Bumped by Request: DULY ELECTED. Duly. The adverb here is DULY. Duly Elected.

As the Catholic encyclopedia says, “it is a dogma of faith that every pontiff duly elected and recognized by the universal Church is a successor of Peter.”


Duly: adverb 1. In the correct way

Universal Public Acceptance of a Roman Pontiff is predicated in EVERY DEFINITION and EVERY CITATION upon the LEGAL, LEGITIMATE, DUE ELECTION of said Pope.

If a papal conclave is illegal, illegitimate, or undue, as the “faux conclave” of ARSH 2013 was because Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation was LEGALLY INVALID and thus the See of Peter was STILL 100% occupied by Pope Benedict, then NO VALID CONCLAVE OCCURRED AT ALL (per Canon 359) and the result of that invalid conclave was an ANTIPOPE.

Folks, every person who has claimed that “universal public acceptance” proves that “Francis” is Pope has glazed over or consciously edited out the fact that every citation declares that lawfulness and legitimacy are the utterly essential antecedents (both logical and moral) to Jesus Christ, infinite Love, perfect Truth and perfect Justice, bestowing the Petrine See, along with its attendant grace of state and negative supernatural protections, upon a man.

Christ could not, can not, and will not bestow the Papacy upon one man, while another man is still the living Pope. No matter how many people erroneously believe that He would, or did.

Pray the Matthew 17: 20 intention, and pray for priests who are still commemorating Bergoglio in the Mass. IF YOU ARE in a spiritual/psychological/physical state where you can do so, ask Our Lord to give YOU any temporal punishment that MIGHT be due your priest(s) that is/are erroneously commemorating the wrong man, if it will help.

Our Lord knows you’re serious when you start solemnly asking to take other people’s temporal punishment. But you better mean it. We’re talking time in purgatory, and perhaps sufferings here on earth. Run this by a confessor or spiritual director in advance. Don’t do it if you can’t stand suffering, or are at risk of losing your faith if those temporal punishments come in this world. This is SERIOUS BUSINESS folks. No messing around.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

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