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BRACE: An Archduke Franz Ferdinand moment may be about to happen. Canadian truckers blockading main Alberta border crossing have been given an ultimatum by SWAT team- and they have voted to face the SWAT team down.

This could be it. This could be the first combat bloodshed of the biggest War in human history. Y’all should probably go to the grocery store and fill up your tanks.

UPDATED: Yes, Justin Trudeau is seriously Fidel Castro’s son. This isn’t a joke. Canada is literally conquered and under a dictatorship of Fidel Castro’s bastard, who is a murderous Communist psychopath just like his padre.

Pierre Trudeau started dating Margaret Sinclair in ARSH 1968 when she was 18 and he was the 48 year old Prime Minister of Canada. Margaret Sinclair was psychologically unstable and a sex pervert like Pierre Trudeau, who was also a closet Communist. Trudeau and Sinclair were “swingers” – perverts partaking in orgies, and Trudeau was an enthusiastic cuckold, enjoying watching other men fornicating with his fiancé/wife.

Pierre Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair married in March ARSH 1971 and honeymooned in the Caribbean where they met up with their Communist idol Fidel Castro. Castro, like most Communists, was also a sex pervert and engaged in orgies and cuckoldry with Pierre and Margaret Trudeau ON THEIR HONEYMOON.

Nine months later in December ARSH 1971 Justin “Trudeau” was born.

As anyone can obviously see from the photographs below, Justin Trudeau is Castro’s son. They are nearly identical in physiognomy. It isn’t even debatable.

Also note the attached picture of Pierre and Margaret Trudeau visiting Castro, and Margaret Trudeau’s clear physical intimacy with the mass-murdering Communist Dictator of Cuba.

Yes, in complete seriousness, Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro’s biological son, and like his father, Trudeau is a Communist dictator and monster, and mass-murderer. Nuremberg 2.0 can’t happen soon enough.

Puts a different spin and urgency on what the Truckers are doing, eh? Pray for the Truckers.

This is Margaret Trudeau looking on with clear satisfaction as father and son are reunited.

UPDATE: I mean… WOW. Señor Castreau y su Papí.

St. Martina, Martyred in ARSH 226 by the government for her zeal and refusal to bow to ANY form of paganism, and converted her executioners – her “friends that she hadn’t met yet.”

Happy Feast of St. Martina of Rome!

The daughter of an ex-consul and orphaned at an early age, she was described as a noble and beautiful virgin. She so openly testified to her Christian faith that she could not escape the persecutions under Severus Alexander. Arrested and commanded to return to idolatry, she refused, whereupon she was subjected to various tortures and was finally beheaded.

These tortures according to her vita include being scourged. She was condemned to be devoured by wild beasts in the amphitheater but was miraculously untouched by them. She was then thrown onto a burning pyre, from which she also escaped unhurt, and was finally beheaded. Her hagiography asserts that some of her executioners also converted to Christianity and were themselves beheaded.

As St. Martina teaches us, even your EXECUTIONERS might be “your friends that you haven’t met yet”.  Maybe we should all step our prayer games up and pray every day for any future captors and executioners we might have SPECIFICALLY. “…For my friends that I haven’t met yet, especially any future captors or executioners.”

And pray for the Truckers. Word is that most trailers are filled with supplies, so when the truckers say, “We aren’t leaving until the dictatorship is over,” they aren’t kidding.

Praying for your possible captors and executioners IS NOT an expectation of failure – it is exactly the opposite.  WE KNOW that we have the victory, but we also know, as virile people grounded in reality, that EVERY WAR HAS PHYSICAL CASUALTIES.  But just because there are corporeal casualties, including possibly our own bodily death, doesn’t mean we don’t fight.  That would be EFFEMINATE.  Like St. Martina, we know death is nothing to fear, and death is often an opportunity to evangelize by example.  If we should find ourselves captive or being killed by the enemy, let us die with such calm, virile confidence that we convert even our executioners by sheer attraction to our Christian courage.  Courage. Fortitudo moralis. The fruit of the Third Sorrowful Mystery: the crowning of Our Lord with the Crown of Thorns.

Christ as the Man of Sorrows, ca. ARSH 1520, Quentin Metsys

St. Martina, pray for us!

Lord Jesus Christ, Crowned with Thorns, have mercy on us!


On Affective and Effective Love – Both are Required

Happy Feast of St. Francis de Sales, Doctor of the Church. The Bergoglian Antipapacy must obviously be acknowledged and ended for myriad reasons, but one huge reason is to clear the names of St. Francis de Sales, and of course, St. Francis of Assisi, from the ongoing sullying that the vile criminal demon-worshipping sodo-masonic apostate and likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, Antipope Bergoglio, continues to work. How dare he. HOW DARE HE.

“You know the difference between effective love and affective love. Our Lord is not satisfied with the affective if we do not also give Him effective love. Notice that he does not consider those blest who simply hear His word, but only those who also keep it.”

St. Francis de Sales, Sermon for the Feast of Our Lady of the Snows, ARSH 1617

“Effective love works and is never idle. It suffers labors and pains, it endures injuries and calumnies… Do you see St. Mary Magdalene? She was moved by affective love when, seeing her Master and and wishing to kiss His feet, she cried: ‘Rabboni.’ But Our Lord turned her away, saying, ‘Do not touch Me; go unto My brethren.’ And so behold effective love, for at once she set out and went.”

St. Francis de Sales, Sermon for the Feast of St. Augustine, ARSH 1620

Barnhardt Podcast #165: The Big Fat Harry Truth

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In this episode we started by discussing Spotify’s ill-advised deal with Megan Markle and Diana’s son to create a podcast — and then took off on a two hour series of tangents on the state of podcasting, Spotify as not-really-a-podcast-platform, BitCoin, brainwashing, the nature of Truth, marriage, the Miracle at Cana, and more. The overly simplified TL;DR could be: if you want an instant grounding in Truth and Love, look no further than Jesus on the Cross.

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NonVeniPacem Timestamped Senate Testimony Video for Aggressive Distribution.

NonVeni Mark did it here, and he did it as a public service so that we can all distribute this as aggressively as possible. Because it’s historically horrific, and the truth MUST out. -AB

Senate testimony on covid truth, banned treatments, vaccine injury, and death… distilled down to 38 minutes of video which I even timestamped for aggressive sharing with the blue pilled

This video has it all. The truth about ivermectin, the urgency of early treatment, the importance of heavy steroids, doctors cancelled for success rates, hundreds of thousands of needless deaths, hospitals withholding treatment as patients die, vaxx injured patients with PCPs who won’t see them because that would be admitting there are vaxx injuries. It’s all here, folks. May God bless Senator Johnson.

Works great at 1.5x speed, so 25 minute investment. Ignore the gushing over mAbs.. those have thankfully been canceled for now, and their use of fetal parts in production is horrific. More on that later.

0:05 Sen Ron Johnson (R-WI) introductions

1:02 How may in this room have experienced professional repercussions? (every hand goes up)

2:11 My obese brother was headed to the ER, I told him to go to pharmacy instead, I called in the meds which shall not be named, he improved in less than six hours.

3:55 Dr Kory: I just want to point out that all of these failed disastrous policies were literally written by the pharmaceutical companies. Ivermectin has been shown to solve the pandemic around the world.

5:05 Dr Urser: I have treated over 1600 patients who were languishing at home because the PCP would not treat them. It’s absolutely absurd.

5:55 My dad died on Friday because we took him to the hospital and they would not administer any treatment, not even steroids to help his lungs. We had gotten his oxygen from 86 back up to 96, but no treatments!

6:55 Dr unkown: I’ve kept 2000 people out of the hospital with basic treatments.

8:45 “The question is, why have safe and effective treatments been withheld that could have saved possibly 500,000 lives?”

9:05 We have ignored foundational principles of medical ethics.

14:20 We know for a fact that natural immunity from having had covid is the only sterilizing immunity. There is not one case of a person with natural immunity passing on the virus. This isn’t true for the vaccinated who get infected. Why won’t the CDC admit this? Why is natural immunity being smeared?

15:05 Vaccinated carry a much larger viral load… the mandates are madness.

16:30 I’ve treated over 150,000 patients via with a 99.99% survival rate. Early treatment works. Period.

19:45 Dr McCullough: Early treatment can’t be stressed enough. The only patients that I’ve had any serious problems did not get adequate treatment in the first 72 hours. These are the golden hours.

22:00 Q&A starts. Whoo boy. Just watch.

24:00 Dr Kory: Denial of natural immunity. Ask yourself why. This is corruption pure and simple. Profit over saving lives.

28:00 My hospital destroyed my medical career because my treatments were effective.

34:00 Dr McCullough: Myocarditis. Heart attacks. IN CHILDREN. Tens of thousands. And they are pressured or mandated to get this vaccine?

37:00 Dr Urso: You know, the fact that we have to have this hearing in the Senate is really something.

Can confirm.

Prayer is the place of refuge for every worry, a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of constant happiness, a protection against sadness.

-St. John Chrysostom

Happy Feast of St. John Chrysostom!

A while back, before the Coof Putsch, as I was walking to Mass one evening, some jerk sexually propositioned me as I walked past his storefront. This rarely happens to me because I never leave the house dressed in anything other than what modern people literally consider formal-wear, and that sort of dress and comportment rarely receives gutter attention. Dress like a lady, be treated like a lady. Dress like a skank, be treated like a skank. Dress like a slob, be treated like a slob.

After Mass, I stopped into a nice sushi place for a quick dinner, and the owner/manager before seating me leaned in and said, “Can I ask you something?” And I thought, “Here we go again. You’ve gotta be kidding me…”

I was expecting something lascivious having been lasciviously addressed just a couple of hours before. Here is what he said:

“We see you walk past here every day, and you’re always so HAPPY. Why are you so HAPPY?”

“Because I live here, I get to eat sushi, and I get to go to the Latin Mass every day.”

“There is a Latin Mass? Here? Where?”

I told him, and then I ate sushi, as one does.

Unagi roll!!!

The highest prayer is The Mass. Next is the Divine Office. The next highest prayer is the Rosary, which is actually a proxy for the Divine Office in a sense. The Rosary is called “Our Lady’s Psalter” because the 150 Hail Marys (15 Mysteries X 10 Hail Marys per Mystery) map to the 150 Psalms, and thus could be the layman’s participation in the Divine Office.

St. John Chrysostom wasn’t blowing smoke. If you pray, you’re happy, you’re confident, and you’re at ease. Because if you pray, you aren’t scared or worried. You know Who is in charge, and you know that He loves you, and is driving everything toward greater good and ultimately total consummation. You trust Him, and are abandoned totally to His Providence.

St. John Chrysostom, pray for us!

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, pray for us!

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us!

Buckle up, Buccaroos! How the Pig in a Pantsuit could be “POTUS” within weeks…

So Justice Breyer is resigning. And Biden’s operating system is now crashing every 120 seconds.


-The Demented Pedophile Biden nominates Harris to fill Breyer’s seat on the Supreme Court thus solving the “Harris Problem”. And Harris is a very, very big problem. The Deep State can’t get rid of Biden without first getting rid of Harris.

-Biden then appoints Hillary Vice President.

-Biden then resigns citing “prostate cancer” or some such. Anything but dementia. Ah, prostate cancer. The “Canadian girlfriend” of resignation excuses.

-Hillary becomes POTUS, and appoints Melinda French (Gates) or, more likely, Mooch Obama Vice President.

Folks, this is terrifyingly plausible. IF Breyer’s resignation was pre-negotiated, the Biden-Harris ticket, a man clearly well into dementia paired with an obviously incompetent and personally repellant prostitute, all of a sudden makes sense. It’s a way to quickly (one year is quick) give the NWO oligarchs carte blanche to install ANYONE as POTUS and VPOTUS without even the need to fake another election, and with Biden as patsy and scapegoat, along with Trump, for everything, from Coof to Afghanistan to race riots to inflation.

What adds credibility to this is the fact that Biden announced from day one that the next SCOTUS seat would be filled by a “black woman”, period. So Harris could be removed from the line of succession easily by dumping her on the SCOTUS. It’s not unreasonable to suspect that this was the plan from the beginning.


Sixteen Words: A scathing reminder of the harsh truth that “we are the baddies”, and that western Right-Left political theater is kayfabier than pro wrestling, and has been for a loooooong time.

This piece is fifteen years old. The artist has since died, but one wonders what she could do in the same artistic vein with the Antipapacy, the CoronaScam, and now the drive to start a war with Russia in order to protect Hunter Biden’s “business relationships” in Ukraine.

Liz Cheney was unavailable for comment.

Don’t miss the perfectly placed Freemasonic Eye from the one (petro)dollar bill at 1:31, and the compass and square at the 2:50 mark.