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Trump shot. Two inches from Civil War.

Looks like only a graze to the ear, but the blood is visible:

This is an historical moment, and I have no idea in what direction or sense. If this were a serious, JFK-type situation, they (the CIA) would have blown his head off. I urge steely calm. Let’s see where this goes, and how Trump reacts.

Let’s see what the shooter’s “pronouns” were.

Perhaps the better question, let’s see whom they try to frame, and whom they try to protect.

And… go to confession.

One person in the crowd was killed. He probably never knew what hit him. Standing there one second, bleeding out the next. Which demonstrates why everyone should… go to confession.

Cardinal Cajetan on Schism

Cardinal Cajetan:

“If someone, for a reasonable motive, holds the person of the pope in suspicion and refuses his presence and even his jurisdiction, he does not commit the delict of schism, nor any other whatsoever.”

Folks, this is CARDINAL Thomas Cajetan the Dominican who died in ARSH 1534, not St. Cajetan, the founder of the Theatine Order who lived in the same era.

Yup. Think about it. How could ANY Antipapacy EVER be resolved if it were schism to even ask the question?

Now, consider, all previous Antipopes were CATHOLICS. Every single one. All previous Antipapacies were political intrigues among CATHOLICS. Antipope Bergoglio is the first observably apostate Antipope.

Folks, this isn’t hard. This is the biggest open-book test in history. Heck, the answers are written on the chalkboard, and Our Lord and Our Lady are walking the rows pointing directly to the answers. Here’s prophecy, here’s what Pope Benedict said, here’s Canon Law, here’s Bergoglio’s apostate words and deeds for eleven years, here’s COMMON SENSE.

As I have said so many times, the greatest act of violence one can do against the Petrine See in se, is to call a man, “Peter” who is not Peter. Antipope Bergoglio has turned almost everyone, from Libs to Trads, against the Papacy in and of itself. The only Trads left that love the Papacy, and see the brilliance of the Petrine See as established by Jesus Christ Himself as a Monarchy with special supernatural NEGATIVE protection, are those of us who know that Pope Benedict never validly resigned, and Bergoglio is and always has been an Antipope. We know that Vatican I and the infallible definition of Papal Infallibility was a gift from God, to US, in this moment, right now, so that we could KNOW that Bergoglio is, without a doubt, an Antipope.

Ergo, Antipope Bergoglio is as much the standard of schism from the Catholic Church as Taylor Swift is.

👆🏻Legally, the same thing.👆🏻

Sweet Respite: His Name Was Tony Williams…

… and he was one of the greatest vocalists of the 20th century.

He was the lead singer of The Platters.

Tony Williams.  His name was Tony Williams.

“My Prayer” could almost be the hymn at Compline, the final hour of the Divine Office, just before bed, singing to Our Lord. Sigh.


When the twilight is gone, You come into my heart, and here in my heart You will stay… while I pray.
My prayer is to linger with You, at the end of the day, in a dream that’s divine….

They said “Some day you’ll find all who love are blind,”
When your heart’s on fire, you must realize, smoke gets in your eyes….

Now, laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide
So, I smile and say….

I saw the harbor lights, they only told me we were parting.
The same old harbor lights that once brought you to me.

I watched the harbor lights, how could I help if tears were starting?
Goodbye to tender nights beside the slivery sea….


White House staffer claims Biden family is blackmailing Obama machine with Barry’s faggotry. This would explain MUCH.

Rootin’ for casualties. Heavy, heavy casualties.

Let’s hope the entire lot of these Luciferian perverts completely, totally destroy each other.

And yes, the fact that Barry is a faggot is about as much of a secret as Biden’s dementia. I’ve been writing about it in this space for well over a decade. Jack Cashill has been, too. Tucker did a full interview with Larry Sinclair last year.

But it will still be good for it to be openly acknowledged. FINALLY.

Hunter and Jill have ghostwritten a defiant letter to the DNC…

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any trashier and elder-abusive, not only do we have this clearly ghostwritten letter, in which “Joe Biden” forcefully declares that he ain’t goin’ nowhere, but the New York Post is reporting that White House staffers confirm that the incestuous crackhead traitor, Hunter Biden, is calling shots in the White House. You can’t make this crap up.

So don’t worry, folks. SpongeBrain Shitpants isn’t actually running the country. His retard crackhead pervert son is. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice. WHEW! So everything’s fine. I’m sure the CCP is quaking in their boots, and Putin is sobbing on his bathroom floor as we speak.

Gosh, it’s such a PERFECT allegory of the fall of the United States.

Hail to the Chief…

Here’s my info on ++Pell’s possible murder, if any journalists are interested.

I get into the darndest conversations with the most interesting people.

The story about Cardinal George Pell suddenly having a heart attack in the recovery room while chatting with the anesthesiologist is a lie.

++Pell was alone in a room after surgery when “the electricity went out.” When the “electricity came back on” and the staff checked on him, he was dead.

Yeah. The early 20th century called. They want their hospitals with no emergency power back-up back. Gimme a break. The only way to cut power in a hospital barring a massive natural disaster or act of war, is intentionally.

The reason given to insiders for the fake story about ++Pell suddenly going into cardiac arrest in the presence of a doctor was, “In Italy, it is considered a terrible scandal for anyone to die alone.”

In ARSH 2020 and 2021, Italians were dying alone, completely cut-off from their families, by the thousands. The Fauci cult of psychological torture was every bit as bad in Italy as in North America- perhaps even worse. The “dying alone” fear was consciously used as a terroristic weapon. If the use of this cover story weren’t so sadistically hypocritical, it would be laughable. “Look, we have to lie so Italians won’t think that the poor, poor Cardinal died alone. Forget your grandma, who died alone and weeping 48 months ago.”


And now we know that ++Pell had a broken nose. I’m with Liz Yore. They cut the power, assassins went in and leaned HARD on the pillow, because ++Pell was a physically huge man – even weakened he would have put up non-trivial resistance whilst being suffocated- and then the lights were turned back on and the staff were allowed back in to discover the corpse.

The terrifying question is, how many of the staff were bribed/complicit? There had to have been in-house assistance inside the hospital.

Jeffrey Epstein was unavailable for comment. And so were his prison guards. I also tried to get comment from Vince Foster. No luck. No one at Boeing would say anything either. Justice Scalia likewise.

I mean, it’s not as if ++Pell knew anything. Only all of the details of the multi-multi-billion dollar Vatican money laundering machine, including Antipope Bergoglio’s demand for an off-balance sheet seven-figure cash slush fund for the Antipope’s personal use, which ++Pell categorically refused to do. And it’s not as if Antipope Bergoglio then subsequently tried to kill ++Pell via the Australian judicial and penal system, and was foiled. Nooooooo. No precedent here. Noooooo….

Like I said, any journalists out there who want to pursue this and aren’t terrified of literally being murdered by Antipope Bergoglio and his coven of faggot satanist toadies and their paymasters in the Chinese Communist Party (the CCP funds the Vatican to the tune of $2 BILLION PER YEAR) and the American/NWO (Novus Ordo Orbis) Deep State, should probably get with it.

The first call? Mary Ann Glendon. Ask her why immediately upon her quitting the Vatican Bank Auditing Committee, her gutter slag, chalice snatching daughter and her predator priest baby daddy got no-work “fellowships” at the Notre Dame Ethics think tank that paid $100,000. No, I’m not kidding. ETHICS. And a hundred large. For conscienceless psychopaths doing absolutely nothing. Talk about white collar money laundering. Ma Glendon walks away, keeps her mouth shut, and payment goes to her demon spawn, laundered through Notre Dame, which should be shut down. Notre Dame is nothing but an NFL farm team and money laundering front. Isn’t criminal oligarchy and racketeering FUN?

Mary Ann Glendon, do you fear for your life and/or the lives of your family in Rome from the dear, sweet, kind “Holy Father Fwanciss?”

Don’t bother answering. The question is rhetorical.

Ah, neocons… never a depth to which they won’t stoop.

The greatest act of violence one can commit against the Petrine See is to call a man, “Peter” who is not Peter. If you love the Papacy, and are subject to it, you MUST call out Antipopes and publicly acknowledge that the See is vacant, when it is, in fact, vacant, as it has been these 552 days and counting…

Someone should send this to Cardinal Burke. He seems to be deeply confused on this point. He seems to think that refusing to pretend that an Antipope is legitimate is somehow “abandoning Our Lord and the Church.”

I’ll be sure to tell Our Lord all about how I have “abandoned Him and the Church” when I see Him tomorrow morning at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. 😊

In related news, I’m having trouble keeping a lid on my envy of +Viganò and his “official” “excommunication” from the fart cloud that presents as the Bergoglian Antichurch.

Pleeeeease, let me be next!!! I want black ink documentation that I’m NOT “subsisting in” satan’s fart cloud.

You can mail official documents suitable for matting and framing to:

Ann Barnhardt

6834 S. University Blvd. #419

Centennial, CO 80122

I expect all documents of “excommunication” to be signed by Antipope Bergoglio and countersigned by Touchme Fagnandez.

Now, for your edification and confirmation, our citations about the reality of actual schism:

It is IMPOSSIBLE to enter into schism or be in schism by the act of holding the Catholic Faith whole and entire, and by being in union with and subject to the Vicar of Christ on Earth, and the Petrine See in se.

Good faith controversy over the IDENTITY of the Vicar of Christ is NOT schismatic, by logical definition.

F.X. Wernz, P. Vidal: “Finally they cannot be numbered among the schismatics, who refuse to obey the Roman Pontiff because they consider his person to be suspect or doubtfully electedon account of rumours in circulation.” (Ius Canonicum, 7:398, 1943) 

Rev Ignatius Szal: “Nor is there any schism if one merely transgress a papal law for the reason that one considers it too difficult, or if one refuses obedience inasmuch as one suspects the person of the pope or the validity of his election, or if one resists him as the civil head of a state.” (Communication of Catholics with Schismatics, 1948) 

De Lugo: “Neither is someone a schismatic for denying his subjection to the Pontiff on the grounds that he has solidly founded [‘probabiliter’] doubts concerning the legitimacy of his election or his power [refers to Sanchez and Palao].” (Disp., De Virt. Fid. Div., disp xxv, sect iii, nn. 35-8)

Checking your brain at the door and dispensing yourself from your responsibility as a rational intellect to accurately parse reality is NOT virtuous, and CERTAINLY not Catholic. It’s effeminate, cowardly and pathetic. And it’s in Canon Law:

Canon 748. §1. All persons are bound to seek the truth in those things which regard God and His Church and by virtue of divine law are bound by the obligation and possess the right of embracing and observing the truth which they have come to know.

Here’s my Part 1 video on the Bergoglian Antipapacy from ARSH 2018, specifically at the 2:06:45 timestamp with transcript:

Begin Transcript:

If holding the base premise that Jorge Bergoglio is now or ever has been the Pope requires you to:

-Tear down and deny the authority of the papacy… CHECK ✔️

-Deny the dogma of the indefectibility of the Church… CHECK ✔️

-Deny Papal Infallibility, that is, Vatican I, and thus believe that Christ has broken His promise, and thus deny Christ’s Divinity… CHECK ✔️

-Go against every saint and Church father… CHECK ✔️

-Deny visible, objective reality as we have covered in this presentation… CHECK ✔️

Violate the Law of Non-contradiction… CHECK ✔️

-AND, change your own position 180 degrees. ✔️ All these people on the “conservative” and “Trad” right, six years ago today when Pope Benedict was living in the Apostolic Palace, and plotting his faux-resignation, every one of these people would have defended the Papacy, Papal Infallibility, I mean, it was just a common thing. You believed it.  Now these people have turned 180 degrees and are on a daily basis attacking the Papacy. 180 degree turn.  With all of these criteria here above. ✔️

Denying dogma. ✔️

Holding positions that necessarily lead almost immediately to a denial of the Divinity of Christ. ✔️ COME ON!

How could you NOT begin from the assumption that the error must be with YOUR base premise, and NOT with God, His Holy Church, and His saints?  How could you sit here and it not INSTANTLY occur to you that YOU must be the one that is wrong? 

I must be holding a false base premise.  There MUST be something wrong with my assumption that Bergoglio is the Pope. Not with the Papacy. Not with the Church. Not with the saints, not with anything else.’

The narcissism…. ✔️

I am hard-pressed to think of a group that has been a bigger failure over the past century than theologians and canon lawyers… and yet.  AND YET.  We’re all supposed to bow and scrape to them? You can’t even think THIS through?  It hasn’t even occurred to you that maybe the problem isn’t God, His Church and all the saints – maybe, maybe the problem is with YOUR base premise?  A group of people who have done nothing but fail for almost a century now, that is theologians and canon lawyers.”

End Transcript.

Again, the TIMESTAMP you want here is 02:06:45. I hope this helps.

Saints Peter and Paul, pray for us.