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Six Years Ago Today, Pope Benedict Took a Helicopter Ride, and That’s All

It was pointed out to me today that when Nixon resigned the Office of the Presidency, he didn’t go to Camp David, hang out for a couple of weeks, and then move back into a different wing of the White House.

It bears repeating as these concepts get more and more traction and start to sink in:

An OFFICE (MUNUS in Latin) imparts a state of being, which is why the verb used when speaking of an OFFICE is the verb “to be”:

Ratzinger is the Pope.
Nixon was the President.
When Queen Elizabeth dies, Charles will be the King.

A MINISTRY is a derivative aspect of an OFFICE.  The various ministries/administrative acts proceed from the OFFICE.  The MINISTRIES are contingent on the OFFICE, but the OFFICE is not contingent upon any MINISTRY.  This is why a man in a coma, unable to perform any ministry or administrative act does not lose his OFFICE.  When speaking of ministries/administrative acts, action verbs are used:

The Pope teaches.
The Pope judges.
The Pope legislates.
The Pope presides.
The President commands the Armed Forces.
The Sheriff enforces the law.

It is 100% false to say that the words “Office (MUNUS)” and “Ministry (MINISTERIUM)” are synonyms.  Because these words address completely different categories, namely the category of BEING versus the category of DOING, there is absolutely, positively no way that they can be synonyms – and a veritable mountain of written evidence demonstrates this.

The simplest for English speakers to begin with is J. Michael Miller’s “Divine Right of the Papacy in Recent Ecumenical Theology“, and WHY, oh WHY WOULDN’T YOU READ IT? I mean, how spectacularly insecure would you have to be to not read a doctoral dissertation? To categorically REFUSE to just… read a 300 page dissertation written in ARSH 1979? Seriously?  Because when you read Miller’s dissertation, you will see that Joseph Ratzinger and the rest of the Teutonic theologians of the mid-20th century were absolutely OBSESSED with and agonized over the difference between the Papal OFFICE and the Petrine MINISTRY, with an eye toward “fundamental transformation” of the OFFICE, either by “expansion” or “dissolution”.

Remember:  OFFICE is about BEING something.  MINISTRY is about DOING.

Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger did not resign the OFFICE, he resigned the ACTIVE MINISTRY, which means, according to Canon Law, which is the arbiter of this question, backed by Jesus Christ Himself (and what you shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven….) that his resignation was INVALID.  Thus, Pope Benedict XVI is and remains the one and only living Pope, and Bergoglio is an Antipope, and a criminal. Nothing more.  All evidence, visual, logical and dogmatic, clearly points to this.  Because the Church is VISIBLE, and God is perfectly good and faithful, and His Providence always reflects this.  


So, happy 6th anniversary of NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Follow the Money: Natacha Jaitt Spoke At Length About Gustavo Vera Being Funded By Bergoglio. Remember McCarrick & Wuerl’s Papal Foundation, and the $25 Million Bergoglio Demanded for the Dermatology Hospital in Rome?

Why was Gustavo Vera physically commuting between Rome and Buenos Aires for years?  Sodomy in the Casa Santa Marta wasn’t the sole reason.  Another reason to physically commute was almost certainly to shuttle large amounts of cash back to Argentina.  Natacha Jaitt said repeatedly that Vera was being funded by Bergoglio, both before and after Bergoglio usurped the Petrine See.  I would encourage one and all to remember well the huge kerfuffle over the sodomite and Communist infiltrator McCarrick’s “Papal Foundation”, which he ran/runs (yes, present tense RUNS) with Donna Wuerl, with Wuerl STILL running the Archdiocese of Washington D.C. even after having his “resignation” accepted many months ago.  The kerfuffle came about when Bergoglio DEMANDED without any explanation that the Papal Foundation give $25 million directly to the super-corrupt dermatology and plastic surgery hospital in Rome, Istituto Dermopatico dell’Immacolata (IDI).  The donors and laypeople on the board of the Papal Foundation raised a stink at this massive amount of money, to be given to a well-known money laundering and embezzlement front, which IDI is.

Trafficking child sex slaves isn’t cheap, folks.  It takes not just large amounts of money, but large amounts of CASH.  The Vatican has been a hub of money laundering for decades, with the criminal racketeering organization The Legionaries of Christ being some of the most notorious, but also McCarrick and the rest of the Communist-sodomite mafia have been ALL ABOUT passing around fat envelopes of cash.  But, as we covered here in this space, the Legionaries of Christ and McCarrick are cut from exactly the same cloth.  Same criminal dynamics, just with different window dressing: racketeering sex perverts leveraging and blackmailing their way through life, and up the food chain. Criminal psychopathy is a feature, not a bug with these monsters.

The other thing to be on the lookout for these days are money laundering packages made to look like legit “grants” or “fellowships”.  Notre Dame – which should be closed, scraped and the earth salted where it stood – is huge on this, as we saw this fall when the ex-Legion kingpin and now Breitbart copy-paste “Rome bureau chief” Thomas Williams and his concubine-baby-mama-now-wife Liz Lev were handed six month no-work “fellowships” by Notre Dame which are publicly listed as paying something like $100,000 per year.  The fact that this payola to a notorious priest fornicator who also cruised for sex with his students while dean of the department of Moral Theology at Regina Apostolorum in Rome (Remember, Boyz and Gurlz, if they are over the age of consent, they’re fair game! No civil laws broken!  Happy hunting!) was categorized under the so-called Notre Dame “Center for Ethics and Culture” as a clear jab at human decency.  Folks, this is the epitome of “Professional Catholic, Inc.” racketeering, very much reminiscent of what goes on in political campaigns on both sides of the political spectrum where friends, family and ideological allies are constantly trading no-work or little-to-no-work contracts and grants for exorbitant amounts of money. So it isn’t just paper cash, but paper cash is still king in certain realms – like human trafficking and prostitution, as with Gustavo Vera.  But make no mistake, vast sums are being moved, laundered and grifted on the so-called left AND the so-called right.

Front-running Any Lying Denials from Casa Santa Marta that Antipope Bergoglio and Gustavo Vera are Tight….

I was told by an eyewitness that personally observed Bergoglio and Vera together inside the Vatican that they were ostentatiously and creepily physically close to the point that it was very, very noticiable.


From Argentine news:  “…in just under two weeks she [Jaitt] was going to go to trial in the wake of the complaint made by Mercedes Ninci and Gustavo Vera, for damages.”


Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences

Photo Credit: Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences


“If it could only be like this always; always summer, always alone, the fruit always ripe and Aloysius in a good temper…”

Compendium of Reportage and Links on Natacha Jaitt, Gustavo Vera, Jorge Bergoglio

Well, I tried to get English language media to pick it up, but no one would touch it, and now she’s dead, a shock to exactly no one, including Natacha Jaitt herself:

“Notice: I will not commit suicide. I won’t be bought off or drown in a bath tub, nor will I shoot myself in the head. So, if that happens: I wasn’t me. Save this tweet.”

I can’t help but think that if North American media had picked it up, maybe she could have gotten some help, which she clearly needed in multiple respects.  It’s a vicious circle she got herself into.  I was told by journalists that they couldn’t engage the story because Jaitt herself was too “morally compromised”, to which my response was that if you’re waiting for whistleblowers from the prostitution scene of Buenos Aires to come forward who are also cloistered nuns, you’ve very conveniently set up a dodge such that you never have to engage the story.  Weak.

Jaitt, IF she was murdered, made herself an easy target by continuing to move in unsavory circles.  Just another high-dollar ho that ODed on coke.  That is how it will be shrugged off.  Hopefully now the story will be picked up, and some actual investigation and reportage will happen.  I see ChurchMilitant has a piece up.  Where the hell they were in September when I and ComplicitClergy were reporting this stuff, and I had Argentine sources sending me hand-translated links and transcripts of Jaitt’s TV appearances, I don’t know.  Apparently Terry Carroll’s checkbook hadn’t given Voris the go-ahead yet.

Finally, do we all now see why Archbishop Viganò is in hiding for fear of his life? Like with the Clintons, people who crossed Bergoglio and Bergoglio’s co-covenists tend to end up disappeared, ODed or suicided.

From Argentine news:  “…in just under two weeks she was going to go to trial in the wake of the complaint made by Mercedes Ninci and Gustavo Vera, for damages.”

Let it also be noted that Jaitt has a young son, Valentino.  Pray for that poor kid.


Here is a short compendium of posts I made last year, all sourced from Argentine readers (“The Argentine Armada”) who desperately want the truth about Antipope Bergoglio, which is so widely known and discussed in Argentina, to make it into the English-speaking world.

Barnhardt Podcast #075: Economic Tomfoolery Snack-pack

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In this brief episode we discuss the dystopian consequences of Marxism: even a country rich in natural resources, like Venezuela, can be reduced to cannibalism within a few years when Marxism is “given another try.” We also briefly touched on the need for subsidiarity in the banking industry (and society as a whole).

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The Cappa Magna is the Trail of Blood Shed for Holy Mother Church, Not “Drag Queenery”

Blood red, not white, is the proper papal colour, it symbolises the martyrs, most especially Ss Peter and Paul. The fact you need an attendant or minder to hold the other end of the cappa indicates the dependency of a Cardinal on others, it symbolises the burden of office, the stream of blood behind a Prince of the Church. It is actually street dress, or at least processional dress. It is supposed to make a spectacle, a witness,  of the Cardinal. Blood red silk flowing from his shoulders, is supposed to be a statement signifying ‘that you are ready to act with fortitude, even to the point of spilling your blood for the increase of the Christian faith, for peace and harmony among the people of God, for freedom and the spread of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.’ which is what Pope says at the imposition of the red hat.

The problem isn’t that the Cappa Magna isn’t manly enough, the problem is that it is supremely masculine, but no one is living up to it. We don’t need less Cappa Magna, we need more, but only when worn by men willing to live up to it – men willing to shed their blood and die for the Bride of Christ.

LITERALLY shed their blood and die.

Pray that Cardinal Burke lives up to the Cappa.

Diabolical Narcissists: People of the Lie (and sexual perversion)

They lie without conscience, and many lack the self-awareness to realize that most morally sane people can immediately tell that they are lying. Not only did professional sodomite Smollett lie about the INSTANTLY OBVIOUS staged “attack”, he sent the original “hate letter” with aspirin powder to himself via his TV show, in a bid for narcissistic gratification…and a raise. They’re also money-grubbers, too.

Zero shame. Zero acknowledgement of the humanity of anyone. Only spite, victimhood, and lower-than-bestial lust for narcissistic gratification.

Now, watch the “beta” narcissists virtue signal by “supporting” Smollett, and affirming his “victimhood”, after he is caught, guilty as sin. Hmmm. Reminds me of something in Professional Catholic Racketeering Land…. And remember, Diabolical Narcissists get their biggest rush from watching people turn a blind eye, and even positively defend them.

In related news, for the first time in recorded history, flipping the script, Nigerians scammed by middle class American in confidence game.

(People of the Lie is an interesting read, but is written from an atheistic modern psychological perspective which denies the entire notion of sin, so caveat lector.)