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This is what happens when you hold a false base premise: Ignorant Scottish hermits “sever communion with the Holy See”

As I have been saying for years now, the obvious and predictable fruit of holding the false base premise that Jorge Bergoglio is now or ever has been the Pope is false sedevacantism, SCHISM, and eventually apostasy.

And look what we have here.  A group of hermits in Scotland, holding the false base premise that Jorge Bergoglio is or ever has been the Pope have actually committed real schism by publicly denouncing and withdrawing communion from THE PETRINE SEE.

I am struggling to have sympathy for these people, because it is an absolute no-brainer that if your premise leads you to declarations of FULL SCHISM not from “Francis”, but the ENTIRE PETRINE SEE IN AND OF ITSELF, established by Christ in the Gospels as the Rock upon which He would build His Church and against which the gates of hell would never prevail, DON’TCHA THINK MAYBE A RE-EXAMINATION OF THE BASE PREMISE IS IN ORDER?  DON’TCHA THINK THAT MAYBE ONE SHOULD LOOK BACK AND ASK ONESELF IF ANYTHING… ODD or SUSPICIOUS HAPPENED AT THE TIME OF BERGOGLIO’S ASCENT?

No, no.  Don’t do that.  Just sh*tcan the Papacy and go into full schism.  You betcha.  Do that before re-examining your base premise.

The mind reels.

Below is the Hermits’ full statement.  I will do the “Zed” treatment on it and correct EVERY instance of false base premise in red, for the record.

With great grief we look upon the Church, the beloved spouse of Christ, the Great Ark upon the raging sea of the world, and to our horror all seems lost. The bride has become the harlot of old , and the Great Ship is holed and sinking. Wherever we look we see heresy in the ascendant, Christian marriage derided, and morals depraved in the clergy, religious and among the people . The Barque of Peter is rudderless, and the crew, namely the Cardinals, Bishops, and Priests seem paralyzed with fear, unable to comprehend the gravity of the situation in which they find themselves, and oblivious [try 100% complicit] to the underlying evils that are destroying the Church. The spirit of Elijah confronting the prophets of Baal is not within them, the courage of the Holy Spirit seems to have abandoned them, and the Truths of the Gospel have not spurred them into action. Just when they needed to speak, they have fallen silent, and they have no words to confront the captain of the sinking ship, who is the Pope himself.

Never in history has there been such a Pope [they are talking about Jorge Bergoglio, who is not now and never has been the Pope.  And so we begin…], who by his actions, words and teaching, has thrown the whole Church into confusion. There have been bad and immoral Popes like John XII, and Alexander VI, there have been mad Popes, like Urban VI, there have been severe and unbalanced reforming Popes like Paul IV, and there have been pleasure loving Popes like Leo X, but none of them have spread such alarm throughout the Catholic Church. Such days have never been seen since the days of the Arian heresy, and yet these days are far, far worse. [False comparisons.  Bergoglio is an ANTIPOPE, thus he cannot be compared in any way or sense to the Popes listed above. Jorge Bergoglio has ZERO part or participation in the Papacy. ZERO.] 

A terrible darkness has spread over the world and the Church. Modernism, Secularism, Humanism, and Scientism are eroding the ancient Truths of Faith; and aided by the poisonous ideology of Evolution, which is no science at all , have convinced many in the Church that Man is getting better all the time. Thus ignoring the fact that the last century has seen tyrants and wars which eclipse all others in recorded history, for aided by science the evils of war and tyranny have been magnified beyond all imagining, and that terrifying magnification is ever increasing, and evil is truly unrestrained. [This is all true indeed.]

Tragically the head of the Church on Earth, Pope Francis, [WRONG.  His name is Antipope Jorge Bergoglio and he is not now nor ever has been the head of the Church on earth.  Since April ARSH 2005 the head of the Church on earth has been Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, whether he likes it or not.] by his utterances, his behaviour, his teaching and his actions, has shown himself to be indeed a great heretic [Yes. HINT HINT]. He has proclaimed that no-one goes to Hell, he has undermined the indissolubility of marriage, he has approved of couples living together, he has behaved in an ambiguous fashion towards homosexuals, and received warmly, not only homosexual couples, but a transgender person and his fiancé and pro-abortion advocates. [Yeah, so don’tcha think maybe all of these things are ginormous VISIBLE INDICATORS that Bergoglio is NOT the Pope?]  Pope Francis [Antipope Bergoglio] has said that the death penalty is inadmissible, and finally, in outright contradiction to the First Commandment, has said that God has willed all religions, and that this must be taught throughout the Church in her seminaries, her universities, and her schools. [Um, how much more obvious can it get that he isn’t the Pope?]

In all this, silence has enveloped the bishops. Unable or unwilling to confront the successor of Peter [They are talking about Bergoglio.  The successor of Peter, Pope Benedict Ratzinger, does indeed need to be confronted and told that his attempted partial resignation was canonically invalid]; either through human respect, fear of schism [Antipope Bergoglio is NOT the standard of unity – he is the vector of schism as your own act of schism herein demonstrates.  HINT HINT! Logic much??], or through the thought of being cast out of their dioceses by the Pope [you mean the ANTIPOPE, who has zero authentic or legitimate authority], they have been reduced to a state of helplessness. Integrity has collapsed, fortitude has given way to cowardice and the flock are left not only to the wolves, but to ravening lions, and every other conceivable violent personification of heresy and untruth . The bishops have forgotten how to teach , are powerless to correct, and seem unable to prevent the cruel invasion of the LGBT propaganda machine into Catholic schools, and nowhere is this more evident than in Britain.

The approaching mass apostasy of the faithful, foreseen so clearly by Blessed John Henry Newman in 1878 , is now upon us.

Though we are utterly unimportant, for who is interested in hermits that dare to speak out, we cannot keep silent for fear of damning not only our own souls, but the souls of countless others [Then maybe you should have done a modicum of due diligence and simple logical thinking and corrected your false base premise as to WHO the Roman Pontiff is before you shot your mouth off all over the internet and are now scandalizing the faithful into following you into SCHISM FROM THE Holy See  . We who are watchmen for the Church, who must speak from the watch tower of Truth, have no option but to withdraw our obedience from Pope Francis [Bergoglio is not the Pope and never has been] and sever communion with the Holy See [So dump the Gospel and the promise of Our Lord to Peter and his successors in the trash rather than take a second look at your base premise. Jump on board with the Eastern Orthodox, the Lutherans, the Anglicans, and most especially the FREEMASONS rather than question if your base premise that Bergoglio is the Pope is wrong.  ABJECT MADNESS] . We do this with great fear and trepidation [Not NEARLY enough, folks.], but we cannot take part in the Pope’s [Jorge Bergoglio is not now nor ever has been the Pope.] sin. This is not an act of schism [You just declared that you have SEVERED COMMUNION WITH THE HOLY SEE in and of itself.  This is TEXTBOOK SCHISM.], nor is it an act of defiance, it is an act of real prudence [No, prudence would be looking at the massive visible dataset, believing the Gospel, and realizing that your BASE PREMISE MUST BE FALSE, and then correcting it.] ; for no-one in their right mind would stay in a burning building, nor would they silently go down with the sinking ship [And no one in their right mind would refuse the obvious, simple act of checking their base premise if the entire logical truth table that flows from it yields lies, errors and VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW OF NON-CONTRADICTION]. They would try to save not only themselves, but warn others and help them to safety [Only the TRUTH will set anyone free. There is NO SAFETY in ERROR, nor virtue in scandal, most especially the scandal of public declarations of schism from the Holy See.].

The Holy Roman Church over the last 60 years is being transformed inexorably into the False Church prophesied by Blessed Anna Catherine Emmerich. The Church’s structures and her teachings have been infected by heresy and wrongdoing, and those who are of the Church of Christ must come out of the False Church, just as the early Christians were miraculously called out of Jerusalem before it was destroyed in A.D. 70. Truly these are desperate times, which require desperate measures. We have most reluctantly had to take such a drastic stand because the successors of the Apostles, namely the Bishops, faced with the horror of an Apostate Pope [Um, how can you type those words and not INSTANTLY see the internal contradiction?  How can you not INSTANTLY recognize the violation of the Law of Non-contradiction contained therein, and then INSTANTLY realize that YOU MUST BE HOLDING A FALSE BASE PREMISE as to the identity of the Roman Pontiff?] have failed to defend the gates of the Church, as the hordes of Hell ransack so much of the City of God. However small we are, however much this declaration will lead to us being persecuted [YOU ARE SELF-DECLARED SCHISMATICS.], it is worth it [WRONG!!!!] For it is truly a wonderful thing to fight for the Divinity and Majesty of Christ who is our Lord, our Captain and our King [Whom you clearly have no faith in and believe to be a liar and a faithless oath-breaker, and His words in the Gospels to be unreliable at best and outright lies at worst.] , and for his beloved spouse the Church who has been so shamefully used and abused for far too long [which you have totally removed yourself from by declaring yourselves to be outside of communion from the Holy See, because you continue to this day to hold the false base premise that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope.] .

With Great Grief and Sorrow in having had to write this Declaration [well, schism is a damnable offense], but in the Love of Jesus Christ [Whom you clearly believe to be a faithless liar…],

Fr. Stephen Joseph de Kerdrel
Sr. Colette Maryanne Roberts
Br. Damon Jonah Kelly
Domenie Mary Step

Pray for these poor people, for Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger, the one and only living Pope since April of ARSH 2005 whether he likes it or not, the PAPACY, and Holy Mother Church

If this isn’t apostasy, I don’t know what is.

Via, reprinted in full for aggressive distribution.

Francis’ (sic) Christmas Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)

The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education sponsered a December 14 charity Christmas concert in the Paul VI audience hall. Francis (sic) gave a prerecorded short address.

The audience included 5,000 people and almost two million viewers on television.

During the event a Latin American woman gave a Pachamama catechesis. She asked the audience to cross their arms over their chest and to feel a strong vibration, explaining that this is “your heart” but also “the heart of Mother Earth.”

Where there is silence, she explained, there is “the Spirit” who allows “to hear the message of Mother Earth.” She added that “for us indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, the Hicha Guaia, is everything” because the demon Guaia – a synonym for Pachamama – “gives us food, sacred water, medicinal plants” and therefore receives sacrifices like “the placenta and the first hair of man which are cut.”

Cardinals and bishops present at this “catechesis” eagerly followed the woman’s instructions.



I’ll drink to that, Kid!

God bless us, Everyone!

At the urging of a longtime reader, I shall be preparing WHITE mulled wine within the Octave of Christmas.

Dry white wine, honey, cinnamon, clove, orange peel, star anise. Simmer. Smell. Serve. Apparently it is the nectar of heaven, by reliable reports. I’m embarrassed for not thinking of this sooner. I’ve done glühwein for years, but always red….

Mighty Christmas!!!

Bumped by Request: DULY ELECTED. Duly. The adverb here is DULY. Duly Elected.

As the Catholic encyclopedia says, “it is a dogma of faith that every pontiff duly elected and recognized by the universal Church is a successor of Peter.”


Duly: adverb 1. In the correct way

Universal Public Acceptance of a Roman Pontiff is predicated in EVERY DEFINITION and EVERY CITATION upon the LEGAL, LEGITIMATE, DUE ELECTION of said Pope.

If a papal conclave is illegal, illegitimate, or undue, as the “faux conclave” of ARSH 2013 was because Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation was LEGALLY INVALID and thus the See of Peter was STILL 100% occupied by Pope Benedict, then NO VALID CONCLAVE OCCURRED AT ALL (per Canon 359) and the result of that invalid conclave was an ANTIPOPE.

Folks, every person who has claimed that “universal public acceptance” proves that “Francis” is Pope has glazed over or consciously edited out the fact that every citation declares that lawfulness and legitimacy are the utterly essential antecedents (both logical and moral) to Jesus Christ, infinite Love, perfect Truth and perfect Justice, bestowing the Petrine See, along with its attendant grace of state and negative supernatural protections, upon a man.

Christ could not, can not, and will not bestow the Papacy upon one man, while another man is still the living Pope. No matter how many people erroneously believe that He would, or did.

Pray the Matthew 17: 20 intention, and pray for priests who are still commemorating Bergoglio in the Mass. IF YOU ARE in a spiritual/psychological/physical state where you can do so, ask Our Lord to give YOU any temporal punishment that MIGHT be due your priest(s) that is/are erroneously commemorating the wrong man, if it will help.

Our Lord knows you’re serious when you start solemnly asking to take other people’s temporal punishment. But you better mean it. We’re talking time in purgatory, and perhaps sufferings here on earth. Run this by a confessor or spiritual director in advance. Don’t do it if you can’t stand suffering, or are at risk of losing your faith if those temporal punishments come in this world. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS folks. No messing around.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Start from the base premise that God is infinite Good and Infinite Love, and that the Divine Providence is perfect…

Start from the base premise that God is infinite Good and infinite Love, and that the Divine Providence is perfect…

And then ask yourself if maybe, just maybe, the reason that the technological capability of the human race has exploded on an exponential curve that began at almost the exact instant that Pope Leo XIII heard the conversation between Christ and satan in ARSH 1884, and satan’s intention to attempt to destroy the Church, is precisely so that the entire human race could SEE and RECOGNIZE the ascendancy and installation of Antipope Bergoglio, and thus be able to discern the vocem alienorum – the voice of a stranger.

Could it be that these baby televisions that we all carry on our persons that give us instantaneous access to every syllable of heresy and blasphemy that Antipope Bergoglio spews translated into our myriad respective mother tongues is… the Divine Providence making sure that the True Church and the true Pope (Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger) remain visible, and satan unable to operate covertly?

Again, the base premise: God is infinitely good, loves His Holy Church and every human being infinitely, is omniscient, omnipotent, and His Providence is perfect.

I’m just going to leave this little point to ponder here. Please, discuss amongst yourselves.

Barnhardt Podcast #099.9: Simple Tricks, Nonsense, and Silence

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this shorter episode we discuss silence, the idea of fasting from information intake, and the negative consequences that can arise from consuming too much audio (and/or video) content and the compounding factor of listening at accelerated speeds (1.5x or faster). We also talked about the one year anniversary of Saint Tiny Princess entering into eternity — and that she’s now also a big sister (which is a big reason for the delay in recording and publishing this episode)! And lastly, we briefly discussed with a bit of glee that Disney is going to lose a LOT of money on the final installment of the Skywalker saga — the Ruse of Soy-woker — and that Star Wars long ago stopped making sense from a logical storytelling perspective.

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Video: “Francis is definitely Pope” partisans avoiding correcting of their false base premise in light of announced “radical revision” of sodomy.

By Carlos Esteban | December 18, 2019

At the request of the Pope (sic), the Pontifical Biblical Commission, the highest technical ecclesial organism in interpretation of the Holy Scriptures, has issued a report on the anthropological vision in the Bible in which the conception of homosexuality is radically revised.

“A new and more adequate understanding of the human person imposes a radical reservation on the exclusive valuation of the heterosexual union in favor of an analogous reception of homosexuality and homosexual unions,” can be read in the study commissioned by His Holiness (sic) to Pontifical Biblical Commission on the anthropological vision of the Bible, which includes extensive attention to the issue of homosexuality, whose expression conceives as “a legitimate and dignified expression of the human being.

So, we now have Antipope Bergoglio literally ratifying sodomy and denouncing the entire Natural and Divine Law as giant mistakes, literally establishing his own “new law” and “new religion.”

So, what can we now expect?

-More condescending essays by Trad Inc. partisans explaining how this is all TOTALLY in-bounds with regards to the Petrine Promise, and how this has all TOTALLY happened before and you’re all just stupid and un-ed-ju-ma-cated….

-More silence as people follow the logical progression that naturally flows from the false base premise that “Francis” is or ever was the Pope and voluntarily fall into:


-Schism (specifically to the Eastern Orthodox), and

-Freemasonry (the Papacy is a meaningless and even harmful institution that must be demythologized and reduced to total irrelevancy and anyone who actually believes in the words of Our Lord in the Holy Gospels about the Papacy is an “ultramontanist” infant).

-More categorical refusal to so much as even ask the question if anything ODD or SUSPICIOUS or CRIMINAL immediately preceded the ascendancy of Bergoglio.

-More gaslighting. More name calling. More slander. More calumny.

-More profiteering and grift.

-More categorical refusal to engage the publicly visible dataset.

-More proud and intransigent violation of the Law of Non-contradiction, holding that standard of Unity is simultaneously the vector of schism, and that Jesus Christ is a lying, faithless oathbreaker who has put His Church on earth into a damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t Catch-22, thus denying the Divinity of Christ, and thus denying the totality of Salvation History.

In other words, more circus level contortions to avoid one simple thing:

Re-assessing the base premise that Bergoglio is or ever has been the Roman Pontiff.

It is VISIBLY OBVIOUS that Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation was canonically invalid.

It is VISIBLY OBVIOUS that Pope Benedict is the one and only living Pope.

It is VISIBLY OBVIOUS that Bergoglio has absolutely no participation in the Papacy and its attendant graces and supernatural negative protection, and never has.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Video just in of Trad Inc. and Neo-Catholic “conservative” partisans preparing their next “Francis is definitely Pope, shut up Stupid!” contortion routines: