Sunday Night Musical Respit: A Mother’s Smile

Now, these two ladies made complete messes of their lives, BUT you have to admit that early on, Christina (stage name Wynonna) and Diana (stage name Naomi) Judd were DARN good.  I’m a total sucker for vocal harmonies anyway, but this little-known song of theirs performed live on Austin City Limits in ARSH 1985, “(The Sweetest Gift) A Mother’s Smile”, gives perhaps the most forward harmony they ever recorded.  Below that from the same year, while they were still kinda normal people, is their debut on the Tonight Show, another MASTERFUL live performance of “Tell Me ‘Bout the Good Ol’ Days”.  No autotune.  No backing tracks.  Just two women, two microphones, and two acoustic guitars. That’s all real talent needs.


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