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Moving Days

I’m moving so posts will be thin for a few days.

First, thanks to the buyer of the license plate for an amazing $1337. Once again, I am humbled.

Thanks also to all of the folks sending me emails telling me that I am a fraud and a thief and a moral degenerate for doing my estate sale auctions. Yes, I know. I can’t win. If I sell stuff I’m going to hell for being a money-grubbing fraud, and if I don’t do anything I am being prideful in not asking for help when it is needed, and there is nothing that sends a person to hell as quickly and surely as the sin of pride. So, yeah. It’s pretty much existential for me. Waking up breathing makes me a sinner. Please pray for me. Obviously.

And, just so you know, the hits keep on a-comin’. After being told by the phone company that they were charging me a $1200 cancellation fee, the next day the security system company told me that they were going to charge me a $1000 termination fee.

The first punch didn’t quite destroy my kidney. Please, just punch me right there again. It’s cool. I have another kidney, so no prob.

But in all seriousness, this is just a testament to how far gone our culture is, and not just on the macro level. Fifty years ago people would never treat others like this. If someone went broke, or whatever, generally people didn’t kick them when they were down. If contracts became untenable, human decency kicked in and contracts were voided according to A.) common sense and B.) human decency.

This ruthless interpersonal behavior is a direct function of the decent into Marxist-Communism or whatever you want to call this. When human beings are reduced to economic units by the government, that eventually trickles down to the personal level. It is the ultimate irony. Capitalism tempered by Christian culture has a built-in incentive for people to be good to each other – in business it is called “goodwill”, and it is a very real asset. So while the Marxists lyingly claim that they will deliver a charitable, merciful culture, it is exactly the opposite. Marxism makes people ruthless, hard and unforgiving. Capitalism restrained by Christian culture yields the most fertile ground for charitable interpersonal dealings.

The funny thing is, if the security system company would have been cool about it, I would have totally plugged them here on the blog. They really were a good company in terms of their service. After I burned the koran I upgraded and added video surveillance and all the bells and whistles, and it was great. Too bad they blew the opportunity for massive “goodwill”.

And no, I won’t say their name in order to poison their well. I’ll just bear their hardness with a smile – thanks to all of you.

And now, a little jukebox goodness: Bonnie Raitt’s cover of “Runaway”. Heh.

On Autographing

No, I will not autograph anything. BUT, I am sending thank you notes along with each purchase.

Why won’t I autograph? Because it is just completely repellant to me. One of the big reasons this culture is doomed is this truly childish obsession with “celebrity” (to ANY degree) and the building up of cults of personality.

Yet another HUGE lesson in this happened just a few days ago. Are you people who still insist on clinging to the dead, fetid, rotting, maggot-ridden carcass of “politics” learning yet? How did it feel to see “your boy”, Rand Paul, completely, totally sell all of you out and declare his support for the government killing US citizens on US soil without any due process with *#@$^$%& drones?

Are you getting this yet? These people are ALL psychopaths, and they are preying on YOUR “celebrity worship”. Rand Paul, like EVERYONE involved in “politics” today, including his money-grubbing, crazypants daddy, is a power-hungry, money-grubbing psycho who will do and say ANYTHING in order to maintain and advance his power and wealth.


Um, the big hint that these people are psychologically and morally unfit to hold any public office is THE FACT THAT THEY HOLD AND/OR SEEK PUBLIC OFFICE.

So, no, I will not autograph anything, because I am just a person and I KNOW I’m just a person, and all I want to be is just a person, and I will not enable any “cult of personality”.

I’m sending thank you notes, you know, like a normal, decent PERSON would do.

And once again, thanks to one and all for the incredible generosity that you have shown to this very normal, very flawed PERSON.

Where Funds are Going (Anecdotally)

The auction continues apace, and I’ll have more listings tonight and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the leper-spoon, spork and assault rolling pin are bid up to once again stunning levels.

Just an anecdotal example of where the estate sale revenues will be going for you:

I called CenturyLink to have my phones disconnected next week. I have been a customer since I was 20 years old, and have paid this company (first as US West, then as Qwest, and now as Century Link) tens upon tens of thousands of dollars over the last 16 years. I was under a four year contract on my business landlines and two toll-free numbers here at the office which expires in THREE MONTHS.

I called and explained that I had lost my business, and now my home and wouldn’t even have the ability to forward the numbers to a new domicile. And remember, I have about 12 WEEKS left on my existing business line contract.

Do you know what they are going to charge me for “breaking the contract” TWELVE WEEKS EARLY, after 16 years and pushing $100k in revenues from me?


So there you go. THAT kind of stuff is what is going to consume the estate sale revenues.

Poverty is kinda expensive, huh? Ah, well. This too shall pass. I’m almost there. Just a little bit farther, and then home free.

Estate Auction: Buy-It-Now Silverware at $50

Okay. I have heard you loud and clear, and now see the logic in this. Many folks are priced-out of the full auction items almost immediately. SO… I have put up my silverware at $50 PER PIECE in the Buy-It-Now format. So, just to be clear, if you click “Buy It Now” you are buying one random piece of my silverware (which is stainless steel, of course) for $50. Yes, you can buy multiple pieces if you so choose.

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Barnhardt Estate Sale: 3 More Spoons

Many, many thanks to the Australian chap who bought the glass firebowl last night. He wanted to pay exactly $732 for it in homage to Charles the Hammer, but $610 was the bid. The market has spoken.

I can’t get the “buy-it-now” fixed-price listings up tonight because as a new seller on Ebay, I have to call tomorrow and be enabled for that.

BUT, I have three more spoons up in an open auction format, and yes, everything comes with a signed thank-you note.

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