglio are doing TO YOU.

How long are you going to take this obvious deception and abuse?

When are you going to stand up and simply state the obvious truth? Pope Benedict never validly resigned; Bergoglio is an Antipope presiding over the Antichurch.


Urgent reminder about scandal: if you allow a scandal (real or fabricated) to destroy your faith, YOU are guilty of suicide

Never, ever, ever conflate any person or earthly institution with Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who is God-Man, or with the Supernatural reality that is His Holy Catholic Church, His mystical Body and Bride.

To have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is to be impervious to scandal, by definition.

“Those who commit these types of scandals are guility of the spiritual equivalent of murder, but I am here among you to prevent something far worse for you. While those who give scandal are guilty of the spiritual equivalent of murder,

those who take scandal – who allow scandals to destroy their faith – are guilty of spiritual suicide.”

– St. Francis de Sales

A Lament for Van der Leun: I’ll be searching everywhere, just to find someone who cares.

Van der Leun of – the bloggers’ blog – died yesterday from TurboCancer. He posted a month ago today, in fact through December 30th, in normality. He died yesterday of TurboCancer. He said publicly that he got the two first clot shots. I’ll leave it at that. But remember, one month ago today Gerard Van der Leun was doodling and toodling along like everything was fine, and today he is dead from cancer so aggressive that it took him from diagnosis to slab in DAYS. That’s what happens when you have no functioning immune system. For… whatever reason.

As a lament to VdL, I’ll post Joan Osborne in front of the Funk Brothers live cover of “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted”, which his blog alerted me to – and ALERTED is the right word. Also, the keyboardist at 1:27 is totally wearing my hat. Those who know, confirm.

No need to send any emails about Joan Osborne’s politics. I know. Tchaikovsky was a pedophile. I still watch the Nutcracker every Christmas, and when a friend offered me tickets to the third cast Cinderella a few years ago, I went. And Nat King Cole was a Freemason. And… and… and. All I know is that the Joan Osborne and the Funk Brothers cover of “What Becomes…” is DEFINITIVE. I dunno. What do we do? Deny beauty? Do we become iconoclasts and go burning and tearing down everything? I can’t believe that is right. Shouldn’t we PRAY for Joan Osborne and everyone else mired in sin? I mean, we pray for all of the bishops every day, don’t we? Aren’t we all ONE mortal sin away from….

Tell. me.



Rest in peace, Gerard. And may justice rain down upon those bastards who tricked you into those injections which… well. Dammit.

“I’ll be searching everywhere, just to find someone who cares.”

“Only the person who becomes irate without reason sins. Further, the person who does not become irate when he has cause to be, sins.”


“Only the person who becomes irate without reason, sins. Whoever becomes irate for a just reason is not guilty. Because, if ire were lacking, the science of God would not progress, judgments would not be sound, and crimes would not be repressed.

Further, the person who does not become irate when he has cause to be, sins. For an unreasonable patience is the hotbed of many vices: it fosters negligence, and stimulates not only the wicked, but above all the good, to do wrong.”
(St. John Chrysostom, Homily XI super Matheum, 1c, nt.7)


“Ire may be understood in two ways.

In one way, as a simple movement of the will that inflicts punishment not through passion, but by virtue of a judgment of the reason: and in this case, without a doubt, lack of ire is a sin. This is how Chrysostom understands ire when he says: ‘Ire, when it has a cause, is not ire but judgment. For properly speaking, ire is a movement of passion. And when a man is irate with just cause, his ire does not derive from passion. Rather, it is an act of judgment, not of ire.”

In another way, ire can be understood as a movement of the sensitive appetite agitated by passion with bodily excitation. This movement is a necessary sequel in man to the previous movement of his will, since the lower appetite naturally follows the movement of the higher appetite unless some obstacle prevents it. Hence the movement of ire in the sensitive appetite cannot be lacking altogether, unless the movement of the will is altogether lacking or weak. Consequently, the lack of the passion of ire is also a vice, as it is the lack of movement in the will to punish according to the judgment of reason.”
(St. Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, II, II, q. 158, art. 8)


“Hope has two beautiful daughters; their names are Anger and Courage. Anger at the way things are, and Courage to see that they do not remain as they are.”
-St. Augustine of Hippo

Time to Choose:


Q&A: Ann, how do you keep the faith? How do you stay Catholic?


How do you keep the faith? The last few years have broken me. I want to believe, but the chaos, the evil, and above all the lack of concern about it all from top to bottom, it’s broken me. I keep going to Mass, praying the Rosary, and going to confession, but it feels increasingly absurd. Why does nobody seem to really care?


I would say it is the number one question flowing into my email box right now.  Traffic is WAY up.  There are scads of new readers, and lots of old readers who haven’t been around for a while, but are now checking back in since Pope Benedict’s death. Most of the emails that come in asking me why I haven’t left the Church are not hateful per se.  They seem to be coming from a root of genuine concern, usually including something along the lines of, “You’re so intelligent, Ann.  Why can’t you see this? Why do you have this one huge blind spot?”

As previously discussed and warned about here, Trad Inc. partisans are now publicly professing and seeking to justify that which they have been discussing behind closed doors for many years: their own descent into apostasy. It’s one thing to apostatize, but to try to justify it and entice others into apostasy with you is the textbook definition of the grave sin of SCANDAL. It is also so quintessentially narcissistic that it almost appears to be parody at first glance. Would that it were parody. It isn’t.

As St. Peter says, we must be ready at all times to explain why it is that we have hope.  I can think of no better time than now to make such explanation, precisely when it SEEMS that the situation is hopeless and that the sodomites have won not just a battle, but the entire war.

But sanctify the Lord Christ in your hearts, being ready always to satisfy every one that asketh you a reason of that hope which is in you.
Dominum autem Christum sanctificate in cordibus vestris, parati semper ad satisfactionem omni poscenti vos rationem de ea, quae in vobis est, spe.
1 Peter 3: 15

I am still Catholic because the Catholic Church is the One True Church founded by Jesus Christ in the Upper Room, built upon the rock of Peter, and outside of Her there is no salvation. The Catholic Church is the Mystical Body and Bride of Christ, and the Gates of Hell will never prevail against her.

Not good enough, Ann.  Sounds like robotic boilerplate.  Mere platitudes. We need more.

Fair enough. Everything that is happening now has been prophesied for at least a century.  The main vector of these warnings has been no less than The Mother of God Herself, appearing all over the planet, from Portugal to Japan to Ecuador.  In addition, Pope Leo XIII was given a vision of an exchange between satan and Our Lord Jesus Christ in which satan announced his plan to destroy the Church in one hundred years time. Satan was given the choice of which century he wanted, and he chose the 20th century.

Ann, you’re not helping yourself here.  How could a loving God give satan PERMISSION to try to destroy the Church? 

The same way that God the Father could permit His Son to be tortured and killed on the Cross – because from that horror – the single worst thing that ever has or will happen, the entire human race was redeemed.  In terms of what is happening today, the good that is coming out of the horror is that men – some men, but certainly not all – will be drawn much, much closer to Christ than they would have been had the times been “calm”.  For whatever reason, there are people alive, right now, today, that Christ wants to draw closer to His Sacred Heart, and He is willing to let this attack on the Church play out in order to achieve this goal.  

If you are reading this right now, it is conceivably possible, if not probable, that YOU are one of those souls.

The key to all of this is Our Lord’s Agony in the Garden.  Note that it is called the AGONY, not “the disappointment” or “when Jesus went to the Garden, sat down and had the sadz for a couple of hours”. He was in AGONY.  He was in agony as He took upon Himself the sins of the world – ALL OF THEM.  Including all of the sodomy, all of the raping and assaulting of seminarians, all of the gay orgies by curial prelates, all of the sodomitical hook-ups in the sacristy of St. Peter’s Basilica, all of the raping of impoverished children by priests and bishops who cover for each other.  The demon worship. The ANTIPOPE. All of it.

Now let’s stop and think about this in human terms.  Let’s take as an example Luigi Capozzi, the priest who got caught several years ago having the cocaine-fuelled sodomite orgy (likely a satanic liturgy presided over by Capozzi’s mentor, Cardinal Coccopalmerio) in his apartment in the Holy Office building, just a few yards from St. Peter’s Basilica.

Capozzi with his patron and protector (and God knows what else), Cardinal Coccopalmerio

Luigi Capozzi has parents.  Grandparents. Probably siblings.  Probably friends back in his hometown.  These people were probably all proud of Capozzi, thinking that he was living and working inside the Vatican doing God’s work.  Now, put yourself in the place of Capozzi’s mother, father, sibling or friend.  Imagine the level of DISAPPOINTMENT, disappointment so intense that it can be called a species of agony, when they found out that this man whom they BELIEVED to be a good man and someone to be so very proud of, instead procures cocaine and other hard “party” drugs and procures rent boy prostitutes, and throws orgies for his fellow priests and bishops wherein acts of sodomy so vile that they make morally sane people physically ill to even contemplate are performed. Can you imagine being Capozzi’s father, knowing that your son is not just a sodomite, but a SACRILEGIOUS sodomite that sodomizes other men, including other clerics and prelates, INSIDE THE VATICAN? Can you imagine the feelings of complete and total failure as a man and as a father Capozzi’s father must feel?

A few short decades ago, Luigi Capozzi was his mother’s infant son, baptized, cleansed of Original Sin.  A perfect little person. Luigi Capozzi was just a few short decades ago his siblings’ playmate, playing kickball and riding bikes.  Up until the scandal broke, Capozzi’s family and friends probably thought that he was truly admirable – a priest and scholar that was “so good” that he was chosen to work in the Vatican itself!  How admirable! How proud they all must have been!

Until the moment they found out that he snorts cocaine and uses his own mouth and rectal vault, and the mouths and rectal vaults of other men, including other clerics and prelates, in order to achieve orgasms. And does this inside the Vatican. Loudly.

Most of you reading will never know disappointment this intense, but you can try to put yourself in the place of Capozzi’s family and friends and try to imagine.  Try to imagine the soul-crushing agony of, say, Capozzi’s mother.  It is possible that to Capozzi’s mother, Luigi Capozzi was the person she loved most in the world.  It is possible that her son was the person that she most admired and was the proudest of in her entire life.  To find out that it was all a lie, and that her beloved son was literally one of the most evil human beings alive, and that beautiful child that she loved so much had been totally subsumed and replaced by a sucking void of evil, and that the man she thought she knew as her son was really a false facade that he projected in order to conceal his monstrosity from her – agony is the only word that comes close.  Imagine finding out that the person you love the most in the world is actually so evil and self-purged of love that they are a non-existent fiction per 1 Corinthians Chapter 13.

Every time you read a story or even experience something like this in your own parish or diocese, when you feel that crushing disappointment, first put yourself in the place of these men’s parents, family and friends.  Allow yourself to engage that pain inasmuch as you can.

Then, and here’s the point, imagine Our Lord in the Garden.  Imagine what HIS AGONY must have been like, considering that He took upon Himself EVERY SIN EVER COMMITTED OR TO BE COMMITTED, and that He loves every human being, without exception, infinitely. Imagine His agony at the sins of these sodomite clerics and prelates like Capozzi, McCarrick, Wuerl, Coccopalmerio, Paglia, Martin and on and on and on…. Not to mention Antipope Bergoglio.

Now, go ahead and ask Him why He has allowed you to be so hurt, so intensely disappointed by what is going on in the Church today.  The answer is simple: He wants YOU to experience and share in the smallest way His Agony and His Passion.  He wants you closer to Him.  He wants you to know and understand Him better, because only then can you love Him better.  He wants YOU to know and understand as much as you can exactly how much it is that He loves all of us, and how much He loves you personally, and right now the best way to do that is through His Agony.  Even in His infinite agony which we caused, Infinite Love prevailed unto the Pillar and the Cross by which all are redeemed and some are and will be saved.

Because remember, every sin is an infinite offense against God because He is Infinite Good.  That means you have caused Him infinite offense with every sin you have committed.  Yes, some infinities are larger than other infinities (this is a mathematical fact, not a silly turn of phrase), and so no, most of you have never had a gay orgy inside the Vatican or anything even close, but we have still, ALL OF US, committed infinite offenses against Him.

Consider the people who think that this is all no big deal – that this is what is needed to get the Church to “get with the times” and finally ratify sodomy as morally neutral if not a species of “good”.  Consider that vast majority of people walking around who apostatized long ago, or were never inside the Church in the first place.  Consider the people who in the coldness of their hearts walked away from Christ in the Garden, desiring instead to find a “c”hurch with no agony.  In truth, they simply decided to find a “c”hurch with no Christ. Consider the poverty – TRUE poverty – of such people. Pray that they choose to come back and accept the favor of entering into Christ’s agony.

Now consider how blessed you are to be able to sit here and KNOW beyond a shadow of a doubt that Christ has organized the Divine Providence such that you would be here, now in these days, with the information that you have, precisely so that you could go to Him in the Garden and weep with Him, perhaps for the first time in your life.  Consider that through your pain and disappointment, you can look at the most famous words in the entirety of scripture, and have an understanding of them that you might never have had if you had not been permitted to be so hurt by the Sodomite infiltrators of the Church and their wretched Antipope Bergoglio:

For God so loved the world, as to give His only begotten Son; that whosoever believeth in Him, may not perish, but may have life everlasting.

Leave the Church?  Why IN THE WORLD would I leave the Church? I’m not scandalized.  To be scandalized is to be incited by the sins of others to commit sin oneself, OR to be scandalized is to have one’s faith reduced or eliminated by the sins of others.  I am neither.  Not even slightly.

The pain and agony I feel because of sodomites in Rome – and believe me, the pain is deep and abiding although I mostly manifest righteous anger publicly – is a mark of favor from Our Lord Himself.  He wants me closer.  God Almighty wants me – ME – closer.  And he has chosen for me the surest and most efficacious way to draw closer to Him – to share in His agony. For me to reject such a favor, for me to reject such LOVE, is, in a word, unthinkable.  My faith is STRONGER than it was ten years ago, and we pray in the First Glorious Mystery of the Rosary, the Resurrection, for an increase in Faith every day.  Part of that Faith is the sure knowledge that Christ would never, ever allow something to happen to us or anyone else, that He wasn’t fully prepared to give us the strength to get through.  That strength – that ARMOUR if you will – is available to everyone, but all are free to either avail themselves of it, or reject it.  

I choose to share in the Agony. 

I choose Love.

I choose to “grieve together with Him”.  I not only choose it, I thank God for the favor He has shown me in sharing in His agony every day.

In thy sight are all they that afflict Me; My Heart hath expected reproach and misery. And I looked for one that would grieve together with Me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort Me, and I found none.
Psalm 68: 21

I hope this helps.

St. Peter, pray for us.
St. Peter Damian, pray for us.
St. Joseph, pray for us.
Mary, Mother of the Church, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Van der Leun is in his final agony. Let us offer an Ave…

The host of, Mr. Gerard Van der Leun, ‘the blogger’s blogger’, from whom I have shamelessly stolen countless memes and other posts as points of departure for posts here, is in his final agony from TurboCancer. Reports are that he has clergy at bedside in hospice.

I’m reminded of the Antiphon and Canticle of the Nunc Dimittis from Office of Compline, my favorite of the Hours…

Canticle Nunc dimittis 
Ant. Protect us, * Lord, while we are awake and safeguard us while we sleep; that we may keep watch with Christ, and rest in peace.
Canticle of Simeon
Luke 2:29-32 
2:29 Now thou dost dismiss thy servant, O Lord, + * according to thy word in peace;
2:30 Because my eyes have seen * thy salvation,
2:31 Which thou hast prepared * before the face of all peoples:
2:32 A light to the revelation of the Gentiles, * and the glory of thy people Israel.
V. Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, * and to the Holy Ghost. 
R. As it was in the beginning, is now, * and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.
Ant. Protect us, * Lord, while we are awake and safeguard us while we sleep; that we may keep watch with Christ, and rest in peace.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.


Happy Feast of the Holy Outboard Motor! Saint Raymond of Penafort, PRAY FOR US!

St. Raymond of Penafort was a Dominican who is basically THE father of Canon Law.

So, you can understand why we are especially, especially happy to celebrate his feast today, and beg his intercession, especially for any Canonists named “Raymond” that we might know of….

The Codex that St. Raymond assembled at the behest of Pope Gregory IX was essentially the codex that was in force from ARSH 1234 until the 1917 Code was promulgated.

Apparently, St. Raymond did a pretty good job. 😉

BUT, being the unlettered laywoman that I am, I can’t but be delighted by St. Raymond’s most famous miracle. Now, I want you to just stop and think in stillness about how brilliant and rigorous St. Raymond must have been, and then consider the veracity of what you are about to read. Do you think that a man like Raymond would have permitted a story like what you are about to read to spread like wildfire throughout the world, if it weren’t true? 160 miles in six hours is an average speed of 27 mph. This is a block quote from Wiki: And, just to be sure everyone knows, “Moors” are musloids.

Raymond of Penyafort served as the confessor for King James I of Aragon, who was a loyal son of the Church but allowed his lustful desires to shackle him. While on the island of Majorca to initiate a campaign to help convert the Moors living there, the king brought his mistress with him. Raymond reproved the king and asked him repeatedly to dismiss his concubine. The king refused to do so. Finally, the saint told the king that he could remain with him no longer and made plans to leave for Barcelona. But the king forbade Raymond to leave the island, and threatened punishment to any ship captain who dared to take him. Saint Raymond then said to his Dominican companion, “Soon you will see how the King of Heaven will confound the wicked deeds of this earthly king and provide me with a ship!” They then went down to the seashore where Raymond took off his cappa (the long black cloak worn by Dominicans over the white tunic and scapular), and spread one end of it on the water while rigging the other end to his walking staff. Having thus formed a miniature mast, Raymond bid the other Dominican to hop on, but his companion, lacking the saint’s faith, refused to do so. Then Raymond bid him farewell, and with the sign of the cross he pushed away from the shore and miraculously sailed away on his cloak. Skirting around the very boats that had forbidden him passage, the saint was seen by scores of sailors who shouted in astonishment and urged him on. Raymond sailed the ~160 miles to Barcelona in the space of six hours, where his landing was witnessed by a crowd of amazed spectators. In awe of this miracle, King James I renounced his evil ways, made penance, and thereafter led a good life.

27 mph, baby! Evinrude, eat your heart out!!!

They ALL knew Benedict was still the Pope. Here’s an admission by arch-criminal ++Becciu while dodging questions about his belief that “Francis wants me dead”

I can’t embed this video, so you will have to click through to see it. The scene is this: ++ Angelo Becciu, who is the Deputy Secretary of State of the Vatican, and is up to his eyeballs in massive financial crimes WITH BERGOGLIO’S DIRECTION AND APPROVAL, is walking down the street and is approached by a reporter. The reporter is trying to ask ++Becciu about leaked text messages that ++Becciu sent to numerous people saying that “Francis wants me dead.” This is true, since Antipope Bergoglio threw his boy ++Becciu under the bus when the massive money laundering and fraud was brought to public light – but it was all done with Bergoglio’s explicit blessing, and Antipope Bergoglio specifically installed ++Becciu in the Vatican State Department in order to do Bergoglio’s will.

Given the highly suspicious death of George Neumayr a few days ago, who also said numerous times within the past month, VERY publicly, that he felt his life to be in danger due to his investigative work on high-level institutional Church corruption, one pays attention to these things. And yes, I absolutely believe that the Peronist psychopath Bergoglio is MURDEROUS. He is openly implicated in political assassinations in Argentina, and there is also the Natacha Jaitt child sex trafficking whistleblowing affair from several years ago.

At the 7:40 timestamp, ++Becciu says this:

Con la morte di Papa Benedetto, ecco, adesso abbiamo un papa, e questo è il papa della Chiesa. Noi dobbiamo amare questo papa, non possiamo sognare un papa del futuro o rimpiangere chi c’era prima.”

With the death of Pope Benedict, look, now we have one pope, and this pope is the Pope of the Church. We must love this pope, we can’t dream about a future pope or miss (wax nostalgic over) who was (Pope) before.”

This floated over my transom from an Italian priest, and I have run this clip past Italians to make sure that the nuance is being read properly, and they all say the same thing: ++Becciu is saying that Benedict was the Pope until he died. But now ++Becciu is embracing the false notion of Bergoglio being “grandfathered-in”, which we all know is impossible since Bergoglio isn’t Catholic.

The fact that Pope Benedict never validly resigned and remained the Pope until his death 23 days ago has been a quietly understood fact on the ground in Rome ON ALL SIDES, as ++Becciu demonstrates above. The only people who intransigently argue that “Fwanciss is definitely Pope” are the quintessence of what Lenin referred to as “useful idiots”. The rest – left, right and center – have all stayed quiet due to FEAR. Fear of loss of income, career track, and/or human respect from saying out loud what everyone knows to be true, and acknowledge in whispered conversations.

Even the demons confess….