Nuclear Bombshell Argentinian Whistleblower Interview: “Bergoglio Allows the “c”atholic Elite in Rome to Have Access to Gustavo Vera’s Child Sex Slaves


[Once again, this whistleblower isn’t anyone’s ideal.  But what do you expect?  And, let me be the first to point out, this guy, along with Natacha Jaitt is literally risking his life in talking about this stuff. Bergoglio, Vera, et. al. are satanic murderers.  More to come in this space. Please lift up the Argentine translator/sleuths providing this content in English in prayer. -AB]

Natacha Interviews Artem #1 Summary

  • Artem Reshetnyak (Ukrainian) introduces himself. He’s lives in Argentina and is engaged to a known escort named Lucilla, who is originally from Uruguay. They’ve been together for 3 years.
  • He ran a blog from Summer 2013 – Fall 2017 where he publicly denounced the pedophilic and sex trafficking network led by Gustavo Vera. He conducted his own investigation for these posts
  • He says an official came to his home (where he lived with Lucilla) and gave a warning: his girlfriend had to stop promoting herself (as a prostitute) – Gustavo’s orders – and if he didn’t stop talking about Gustavo online they would kill him. He doesn’t share the name of this officer.
  • He wrote an article about how the media gives a false impression on the nature of human trafficking, focusing on the adult female victims and not mentioning the children and male victims. Says homosexual and pedophilic sex slavery is more common.
  • He agrees with Jaitt when she says that La Alameda promises to help victims working in poor conditions in illegal sweatshops, but instead takes advantage of them. He was contacted by an informant (who he wants to keep confidential) who divulged information on the criminal activities of the organization: sex trafficking, pedophilia, blackmail.
  • He started working with Martes Rojos, a Latino organization dedicated to ending sex trafficking in the most vulnerable neighborhoods.
  • Natacha says everything he’s reporting confirms what she’s been working on – La Alameda subjugates the very people they’re claiming to liberate. Artem agrees and says that Gustavo Vera manages this network, he’s directly involved in its operation. The video cuts off as he is talking about sharing data against Vera.

Natacha Interviews Artem #2 Summary:

  • Sources of income that fund Gustavo Vera: Bergoglio and also extorting sweatshops using illegal hiring practices (Gustavo’s mafia gets paid to not alert authorities to the crimes of these businesses)
  • Another source of funds is selling drugs. Uses the organization to gain an advantage over local gangs, just like La Alameda is used to shut down brothel competition. They selectively target areas and then install their own network. This network is not like the local gang culture, which abides by a traditional code of conduct, e.g. the La Alameda mafia sells drugs to school children, because once they are hooked on drugs they are easier for La Alameda manipulate.
  • Lucia Perez, the victim of abuse and ultimately murder at the hand of Gustavo’s mafia.
  • Children are kidnapped (one group that does the kidnapping – the Stolen Childhood Network, which claims to be a group to help children) from the poorer neighborhoods and are victims of the pedophile network which also brings in a lot of income.
  • Natasha repeats the idea that these children are targeted because they have no resources, no power, the judicial system is not concerned with maintaining their safety or upholding the law in their case. She equates it to the prostitution and pedophilia networks run in the soccer leagues. Artem agrees with everything she’s saying.
  • The headquarters of the human trafficking operation is the in the Northern part of the country but the network has an international reach: Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Peru, Spain, Italy, including Rome. There’s a big demand for blonde European children.
  • There are many other important people involved in addition to Gustavo Vera – Juan Carr (runs The Solidarity Network) whose organization pretends to look for missing children but actually kidnaps children. They give false hope to families who have missing children, when they find the child they keep the child as a sex slave.
  • Bergoglio provides funding and protection for La Alameda and allows the Catholic elite in Rome to have access to the children. Creating centers for disadvantaged children makes the children dependent on them, because they have no resources other than the Church.

Additional Supporting Documentation/Links

Artem’s claims reinforced Jaitt’s points, but I wanted to find a few more sources to show that he isn’t the only one to be suspicious about Gustavo Vera, La Alameda, Bergoglio, and other bad priests. He’s very direct and to the point in his interview so these links should provide more context and help support the idea that there is something corrupt going on.

    • Periodico Tribuna (Spanish, 2017): Gustavo Vera fue expulsado del Vaticano
      • Says that Gustavo’s organization was a sham, claimed to fight against slavery and human trafficking but instead profited from these very things. Specifically mentions blackmailing sweatshop owners, echoing what Artem says in the video.
      • Believes Gustavo being banned from the Vatican is because the Pope only recently found out about this (eyeroll). Also claims “The Vatican has eyes and ears everywhere in the world, and much more in the Nation from which the Pontiff of the day originates.”
      • Also hints at drug trafficking, says more information coming in a later article.
    • The Nation (September 2015): How Pope Francis Is Reviving Radical Catholic Economics
      • This is a pro-Bergoglio article praising how he’s changing the Church in a leftward direction. Quotes:
        • “The same mind-set which stands in the way of making radical decisions to reverse the trend of global warming also stands in the way of achieving the goal of eliminating poverty.” – Bergoglio
        • ““He’s a person who comes from walking through the poor neighborhoods, from walking with those who are in very bad conditions, from being with the unions and all that,” says Néstor Escudero, a member of the Argentine NGO La Alameda, which opposes human trafficking and organizes cooperatives among victims. Bergoglio lent his presence and protection to La Alameda, along with other groups that faced danger because of their work.”
        • “He came of age in the heyday of Peronism in Argentina, and he learned from the Peróns how to walk a kind of both-and line between a Marxist’s identification with the masses and a conservative’s savvy among the powers that be.”
    • La Stampa (2016)
      • “The Pope denied allegations that Gustavo Vera, a professor, politician and social activist and Francis’ longtime friend and collaborator, acts as his spokesperson.”
      • Relevant because so many articles across the internet, in English and Spanish, have Vera speaking about the Pope as if he were the spokesman. For years Vera does this while seeing the Pope every other month and chatting on the phone weekly. Surely Bergoglio would have told him to stop if he didn’t like it? Another instance of his words not lining up with his actions.
    • Explanation on the Lucia Perez case
      • 16 year old girl murdered on October 8 2016 by Matías Farías (23) and Juan Pablo Offidani (41). Alejandro Maciel (61) charged with aggravated cover up. Drugged, suffocated, raped, beaten, and murdered. Then they cleaned her up, changed her clothes, and took her dead body to a health centre to make it look like she overdosed. (Source)
    • Washington Post (2013): Pope Francis was often quiet on Argentine sex abuse cases as archbishop
      • Talks about Grassi case, confirming everything shared in the other doc
      • “But during most of the 14 years that Bergoglio served as archbishop of Buenos Aires, rights advocates say, he did not take decisive action to protect children or act swiftly when molestation charges surfaced; nor did he extend apologies to the victims of abusive priests after their misconduct came to light.”
      • He has been totally silent,” said Ernesto Moreau, a member of Argentina’s U.N.-affiliated Permanent Assembly for Human Rights and a lawyer who has represented victims in a clergy sexual-abuse case. Victims asked to meet with Bergoglio but were turned down, Moreau said. “In that regard, Bergoglio was no different from most of the other bishops in Argentina, or the Vatican itself.”


  • Another Argentinian abuser: Father Mario Napoleon Sasso assigned to work with children even though he was a known abuser
  • Father Mario Napoleon Sasso


    • Washington Post (2013)
      • “After local parishioners accused Father Mario Napoleon Sasso of molesting children in a poor, rural province of eastern Argentina in the early 1990s, he was sent to a private rehabilitation center for wayward clergy, La Domus Mariae (the House of Mary), north of Buenos Aires. He lived for two years at the center and was then reassigned to work in a soup kitchen for poor children in a town outside the capital. There, he went on to sexually abuse girls as young as 3.”
      • “Moreau said that in 2003 he accompanied two nuns and a priest who had denounced Sasso, along with the victims’ families, to a meeting with the Vatican emissary in Buenos Aires. He said the families were told to be “patient” and were offered gifts of rosaries “blessed by the pope.” “They just wanted to cover it up,” Moreau said.
      • “Three years later, as the evidence against Sasso mounted, the families asked to see Bergoglio, Moreau said, but they never received a response.”
    • Bishop Accountability Report with 17 additional sources linked on his abuse
  • Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli (Argentina)
    • NCR (2014): Francis’ cardinal replacement in Buenos Aires has similar pastoral approach
      • Cardinal Mario is one of the 19 cardinals Jorge promoted January 2014. He was born in 1947 ordained in 1978.
      • Described as quiet, low profile, not political, conciliatory, promotes inter faith dialogue, concerned for the poor.
      • “He’s a person permanently consulting with the pope. … It’s no surprise to anyone that he has been speculated about (for) this possible appointment,”
      • “In Buenos Aires, Pope Francis was a towering figure. He left a legacy of living austerely, walking the streets of the slums, taking the metro and declining social events. He also provided attention to the poor and spoke out on political matters”
    • Catholic News Agency (2014): Cardinal-elect Poli, Buenos Aires’ successor to Bergoglio
      • Lists good things he has done as Archbishop, stresses his lack of political involvement.
      • “The Argentine publication was told by a source that “Bergoglio designated as bishops those most close to his thought. We will not see more bishops with ‘princely’ or ‘stately’ styles.””
      • “Another source indicated that Archbishop Poli “never took an interest in politics, nor does he participate in the ‘threat’, or meet with leaders early in the morning as did Bergoglio,” adding that he “fosters Catholic schools, and takes care that ‘the sheep are well.’”
    • The Guardian (2015): Archbishop of Westminster is made a cardinal by Pope Francis
      • Only relevant quote: “It had been considered almost inevitable that the pope’s successor as archbishop of Buenos Aires, Mario Aurelio Poli, would be named.”
    • (Spanish): ¿Quién es Mario Aurelio Poli?
      • Speaks extremely highly of Bergoglio. Praises his style, his ideas, his approach as “Pope”. Supports the idea of “new evangelization”, “lowering the Church to the level of the people” to better “connect” and facilitate their “encounter” with the Spirit, etc. etc.
    • (Spanish, May 2018): Crece la movilización en la calle y la Iglesia apoya sus reclamos
    • La Arena (Spanish, 2012): Obispo Poli, vinculado a “red de silencio”
      • Sebastián Quattromo (13) was abused by Fernando Enrique Picciochi at the Marianista de Caballito School’s annual camping trip in the early 90s. Years later he reported this to the school and the Church, who only tried to keep him silent.
      • “Quattromo gave an interview to Página 12 that was published in their Sunday edition, revealing that in early 2000, he, together with a peer who suffered the same abuses, were put through a process of mediation, and the institution, in order to avoid a civil case, compensated them $40,000, but not before they signed a confidentiality clause.”
      • “Although Quattromo accepted the terms, he ultimately took this imposition of silence to the Legal Council of the City of Buenos Aires, who determined that he was in the right.”
      • “I then went to the Archbishop, where I was attended by a secretary of Monsignor Jorge Bergoglio, a man who identified himself as Martín García Aguirre,” said Quattromo
      • “I laid out my case to him, along with the measures that the Catholic institution took to silence my ex-classmate and me.” He sent me to the District Vicarage of Flores, where I had two interviews with the man in charge, Father Mario Poli. I once again laid out my case and the measures taken. But I never heard back.”
    • La Alameda Blog: Misa por las víctimas de trata, la esclavitud y la exclusión
      • Celebrated mass to end human trafficking in the Constitutional Plaza in partnership with La Alameda. Gustavo Vera attended and spoke.
      • Also present: La Campora, Equipo de Sacerdotes para las Villas de Emergencia, las Hermanas Oblatas del Santísimo Redentor, las Hermanas Adoratrices Españolas, la Red KAWSAY, y el Movimiento de Trabajadores Excluidos.
  • Pino Solanas (this is more of a character sketch to show the types of people involved in La Alameda)
  • Movie producer and revolutionary connected with La Alameda (see photo of him and Vera)
  • “Solanas was at the forefront of the Grupo Cine Liberación that shook Argentine cinema in the 1970s, developing its social conscience and political voice. He was active in the campaign to support Perón”
  • Ran for president in 2007 in the Authentic Socialist Party, in 2009 he became the National Deputy for Buenos Aires, in 2013 election National Senator for Buenos Aires.
  • Started his own political party: Proyecto Sur “The party’s progressive platform centers on environmentalism, social democracy and eco-socialism, and the nationalization of energy, petroleum, rail, and shipping concerns”
  • Pro abortion and wanted to legalize it in Argentina
  • Vera, Pino, Bergoglio on the same team:
    • Spanish interview where Vera and Pino talk about their shared mission and support of the Pope, opposition to Macri, and love of Laudato Si.
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