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A Note on Shame: St. John the Baptist, Salome and Mrs. Beryl Muspratt

There are a few points on the subject of shame that I would like to expand upon.  The first comes from the novel “Brideshead Revisited”, which demonstrates, completely contrary to the Modernist, post-Christian, Bergoglian anti-church heresy, how shame is a medicinal mercy.  

If we can self-generate shame without having to have it applied from the exterior, then so much the better.  But for many people, the shaming must be generated, at least initially, externally.  This is a function of charity – true charity, not the mindless platitude consisting of indifference yielding permissiveness, or in giving people “free stuff”, or just simply “what makes them happy”.  No, true charity is joy in the existence of another and thus a focused desire that that person make it to heaven.  Full stop.

If you are not familiar with Brideshead Revisited, the context is easily explained.  Set between the World Wars in England, Julia is civilly divorced from yet sacramentally married to Rex, and is shacking up with Charles, who is also civilly divorced.  Charles and Julia make a real cute couple and “love” each other (inasmuch as people who express their “love” for one another do so by knowingly flagellating and crucifying Christ in exchange for having an orgasm, can actually be said to love one another in any honest sense of the word.)

[Bridey has just announced his engagement to Beryl Muspratt, a widow with three children. Julia asks why he hasn’t brought Beryl to Brideshead to meet her]

Lord Brideshead ‘Bridey’: [pompously] You must understand that Beryl is a woman of strict Catholic principle, fortified by the prejudices of the middle classes. I couldn’t *possibly* bring her here. It is a matter of indifference whether you choose to live in sin with Rex or Charles or both – I have always avoided enquiry into the details of your ménage – but in no case would Beryl consent to be your guest.
Julia Mottram: Why, you pompous ass!
[Julia walks out of the room, holding back tears]
Charles Ryder: Bridey! What a bloody offensive thing to say to Julia.
Lord Brideshead ‘Bridey’: [coldly] It was nothing she should object to. I was merely stating a fact well known to her.

Long story short, Julia eventually breaks off her affair with Charles and lives at home, alone for the rest of her life, reconciled to Our Lord through His Holy Church, namely through the Sacrament of Confession.

Beryl Muspratt, painted by all of the protagonists as a villain, ugly, frumpy, judgmental, and emblematic of “everything wrong with the Church”, even though she is never directly seen in the novel, only discussed and quoted a few times by others, is the most heroic figure in the novel.  She is reported as always being kind to Julia, but unwavering in her defense of the Truth, in this case the Truth about marriage and the Sixth Commandment.  Thus, she could never consent to being a guest in the home of a woman – even her own sister-in-law – whom she knows to be Living in Sin, because to do so would ratify the sin itself, ratify the torture and murder of God Himself, and also REDUCE the likelihood that Julia (and Charles) would repent, correct their situation, and die confessed and in a state of grace, be that five minutes hence, or five decades.  Beryl cannot coerce Julia or anyone else to love God, but she can and rightly does apply medicinal shame to Julia in the hopes that the pain of that shame might lead Julia to stop torturing and killing Christ, and thus utterly rejecting His Love in favor of having orgasms with a cute guy, and in so doing, damning herself to hell.

It is precisely because Julia was made to feel PROFOUNDLY ASHAMED by Beryl refusing to enter her home that Julia set out on the road to repentance.  If Beryl had been a typical Novus Ordo “church of Nice” Kathy-zombie of today and sought to “encounter” Julia with the “tender caresses” of FAUX MERCY, manifested by indifference to Julia and her mortally sinful lifestyle, Julia would have been EDIFIED AND CONFIRMED IN HER SIN, and thus would not have repented and corrected.  And neither would Charles – both would have been lost to hell, in all likelihood.  

Interestingly, Bridey, the older brother, is revealed by his own words as being “indifferent“, and thus it is BRIDEY, with his lack of charity for the soul of his own sister, that is the most villainous character in this particular scene.  But even then, he concludes by stating that Julia has no right to object to the statement of facts which she already knows – namely the Sixth Commandment and Our Lord’s words in Matthew 19.  The only thing Julia has a right to object to or be hurt by is Bridey, her own brother, declaring that he is “indifferent” to her sin, and thus to the fate of his own sister’s soul, not to mention Charles’ soul.  That’s it.  And Beryl Muspratt is indeed the heroine of the novel.

Finally, here is a very powerful image of Salome with the severed head of John the Baptist.  It was technically Salome’s mother, Herodias, who was condemned by John for her illicit marriage and thus agitated her daughter to request John’s execution, but the symbolism of the shameless, sinful woman smugly looking down at John’s head is the point.  Note the rehearsed air of power, the heavily practiced pose of defiance and victory, her features hard and joyless.  Now look at The Baptist’s face.  Even in death, his face is soft and quick, still emoting a genuine CHARITY.  He almost looks to be making eye contact with the woman, still trying to convince her to repent.  Now look back at the woman.  Look now at how weak and shallow and PATHETIC she is compared to him, essentially naked, save her gaudy headdress and jewelry; as transparent and superficial as her gauze girdle.  She fancies herself a queen, but she’s just a sad gutter denizen, wallowing and relishing in her own sin.

This image is a profound allegory of our post-Modern, post-Christian, feminist culture.

St. John the Baptist, pray for us.

Salome, Pierre Bonnaud, ARSH 1865-1930, Musée Hebert Salome, Pierre Bonnaud, ARSH 1865-1930, Musée Hebert




“John came to birth as a result of his death, and that Herod died as a result of how he spent his birthday.”

“John the Baptist accusing Herod and Herodias”, Jacob Backer, ARSH 1633

The following is an EXTREMELY prescient and timely sermon of St. Peter Chrysologous who was a Fifth Century bishop of Ravenna in Italy.  For anyone who is following events surrounding the Bergoglian antipapacy, it is impossible to read this without seeing the stunning contemporary relevance and numerous direct parallels. Emphases mine. -AB

Today while the virtue of John and the ferocity of Herod are related to us, our innards were shaken, our hearts trembled, our sight grew dim, our mind became dull, our hearing deserted us. For is there anything within human sensation that remains undisturbed within when a large amount of vice destroys a large amount of virtue?

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John, and had him bound, and put in prison.” (Mt. 14:3) John was the school of the virtues, the instructor of life, the model of sanctity, the pattern of morality, the mirror of virginity, the epitome of purity, the example of chastity, the way of penitence, the pardon of sins, the discipline of faith. John was greater than a human being, equal to the angels, the apex of the Law, the seed of the Gospel, the harbinger of the Apostles, the silence of the Prophets, the lamp of the world, the herald of the Judge, the Forerunner of Christ, the preparer for the Lord, the witness of God, the mediator of the Whole Trinity.

But Herod is the very one who desecrated the Temple, ruined the priesthood, disturbed its proper order, profaned the kingdom, corrupted anything that had to do with religion, the Law, life and morals, faith and discipline. Herod was ever an assassin toward his fellow citizens, a brigand toward people of any distinction, a ravager toward his allies, a robber toward those of his own household, a killer  of the common folk, a murderer of his children, a slayer of foreigners, a parricide towards his own, drenching the land with gore in his bloodthirstiness. And so it is that he gulped down the hallowed blood of John from his enormous cup of cruelty. But now let the reading speak for itself.

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John and had him bound.” He who had released sins’ shackles is bound with the shackles of a sinner, so that pardon once shackled might not leave any room for pardon. “He had him bound and put in prison.” Herod, you are the one who committed adultery, yet John the Baptist goes to prison? Thus one who is guilty sits in the judge’s place and passes judgment, the persecutor of innocence takes the place of a defender. I ask, where is truth to be found? Where is good reputation? Where is decency? Where is the good name of the public magistrate? In fact, where is God? Where is the human being? Where is decorum? Where is the law? Where are purely natural rights? Everything all at once has been thrown into turmoil, O Herod, because of the way you act, pass judgment, and give orders.

“He apprehended John,” it says, “and he had him bound, and put in prison.” Herod, you are being subpoenaed, his shackles place the blame on you, the prison accuses you, the harm done to John publicly points to you. The one who looks for the reason for John’s arrest finds in you what deserves punishment, and the cause for his distress about John. John, who is recognized throughout the world for his reputation, who is known for his virtue, who is widely renowned for his sanctity, by attracting to himself those who inquire into the harm done to him, sees to it that your incest becomes disclosed to all; he brings it about that you are put to shame in public, since a reproof in private was unable to reform you.

John kept after Herod with warnings, not with an accusation; he wanted him to mend his ways, not to perish; but Herod preferred to perish rather than to reform. To those held captive by crimes the freedom of innocence become most odious. Virtue is antagonistic to the vicious, sanctity is detestable to the sacrilegious, chastity is inimical to the shameless, integrity is a punishment to the corrupt, temperance is a foe to the wanton; mercy is unbearable to the cruel, godliness to the ungodly, justice to the unjust.

The Evangelist attests to this when he says: “John kept saying: ‘It is not right for you to take the wife of your brother Philip.’ ” This is the reason why John runs afoul. The one who warns the wicked is a considered offensive. The one who rebukes those who are at fault is deemed blameworthy. What John had to say concerned the Law, justice, and well-being; his remarks certainly were not spoken out of hatred, but out of love: but see what kind of reward he received for his devotion from the ungodly one!

“Although he wanted to kill him,” it says, “he was afraid of the people.” It is easy for one to turn away from justice who is motivated by the fear; not of God, but of human beings. This fear can postpone the opportunity to sin, but cannot take away the will to sin. Therefore it is also the case that those whom fear delays from committing iniquity become even more eager for iniquity. It is only the fear of God which corrects minds, banishes offenses, preserves innocence, and bestows an endless capacity for good. But let us hear about what the most blessed John actually suffered.

“On Herod’s birthday,” it says, “the daughter of Herodias danced in the middle of his dining room, and it pleased Herod, and he made an oath promising to give her whatever she asked of him. But, having been advised earlier by her mother, she said: ‘Give me the head of John the Baptist on a dish.’ And the king was deeply saddened on account of the oath: nevertheless, because of those who were dining there he ordered it to be given to her, and sent to have John beheaded, and his head was placed on a dish and given to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother.” ( 14:6-11)

You have heard, brothers, how great is the cruelty which is born from pleasure. “And his head was placed on a dish.” (v.11) An house is transformed into an arena, the table turns into a theater, dinner guests become spectators, a banquet is changed into frenzy, a meal becomes a massacre, wine changes to blood, a funeral is held on a birthday, to mark one person’s beginning is another person’s ending, a banquet is changed into a murder scene, musical instruments ring out the tragedy of ages.

A beast, not a girl, enters; a ferocious animal, not a woman, prances about; along her head she combs out her mane, not her hair; she stretches and contorts her frame, but it is her savagery that grows and intensifies, her cruelty that looms large, but not her body; this wild animal unequaled in ferocity roars with her mouth, gnashes her teeth, she is not struck by a sword, but wield its. “Advised earlier,” it says, “by her mother,” (v.8), and brandishing a lance from her mother’s heart, as a new kind of beast, she disdains preying upon the body and proceeds to lop off the head itself.

But, lest anyone think that we want to hear ourselves talk about such things, we do not want to hear ourselves talk, but we want to cry out so that the joys of your festivities be celebrated prudently, so that the parties that mark your birthdays maintain moderation in merriment, so that Christ may attend your feasts, that the banquet be held in the sight of the Author; may the very nature of the celebration to which we are invited be honoured by decency; may the happiness of your table extend to the poor, may your household dance with the discipline of innocence. May debauchery depart, may dissipation be banished; may the plague of dancing girls, the bawdy songs of musicians, what fuels pleasures, what weights down the belly, and what shipwrecks minds all be done away with, be wiped out with the feasts of Herodias, so that your joy at present may reach an happiness that lasts forever.

Today, brothers, we have directed our sermon to Herod, because the listener is well aware how great is the martyr’s bliss, when he hears about the misery of the persecutor. Nevertheless, it is fitting for us to know both that John came to birth as a result of his death, and that Herod died as a result of how he spent his birthday.

(From Selected Sermons of St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermon 127)

And people wonder why I strongly suspect that Antipope Bergoglio is likely the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist…. -Ann

Vigil of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist

Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist, Sandro Botticelli, ARSH 1495

Virgin and Child with St. John the Baptist, Sandro Botticelli, ARSH 1495

Well, I can’t put it any better than this:

Botticelli’s painting suggests that the mission of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is to introduce all of us, as she did the little Baptist, into a reverent and tender intimacy with her Son. The Mother of God bends over each of us, her garments dyed red in the Blood that flowed on Calvary, the very Blood that won for us every spiritual joy. Where the Mother of God is present, there charity is poured out and there spiritual joys abound. Put yourself today in the position of the child John the Baptist. Ask the Blessed Virgin to let you embrace her Son and offer Him a kiss. Her Immaculate Heart will not refuse you this.

+Viganò being tried for “schism” from Antipope Bergoglio AND Vatican II – thus proving Vatican II to be a failed council. How can I get in on this action? I want to be formally declared “in schism” from Antipope Bergoglio and the Antichurch, too!!

Too bad +Viganò STILL won’t say the truth: Bergoglio is not and never has been the Pope. He just keeps dancing around it.

Our Lord doesn’t like “dancing around” the truth. Let your “yes” be yes, and your “no”, no. Be ye hot or be ye cold, but the lukewarm He will vomit out of His mouth.

This is another sham trial (it’s beyond odd the extent to which events in the former United States have mirrored and front-run events in the Vatican). Collapse of the Rule of Law, usurpation, overthrow, auto-destruction. It’s all tracking.

There will be no genuine remedy to this unless and until the WHOLE TRUTH is acknowledged AT THE ROOT:

Pope Benedict never validly resigned, there was no conclave in ARSH 2013, and Jorge Bergoglio is therefore an Antipope, and has been since March 13, ARSH 2013. The See has been vacant since the death of Pope Benedict XVI on December 31, ARSH 2022, who was the one and only living Pope whether he liked it or not.

Any sleazy lawyer-talk trying to dance around this simple, obvious, fullness of the truth will lead to further chaos. The only way out of this mess – truly, completely out of it – is THROUGH. Not around. THROUGH.

The best thing +Viganò can do now is call a press conference and state unequivocally that Jorge Bergoglio is and has been an Antipope all along due to the invalidity of Pope Benedict’s resignation, and that Antipope Bergoglio’s apostasy, heresy and public alignment with Freemasonry and the cult of Sodom points to this obvious, observable fact.

And I LOVE how satan and his minions are now EXPLICITLY tying the failed Second Vatican Council to Antipope Bergoglio. Good. Vatican II was validly convoked, and the original schema were fantastic: namely the denunciation of global Communism and the declaration of The Blessed Virgin as Co-redemptrix (her “yes” undid Eve’s “no”) and Mediatrix of all graces, thus bookending Vatican I and the dogmatic definition of the Immaculate Conception. But the original schema were scrapped by modernist bishops in the opening hours of the Council, and the rest is history: the near-total implosion of the Catholic Church in the West almost overnight in historical terms. In other words, A FAILED COUNCIL, to be consigned to the dustbin of history, its documents to be banned from Catholic discourse and theology.

Here’s Viganò’s press release:


Announcement regarding the start of the extrajudicial criminal trial for schism
(Art. 2 SST; can. 1364 CIC)

The Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith has informed me, with a simple email, of the initiation of an extrajudicial penal trial against me, with the accusation of having committed the crime of schism and charging me of having denied the legitimacy of “Pope Francis” of having broken communion “with Him” and of having rejected the Second Vatican Council. I have been summoned to the Palace of the Holy Office on June 20, in person or represented by a canon lawyer. I assume that the sentence has already been prepared, given that it is an extrajudicial process. 

I regard the accusations against me as an honor. I believe that the very wording of the charges confirms the theses that I have repeatedly defended in my various addresses. It is no coincidence that the accusation against me concerns the questioning of the legitimacy of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and the rejection of Vatican II: the Council represents the ideological, theological, moral, and liturgical cancer of which the Bergoglian “synodal church” is the necessary metastasis. 

It is necessary for the Episcopate, the Clergy and the People of God to seriously ask themselves whether it is consistent with the profession of the Catholic Faith to passively witness the systematic destruction of the Church by its leaders, just as other subversives are destroying civil society. Globalism calls for ethnic substitution: Bergoglio promotes uncontrolled immigration and calls for the integration of cultures and religions. Globalism supports LGBTQ+ ideology: Bergoglio authorizes the blessing of same-sex couples and imposes on the faithful the acceptance of homosexualism, while covering up the scandals of his protégés and promoting them to the highest positions of responsibility. Globalism imposes the green agenda: Bergoglio worships the idol of the Pachamama, writes delirious encyclicals about the environment, supports the Agenda 2030, and attacks those who question the theory of man-made global warming. He goes beyond his role in matters that strictly pertain to science, but always and only in one direction: a direction that is diametrically opposed to what the Church has always taught. He has mandated the use of experimental gene serums, which caused very serious damage, death and sterility, calling them “an act of love,” in exchange for funding from pharmaceutical companies and philanthropic foundations. His total alignment with the Davos religion is scandalous. Wherever governments at the service of the World Economic Forum have introduced or extended abortion, promoted vice, legitimized homosexual unions or gender transition, encouraged euthanasia, and tolerated the persecution of Catholics, not a word has been spent in defense of the Faith or Morals that are threatened, or in support of the civil battles of so many Catholics who have been abandoned by the Vatican and the Bishops. Not a word for the persecuted Catholics in China, with the complicity of the Holy See, which considers Beijing’s billions more important than the lives and freedom of thousands of Chinese who are faithful to the Roman Church. In the “synodal church” presided over by Bergoglio, no schism is recognized among the German Episcopate, or among the government-appointed Bishops who have been consecrated in China without the mandate of Rome. Because their action is consistent with the destruction of the Church, and therefore must be concealed, minimized, tolerated, and finally encouraged. In these eleven years of “pontificate” the Catholic Church has been humiliated and discredited above all because of the scandals and corruption of the leaders of the Hierarchy, which have been totally ignored even as the most ruthless Vatican authoritarianism raged against faithful priests and religious, small communities of traditional nuns, and communities tied to the Latin Mass. 

This one-sided zeal is reminiscent of Cromwell’s fanaticism, typical of those who defy Providence in the presumption of knowing that they are finally at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, free to do and undo as they please without anyone objecting to anything. And this work of destruction, this willingness to renounce the salvation of souls in the name of a human peace that denies God is not an invention of Bergoglio, but the main (and unmentionable) purpose of those who used a Council to contradict the Catholic Magisterium and to begin to demolish the Church from within, in small steps, but always in a single direction, always with the indulgent tolerance or culpable inaction – if not the explicit approval – of the Roman authorities. The Catholic Church has been slowly but surely taken over, and Bergoglio has been given the task of making it a philanthropic agency, the “church of humanity, of inclusion, of the environment” at the service of the New World Order. But this is not the Catholic Church: it is her counterfeit.

The resignation of Benedict XVI and the appointment by the St. Gallen Mafia of a successor in line with the diktats of the Agenda 2030 was intended to allow – and has succeeded in allowing – the global coup to take place with the complicity and authoritative support of the Church of Rome. Bergoglio is to the Church what other world leaders are to their nations: traitors, subversives, and final liquidators of traditional society who are certain of impunity. Bergoglio’s defect of consent (vitiumconsensus) in accepting his election is based precisely on the evident alienityof his action of government and magisterium with respect to what any Catholic of any age expects from the Vicar of Christ and the Successor of the Prince of the Apostles. Everything that Bergoglio does constitutes an offense and a provocation to the entire Catholic Church, to her Saints of all times, to the Martyrs who were killed in odium Fidei, and to the Popes of all times until the Second Vatican Council. 

This is also and principally an offense against the Divine Head of the Church, Our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose sacred authority Bergoglio claims to exercise for the detriment of the Mystical Body, with an action that is too systematic and coherent to appear to be the fruit of mere incapacity. In the work of Bergoglio and his circle, the Lord’s warning is put into practice: Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the guise of lambs, but who are ravenous wolves at heart (Mt 7:15). I am honored not to have – and indeed I do not want – any ecclesial communion with them: theirs is a lobby, which conceals its complicity with the masters of the world in order to deceive many souls and prevent any resistance against the establishment of the Kingdom of the Antichrist.

In the face of the Dicastery’s accusations, I claim, as Successor of the Apostles, to be in full communion with the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, with the Magisterium of the Roman Pontiffs, and with the uninterrupted doctrinal, moral, and liturgical Tradition which they have faithfully preserved. 

I repudiate the neomodernist errors inherent in the Second Vatican Council and in the so-called “post-conciliar magisterium,” in particular in matters of collegiality, ecumenism, religious freedom, the secularity of the State, and the liturgy. 

I repudiate, reject, and condemn the scandals, errors, and heresies of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who manifests an absolutely tyrannical management of power, exercised against the purpose that legitimizes Authority in the Church: an authority that is vicarious of that of Christ, and as such must obey Him alone. This separation of the Papacy from its legitimizing principle, which is Christ the High Priest, transforms the ministerium into a self-referential tyranny.

No Catholic worthy of the name can be in communion with this “Bergoglian church,” because it acts in clear discontinuity and rupture with all the Popes of history and with the Church of Christ.

Fifty years ago, in that same Palace of the Holy Office, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre was summoned and accused of schism for rejecting Vatican II. His defense is mine; his words are mine; and his arguments are mine – arguments before which the Roman authorities could not condemn him for heresy, having to wait instead for him to consecrate bishops so as to have the pretext of declaring him schismatic and then revoking his excommunication when he was already dead. The scheme is repeated even after half a century has demonstrated Archbishop Lefebvre’s prophetic choice.

In these times of apostasy, Catholics will find in Pastors faithful to the mandate received from Our Lord an example and an encouragement to abide in the Truth of Christ. 

Depositum custodi, according to the Apostle’s exhortation: as the time approaches when I will have to give an account to the Son of God of all my actions, I intend to persevere in thebonum certamen and not to fail in the witness of faith which is required of each one who, as Bishop, has been endowed with the fullness of the priesthood and constituted Successor of the Apostles. 

I invite all Catholics to pray that the Lord will come to the aid of His Church and give courage to those who are persecuted for their Faith.

+ Carlo Maria Viganò, Archbishop

June 20, 2024
S.cti Silverii Papæ et Martyris
B.ti Dermitii O’Hurley, Episcopi et Martyris 

Antipope Bergoglio can never take the Holy Mass away from you… unless you allow yourself to be deceived into doing it yourself.

I recently visited a parish on the day that happened to be the anniversary of the dedication of the church, and so the Mass said in that church on that day was that of the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica in Rome. I was struck by the Collect. One would think that after so many years that there would be no more “surprises” in the Missal, but there are – CONSTANTLY.

Anyhow, the Collect of the Mass of the Dedication of the Lateran, said on the anniversary of the dedication of a church, is:

O God, Who for us bring each year the recurrence of the consecration day of this Your holy temple, and always bring us back safely to the sacred rites, hear the prayers of Your people and grant that whoever enters this temple to pray for blessings, may rejoice in having obtained whatever he sought.

And always bring us back safely to the sacred rites…

Take it to the bank, folks.

Antipope Bergoglio has as much authority in the Holy Catholic Church as Kim Kardashian. His entire power structure is built on LIES and DECEPTION, as one would totally expect given his Luciferian/Freemasonic provenance and the fact that he is likely The False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist.

Since he has no REAL authority, since he is a criminal usurper and a fraud, all he can do (and remember the mastermind driver/puppetmaster here is ultimately satan) is TRICK people into HARMING THEMSELVES. Think about it. How many Traditional Latin Masses have been voluntarily shut down based solely on the lie that Antipope Bergoglio issued some document directing this?

There is no “Pope Francis”. There is no “Traditionis Custodes”. These things are total nullities. But the world has been tricked, fooled, deceived into thinking that these things are actual entities with actual authority and actual force.

Everything is deception. There was a chest cold virus with a 99.96% case survival rate that was deceptively foisted upon the world as the most dire plague in centuries, and the deceived throngs THEN lined up to receive a “vaccine” that WASN’T A VACCINE, BUT RATHER A HIGHLY POISONOUS STERILANT. Over five billion people were TRICKED into poisoning and/or sterilizing themselves – but they did it to themselves. They walked in and rolled up their sleeve. They CHOSE to do it, whether coerced or not.

Lying, murderous Antipope filth, trying to trick people into harming themselves.

It’s the same dynamic with the Antipapacy and the Antichurch that is occupying the Vatican – if you are deceived by it, then you will make all manner of horrific and even demi-suicidal decisions – but the actions will be yours. A while back I heard a talk by a very prominent Trad, and intransigent “Fwanciss is Pope” partisan, in which he said, quite vigorously, “We all need to get used to the idea of being in schism.” Now, how could you POSSIBLY get faithful Trad Catholics so tied into knots that they are OPENLY ADVOCATING AND ENCOURAGING MORTAL SIN – which is what Schism is? The ONLY way is through deception. Get them to not only accept a false base premise, but cling to the false base premise with greater “fidelity” than they do the admonition against the sin of Schism. Trick them into thinking that the likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist and Antipope is actually the Vicar of Christ on Earth… and then all bets are off. Mortal Sin (schism) becomes attractive and even painted as heroic and virtuous. And the deception is so thorough that it doesn’t even occur to them to say, “Hey, I just stood up on a dais and advocated for the mortal sin of schism. Maybe I should pump my brakes and make DARN SURE that I have the identity of the Vicar of Christ right, because this seems… WRONG.

Anyone who leaves the Church, goes off into schism, apostatizes, CHOOSES to do so. And we are now so late in the game that scads of well-intentioned people are so tied in knots by the DECEPTION of the Bergoglian Antipapacy that they have been TRICKED into leaving, or becoming haters of the Papacy in se – de facto Lutheranism/Eastern Orthodoxy. Schism is schism, no matter how much we comfort ourselves with beautiful liturgy. Heck, the KGB (Russian Orthodox) have absolutely gorgeous liturgy to this day, and High Anglican liturgy was superficially beautiful – while totally null – until the mid-20th century. No, here in the likely run-up to the Big Show, satan is going after the Remnant, trying to trick them into choosing schism by installing an Antipope and thus sending the logical truth table of “schism” into a complete tailspin of chaos and erroneous conclusions.

It is so deeply, deeply strange that these people say that it is “schismatic” to question whether Bergoglio is the Pope (which he OBVIOUSLY is not) while literally in the next breath enjoining the Remnant faithful to “get used to the idea of being in schism” from Bergoglio – whose authority you may not question because that would be schismatic, but we have to be in schism from him, but you can’t so much as whisper the OBVIOUS question, “Did Pope Benedict legally resign?” because that would be schismatic, but we have to schism ourselves from ‘Pope Fwanciss’ who is definitely the Pope… and the wheels of the irrationality bus go ’round and ’round.

Deception, deception, deception. All is deception. In the end, people are TRICKED into harming and ultimately damning themselves. Sometimes that deception comes from an external source, and many times we deceive ourselves.

The Mass in the August and Venerable Rite of Pius V has NOT been banned, nor could it be. This is DECEPTION. There is no document in the Magisterium of the Church saying that it has been, nor could there ever be. The last paragraph of Quo Primum, Pope St. Pius V document permanently codifying the ancient Roman Mass, thereafter referred to as the Tridentine Mass, or the Mass of Pius V, makes that crystal clear.

Therefore, no one whosoever is permitted to alter this notice of Our permission, statute, ordinance, command, precept, grant, indult, declaration, will, decree, and prohibition. Would anyone, however, presume to commit such an act, he should know that he will incur the wrath of Almighty God and of the Blessed Apostles Peter and Paul.

Given at St. Peter’s in the year of the Lord’s Incarnation, 1570, on the 14th of July of the Fifth year of Our Pontificate.

Believe the Gospel. Believe Our Lord’s promises – every single one. And believe the words of the Collect of the Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica:

O God, Who for us bring each year the recurrence of the consecration day of this Your holy temple, and always bring us back safely to the sacred rites…

Pray for the Petrine See, vacant these 536 days and counting, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church in terrifyingly visible eclipse, outside of which there is no salvation.

Remember: If Pope Benedict in February ARSH 2013 intended to retain even the slightest nanoparticle of the Papacy, then his resignation was invalid. It is beyond obvious that he clearly did intend to retain a part and participation in the Papacy – ergo his resignation was invalid by the law itself, namely the Substantial Error clause of Canon 188.

Wisdom, let us be attentive. The Feast of St. Ephrem the Syriac, Doctor of the Church (b. ARSH 306, d. ARSH 373)

St. Ephrem the Syriac, who died NINE YEARS before the Canon of Scripture, aka The Holy Bible, was codified at the Council of Rome in ARSH 382. So, you know, what did he know?? 😉

No one is truly poor but except the one who lacks the truth.

The word of God is a tree of life that offers us blessed fruit from each of its branches. It is like that rock which was struck open in the wilderness, from which all were offered spiritual drink. Be glad then that you are overwhelmed, and do not be saddened because he has overcome you. A thirsty person is happy when drinking, and not depressed, because the spring is inexhaustible. You can satisfy your thirst without exhausting the spring; then when you thirst again, you can drink from it once more.

Be a lamp in brightness, and make the works of darkness cease, so that whenever your doctrine shines, no one may dare to heed the desires of darkness.

O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, meddling, lust of power, and idle talk. But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love to Thy servant. Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own sins and not to judge my brother; for Thou art blessed unto ages of ages. Amen.

Scripture brought me to the Gate of Paradise, and the mind stood in wonder as it entered.

If you wish to help someone, give secretly and avoid arrogance.

The fear of God illumines the soul, annihilates evil, weakens the passions, drives darkness from the soul and makes it pure. The fear of God is the summit of wisdom. Where it is not you will find nothing good. Whoever does not have the fear of God is open to diabolical falls.

Whoever fears God stands above all manner of fear. He has become a stranger to all the fear of this world and placed it far from himself, and no manner of trembling comes near him.

It is blasphemy if you pray before God while you are full of anger.

Who is far from love is a bad state, and to be pitied. He passes his days in a delirious dream, far from God, deprived of light, and he lives in darkness … Whoever does not have the love of Christ is an enemy of Christ. He walks in darkness and is easily lead into any sin.

Blessed the one who has become a good spiritual net and caught many for the good Lord, such a one will greatly praised by the Lord.

Blessed the one who meditates on death each day and destroys the base passions lurking in the vines of the heart, for he will be consoled in the moment of separation.

You victorious martyrs who endured torments gladly for the sake of God and Savior, you who have boldness of speech toward the Lord Himself, you saints, intercede for us who are timid and sinful men, full of sloth, that the grace of Christ may come upon us, and enlighten the hearts of all of us so that we may love Him.

Blessed the one who loves truth continually and has not lent his mouth as an instrument of impiety by lying, for he fears the commandment about idle speech.

Virtues are formed by prayer. Prayer preserves temperance. Prayer suppresses anger. Prayer prevents emotions of pride and envy. Prayer draws into the soul the Holy Spirit, and raises man to Heaven.

Happy Fathers’ Day: “When we hear TSCHH, there’s a firework coming.”

This is one of the most beautiful things on the internet.  Why?  Because this man is CLEARLY best friends with his four year old daughter.  Note the patience.  Note how he respects her every pause and correction.  Note especially how when she corrects him into the harmony part and SHE takes the harmony at the 1:03 time stamp, the pride in his smile.  Also his wedding ring in focus, bringing Mom into the video in absentia, but just the incredible connection between Father and Daughter.  AT FOUR.

The Former United States in an absolute disaster, but things like this make one realize that there is still something worth fighting for.  Little girls being best-buds with their Dad who would die for them in a second being at the top of that list.

I hope this brightens your evening.

Keep your head on a swivel, and defend your women.

Happy Fathers’ Day, to all who hold and do honor to the title.


If you think that nothing like the CovidScam could ever happen again, let me disabuse you of that misconception…

I stumbled across a channel of a group who try to help extract people from fake online “romance scams”. I quickly realized that the reason the group posts these videos isn’t so much to expose the scammers, but rather to show the world the intense narcissistic delusions of the “victims”. The reason this is important is because it shows not only how the CoronaScam was pulled of with such ease the first time, but more importantly it shows that it can, and probably will happen again in some form, because so many people today are that dangerous combination of below-average intelligence, but narcissistic enough to THINK that they are actually intelligent and savvy, and as you’ll see in the video below – and this is hard to believe – physically attractive.

Meet Sharon, a 79 year old widow, not mentally retarded by any means, but with an IQ probably in the high-70s or low-80s. And, it must be said, she’s no oil painting. She looks every day of 79, and wasn’t a particularly good-looking woman to start with. She got on “dating websites” and was instantly inundated with African scammers hiding behind stolen identities of attractive young men, and she believed EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM. Over and over and over. She would send these “boyfriends” THOUSANDS of dollars, one after the other, sometimes with multiple “boyfriends” at the same time, burning her estate. Her children tried to get power of attorney over her accounts to protect her and stop her from voluntarily transferring her wealth to Nigerian and Ghanan criminals, but to no avail.

If you watch other videos on this channel, what you will see is the narcissism and delusions of grandeur and intelligence on the part of the “victims”. These people, both men and women, think that they are physically attractive, and that very young, very attractive people (in the stolen photographs they send) are genuinely attracted to THEM. These narcissist victims think that they are very intelligent and could never be fooled – even after they realize they have been fooled over and over and over again.

Again, the reason I post this isn’t to humiliate the “victims” – it’s to demonstrate how spectacularly gullible and susceptible to criminality so many people today in the post-Christian west are. I think the most overlooked component of the IQ Bellcurve is the area comprised of the first two standard deviations to the LEFT of the average. That’s a helluva lot of people with IQs between 70 and 99. We think about the mentally retarded a lot, and we think about the above-average a lot, but we don’t think about the massive cohort of dim-wits nearly enough.

IQ bell curve

Will a CoronaScam-type event happen again? Oh, absolutely. Maybe the next thing won’t be medical (or perhaps it will), but maybe an “environmental disaster”, or, as we have discussed, a “UFO” scam.  The broad populace is too far fallen morally and intellectually, and the oligarchs and especially satan their master knows it. They know that a massive percent of the population will believe pretty much ANYTHING anyone tells them. If these “victims” of these scams believed obviously fake TEXT MESSAGES, photographs and telephone calls (never video!), then how much more do these types of people believe anything that they see on the Tee Vee? We know the answer. These dim-wits put themselves under house arrest, wearing a burqa, and gleefully lined up to inject themselves with poison repeatedly… because Anderson Cooper told them to.