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The Law and the Sacred Heart of Jesus are inextricably connected.  Hate one, and you hate the other. Period.

The month of June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A few thoughts on the Sacred Heart, and the Law.

A.  A mercy that springs forth from the wild and often detrimental technological progress curve of the past 100 years is the confirmation of all manner of things regarding Our Lord and His Holy Church.  Specifically today I am reminded of the fact that science has now confirmed that in all of the Eucharistic miracles which have been confirmed as genuine and involved a Consecrated Host turning fleshy, the Flesh in every instance, upon testing, is from a human male, blood type AB, and the flesh is ENDOCARDIUM, that is, INTERIOR HEART WALL.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus is not a syrupy platitude. It is a physical reality, and moreover, it is a physical reality present at every valid Mass.  The Eucharist literally, physically IS the substance of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

B.  The Gradual of the Mass for the Feast of The Sacred Heart, this year on June 16th, is from Psalm 24: 8-9

“The Lord is sweet and righteous: therefore He will give a Law to sinners in the way. He will guide the mild in judgment: He will teach the meek His ways.”

Dulcis et rectus Dóminus: propter hoc legem dabit delinquéntibus in via. Díriget mansúetos in iudício, docébit mites vias suas.

If you have watched the big Diabolical Narcissism video, you will probably remember the “three rules for things you NEVER say to a DN”. They are:

  1.  Never tell a DN that you love them.  This makes you a target for soul murder (that is, to scandalize you unto spiritual death and ultimately damnation).
  2. Never tell a DN what makes you happy or what you are grateful for.  They will take away these things as part of their campaign to murder your soul.
  3. Never tell a DN that they have hurt you.  They will use your confirmation of the success of their tactics to hurt you again, and to hurt you harder the next time.

Now, going back to the Psalm verse above, we are reminded of what The Law – that which Antipope Jorge Bergoglio rails against constantly – actually is. Read this over and over again until you get it:

The Law is God Almighty telling us what actions of ours HURT HIM AND WOUND HIS SACRED HEART.

The Law is God basically pleading with us to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NOT do these certain things, because these things break His Heart, and all He wants is to love us and be loved by us. So, in order for the relationship to work, we need to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NOT do these specific things, and if we do, we need to stop doing them, repent, confess, be contrite and amend our lives. Because when we hurt ourselves, it breaks His Heart.

Think about this in terms of relationships between men.  Doesn’t it make sense that if someone – friend, family member, spouse, coworker, even a stranger on the street, is doing something to hurt us, we want to TELL THEM so that they will understand the gravity and consequence of their actions and STOP so that we can continue the relationship in peace, whether that peace is the peace between spouses or the peace between strangers on the street?

But more importantly, any MORALLY SANE PERSON, that is, a person who is NOT a Diabolical Narcissist/Sociopath/Psychopath WANTS TO KNOW if something they are doing is hurting, much less murdering the soul, of another person SO THAT THEY CAN STOP DOING IT. When the person is someone that we love, how much more do we want to tell them, “Please, please, please don’t do X, because you hurt me profoundly when you do X.”

Do not confuse this for the Social Justice Warrior “triggering” and “micro-aggression” nonsense.  The presumption here is normal, human sanity. (How sad that I have to even state this….)

Psycho-spiritually sane people do NOT prowl throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.   Diabolical Narcissists do.  Remember, exactly like demons, they invert everything.

So God, knowing everything, and being pure, infinite LOVE, “breaks” the three rules above, and does it knowing exactly what He is in for in doing so. This is why the image of The Sacred Heart is oftentimes Jesus, literally holding his Heart in His hand, offering it to us, showing it to us, completely exposing it to us.  It is total, complete, infinite vulnerability.

“Here. Take it.”

  1.  He tells us that He loves us. Over and over and over again. And, He is, Himself, without question, the most hated thing in the universe. Men and demons hate God precisely because God loves them.
  2. He tells us what pleases Him, what He wants from us, both in terms of worship, and in terms of The Law, namely: Love Him above all else, Love our neighbors for love of Him, and spread the Gospel to all men and nations.
  3. He tells us what hurts Him.  These are the “Thou shalt nots”….

Looking at this list, it is no surprise whatsoever that Antipope Bergoglio and his wretched cabal of moral degenerate apostates all despise solemn, reverent, God-centered liturgy; they rail against The Law and “Lovers of the Law”; and they rail against proselytization.  Antipope Bergoglio has called proselytization “solemn nonsense”, has told people explicitly NOT to convert to the One True Church, and has stated that The Great Commission is SINFUL.  

Finally, everything Antipope Bergoglio and his shambling orcs have done to date has had as its goal the disregarding or overriding of The Law.  He is at war with the Rule of Law – GOD’S LAW.  Marriage, confession, reception of Holy Communion, holy orders is coming next, and on and on.

If this does not constitute being at war with God, then I have no idea what does.

And yet, Christ, all-knowing, all-understanding, and pure, infinite love for each and every person, told us exactly how we can hurt Him, because if He didn’t tell us how we can hurt Him, neither would we know, by definition, how to Love Him.

And clearly, to Him it was, we were, YOU ARE worth it.

This is why The Law and the Sacred Heart of Jesus are inextricably connected. 

Hate one, and you hate the other. Period.

Be assured of my prayers. I hope this helps.

Dear Ann— Could you please explain the Trinity?

Dear Ann,

Could you please explain the Trinity?

Unreasonably High Expectations


Dear Unreasonably High Expectations,


No one can. It is a mystery. And I find this consoling. Frankly, the fact that the Church says straight-out that there are certain things about God Almighty which are simply unable to be comprehended by human beings is a testament to the legitimacy of the Church as a teaching authority. Never trust any human being or group of human beings who claim to “know everything”. Anyone who claims to know everything or have all of the answers is, by definition, a liar right out of the chute, because only God knows everything.   

There are several huge mysteries of faith: the Trinity (one God in Three Divine Persons), the Incarnation (Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the aforementioned Triune Godhead, being both fully God and fully man) and the Eucharist (bread and wine being transubstantiated into the physical substance of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ).

How can God be One in Being, but Father, Son and Holy Ghost? I dunno. It’s a mystery. But we know that it IS.

How can Jesus be both fully God and fully Man? I dunno. It’s a mystery. But we know that it IS.

How can something that was bread a few minutes ago, and still looks like bread, and still smells and tastes like bread actually be the Substance of God? And how did that change occur? I dunno. It’s a mystery. But we know that it IS.

Regarding the Trinity, here is what we do know and can articulate. The primary point and revelation of God in the Old Testament is the reality that there is not a “pantheon” of many gods, but that there is, in fact, only ONE God. If you had to pin down what the point of the Old Testament is – that’s it in a very, very oversimplified simple nutshell. GOD IS ONE.

The Torah, or the first five books of the Old Testament, were written by Moses. The entire point of Moses’ life was to bear witness to the fact that there is only ONE GOD. There was absolutely no ambiguity about this. None. But, if we look at literally the FIRST CHAPTER of the book of Genesis, we see something amazing. Verse 26:

“And He said: Let Us make man to Our image and likeness: and let him have dominion over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and the beasts, and the whole earth, and every creeping creature that moveth upon the earth.”

(Et ait: Faciamus hominem ad imaginem et similitudinem nostram….)

Moses spent most of his adult life in interface with (I refuse to use the word “encounter” anymore. It has been rendered utterly trite by those who speak in Modernist, post-Conciliar Bergoglian gibber-babble) and witnessing to The ONE TRUE GOD. And yet Moses can’t get more than a couple hundred words into his written record and he is using PLURAL PRONOUNS – “Us” and “Our” – when quoting the ONE TRUE GOD. SURELY Moses, of all people, wouldn’t make the sloppy mistake of using plural pronouns. SURELY someone around Moses, and for the centuries upon centuries afterward, would say, “Hey! You’ve got plural pronouns here! Shouldn’t we fix that? Afterall, it completely undercuts the whole “GOD IS ONE” thing we are trying to communicate here.”

Nope. Not only did Moses write it that way, but it STAYED that way for all of these centuries. I find Genesis 1:26 to be one of the most compelling proofs of the Divine Inspiration of scripture and of the proactive work of the Holy Ghost in not only revealing truth, but also protecting and maintaining that deposit of revealed truth. Think of all of those centuries before Our Lord’s Incarnation when the Jews COULD have singularized those two little pronouns/verb conjugations – and no one ever did.

One of the most important points about the Triune Godhead is this: God is RELATIONAL to Himself.

Priest’s view from the High Altar of Santissima Trinità dei Pellegrini in Rome. Shamelessly lifted from Fr. Z.

God is Love – and what is Perfect Love? Perfect Love is the complete giving of one’s self, and Perfect Love is the act of fully RECEIVING and then returning love. Soooo . . . if God is NOT relational to Himself, how could He have existed as Perfect Existential Love “before” the creation of the universe? Whom was He loving? Was He sitting around pondering Himself? How does inward-turned singular “naval gazing” constitute a GIFT of self? What love was He receiving? How could God receive love if He was the only thing that existed and weren’t RELATIONAL to Himself from all eternity and beyond?

Again, these are the questions that any thinking person slams up against fairly early in any genuine conversion or reversion experience, and yes, we all SHOULD be asking these questions because we cannot love that which we have not first apprehended with our intellects. And, the more we intellectually apprehend something, the more we can then love it. The asking of questions – whether they be concerning the natural world, other people, or God Himself – is, at its root, an act of love. Remember that the next time you’re in the company of a three year old: “Why? Why? Why?” Beware the man who asks no questions, for that is a man bereft of love.

How could God receive love if He was the only thing that existed before the creation of rational intellects – angels and men? Because God is, in Himself, able to relate to Himself. Christ revealed to us that God is Three Divine Persons, all distinct but yet completely One in Being. Got your head around that? No, of course not. We can’t FULLY grasp that existential reality any more than we can grasp and explicitly describe what a fifth dimension would look like. But Christ did give us names for the Three Persons in Matthew 28:19 so that we could relate to the Trinity. Those names are: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The words “Father and Son” are not a perfect analogue because the Father did not exist before the Son, as in the human case. The Three Divine Persons of the Trinity are co-eternal. The best partial-analogy of this is fire. When a match is struck, the flame, the light from the flame and the heat from the flame all coexist concurrently. The flame does not pre-exist the light and the heat, nor does the heat pre-exist the light or the flame. We can grasp this, but what is impossible for the human mind to grasp on this mortal coil (and beyond, too, because finite beings can never fully grasp the Infinite) is the eternity of God. No one can explain that. No one can explain or fully comprehend eternity. Only the Eternal can fully comprehend the Eternal. All we can do is name it, and then get on with living, singing His praises.

So, God the Father gives Himself fully to God the Son. God the Son then fully receives that love, and then returns it to God the Father fully. This infinite back-and-forth of love is so existentially perfect that it yields a Third, which Jesus taught us to call “The Holy Ghost”.

(**Fascinating addition: It has been explained to me by philosophers that ONLY GOD is capable of the “total gift of self” that is the cornerstone of John Paul II’s “Theology of the Body”. The reason why “Theology of the Body” is deeply problematic and slides almost instantly into personalist phenomenology (the philosophical school that JPII subscribed to, which denies that objects exist outside of human consciousness of them, and thus that the mind of man is the supreme arbiter of existence… or some absolute nonsense like that.  Yeah.  Pray for his soul, because his canonization, done by Antipope Bergoglio, will be walked back when this situation resolves) is because it is built on the false premise that a human man can “give himself completely” to his wife, and that the woman can receive “the total gift of self” from her husband and then return it as a “total gift of herself” to him.  WRONG.  A man contributing his DNA, and a woman contributing her DNA is not even remotely close to “a total gift of self”, nor is any unitive joy of the conjugal act even close to “total gift of self”.  No, make no mistake, only THE MOST HOLY TRINITY can do that.  Not even St. Joseph and Our Lady Ever Virgin, as much as they loved each other and were united in this world, ever got anywhere close to “total gift of self” because it simply is not possible for human beings to do this.  We cannot “fall through each others’ souls” or anything even remotely close to that.  

We can love, and must love, but we cannot delude ourselves into believing that “we are like God” and are able to “make a total gift of self”, and we certainly can’t delude ourselves into thinking, as many, many TOB followers do, that the marital sex act IS THE TOTAL GIFT OF SELF.  It is not, PERIOD. This is common sense. But guys, lots of these TOB people actually think this, and use it as justification for sins of the highest gravity, including sacrilegious fornication and even sodomy between spouses. Believe me, after the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, there will be NO MORE “Theology of the Body” on this planet.  So, I would advise going ahead and trashing everything you own that is TOB-based, in anticipation of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

Long story short, TOB places “the unitive good of the spouses” on an equal plane as the procreation and rearing of children, instead of having procreation alone at the top, with the unitive benefits to the spouses as a secondary, subordinated priority.  This mis-ordering combined with personalism, has led as direct logical corollaries to the winking acceptance by the infiltrators of The Church of divorce, contraception, abortion, sodomy, transsexualism and whatever damn filthy perversion is next, which we all know is pedophilia.)

The big human metaphor to all of this is human procreation.

A man loves his wife and gives his DNA to her. The wife loves her husband and thus receives his DNA and offers her own DNA in return. The gifts of DNA then becomes a third person (with the essential involvement of The Holy Ghost, the Lird and Giver of Life- Dóminum et vivificántem).  But this is obviously only an analogy – it is useful and important, but not an equivalence. Not even close.

Thus, the Triune Godhead is the foundational reality, and human marriage and procreation is the DERIVATIVE, which points back in analogical form to the underlying and infinitely greater reality of the Trinity.

This is why marriage, the marital act and procreation are so utterly sacred – even though they are only an analogy, and thus so destructive when perverted, sadly in these dark days with the consent and even cooperation of the very shepherds who should be laying down their lives to protect the sacrosanctity of marriage and sexuality. It’s enough to make one suspect that almost all of them by now are actually wolves….

So there are a few points to ponder today, the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity. And remember, if you’re troubled by the fact that you don’t fully understand the nature of God, just remember that a God that our pea-brains could fully comprehend would be… no God at all. The fact that God is infinite and inexhaustible in the depths of His goodness, beauty, justice, mercy and LOVE is the ultimate consolation and incentive to hope.

As always, I hope this helps.

Here is a classic secular song that I have always heard with a Trinitarian ear, “Nature Boy”, best performed by Nat King Cole.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn, is just to love, and be loved in return.”

As for my people, their oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them….

As for my people, their oppressors have stripped them, and women have ruled over them.

Populum meum exactores sui spoliaverunt, et mulieres dominatae sunt eis.

Isaiah 3:12

Wisdom: let us be attentive. Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster

I haven’t posted on this yet as I was initially waiting for more information, specifically if Mother had been embalmed (NO), and what sort of coffin she was interred in (basically a “cremation box” as it is called in the mortuary trade, the simplest possible coffin). Then more information came to light which I can’t discuss (sorry), that has led me to believe that I really need to be seeking Mother’s intercession – actively. I’d encourage one and all to do the same. The Communion of Saints is very, very real, folks, and it transcends time and space to form connections that none of us could ever imagine. The General Judgment, when ALL is revealed, is going to be astounding, to put it mildly.

Letter from Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster to Pope John Paul II, 19 Jan ARSH 1991:

Most Holy Father:
I see no need for an African rite.
I see no need for an American rite.
I see no need for an African-American rite.
I adhere to the Roman rite. Latin is the official language of the Roman rite. Gregorian chant is the official music of the Roman rite.
I am a subject of Christ’s kingdom, which is not of this world.
Our Lord Jesus Christ founded one Church for all men regardless of skin color, regardless of living conditions, regardless of mother tongue. Everyone must die to himself and put on Christ. “Forget your people and your father’s house,” the Psalm says.
Please, Holy Father, listen to the cry of UNA VOCE; Establish a Traditional Ordinariate Consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary!—p. 100 God’s Will; Benedictines of Mary.

It’s Viva Uganda Month! The Uganda Martyrs Died Because They Refused to Engage in Sodomy with King Mwanga

(Originally penned and posted in November of ARSH 2015.)

Please spread the TRUE STORY and REAL POINT of the Ugandan Martyrs far and wide, and don’t let the Luciferian sodomitical Freemasonic infiltrators and enemies of God and His Holy Church twist this into yet another heresy-supporting perversity.

King Mwanga was 19 years old and a raging sodomite.  The Ugandan martyrs were young Christian men, the youngest being 14 years old and some of them actually OLDER than King Mwanga himself, the eldest being 25 years old, who were pages in Mwanga’s court that categorically refused to comply with his demand that they engage in sodomy with him or anyone else, including his… wait for it… MUSLOID buddy, Lutaya.

In the week leading up to the commencement of the great bloodletting, a lad named Matthias Gayinga refused to engage in sodomy with the musloid Lutaya at King Mwanga’s specific order.  Matthias Gayinga was tortured, but not to death, for his virile stance against the sodomite wretches Mwanga and Lutaya.  This incident, and the “splendid example” as it was called among the Christians, is what led directly to the rage and mass martyrdom at the sodomite Mwanga’s hands.

The leader and protector of the young men and boys in Mwanga’s court was a Catholic man named Charles Lwanga who had ascended to that role just a few days earlier when his predecessor was beheaded by King Mwanga. Upon being made head page in Mwanga’s court, Charles Lwanga himself asked to be baptized and received into the Church on November 15, ARSH 1885.  When King Mwanga’s favorite male catamite, a lad named Mwafu, revealed that another man named Denis Sebuggwawo was instructing him and the other boys, under Charles Lwanga’s supervision as head page in the court, in the Catechism and preparing them for baptism, and that is why Mwafu had stopped coming to Mwanga’s court (for sodomy with King Mwanga), King Mwanga became enraged, sealed the court and summoned his executioners.

Charles Lwanga, knowing that they would all be killed by the raging sodomite king, immediately baptized the four catechumens on May, 26, ARSH 1886.  The next morning they were summoned before King Mwanga, and the Christians were asked to identify themselves, and then asked to apostatize.  Not one lad apostatized.  All stood manfully for Christ, knowing it meant their torture and death.

As I cover in my Diabolical Narcissism video presentation, almost all sodomites have freely adopted the psychological pose and emotional palate of the demonic, and thus relish in inflicting wanton suffering upon others.  Generally they are confined to emotional and spiritual cruelty, but when given power, like King Mwanga, they are reliably physically sadistic.  The torture of the Ugandan Martyrs is no exception to this.  Charles Lwanga was separated from the rest of the lads and had his feet BURNED OFF before being finally killed. As his feet were being burned off, Charles Lwanga said to the executioner, “It is as if you are pouring water on me. Please repent and become a Christian like me.”

The other lads were marched 37 miles, and at the place of execution were wrapped in reed mats, stacked like logs, and burned as a human pyre.

I find several extremely relevant points here.

First, King Mwanga’s demand was not just for sodomy, but CONSENSUAL sodomy.  The lads were not raped, it seems.  This is a huge distinction, and so reflective of our contemporary culture and situation, and it harkens directly back to the events in the city of Sodom as recorded in Genesis 19.

Sodomites are never content to be “left alone” to their wretched depravity.  The cultural progression goes from tolerance to acceptance, acceptance to ratification, ratification to support, and support to participation.  King Mwanga tortured and killed those lads because they refused to crawl down into hell with him – just as the demons and their human allies want every human being to freely choose hell, just as they did.

Second, we all know that with regards to St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, the part about the sodomy will be totally glazed over.  Heck, just in researching this post I came across Catholic websites that never mention it – only “the King’s immoral practices”, being conspicuously careful to never say what those “immoral practices” were. According to the evil infiltrators of the Church, poor King Mwanga just wanted to be “loved”, albeit in a “different way” with it own unique “value”. Who are we to judge, and who were these pious, rigid, fundamentalist, creepy young men who judged King Mwanga judgmentally, and refused to encounter, dialogue and accompany him body-to-body with the tender caresses of the God of Surprising Newness on his equally valid path through the fragrant lands of teh sweet, sweet buttsecks?

Make no mistake, according to the Bergoglian Antichurch, the Ugandan Martyrs deserved what they got for not capitulating and being “haters”.

Please tell everyone you can about St. Charles Lwanga and his Companions and their glorious and holy deaths at the hands of a raging sodomite and his musloid instigator, standing against that sin so vile, so foul, that it cries out to heaven for God’s vengeance, and that even the demons themselves withdraw from once instigated, given their angelic nature: SODOMY.

St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, pray for us, that we too may die before we ever capitulate to sodomites.




Stickypost: June ARSH 2023 Barnhardt Subscription Drive (Believe me, I hate this exponentially more than you do. 😖)


I’ve been counseled repeatedly that this is actually good for me spiritually – a contention which I vehemently resist. The issue here for me is humility, which I lack, and dripping pride, and so even after a decade-plus of going off-grid to live in the proverbial Van Down By the Watercourse, I still fight being what I am: a very well-groomed beggar. BUT, I shall continue to attempt to provide whatever this is: service? Entertainment? Various and sundry ways to stick it to the NewWorldOrder, BigPharma, and Antichurch?

The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered daily for my Benefactors and Supporters (no purchase necessary, batteries not included), and even if you, like others, decide at some future date that you hate me and that I’m evil incarnate and have been tricking you for all of these years, or I am at minimum some sort of paid infiltrator (man, the General Judgment is going to be REALLY embarrassing for a LOT of people just with regards to me), once on you NEVER come off the list. Ever.

So, my financial priority is STACKING, prepping, and paying rent as far forward as is prudent, which in my mind is six months.

After this latest move, which was JUST completed Monday (all my stuff was moved on March 30, but the domicile wasn’t habitable – so I camped out of two suitcases in my previous parking spot for two months, which ABSOLUTELY WAS salutary for me), I am now finally ensconced in my new home, albeit without a kitchen or furniture. I have water, electricity, a bed, a sink, a flushing toilet, and a camp shower. Good enough! As in many places, contractors are nearly impossible to come by here, so everything takes ten times longer than normal.

But the most important thing I have, and the entire reason for being here, is the Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass in the Venerable Gregorian Rite in all its earthly perfection, without any possibility of interruption. And really, for someone in my position, that is LITERALLY all that matters.


—if you are completely financially secure

—you tithe wisely and appropriately to the Church,

—-you pay all of your bills on time,

—you have money just burning in a hole in your pocket,

—-you can’t think of any other donation outlet, and

—- you get some “value” from the Barnhardt blog, Podcast, video oeuvre, or anything else, might I recommend in all cringe and humiliation, possibly considering a donation, one-time or recurring, through my ContinueToGive donation portal? I’ve been with CtG for almost a decade, and they are flawless. The CEO is literally my customer service rep, for all of the three questions I’ve had in ten years.

IF you should happen to have Wise, my Wise handle is the oh-so-cryptic [email protected] .

Finally, and most importantly, thank you. Thank you to everyone who has given me a single dime in the past, to everyone on the donation rolls today, and to all future donors that I haven’t met yet. I pray for you all ASSIDUOUSLY every day, and after every Mass. ASSIDUOUSLY.

Years ago, when I first put up a donation button, a demoniac emailed in, “What are you going to do? Pray to Baby J?”

And here I am, ten years later, doing EXACTLY that. Even the demons testify to the power and loving dominion of The Lord Our God, Jesus Christ. Remembering always that the fruit of the Third Joyful Mystery, the Nativity of Our Lord, is the SPIRIT OF POVERTY.

Saint Joseph, pray for us. Saint Peter, pray for us. Saint Anne, pray for us. Saint Philip Neri, pray for us. Saint Andrew, pray for us. Saint Catherine of Siena, pray for us. Saint Vincent Ferrer, pray for us. Saint Remigius, pray for us. Saint Cajetan, pray for us. Saints Benedict and Scholastica, pray for us. Saint Tiny Princess, pray for us. Mother Wilhelmina Lancaster, pray for us.

Our Lady of Copacabana, pray for us.

Infant Jesus of Prague, have mercy on us.

A Friendly Reminder from God the Holy Ghost through St. Paul in Holy Scripture to All Sodomites, and Their Wretched Enablers and Tolerators. Think Twice Before Turning a Blind Eye.

St. Paul on sodomites and their enablers and tolerators in his opening paragraphs to his letter to the Romans.

For professing themselves to be wise, they became fools. And they changed the glory of the incorruptible God into the likeness of the image of a corruptible man, and of birds, and of fourfooted beasts, and of creeping things. Wherefore God gave them up to the desires of their heart, unto uncleanness, to dishonor their own bodies among themselves. Who changed the truth of God into a lie; and worshipped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.

For this cause God delivered them up to shameful affections. For their women have changed the natural use into that use which is against nature. And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error. And as they liked not to have God in their knowledge, God delivered them up to a reprobate sense, to do those things which are not convenient;  Being filled with all iniquity, malice, fornication, avarice, wickedness, full of envy, murder, contention, deceit, malignity, whisperers, detractors, hateful to God, contumelious, proud, haughty, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, foolish, dissolute, without affection, without fidelity, without mercy.

Who, having known the justice of God, did not understand that they who do such things, are worthy of death; and not only they that do them, but they also that consent to them that do them.

Romans 1: 22-32

Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth…

Happy feast of St. Joan of Arc, the only person of either sex to be the supreme commander of the military forces of a nation at the age of seventeen. How lovely that her feast falls on Pentecost Tuesday this year.

Today, this quote seems especially fitting:

“Men are sometimes hanged for telling the truth.”


St. Joan, pray for us.

Consign the Stars and Stripes to history so that honored dead be not associated with the Washington DC sodogarch conquerors.

Every year the sense of betrayal and waste grows stronger and more intense. What did they fight and die for? Certainly not this – in fact, for the inverse of this sodo death cult.

I truly hope that the Stars and Stripes is soon replaced as ClownWorld raises its own standard, just so that these men’s memories are not desecrated by association with the Washington DC cabal. Consign the Stars and Stripes to history, because the nation it represented no longer exists.

I had never seen this before. Quite moving…