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#TOLDYA. Trad Inc. makes it official: their entire driving philosophy is THE SIN OF ACEDIA. Acedia is when you don’t care, and you don’t care that you don’t care.

So this manifesto was posted on Rorate-Caeli… and then deleted. It is a position statement written by nine Italians and picked up and pushed by Trad Inc.


This is the textbook definition of SCANDAL – encouraging others to commit a sin, in this case ACEDIA.

I have written extensively on acedia, which you can find here, but the short version is this: ACEDIA is the sin of just not giving a damn, but even beyond that, ACEDIA is when you don’t give a damn that you don’t give a damn.

Even Canon Law contains an EXPLICIT warning against and condemnation of the sin of ACEDIA. It’s Canon 748:

Canon 748. §1. All persons are bound to seek the truth in those things which regard God and His Church and by virtue of divine law are bound by the obligation and possess the right of embracing and observing the truth which they have come to know.

Years ago, a VERY wise priest told me that ACEDIA is the primary, overarching spirit of oppression that Lucifer and the demons have upon the city of Rome. Think about it: almost ALL of the sins and massive moral failures that we see in Rome, from sodomy to fornication, to sloth  and effeminacy, cowardice… ALL of these sins have at their root the fact that the person in question just stopped giving a damn, and knowing that they stopped giving a damn, don’t give a damn. In fact, as I have personally seen, and as is 1000% confirmed in this truly evil document, these people hold their “not my circus, not my monkeys” pathological indifference as a PROOF OF THEIR INTELLECTUAL AND MORAL SUPERIORITY.

I’m reprinting this satanic bilge here in full so that these people can’t deny or hide from this. Oh no, I want these people to be SHAMED by their ghastly, ghastly sin, and their attempt to recruit others into their own little hell-on-earth of indifference and pathetic navel-gazing. Hopefully they will repent of this evil, and the flame of charity will be rekindled in their souls so that they start giving a damn about the fact that an Antipope is trying to raze the Church on Earth to the ground before our very eyes – that they will fall in love again, or for the first time, with THE TRUTH. His name is Jesus Christ.

And I want to get out ahead of this so as to prevent as much damage to souls as possible.

You know why?

BECAUSE I ACTUALLY GIVE A DAMN. All day, every day. And may God preserve me in this to the end. The opposite of love isn’t hatred – the opposite of love is INDIFFERENCE.

And because iniquity hath abounded, the charity of many shall grow cold.
Et quoniam abundavit iniquitas, refrigescet caritas multorum.

The following text, written by “The Group of the Nine” (nine Italian lay Catholics), was published on Marco Tosatti’s website Stilum Curiae (link). The translation was made by Robert Moynihan, who graciously gave Rorate permission to reproduce it here. (It will be published with Moynihan’s commentary as Letter #169 of 2023. To sign up for the Moynihan Letters, go here.) As Robert says, “This document expresses the frustration of many Catholics at this time.”




The Crisis of the Church. Here is the (Temporary) Solution: “Sedemenefreghismo”
[“Sedemenefreghismo” is an invented Italian word based on the word “sedevacantism” which means “holding that the (Holy) See (sede) is vacant” and “me ne frega,” meaning, “I don’t care,” so that this invented word could be translated as “I don’t care at all whether the (Holy) See (is vacant or not)”]
Aware of the unparalleled crisis that has been wounding the Church for a long time now, and noting that, among the good, the quarrels, divisions and endless diatribes often have as their object the state of the Petrine See (and of the entire Ecclesiastical Hierarchy), as private persons (clergy and lay people, theologians, philosophers, canonists, jurists and historians), we have unanimously drafted the following:
1. That there is an unparalleled crisis within the Church, that this crisis sees the genuine Catholic Tradition overwhelmed by heterodox doctrines (modernism and neo-modernism), that this crisis is a doctrinal, liturgical and moral crisis, that this crisis involves the ecclesial body (disciple and teacher) up to the Roman See — that all this is not something to be demonstrated, but only recognized.
2. That the crisis, which really has ancient roots, had its turning point in the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) with the coming into dominance of non-Catholic thought in the Hierarchy, up to the Roman See itself, is not something to be demonstrated but only to be recognized.
3. That the new liturgy imposed by Paul VI represents an artificial construction and an objective break with the uninterrupted Tradition of the Church and with Catholic Dogma is not something to be demonstrated but only to be recognized.
4. It is the duty of every baptized person to persevere in the profession of their baptismal faith, that is, in the faith of all time, in the immutable Doctrine received from the Apostles. It is the duty of every baptized person to live and pray in accordance with the holy will of God manifested in Divine Revelation (Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition).
5. It is the duty of every baptized person to avoid what could be harmful to their soul, what represents a danger to the integrity of the faith.
6. Given the extent and gravity of the crisis, and until its resolution (condemnation and expulsion from the Church of every heterodox idea, integral return to Tradition in doctrine, liturgy and customs), it is a duty of prudence to be wary of Hierarchs dominated by non-Catholic thought, as well as ecclesiastical institutions that become instruments of non-Catholic thought;.
7. It is prudent to stick to what is certain (lex credendi, lex orandi and lex vivendi as they have always been taught) while suspending assent to everything that is doubtful.
8. The faithful, cleric or lay person, are not called to examine every single teaching, every single liturgical text, every single statement of the Hierarchy, to verify whether or not it conforms to the Deposit of the Faith. Rather, a prudential and “prophylactic” criterion must be adopted: if a non-Catholic thought has infected the Hierarchy up to the Roman See, what was taught before the crisis must be prudently followed and assent to what was taught after must be suspended.
9. The suspension of assent is not “free examination” but a duty of prudence for the preservation of the faith. By suspending assent, one postpones the judgment on the doctrine (of faith and/or morals) and on the lex orandi, leaving it to the Authority of the Church. When the crisis is overcome and the Hierarchy is once again certain in the orthodoxy of the faith, it will be the legitimate Authority that will judge.
10. The crisis can be considered overcome when the Hierarchy (Pope and moral unanimity of the Bishops) teaches the same Doctrine taught by the Church continuously until the Second Vatican Council and the lex orandi of Apostolic Tradition is re-established.
11. Due to the involvement of the Roman See itself in the crisis, it is legitimate to question the state of the Papal See. It is a legitimate opinion to believe Jorge Mario Bergoglio is a true Pope, albeit seriously heterodox. It is a legitimate opinion to consider Jorge Mario Bergoglio an illegitimate occupant of the See and/or as an Antipope. It is a legitimate opinion to consider the See vacant. It is a legitimate opinion to believe the Headquarters is only physically occupied. It is a legitimate opinion to consider the crisis of the Roman See as one of an heretical Pope. It is a legitimate opinion to consider the crisis of the Roman See as one of a schismatic Pope. It is also a legitimate opinion to believe in the co-presence of “two churches” behind the appearances of a single Church (in the post-conciliar Church there would be both the true Church of Christ, the Holy Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, and a gnostic Neo-church) with the Pope at the top of both, so that the Pope would be the Vicar of Christ but also the Head of a new faith, of a new cult, of a new Church. It is a legitimate opinion to consider the post-conciliar Popes to be true Popes even if marked by non-Catholic thought.
12. As for point 11, these are irreconcilable opinions; therefore they cannot all be true; only one can be the true one. The judge of which one is true can only be the Supreme Authority of the Church. Until the Supreme Authority of the Church, once the crisis has been resolved, has judged, all of them remain mere opinions, legitimate and disputable.
13. As mere opinions, none of them, although each is legitimately sustainable, may be considered a certain criterion for dealing with the crisis.
14. Since only the Supreme Authority of the Church is entitled to judge the issue relating to the See, developing/supporting one thesis or another will be an exercise inevitably destined for non-solution. The question of the See is destined to remain open, unresolved, until the end of the crisis, until a certain judgment by the Supreme Authority.
15. Differences of opinion regarding the See can never be a reason for division, as they are disputable opinions and not certain truths.
16. Whatever the opinion may be about the See, given the recognized crisis (also of the Roman See and of the entire Hierarchy) the prudential attitude must in any case be that of suspending assent, awaiting the end of the crisis.
17. Let’s also give this thesis of ours the name of “Sedemenefreghismo” in the double meaning of:
a) “I don’t care” about the question of the See as it is an insoluble question for us and therefore useless to ask;
b) “I don’t care” about what emanates from the See, in so far as who sits (legitimately or illegitimately, only materially or even formally, de facto or de iure, is a disputed question) on the See is dominated by a non-Catholic thought and therefore, prudentially, is not to be listened to.
—The Group of the Nine


St. Andrew Christmas Novena begins November 30th!!

The St. Andrew Christmas Novena – which isn’t exactly a novena because it is 25 days long from November 30th through December 24th – begins tomorrow, November 30th, the Feast of St. Andrew. It’s a great feast for me, because Andrew is my Confirmation Name. It was a fortuitous choice, as ‘Andrew’ means “manly” and “brave”, “strong” and “courageous” in Greek. I like to think that St. Andrew, being St. Peter’s big brother, would defend Peter in a street fight, which is definitely what defending the Petrine See against the Bergoglian Antipapacy feels like.

I’ve seen and personally received great graces from this beautiful devotion over the years, and strongly recommend it. In addition to the obvious Matthew 17:20 Intention, I have several health intentions (for others, not myself) this year, as I know many, many people do. And this year many people have financial and real estate intentions. And, as always, so many people are praying for conversions, and especially REVERSIONS to the One True Faith.

Here is the text of the Novena – you say the following prayer fifteen times per day – and break the fifteen up however you would like:

Hail, and blessed be the hour and moment at which the Son of God was born of a most pure Virgin in a stable at midnight in Bethlehem in the piercing cold. At that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, to hear my prayers and grant my desires. (Mention your intentions here) Through Jesus Christ and His most Blessed Mother. Amen.

And here is the fourfold intention of the Matthew 17:20 prayer initiative:

-That Antipope Bergoglio be publicly recognized as an Antipope and removed as such, and that the entire Bergoglian Antipapacy be publicly nullified.

-That Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger be publicly recognized as being and having been the one and only living Vicar of Christ, uninterrupted, from April ARSH 2005 until his death on December 31, ARSH 2022.

-That Jorge Bergoglio repent, revert to Catholicism, die in a state of grace in the fullness of time, and someday achieve the Beatific Vision.

-For the repose of the soul of Pope Benedict XVI Ratzinger

St. Andrew, pray for us.

Our Lady of Copacabana, slayer of the Nachomama demon, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us and upon your Holy Catholic Church, outside of which there is no salvation.

The Crucifixion of St. Andrew, Mattia Preti, ARSH 1651

Stickypost: Mazza Advent Mini-mester begins Sunday – “The Third Secret of Fatima and the FrancisChurch

The Third Secret & The Francis Church

Starts Sunday December 3rd

This Advent uncover the Apostasy Our Lady of Fatima warned us about! And what YOU can do about it!

Four Sundays of Advent Mini Course


Live Classes Sun Dec 3rd, at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT and will run approximately 70-80 minutes. Q&A will follow for 10 minutes or more for those who can stay. Content: Ages 13 and up. Recorded video link sent afterwards so you can watch on your own time!

Apparently, to everyone’s shock, The Crocodile had not the common decency to eat him last.

Just play nice and wait until he dies,” he said.

I see no evidence that he isn’t the Pope, and it’s dangerous to speculate,” the man said.


Cardinal Burke could END the Bergoglian Antipapacy yet today. Easily. And he could have and should have done this EVERY DAY for the past decade. Here is all he need say:

Significant canonical irregularities have been identified with regards to the putative resignation proffered by (the late) Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013. Pending further investigation, I (we) hereby declare a state of emergency suspense.”




Ann’s Pecan Pie recipe- it’s Gobble-Gobble-Gud

Happy Thanksgiving!!

1.) Make pie crust with lard and extra sugar.

2.) Follow the pecan pie recipe on the Karo Syrup bottle. It’s definitive. I use half light and half dark Karo syrup, but either full light or full dark works perfectly well. Make sure your melted butter isn’t boiling hot – it will scramble the eggs! (I made that mistake exactly once.)

3.) ***Add a shot of amaretto liqueur, like Disaronno*** This is what will have people asking why the pie is so good. The almond scent is heavenly.

Outstanding piece by William Kilpatrick on the Bergoglian Antipapacy – the obvious is being acknowledged

I hope Mr. Kilpatrick doesn’t mind if I cross-post in full. The piece is so good that it is impossible to block quote. Do click over to his site, and check out his books on islam. Outstanding stuff. -AB

The arguments in his defense don’t stand the test of time

In the wake of Bishop Joseph Strickland’s removal by Francis, the question of Francis’ own status has resurfaced. Is he really the pope? Or is he an imposter or an anti-pope or something worse?

When the question was initially raised years ago, quite a few Catholic theologians and commentators came to Francis’ defense. They quoted scripture, canon law, and past theologians, and they seemed quite confident that they were right and that critics of Francis didn’t know what they were talking about.

But, as the years passed and as Francis’ appointments, actions, and pronouncements became more obviously out of line with Catholic teaching, many of the arguments in defense of his legitimacy began to wear thin.

One frequently-used argument was that the although Francis seemed to flirt with heresy, he never went over the line because…well, because, as pope, he was being protected by the Holy Spirit from falling into grave error. As Jeffrey Mirus observed in one of his columns, “the Holy Spirit through the charism of infallibility, makes it impossible for a pope to bind the whole Church to error.”

But this is a circular argument. It assumes as true the thing that has to be proven—namely, that Francis is really the pope. But, as Francis continues to rewrite the faith along heterodox lines, Catholics will be forced to reconsider the role of the Holy Spirit in all this. If Francis is really the pope it must mean that the Holy Spirit does not provide nearly as much guidance to popes as Catholics have supposed. If Francis is really the pope, it means that the Holy Spirit gives popes much more leeway than many of us had imagined.

The oft-used argument that there have been several bad popes (about thirty) has the same effect. If the Spirit permits bad popes to be elected, then it must mean that the Cardinal-electors have more freedom to make a mess than is commonly thought.

But if the Holy Spirit permits the election of bad popes, why are we so sure that he would prevent the election of a false pope? Does he ensure that the majority of cardinals will be immune to deception or self-deception or to political pressure—or blackmail?

As you might have noticed, the argument that the Holy Spirit protects popes from serious error cuts both ways. On the one hand, it can be used to argue that popes will be protected from serious doctrinal errors; on the other hand, it can be used, to argue that if a ‘pope’ is leading people into serious sin and error, there is a good chance that he’s not the pope and is therefore not under the protection of the Holy Spirit.

As it happens, Dr. Mirus admits the point. He acknowledges that If Francis is not the legitimate pope, then the question of the Church’s teaching authority does not come into play because “any errors such a ‘pope’ might teach would not really have been authoritatively taught. Thus, Christ’s promise to be with the Church will not have failed…”

But the main concern of Mirus and other defenders of Francis’ legitimacy is that the “not pope” argument undermines the credibility of the Church’s teaching authority.

At this point, however it seems that the faith of many Catholics will be more badly shaken should Francis turn out to be the true pope. How, it will be asked, could God allow his Church to be ruled by a man whose teachings contradict what Christ taught? Why does God permit the confusion and demoralization that Francis has wrought? Why does Francis bear so much animosity toward good and faithful Catholics like Bishop Strickland?

The possibility that Francis is the pope does far more damage to the credibility of the Church than the possibility that he is not. If Francis continues to introduce novel and divisive changes to Church teachings on an almost weekly basis, then the credibility of the Church and the papacy will decline rapidly. If, on the other hand, he is revealed to be an imposter intent on subverting the Church, then much of the current turmoil would be seen in a new light. It would be seen not as the result of some inherent flaw in the Church, but as the result of a deliberate plot to destroy the Church.

 If Francis is actually an enemy of the Church, then it makes sense that he would favor harmful innovations—that he would be open to same-sex blessings, that he would participate in pagan rituals, that he would put the John Paul II Academy for Marriage and the Family in the hands of a man who would not be welcome in the homes of most Catholic families, that he would put another such man in charge of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, that he would issue a motu proprio calling for a radical paradigm shift in Catholic theology and on and on. All of these innovations have sown confusion in the Church. But that, it seems, is what they were intended to do.

If Francis were really a false prophet, then it would be understandable that he thinks conversion is undesirable, that he tells seminarians to forgive all sin in the confessional even if there is no repentance, and that he maintains that sexual sins are nothing to worry about.

If for some reason—an invalid resignation by Pope Benedict, a rigged papal election, or evidence that Bergoglio had no intention of guarding the Catholic faith—it becomes evident that Francis is not a valid pope, then many Catholics would breathe a sigh of relief. If Francis/Bergoglio is an antipope then the promises of Christ and the protection of the Holy Spirit do not apply to him. Catholics would be free to ignore his new doctrines, to resist him, and above all, to better understand the trial that has been visited on the Church.

Some think that the antipope/false prophet accusations against Francis are reckless, but scripture teaches us that at some point in time, something of this nature is exactly what we should expect.

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus refers to many “false Christs and false prophets (Mt. 24: 11, 24: 24). Likewise, the epistles speak of “many antichrists” (1 Jn. 2: 18) and many “false prophets” (1 Jn. 4: 1). Moreover, these false prophets are as likely to come from within the fold as from without. They “come to you in sheep’s clothing” (Mt. 7: 15) “disguising themselves as apostles of Christ” (2 Cor. 11: 13 ).

How are we to identify the false prophets? By the degree that they deviate from the gospel. St. Paul warns the Corinthians against those who preach “another Jesus than the one we preach…” or “a different gospel from the one you accepted…” (2 Cor. 11: 4). Likewise, Paul warns the Galatians against those who “want to pervert the gospel of Christ” (Gal. 1: 7).

Is anyone perverting the gospel of Christ today? We don’t have to look very far for an answer. This summer, Fr. Antonio Spadaro, SJ, a close friend and trusted advisor to Francis gave a sermon in which he described Jesus as “angry and insensitive,” “mocking and disrespectful,” and “blinded by nationalism and theological rigor.” In commenting on Jesus’s encounter with the Canaanite women, Spadaro portrays Jesus as one who is unable to transcend the prejudices of his time and place.

This interpretation of scripture was an obvious perversion of the gospel of Christ, yet Francis did nothing to correct Spadaro. Instead, he promoted his friend to a curial position—Under-Secretary of the Dicastery for Culture and Education.

As usually happens in Rome these days, those who uphold the faith (such as Bishop Strickland) are given the boot, while those who undermine it (Spadaro, Fernandez, Martin, Paglia) are praised and promoted. Meanwhile, those who scandalize the faithful are protected or promoted or sometimes both (McCarrick, Ricca, Zanchetta, Rupnik, Cocopalmerio, etc.).

There is a certain type of person who loves to surround himself with flamboyant rule-breakers who delight in saying daring things and in joking about sacred things.

Francis seems to be one of those types. One of his biographers reports that he used to delight in teaching dirty words to his young nephew. Now that he’s pope he has to be more careful about what he says. But he can still keep company with others who push the boundaries, spread gossip, and laugh at the “backwardness” of less sophisticated people—the kind who actually take their faith seriously.

The more one knows about Francis’ favorites, the more one is reminded of St. Paul’s warning: “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own likings” (2 Tim. 4: 3).

One is also reminded of this passage about the second coming of the Lord: “That day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself against every so-called god or object of worship” (2 Thessalonians 2: 3-4).

“Itching ears”? “The rebellion”? The man of lawlessness”? Paul could well be writing about our own times. Many in the Church seem to be itching for news of the latest break from tradition. And the rebellious spirit seems to have infected a whole generation of young and not-so-young people. What are they rebelling against? Mainly against the law: laws against violence, vandalism, and looting, but also against natural law and revealed law. Numerous polls show that a majority of Catholics now disagree with the Church on abortion, homosexuality, transgenderism and the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist. Many think that matters of right and wrong are simply a matter of personal choice. Each person, in short, becomes a law unto himself.

The irony is, we are encouraged in this lawlessness by many Church leaders. They no longer teach about right and wrong or good and evil, but instead they champion “relativism,” “subjectivism,” “contextualism” and “new paradigms.” But, of course, many young people correctly understand that these fancy words are simply another way of saying “Do as thou wilst”—the maxim attributed to occultist, Aleister Crowley.

Francis and his followers are attempting to destroy the Church and to replace it with a “new paradigm” Church more in touch with the changing times. At this point, that seems fairly clear.

Admittedly, however, many don’t see it that way. They maintain that nothing has really changed, and that criticizing Francis will only harm the credibility of the Church. Besides, they will say, no one has the right to judge the pope (which, taken literally, is a nonsensical proposition); and, what’s more, they will say, “the whole issue is above your pay-grade.”

Moreover, they will add “There’s nothing anyone can do about it. God will take care of everything in his own good time. So, shush up!”

Yes, God has unlimited time to fix things, but our time is short and in that short time God wants us to make the best of our time. Yes, God has the power to make all things new, but as Pope Leo XIII wrote in Sapientiae Christianae: “In His loving kindness He would assign to us a share in obtaining and applying the fruits of salvation…”

As St. Paul taught, Christ gives us a share in his work. If Paul were alive today, would he just keep quiet about the harm being done to the Church? Would Peter or John or Matthew?

God will eventually resolve everything, but in the meantime what do you tell a mother whose 14-year-old daughter says she wants to become a boy and that Sister Sally at school says the Church will bless whatever choice she makes?

To top it all off, the girl hands her mother a booklet by Fr. James Martin and says: “Here, this will explain everything. And, look, Pope Francis wrote the Introduction!”

 We are told that eventually God will sort it all out. In the meantime, both Church and society are rapidly spinning out of control.

Elon’s new “X” branding. I’m just gonna leave this here…

Via, reprinted in full for aggressive distribution.

(Note well the date here, kids: December ARSH 2019. Within weeks we were all under house arrest, risking arrest to walk outside without a submission burqa, banned from everything except “illegal”, “clandestinegatherings, including the Holy Mass and proper reception of Holy Communion. I remember. I remember countless people being murdered by ventilator, Remdesevir, and withholding of effective treatment. In fact, to “borrow” a slogan, I’ll NEVER FORGET.

Francis’ (sic) Christmas 2019 Concert Included Pachamama Catechesis (Video)

The Vatican Congregation for Catholic Education sponsered a December 14 charity Christmas concert in the Paul VI audience hall. Francis (sic) gave a prerecorded short address.

The audience included 5,000 people and almost two million viewers on television.

During the event a Latin American woman gave a Pachamama catechesis. She asked the audience to cross their arms over their chest and to feel a strong vibration, explaining that this is “your heart” but also “the heart of Mother Earth.”

Where there is silence, she explained, there is “the Spirit” who allows “to hear the message of Mother Earth.” She added that “for us indigenous peoples, Mother Earth, the Hicha Guaia, is everything” because the demon Guaia – a synonym for Pachamama – “gives us food, sacred water, medicinal plants” and therefore receives sacrificeslike “the placenta and the first hair of man which are cut.”

Cardinals and bishops present at this “catechesis” eagerly followed the woman’s instructions.


Satanic taunting? I’ll not rule it out.

Pachamama Catechesis at the Vatican ARSH 2019 Christmas Concert, Antipope Bergoglio’s Creepy Pectoral Cross, and Satanists/Freemasons

It’s just a coincidence, I’m sure…

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! ACTION ITEM (Super-easy): Supernerd needs 1000 subscribers on his SupernerdMedia YouTube channel so he can do live-streaming

UPDATE: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Thanks a million, folks!

If you have a YouTube account, could you subscribe to SuperNerd’s channel so he can do live-streaming projects – and not just for me, but for other good folks and outlets?

(A little morsel of childhood/youth for you…)