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Sunday Night Musical Respit: A Mother’s Smile

Now, these two ladies made complete messes of their lives, BUT you have to admit that early on, Christina (stage name Wynonna) and Diana (stage name Naomi) Judd were DARN good.  I’m a total sucker for vocal harmonies anyway, but this little-known song of theirs performed live on Austin City Limits in ARSH 1985, “(The Sweetest Gift) A Mother’s Smile”, gives perhaps the most forward harmony they ever recorded.  Below that from the same year, while they were still kinda normal people, is their debut on the Tonight Show, another MASTERFUL live performance of “Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days”.  No autotune.  No backing tracks.  Just two women, two microphones, and two acoustic guitars. That’s all real talent needs.


Barnhardt Podcast #063: Ann Answers Catholic Questions, Volume 11

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this return of the “Ask Ann Anything” series, we go to 11 — questions, that is! The questions in this episode are:

  • Would you consider doing a children’s Catechism podcast?
  • When you wear heels to Mass what is your acceptable overall height limitation?
  • Do you pray the Liturgy of the Hours and, if so, which books do you use?
  • Can you recommend any books to help a normal person learn Biblical/Liturgical Latin?
  • How long did it take you to learn Latin? Was it self-taught and if so, what book/course?
  • Are you now or have you ever been a woman who wears pants?
  • What is your source of the Catholic art on your website?
  • What is your (and the Church’s) position on adult stem cell therapy?
  • Why don’t you speak more about the disaster of the Church allowing its members to believe in theistic evolution and the dangers of Darwinianism?
  • Where did the indulgences go?
  • As a practicing Catholic, what should I do to show my disgust with what has happened in the Church? Is holding my weekly donation the best way to go?

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Curial Bishops In Hiding, Priests Being Sent to Reprogramming Gulags, but DISCUSSION OF CANON 188 WILL NOT BE PERMITTED!

As if the Substantial Error clause in Canon 188 weren’t enough, we additionally have the Grave Fear clause, which is coming into starker relief every day.

For those who might be new, Canon 188 is the portion of Church Law that deals with resignations, including papal resignations, and clearly shows that Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation in February of ARSH 2013 was invalid, and thus Pope Benedict, whether he likes it or not, never stopped being the one and only living Pope.  Since the Petrine See was never vacated, the rigged monstrosity that looked like a conclave in March of ARSH 2013 was a total fiction.  There was no conclave, because you can’t have a conclave while the Pope is still alive and occupying the See, even if the Pope himself is mistaken or in denial about his ontological status as Pope.

Here is the text of Canon 188.  It is only 25 simple words.

A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

Let’s hone in on the Grave Fear clause, shall we?

The canon clearly states that a resignation brought about by the fact that the person attempting to resign is doing so out of fear that is INFLICTED UNJUSTLY or fear that is inflicted out of MALICE is invalid.  In other words, the Canon makes it impossible for very bad men, we might even call such men “WOLVES”, to coerce a reigning Pontiff from office, because the very act of coercion, that is, the infliction of fear unjustly or out of malice, would nullify the coerced resignation itself.  Isn’t that an elegant bit of law?

It should be mentioned that the fear qualifier “inflicted UNJUSTLY” is essential, because a Pope could theoretically resign the papacy in fear of the Lord.  What if Pope Alexander VI Borgia, who fornicated with women throughout his Papacy, had a conversion, and in true and good Fear of the Lord realized that his sins committed while being no less than Christ’s Vicar on Earth were an abomination before the Lord, and that he needed to spend the rest of his life in total seclusion, fasting, praying and doing penance because he feared eternal damnation?  That fear would not have been “inflicted unjustly”.  In fact, it would have been a Signal Grace.

That is clearly NOT what we are dealing with here with Pope Benedict.  He said it himself when he stated:

“Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”



St. Peter’s Square
Sunday, 24 April 2005

He himself, knowing that the Freemasonic/Sodomite cabal would be out to get him from the very beginning, specifically told the entire world that if he were to flee, the fear driving that act would be UNJUST, inflicted by “the wolves”.

But really, what is now being exposed – because as the Gospels say:

For there is not any thing secret that shall not be made manifest, nor hidden, that shall not be known and come abroad.
Non est enim occultum, quod non manifestetur : nec absconditum, quod non cognoscatur, et in palam veniat.

-is the MALICE of the Sodomites against anyone who dare attempt to keep them from their filthy deeds and from their hunting of fresh meat. Pure demonic spite.

We now have a Curial Archbishop literally in hiding FOR FEAR OF HIS LIFE because he blew the whistle on the sodo-cabal, led by Antipope Bergoglio himself.

We now have a parish priest of the Archdiocese of Chicago in hiding, again for fear of his life and physical safety, because he permitted a satanic banner that was used by the known SATANIST Cardinal Joseph Bernardin to cover the crucifix in his church in a 1991 dedication Mass in which the parish was dedicated to SODOMY, to be burned by some parishioners.  This is the same parish in which the then-parish priest was found dead in his room hooked up to a sodomy machine, which killed him (presumably massive internal injuries to the lower G.I. Tract), and required two van loads to clear the priest’s room of pornography and “sex toys”.

For simply doing what any morally sane human being would do upon finding such a satanic relic – namely burning it – this parish priest was ordered to a “psychological treatment” facility FOUNDED BY A SODOMITE PRIEST WHO DIED OF AIDS, in which the patients are universally told to masturbate and engage in sodomy in order to be some more “mature”.  This same facility is also now being reported by other priests who have been sent there for “reprogramming” by their sodomite, God-hating bishops, to engage in DRUGGING in order to “break” priests of their righteous hatred of the sins of Sodom. Further, this priest’s life was threatened by the two sodo-thug enforcers of the odious, odious faggot, Cardinal Blase Cupich.  (Kudos to Fr. Z who is leading the way on this angle of reportage about the gulags`.)

If having your life threatened, or being in fear of your life, or even MERELY being in fear of being sent to a psychiatric .sodo-gulag to be drugged into a haze and “reprogrammed” to accept the totally unacceptable evil of sodomy doesn’t bring the whole question of coercion and fear with regards to the attempted partial faux-abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, what will?

The sodomites in the Church HATED and still do HATE Joseph Ratzinger.  The despicable American sodomite Vatican reporter, Robert “Bobby” Mickens, who is primarily famous for being seen French-kissing a collared priest on one of the famous bridges over the Tiber in the center of Rome, and who was fired from one of the most liberal “c”atholic publications in the world, The Tablet, for publicly calling Pope Benedict XVI “The Rat” and pining for his death, is just the mildest example of the deep hatred the sodomites have and have had for decades of Pope Benedict.

Seeing the sodomites manifesting their MALICIOUS thuggery and hearing now for the first time about the MALICIOUS psychiatric gulags, complete with mind and personality-altering druggings, Canon 188 cries out all the louder with respect to Pope Benedict’s actions in February of ARSH 2013.

St. Peter Damian, pray for us.
St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.
Ugandan Martyrs, pray for us.
Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.



The Matthew 17:20 Prayer and Fasting Initiative

Join me in the Matthew 17:20 Initiative, in which we full-fast twice per week and pray daily that:

-Antipope Bergoglio be publicly acknowledged and removed as Antipope, and that the entire Bergoglian Antipapacy be nullified;

-that Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger be acknowledged as the uninterrupted one and only living Pope since his election in April of ARSH 2005;

-that Antipope Bergoglio repent, revert to Catholicism, die in a state of grace and someday achieve the Beatific Vision;

-and that Pope Benedict XVI repent, die in a state of grace, and someday achieve the Beatific Vision.

Nothing less will do.

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.


(A lovely and endearing moment.)


Five Heartwarming Words….

My favorite part of the letter from the priest who was going to quit, but then decided to stay and fight?

“I have not celebrated the Novus Ordo since leaving public ministry, and I never will again.”






This is how a MAN speaks.  This is how a MAN operates.

I think there are a BUNCH of priests who, over the coming years, are going to come to this realization.  This is just the very, very beginning.

I have seen people say in comment threads and around the innerwebz, as the question of how to tithe in lieu of putting money in a general collection moves to the forefront of people’s minds, that people will only give money to priests who offer the Old Mass, or are learning the Old Mass.  I agree with this tack.  I think that only priests, diocesan or otherwise, who offer the Old Mass should be financially supported.  I think this is an excellent litmus test, and an excellent way to get the Novus Ordo on its way to extinction as quickly as possible, not to mention the benefits to the individual priests that switching to the Mass of the Ages invariably yields.

I’ll never forget meeting a Polish Dominican priest, who said in broken English, “I have been priest 20 years.  I learn Old Mass five years ago. I feel like I am priest for only five years.”

This is a common feeling.  Once they learn the Old Mass, priests report that they look back and say to themselves, “My God, what was I DOING before?”

The Novus Ordo is valid, yet intrinsically illicit since it was conceived IN MALICE by the infiltrators of the Church to Protestantize and ultimately collapse the Church, as we are seeing happen right now, hence the graces and fruits of it are severely truncated, both to the clergy and to the laity, to put it mildly.

The Truth Spoken Manfully Saves Vocations – Bonus Barnhardt Benefactor Mass To Be Offered Today (23 September ARSH 2018)

(Another bittersweet email across the transom, with a very positive ending. To any other bloggers, pundits, talking heads, whatever it is that we are out there reading, when you see your email box and your comment boxes filling up with people wailing in despair, being scandalized, and even declaring that they are “done” with the One True Church, understand that the reason these people are being scandalized and lost is because what they are being told, namely that Jorge Bergoglio is the Pope, is a FALSITY.  IF Bergoglio is the Pope (which he obviously isn’t), then Jesus Christ is a liar, a jerk, or both, and if that is the case, then Jesus is not God, and if He is not God, then we are not saved, and the Church is a joke and has been for these 2000 years.  

When people come here, including the priest below, they hear the Truth – the ugly, unvarnished Truth.  Bergoglio is now and always has been an Antipope, and Pope Benedict XVI made one of the biggest errors in the history of the Church, but Pope Benedict is now has has been all along the one and only reigning Pope.  Our Lord’s promises have not been broken and His divinity not brought into doubt any more than His Passion and Death on the Cross, horrific as it was, impugnes His Divinity. 

But the thing about the Truth is that it is always beautiful, edifying and sanctifying, precisely because it is a constitutive quality of God Himself, and thus we know that even the ugliest truths are pointing to, illuminating and guiding us toward Infinite Goodness, Beauty and Love Himself.

And so, there will be one MORE Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered every day that was just a few weeks ago was going to be lost.  And today that Mass will be offered for my Benefactors and Supporters.  And every day here forward, instead of a lost vocation, instead of a priest who, beaten down by the lie of the Bergoglian Antipapacy and Freemasonic-Communist-Sodomitical infiltration of the Institutional Church, threw up his hands and said, “Screw it! I’m done!”, there will be a vivified, quickened, virilized priest offering the Holy Sacrifice in the Venerable Rite of Pius V, and praying the Divine Office, offering up the Sacrifice of Calvary and the Sacrifice of Praise in adoration of Our Thrice Holy and Infinitely Good God, for Holy Mother Church, for the Poor Souls in Purgatory, and for Poor Sinners, that would have been lost to scandal and despair had the priest below not heard the TRUTH about Pope Benedict and Antipope Bergoglio and the satanic infiltration. 

Please join me in prayer for this priest, and in gratitude to him, and above all in gratitude to God Almighty for the graces He is showering down upon us all in these days.  Truly, where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more. (Romans 5: 20)

As I said to him in my reply to his email, “I’ll keep going if you keep going.  Deal?”)


I just had to write to you in thanks for the difference that your work has made in my life over a very short time. I stumbled on to your blog just a few weeks ago and I believe that God has used this as a means to bring me back in, and be ready for what He wants me to do. Let me explain just a bit.

I am a priest of the Diocese of [redacted] (or is it Sodom; hard to tell the difference). I left ministry some months ago, completely of my own accord. I just couldn’t take it anymore. At least one of the priests I lived with was a sodomite. The “pastoral plan” of the diocese constantly gets in the way of God’s work, and honestly suppresses the preaching of the truth (I was once reprimanded for preaching against sodomite marriage because someone who hadn’t darkened the doorstep of a church in years was offended). Obviously, the state of worship was horrible. I have not celebrated the Novus Ordo since leaving public ministry, and I never will again.

Over the last six months that I was in the parish, I found myself deeply depressed, and just in generally bad shape.

The past months have been difficult. My health has improved greatly. I got myself into shape. I started praying the Old Office, and was very faithful to daily Mass. However, I am ashamed to say that over the summer, my anger towards the earthly leaders of the Church, particularly my own bishop, [name redacted – a notorious sodomite protector and enabler] led me to resolve that I was completely done with my priesthood. Then I stumbled on your blog.

I had forgotten that there really are true believers out there. Even in my own family, people typically want to take the path of least resistance, and prioritize the retention of the material wealth of the Church (or what little is left of it), at the expense of proclaiming the truth loudly and boldly. I read what you write, listen to your podcasts, and watch your videos, and I see a person who is unafraid, and who I would say has the heart of a child who is completely in love with Christ, Who is the Truth. I feel as though my relationship with Christ must be very similar to yours, in that we are attracted to the Truth. I also didn’t realize that there was anyone else who could see the truth about the economic and political situations. Let me say that I have learned a great deal from you concerning economics, and also theology. I say that as someone who has received a solid Thomistic theological education. Also, thank you for telling the truth about Islam, and about sodomites.

I have gone on too long, but I just wanted to express my most profound thanks. Please let me know if you need Mass celebrated for any particular intention. If I can be of any help to you, I would be honored. I will celebrate Mass for your intention tomorrow (Sunday, 23 September, 2018), and promise to pray that your courage will endure.

Yours in Christ,

A Priest Forever After the Order of Malchizedek

That Time Antipope Bergoglio “Blessed” a Bunch of Cocaine Leaves to Be Used In the Satanic Drug-Fuelled Rituals of an LGBT Group

[No, this story is NOT about an average Friday night in Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s suite in the Palace of the Holy Office, although the particulars do certainly ring a bell.  Folks, you simply couldn’t make this stuff up.  I’m glad there’s a video!  Thanks again to the Argentine Armada for sending this in.  Apparently this Pro-sodomy Inca group and their cocaine-fuelled “ceremonies” are well-known in Argentina.  -AB]

Antipope Bergoglio blesses coca plants used in pagan ritual brought to him by leader of pro-gay organization

  • Video of the blessing
  • The Quechuas Indians of Argentina have a tradition of chewing and smoking coca leaves. Because of the exhilaration the drug produces, they believe that the leaves are divine and,   consequently, they adore the coca plant as a god.
  • On June 9, 2014, Pope Francis received a delegation of Argentinian Indians at the Apostolic Palace. They presented several sacks of leaves and products manufactured from the plants – both destined for use in their pagan rituals. Francis blessed everything and also accepts a bag of coca leaves as a gift. (Spanish source)
  • The leader of the delegation was Milagro Sala, the president of the Tupac Amaru organization in Argentina, which builds houses for the socially and economically marginalized. This group publicly advances the homosexual agenda. Just days before meeting with Bergoglio, they delivered more than 100 houses to be used exclusively as a haven for LGBT people (June 4, 2014 – Spanish source). And throughout the month they heavily promoted a ‘Gay Pride Parade’ that took place on June 29, 2014, in San Salvador de Jujuy, where Tupac Amaru has its headquarters. Milagro wore a stylized Quechua/LGBT rainbow scarf to the event with Bergoglio.
  • On January 16, 2016, Milagro Sala was arrested on charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy in an alleged embezzlement of ARS $30,000,000 intended by the government to help the poor.

Two archcriminals and sex perverts. Left, Milagro Sala, later arrested for embezzling $30,000,000 from her “charity” for the “poor”, and right, Antipope Jorge Bergoglio, usurper of the See of Peter, and human sex-trafficking kingpin.

“…I have tried to create a situation in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope.”

From Pope Benedict XVI’s letter date November 9, ARSH 2017:

“With the Papa Emeritus I have tried to create a situation in which I am absolutely inaccessible to the media and in which it is completely clear that there is only one Pope.”

What follows is a photo and video essay on “absolute inaccessibility to the media” and “complete clarity that there is only one Pope.”

Absolute inaccessibility to the media video #1

Absolute inaccessibility to the media video #2

Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media and Complete Clarity Video #3 (Pope Benedict gives new Cardinals his blessing.)

Complete Clarity Photo #4   

Complete Clarity Photo #5


Complete Clarity Photo #6


Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media photo #7

Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media video #8

Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media photo #9 (upon the release of his book, “Last Testament” in ARSH 2017, link to Amazon listing HERE)

Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media and Complete Clarity Video #10, wherein Pope Benedict receives new Cardinals, who GENUFLECT TO HIM.

Absolute Inaccessibility to the Media and Complete Clarity Video #11 wherein Pope Benedict ceremonially walks through opening of Holy Door at St. Peter’s Basilica