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Bumped: Dr. Indiana Mazza-Jones’ upcoming summer semester course: “RadTrads of the Lost Ark” – a deep dive into all of the incredibly cool miraculous relics and events of the One True Faith. And no snakes. We promise.


Dr. Jones? No, Dr. Mazza!

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Indiana Jones and Raiders of the Lost Ark, Dr. Mazza will uncover the truth and beauty of the most mysterious relics and places in Christian history. Join us every Thursday at 6pm PDT starting June 10th, for an epic twelve week journey including:

The Ark of the Covenant
The Holy Grail
The Holy Lance
The True Cross
The Holy Shroud of Turin
Eucharistic Miracles
Miracles and Cures of Lourdes
Tilma of Juan Diego (Our Lady of Guadalupe)
Liquefying Blood of San Gennaro
Stigmata of St. Padre Pio
Miracle of the Sun (Our Lady of Fatima)

Register by May 31st: Early Bird Rate of $250 ($275 thereafter)
(Every class session is recorded and available for review, and for those who miss the live class session)

Enroll Now!

I’m founding a cocktail named after my second-favorite artist. Spread the word. “The Cimabue”

It is a tradition over in Italy to name cocktails (usually light cocktails involving fresh fruit juice) after master artists.

Well. My second-favorite artist after Guido Reni, Cimabue (pronounced CHEE-ma-BOO-ay), who was the master before Giotto, and was… spectacular, has no cocktail. So. Ann to the rescue.

The Cimabue:

Juice of a red grapefruit, freshly squeezed

Stout Splash of Cointreau

Top with any bubbly white: Prosecco, Franciacorta (Italian Champagne) or Champagne

And here’s the non-negotiable kicker:

Finish with salt, preferably freshly ground.

Remember, this is called the “Cimabue” (CHEE-ma-BOO-ay).

I have served it in both martini glasses and large flutes. Even a large format red glass with a stem would work well. And don’t forget the SALT!!!

FORTY YEARS APOSTATE. A new record for this space?

This note came attached to a “recurring donation profile setup” notification today.

It was by the grace of Blessed Mother Mary and your website that I returned to the Catholic Church after 40 years of apostasy. I originally came to your site for the investment information a while ago but stayed for the Catholic education. I have learned so much and am truly blessed to be a member of a nearby FSSP parish. Now I am praying for my other family members and children to revert/convert also.

Not 40 years of lukewarmness, backsliding, or even slumming with Protestants. Forty years of APOSTASY. As in a total denial of Christ. Now, back home, as simple as one good confession. Our Lord makes it so easy. Only WE make it hard.

Please, say a Hail Mary with a “St. Monica, pray for us” for the re-conversion of this person’s family, and if you can spare the 30 seconds, another for the FSSP priests and the parish where this person is.

THIS is why we get up, brush and floss the choppers, iron today’s dress, put on the tasteful ladylike war paint, put on a beautiful helmet-hat, go to Mass/Adoration, keep the house clean and ready for company, and do what we do. THAT IS the ARMOR of GOD, and THIS IS THE WAR. It has already started, and will never end until Our Lord returns in glory. Every day is a battle for souls.

Strive to be the kind of person that when you wake up the in morning, satan and the demons collectively groan, “Oh, shit. She’s up.” That’s the goal for those of us laynothings in the Church Militant. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Folks, we have an intercessor against the DeathJab: Blessed Theodore Romzha, executed by LETHAL INJECTION by the Communists

Dear Ann,

I propose Bl. Theodore Romzha as patron saint against the death jab. Bl. Theodore Romzha was a young Byzantine Catholic (Ruthenian) bishop who was opposed by the Communists and was put to death by lethal injection on the orders of Khruschev.

When men were men….

Blessed Romzha, pray for us!

How about some REALLY good news with regards to The Church? Fr. John Corapi is in a monastery, doing penance, and will die in prayer and repentant silence. This is the best possible outcome.

Full reportage here from Seriously folks, this is great news. Now the Corapi saga is finally put to bed in the worldly sense, and everyone should thank God, and move on.

The truth is, Fr. Corapi might be doing WAY more good and calling down far more graces upon this world, praying in penitential silence as a monk priest than he ever did being on EWTN and packing arenas. Seriously folks, the Divine Economy is unfathomable and largely hidden to our eyes.

Pray, as I do every day, for ALL fallen priests, especially those living in sickening public scandal, Fr. Thomas Williams (now of Breitbart) first among them. All priests will stand before Christ at their Particular Judgments AS PRIESTS, and bishops AS BISHOPS. It is a terrifying thought, which sadly, hardly any priests or bishops truly believe or take the least bit seriously. It seems that Fr. Corapi has. Thank God.

    I was told by the superior general of his order (SOLT), Father Peter Marsalek, back in 2016 as we were driving from the airport to speak at a Catholic parish that Father Corapi had reconciled with his order. He’s living the life of a monk in a monastery and has medical problems. He will never speak in public again—by his choice and his superior’s choice as well.

    I’m a friend of Father Corapi. He told me he wanted to end his life as a monk and he’s now living out his express desires. This is where he saw himself in his senior years: full-time prayer and penance.

    There are some who say, “What a hypocrite; he didn’t live what he preached.” The Holy Bible makes it very clear that none of us are perfect. We are all sinners in need of God’s mercy.

    Psalm 129:3-4, If thou, O Lord, wilt mark iniquities: Lord, who shall stand it. For with thee there is merciful forgiveness: and by reason of thy law, I have waited for thee, O Lord. My soul hath relied on his word.

    In other words, if God judged all our actions based on strict justice, we would all be going to hell. But God is merciful to those who repent. Father Corapi has repented and lives the life of a monk, praying and doing penance for his sins and the sins of the world.

    Virgin most powerful, pray for him.