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“There were bells, on a hill…”

When I made the post about the Lennon Sisters and the Father and Daughter singing “Tonight You Belong to Me” I thought maybe people could be off-put by the nature of the post.  How could I make a music post while the former United States enters the “Fort Sumpter” of the Second Civil War?

I’ve not received so much POSITIVE feedback in a long time. Thank you all.

So let me push it further.  Here is a Beatles (I know… I KNOW…) cover of a song from a terribly subversive Broadway show, The Music Man.

That said… I’ve always loved this song, and if one hears it as a me, or “mankind”, singing to Our Lord, especially in light of the CoronaCold scam and lockdown… Well.  Try not to shed tears.  There was a point in the lockdown period in which I walked the streets of a city to and from Mass every day in such solitude that the sound of my footfalls ECHOED LOUDLY in the streets, off the facades of the buildings.  The church bells never stopped totally.  Thank God.  The sound of those bells – which are sacramentally “named” and “baptized”, were an incredible consolation.  If you have never lived in proximity to bells, let me tell you.  They are worth every penny of fundraising.  Bells are the breath-sounds of Christian civilization.  When they go quiet… death follows.

“There were bells, on a hill… Then there was music, and wonderful roses, they tell me….” How many bell towers can you find in this picture?

I have corrected the Capitalization as if this song were us, singing in adoration to Our Lord.

Oh, and by the way, a warm welcome to all of the brave souls who have just entered the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, especially this past weekend of Pentecost.  You are truly blessed and favored to have been given the grace of seeing the TRUTH and the One True Church, founded by Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, in the midst of this hot, hot situational mess. Welcome to the war.  Spoiler: WE WIN.

There were bells on a hill
But I never heard them ringing
No, I never heard them at all
‘Til there was You

There were birds in the sky
But I never saw them winging
No, I never saw them at all
‘Til there was You

Then there was music and wonderful roses
They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows
Of dawn and dew

There was love all around
But I never heard it singing
No, I never heard it at all
‘Til there was You

An Illuminated Second Look at Pope Benedict Leaving His PALLIUM at the Tomb of Pope Celestine V

First, and I’m going to keep repeating this just so that we don’t lose focus on the point, POPE BENEDICT XVI did NOT validly resign the Papacy in February of ARSH 2013.  Period.  He is the one and only living Pope, and has been since April ARSH 2005.  THAT is the core issue, and that is a binary objective reality.  Either he is the Pope or he isn’t.  Yes or no.  And, it turns out that the objective reality is YES, Pope Benedict is still the Pope because he did not validly resign.

For all of those who say, “What does it even matter?” I would respond with a few more questions.  What does it MATTER if Our Lord is Divine or not?  What does it MATTER if the bread and wine are Transubstantiated into the Real Physical Substance of God or not?  What does it MATTER if the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter is 3.1415?  Tell me more about how TRUTH ITSELF DOES NOT MATTER, considering that TRUTH ITSELF is OUR LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.  Tell me more about how lies and error are “the same” as The Truth.  I’m all ears.  Tell me more about this luciferian philosophy of shrugging indifference to the Author, Sustainer and Foundation of reality itself – TRUTH.

Now, here’s an interesting historical tidbit that we have talked about previously in this space, but given Dr. Mazza’s breakthrough thesis that Pope Benedict tried to resign only being the Bishop of Rome, I think we need to revisit Pope Benedict’s visit to the tomb of Pope Celestine V, the first Pope to resign in a juridically verifiable way (the events surrounding the death of Pope Pontian in ARSH 235 necessitate a hedge here).  Here’s a video of the event.

Now LOOK at the caption for this video – and remember, CTV is the Vatican’s in-house media arm:

On April 29, 2009, after the earthquake, Benedict XVI stopped off in Aquila, Italy, and visited the tomb of an medieval Pope named St. Celestine V (1215-1296). After a brief prayer, he left his pallium, the symbol of his own episcopal authority as Bishop of Rome, on top of Celestine’s tomb!

That’s right folks.  The Pallium is the symbol of episcopal authority given to METROPOLITAN bishops.  The Pallium is the symbol of METROPOLITAN authority and unity with the Vicar of Christ.  Non-Metropolitan archbishops, like for example Archbishop Viganò who was in the diplomatic corps, or Archbishop Georg Ganswein, who is a Curial archbishop, they do NOT receive a pallium.  Only archbishops who are given a Metropolitan See, whether that See be Mobile, Alabama or Rome, receive the Pallium.  In the clip above, Pope Benedict’s Pallium is NOT symbolic of the Papacy in toto – it is, exactly as the caption from ARSH 2009 says: the symbol of his own episcopal authority as Bishop of Rome.

The fact that Pope Benedict left his Pallium, the symbol of his EPISCOPAL AUTHORITY AS BISHOP OF ROME is … illuminating, to say the least.

Oh – good news: Marco Tosatti has published Dr. Mazza’s position paper now as well.  So now ALL of the Italians will see it.  YEEESSS!!!!

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Bill Gates: These conspiracy loons are saying I want to implant everyone with a microchip. Insanity! I want to give everyone a tracking tattoo! Duh!

Oh. It’s ONLY a tattoo. You know, like a… MARK.

What were we thinking, being concerned?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation came to us and said, ‘Hey, we have a real problem — knowing who’s vaccinated,’” said McHugh, who was recruited to join Rice with funding from the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.”

Read Gates latest scoffing at “conspiracy theorists” HERE.

It seems trivial to most people but… Trump’s marriage. It would be SO EASY….

So, Ivana (the first “wife” and mother of Don Jr., Eric and Ivanka) was already “divorced”, so invalid.  Then we have the fact that Trump has had a pre-nuptial agreement with every “marriage”, so that is an invalidation.

So, for Trump to be VALIDLY MARRIED to Melania, he would need to tear up his pre-nup with Melania, be confessed and received into the One Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, and be married/sanated in the Church.

Folks, PRAY.

I’m hard pressed to think of anything that would be a more glorious testament to Our Lord, His Holy Church and THE SACRAMENT OF HOLY MATRIMONY than this, in these days.

I’ll say it again: Melania’s witness in all of this since day one has been nothing but edifying to Catholic women.  I hope I can meet her and shake her hand some day.  She has been put in one of the most difficult positions in recent history.  She literally COULD choose the path of sainthood like St. Monica, or any of the queen-saints of history.  How beautiful a testimony for a girl who chose scandalous modeling in her youth to become an exemplar – in beauty-  for women everywhere, much less to convert her husband.

I pray the Leonine Prayers after Mass for Trump and Melania, in addition to Pope Leo’s intention against the errors of Russia (Freemasonic-Marxism in every form).  Please join me.

For all of you converts who might be flinching, consider how IMPERFECT your own entrance into Holy Mother Church was.  And for you Cradle Catholics, consider Our Lord’s Mercy toward you in the confessional as you reverted.  Then and only then curse Melania and Trump as “irredeemable”.  We are ALL redeemed.  The question is, are we SAVED.  And the SALVATION is so, so, so easy in relative terms.  Because the “relative term” is Our Lord’s infinitely unjust torture, suffering and death.  The entire point of His Passion is that OUR path to salvation is so very, very, infinitely easy in comparison.



So Trump and Melania don’t represent “Catholic principles”, but Antipope Bergoglio does?

As you all know, I’m no Trump fangirl. But, I think Melania is one of the most impressive people I’ve seen in a long time. She is a Catholic revert. And she hasn’t said or made a wrong step in all of this. Quite to the contrary.

So. Let’s not be shy in noting the two most iconic images of American presidents kneeling – KNEELING in prayer. George Washington and Donald Trump.

Are these iconographical bookends?

With Trump kneeling in a Catholic shrine?

And another “thank you” to Melania for being, yet again, an image of edifying beauty for all Catholic women. Considering the extreme pressure she is under, I admire her witness. Pray for her, her son, and for Donald J. Trump, and for the reversion of Ivanka Trump, and for the conversion of Jared Kushner and the Kushner children, currently Talmudic Jews.


Reading Old Testament prophecy is now current events: dung-smeared faces

Behold, I will corrupt your seed, and spread dung upon your faces, even the dung of your solemn feasts; and one shall take you away with it.

Malachi 2:3

Young people in the former United States of America are now smearing their faces with their own dung on social media to prove some incomprehensible, luciferian, self-loathing point.

Last one out, please turn off the lights.

Behold: the demonic.

Satire no longer remotely possible: Anti-Hydroxychloroquine policy set by micro-company consisting of a Sci-Fi author and a porn “model”.

Oh, and while I’m feeling sporty, ask your cowering, quivering priest and/or bishop if he is terrified of a common cold virus because he knows that his immune system is already or very possibly could be compromised by some sort of …immunodeficiency virus.

Aitch? Eye? Vee?

Read up here on the Sci-Fi porn star thing. Via the Guardian of the UK.