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Here it comes: Post-synodal exhortation abolishes priestly celibacy

“We know that this discipline “is not required by the very nature of the priesthood” (PO 16), although there is for many reasons a convenient relationship with it.”

(Sappiamo che questa disciplina “non è richiesta dalla natura stessa del sacerdozio” (PO 16), sebbene vi sia per molte ragioni un rapporto di convenienza con esso.)


Remember what these lying apostate bastards are intentionally leaving out:

The rule from DAY ONE was that married men who were ordained had to observe PERFECT, PERPETUAL CONTINENCE. They could never have sex with their wives again. Because, to be a priest and offer the Holy Sacrifice is to be mystically espoused to the Church, and to Christ Himself. The Mass is a nuptial act.

Everyone understood this until not too terribly long ago.

Prof. de Mattei’s original Italian coverage here.

More Sad Notes on Suicide

A priest in Kansas City shot himself this week, and already the “canonizations” are everywhere.

In the interests of speaking those truths that others won’t:

Nearly every human being who commits suicide goes straight to hell for all eternity.  Self-murder is one of the most evil acts a human being can commit. NOTHING justifies suicide.  If a person is literally non compos mentis, that is so profoundly ill that they are no longer “present” in their own consciousness, very, very, very rarely do such people have suicidal ideation.  Suicide is something that is freely chosen by a rational human intellect that is conscious and self-aware.

This is something very difficult to talk about, especially in light of 9/11 and the several hundred people who jumped.  Should you ever find yourself in a situation like that, it is VERY important that you NOT kill yourself, but rather be killed by external forces, and cling to every second of life that you can, making acts of perfect contrition for as long as you possibly can, and thus preparing yourself for your Particular Judgment as well as you possibly can.

Here’s the thing about the Bergoglian-Sodo-Freemasonic Antichurch demanding that self-murder victims be unanimously and instantly declared to be saints in the Beatific Vision, entered into eternal paradise: IT IS A KEY EXPECTATION AND PLANK OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER/ ONE WORLD RELIGION (SOROS, ET AL) AGENDA THAT BABY BOOMERS, GENERATION X’ERS, MILLENNIALS, AND ALL FUTURE GENERATIONS WILL COMMIT SUICIDE RATHER THAN INCUR COSTS AND PHYSICAL SUFFERING ASSOCIATED WITH DISEASE AND NORMAL AGING.

They are LITERALLY banking on this.

The Antichurch already is and will continue to be the major moral driver behind not only the ratification of suicide, but the EXPECTATION of suicide in certain circumstances.  The Antichurch is already telling people that to commit suicide is to INSTANTLY enter into heaven, or, at the very worst, to have one’s soul annihilated.  THIS is why Antipope Bergoglio has repeatedly proclaimed the heresy of soul annihilation.

Not only does suicide NOT “stop the pain”, it increases it to the incomprehensible level of the torment of eternal damnation in hell.

With regards to the priest who committed suicide a couple of days ago in Kansas City, the FIRST thought to go through my mind was, “What was he on?  Xanax? Prozac? Both?” Folks, these so-called anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs are absolutely luciferian and put people in to an ever-escalating high-low cycle.  I had the misfortune of falling in with a group years ago that included a person who was a lifetime user of these drugs.  I was warned before I even met the person, repeatedly, by others in the clique that they were manic-depressive and mentally ill, and required patience and forbearance.  What later came to light was NOT that the person was manic-depressive, but rather that the person was a lifetime addict to prescription anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.  What APPEARED to be “cyclical manic-depression” was, in reality, the person cycling onto (“manic”) and then off of (“depressive-psychotic”) these drugs.  The cycle fed itself.  As the person cycled OFF the drugs and then had a depressive or psychotic break, they would then cycle back on at a higher dose in order to “cure” the downside plunge.  It should be noted that almost EVERY mass shooter of the past 20 years has been a teenaged or early-20s male who has cycled OFF of psychoactive prescription drugs.  Suicidal, and oftentimes murder-suicidal ideation is a common and well-known side effect of WITHDRAWAL from these drugs, not being hopped-up on them per se.  But, big Pharma runs the show, and there is no way in hell the FDA will EVER ban these drugs given the current paradigm. And WAY too many people are now addicted to them.

For the public record, I have never in my life taken any such drug, nor would I EVER consent to being given such drugs.  EVER.  I used to think that “perhaps they help some people”, but I have now changed my position to one of total condemnation of such drugs.  They are dangerous both to the ingester and to the public at large, and keep people from getting real help, not to mention the sickening amounts of both blood and spiritual-blood money that Big Pharma makes from them.

I’d like to make one other point about PRIESTS today, in particular.

One of the most nauseating things I have learned about the sodomitical cesspit that is Rome is how sacrilegious sodomites (both clerics and laymen) and sexual predators use the Sacrament of Confession in order to protect themselves.  When a sacrilegious sodomite (either clerical or layman) identifies a “new priest in town” that is genuinely orthodox and even pious, the first thing the sodomites do is “confess” to that priest.  Now, understand me, these “confessions” are totally invalid because they do not involve sorrow or ANY purpose of amendment.  They are sacrilege on the deepest level.  These fake “confessions” are made in order to tie the hands of the priest who hears the fake “confession” so that the priest can not act IN ANY WAY against the sodomites.  A priest can not even, for example, admit that he knows that a given man is a homosexual, no matter how flamboyant and campy a given man might be.  Hence, you have sacristies FULL of sodomites, and no one says a word.

Now, imagine the psychological anguish and SCANDAL that a truly orthodox and believing priest today could be under.  Imagine being surrounded by sodomites – both clerics and laymen – and not being able to say or do ANYTHING about it.  Not being able to warn anyone.  Not even being able to complain. Imagine being a young newly-ordained priest, sent to your first parish assignment, and the parish priest, effectively your boss, asks you to hear his confession and then unloads active sodomy, child abuse, procurement of prostitutes, embezzlement, trafficking in and/or producing pornography, and on and on….  About the only thing a priest can do in that situation is DEMAND a transfer, but even then, the sodomite parish priest could and would make up all manner of calumnies against the young, orthodox priest.  And the worst part?  Since the bishops are a FAR higher percent sodomites, and the sodomites protect each other under a code of sodomitical Omertá, the bishop could and likely would crush the young, orthodox priest.

Could we then see how a young, orthodox priest might then be tempted to turn to dangerous anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety pharmaceuticals?

Folks, THERE ARE NOT WORDS TO DESCRIBE THE SATANIC EVIL THAT IS THE SCOURGE OF SODOMY.  The sodomite milieu operates on a level of evil that morally sane people simply cannot comprehend – until it is explicitly explained to them, as has been the case with me.  As intelligent as I may be, I could never have come up with this shit myself.

It is POSSIBLE that any priest who commits suicide, especially a priest that gave every appearance of genuine orthodoxy as the priest in Kansas City was reported to have been, COULD have been scandalized to total despair, or at minimum scandalized into psychoactive drug use.

Satan is a bastard, and a MASTER chess player. Never forget that.

Now, after reading this, tell me more about how Pope Benedict XVI simply COULDN’T have been coerced into proffering a resignation.  Tell me more about that.  Tell me more about how the man who was the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and had ALL clerical misconduct cases pass over his desk, and had lived and worked for DECADES in the Vatican, which was and is now almost TOTALLY infiltrated by sodomites, yes, tell me more about how COERCION and despair-induced SUBSTANTIAL ERROR are not even possible.  Tell me more about how Pope Benedict said immediately upon being elected Pope, “Pray for me, that I not flee for fear of the wolves” and this indicates nothing and should be totally discounted as meaningless. Tell me more.  Tell me more about how no satanic maneuvering could even be possible, despite the locution of Pope Leo XIII in which satan declared his intention to destroy the Church, and Our Lord replied, “Go ahead and try.”


Don’t you see that it is satan’s overarching plan to essentially destroy the sacrament of penance, MOST ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE IN GRAVE MORTAL SIN?

See how this triangulation has been set up?

Thus, knowing and being aware of this, there is NO REASON TO MOVE INTO CHECK. The seal of the confessional MUST be maintained.

I hope this helps.

Pray for priests, pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

I don’t think that I am going out onto any sort of a limb to remind everyone that none of us can possibly imagine what all he knows and has been carrying around under the seal of the confessional for decades.  Let us remember Pope Benedict most especially at the Third and Fourth Sorrowful Mysteries.  The Third is the crowning with thorns – the fruit of the mystery is MORAL FORTITUDE.  The Fourth Sorrowful is the carrying of the Cross – the fruit of the mystery is PATIENCE and PERSEVERANCE.

CALL TO MOBILIZATION: A Solemn High Requiem Mass for the Bryants NEEDS TO HAPPEN

One of the single-most horrific and tragic aspects of the Novus Ordo paradigm is the total abandonment of the Poor Souls and the truly awful “canonizations” that pass as Funeral Masses.  This, of course, is all about the infiltrators’ denial of the Four Last Things: Death, Judgment, Heaven and Hell.  And THIS, of course, is a direct corollary of the denial of SIN in and of itself.

Novus Ordo funerals almost always canonize the dead person – that is declare them to be a saint in the Beatific Vision – and at absolute worst paint the funeral as a “celebration of life”, which, you realize, is a sneaking nod to one of Antipope Bergoglio and satan’s very favorite heresies: the notion that human souls that don’t reach heaven are ANNIHILATED.  So, hey, worst case scenario, Uncle So-and-so, who was a vocal apostate, moral degenerate and all around terrible person, but was baptized Catholic and thus his mother insisted that he have a Catholic funeral, is winkingly assumed to have had his soul annihilated, so, why don’t we have a “celebration of his life”?  No harm, no foul.

Thus, most Novus Ordo Catholics today do not have EVEN ONE Requiem Mass prayed for their souls, never mind there being any Requiems offered for the repose of the soul of deceased Catholics who are in Purgatory, going through the final burning purification like gold in a furnace so that they might be totally purged of any attachment to sin, and thus enter into the full, unveiled presence of God.

Yesterday as the news came in, it seemed to get worse and worse.  First Bryant and three others… then four others… then the news of 13 year old Gianna… then that it was a total of NINE souls on the helicopter… then the news that the crash was probably due to flying in fog so dense that it had grounded local law enforcement choppers.  Which means that this really didn’t have to happen.  But it did.

But now, today, better news.  The Bryants were practicing Catholics, with Kobe having a strong reversion in ARSH 2003, and they did, in fact, go to Sunday Mass just hours before they died. Kobe was also a regular WEEKDAY Mass attendee, which is particularly good news.  I think it can be reasonably said that people who go to daily Mass are generally there not because “I have to fulfill the Sunday obligation because of the Third Commandment”, but are there because they really, really WANT to be there.  I dare say that when a superstar athlete with a $600 million net worth gets up and goes to Mass on a Tuesday, it is because he WANTS TO.

Kobe Bryant needs prayers for the repose of his soul, just as almost every adult who dies does.  Bryant, we know, did some terrible things in his adult life, with his 2003 rape trial and civil settlement dominating the news in Denver in ARSH 2003.  It was a truly sordid, degenerate matter.  However, he managed to keep his marriage together, and had four daughters (including a baby born just this past summer) of whom he was clearly enamored and devoted. And, as we are all now reading, the rape trial is what spurred his reversion to Catholicism – yes, there are a non-trivial number of black American cradle Catholics.

So, first and foremost, the Bryants and the other people on the helicopter should have a Requiem just like every other human being (and they will, of course, be included in the Requiem that I have offered every week for ALL of the people who died in the previous week).  HOWEVER, I think that this terrible tragedy COULD be a vector for tremendous grace to flow.  Here is what I propose:

A SOLEMN HIGH REQUIEM MASS, WITH ABSOLUTION AT THE CATAFALQUE SHOULD BE ORGANIZED, AND LIVESTREAMED AND MADE AVAILABLE ON VIDEO.  Obviously, this should ideally happen in Los Angeles, but I would also propose that this could also be done in Italy as well, where Bryant grew up.  The FSSP has a parish in Los Angeles, and the Institute of Christ the King services central Italy, including Pistoia, where Kobe lived for several years as a child.

This could be a huge opportunity to show people what ACTUAL Catholic funerary liturgy looks and sounds like, what the Church prays for the faithful departed, and this being merely secondary to the spiritual work of mercy for the dead themselves.

The proverbial bat signal should be sent to Fr. Z. (who does on-site liturgical instruction and assistance), the FSSP Parish in Los Angeles, the ICK in Italy, and anyone else who can help with this.  Ideally, professional videographers should be enjoined.  EWTN? And, also ideally, professional musicians.  Many people find Faure’s Requiem to be sublime.  But it would require a full orchestra and choir.  Otherwise, Palsetrina, or any other traditional setting.

Here is a video of the Absolution at the Catafalque.  A catafalque (CAT-uh-falk) is the frame upon which a coffin, or as in most cases a wooden chest that stands-in for a coffin, is placed for Requiems at which the bodies are not present, which, again, is the vast majority of Requiems said since only ONE Funeral is normally said with the coffin in the church. Not every Requiem has the Catafalque in place, obviously.  It is a somewhat special ceremony.

May the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

Please spread the word on this and help me agitate to make it happen.

Barnhardt Podcast #101: The ShutUpStupiSode

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode we** discuss the works and miracles of St. Raymond of Peñafort before diving into the current events surrounding the Bergoglian anti-papacy. We also talk Pope Benedict as Kantian co-author — we can’t really know if he is or he isn’t — and “Bookgate,” in which the “former” Pontiff continues to co-author books not in silence behind the Vatican walls. We also cover the Damn Dirty Liar Georg Ganswein, the doctrinal guarantee of the Visibility of the Church (reproach of 1958 sedevacantism), and the current and glaring visibility of the anti-church. Regardless of the craziness and the manifest reasons to be nervous and fear, Our Lady has foretold all that is happening and how to maintain Faith, Hope, and Charity until the end.

** Nota Bene: Mark D. substitutes for SuperNerd in this episode.

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On postures during Mass…

Folks, it actually doesn’t much matter what people in the nave do during Mass.

If you have ever been to Europe, you probably noticed that the pews/chairs in the nave are relatively new if not clearly modern, and NOT fixed.

Pews are a Protestant thing. A very recent addition to Catholic Churches. Those churches were all built for the Nave to be essentially standing/kneeling room only.

There are two main postural conventions: Stand for the Gospel, kneel for the Consecration. And, yes, if one makes a Sacramental Communion, it should be from the hands of a priest or deacon, kneeling, upon the tongue.

Look, the lay faithful in the nave are NOT clerics in the sanctuary!! What we do has zero liturgi/rubrical bearing on ANYTHING that goes on in the sanctuary. Zip.

Here is what I do at all Low Masses:

Stand while priest and server process into the sanctuary.

Kneel immediately upon the first “In nomine…”

Remain kneeling until the Gospel.

Stand for the Gospel.

Kneel at the “Oremus” at the Offertory.

Remain kneeling. All the way through….

Stand for the Last Gospel.

Kneel for the Leonine Prayers.

Stand as the priest and server process out.

Kneel for after-Mass thanksgiving and prayer.

I’m kneeling for the vast majority of the Mass, and never sitting.

But hey, that’s just me. Guys, it doesn’t matter what people in the nave do, really.

Do I find kneeling… conducive to prayer, especially at Low Mass? Yes. I also carry a foam gardening kneeling pad in my backpack purse at all times. The only reason why is because the calluses on my knees when I don’t use it eventually split and bleed, which is gross, unsanitary, could ruin my clothes, and is a total inconsideration to others. Do unto others…

No one can tell you not to kneel. Ever.

For Aggressive Distribution: Antipope Bergoglio has TWICE awarded Clinton Bundler/Launderer and BestBud of Serial Boy Rapists and Traffickers, Ahmed “Andy” Khawaja

The blog Dad29 from up in Wisconsin has put this together, and I’m going to block post it in full, because it is laid out very well, but please do link back to him as you AGGRESSIVELY DISTRIBUTE this. I have added (sic) after every mention of “Pope Francis” since there is no such person – just Antipope Jorge Bergoglio. -AB

Depravity, Fraud, the Clintons, and ……..Pp. Francis (sic)!

If it were only the Clintons…but the spider-web goes much, much, further.

First off, there is the indictment.

…Essentially what we have is a foreign government meddling in our elections, a presidential candidate knowingly lapping up $4 million, and a pedophile serving as the middle man. Isn’t that something? 

Lebanese convicted pedophile George Nader, who goes way back with the Clintons and served as informal envoy to Syria for the Clinton administration, has acted as an advisor to the Middle East for decades. He was playing both sides, with the hope that Hillary Clinton would win. 

Nader and CEO of Allied Wallets Ahmed (Andy) Khawaja worked together to provide private parties, in home dinner meetings, and fundraisers, in addition to meeting with the “big lady,” “big sister H,” and “big sister’s husband” in private, otherwise known as Bill and Hillary Clinton. Of course, to enter the world of Clinton pay-to-play, one must pay at the door, so $3.5 million was concealed and funneled through democratic political committees affiliated with Hillary’s 2016 campaign. All the while, George Nader was reporting back to UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MBZ) on the progress. In order to try to slide these funds through under the radar, they enlisted staff from Allied Wallets, in addition to using Khawaja’s wife’s name. Khawaja donated hundreds of thousands to the DNC and other democratic committees, as well as to Adam Schiff, Joe Biden, Chris Coons, Dianne Feinstein and numerous others. They were so concerned that if “candidate 2” (Donald Trump) got elected “it would be over for the Arabs.”…


…George Nader [ ] has a history that resembles that of the devil. What was found on Nader’s phone when he was arrested in June 2019 for charges of child pornography, included images of young boys engaging in sexual acts and bestiality. In 1991, Nader was convicted and sentenced to six months at a halfway house in Maryland, on a felony charge for transporting sexually explicit videos of underage boys in foreign commerce. But the one no media outlets seem to want to include in their reporting, is the one-year prison term in 2003 where he was convicted in Prague for corruption of minors, sexual abuse and impairing minors. He sexually abused 10 young boys.THIS is the man that they have all developed a decades-long relationship with….

Khwaja is also a convict.

…Khwaja and two of his officers settled with the FTC for knowingly processing fraudulent transactions for firms that were known by law enforcement agencies as fraudulent. It wasn’t just about “knowing,” they actually created fake foreign shell companies, dummy websites, and other false information so as to hide it from banks and credit card networks. This was a full blown, very carefully constructed scheme….

So…….why does Pope Francis (sic) like him so much?

August 20, 2018

…Andy Khawaja, was awarded a “Medal of Goodness” from theVatican for himself and his company Allied Wallets giving back to global communities.

December 3, 2018

Andy Khawaja was blessed and honored as an Ambassador for Peace by Pope Francis (sic) and the Vatican. He can be seen in photos with the Pope
 (sic) here. According to Business Wire, a Berkshire Hathaway Company, Andy was also supported by Rondine Cittadella della Pace, and “Pope Francis (sic) showed gratitude for Khawaja’s efforts in supporting children in need and his work with world leaders to spread peace.”…

Rather odd, no?

And just in case you think Pp. Francis’ (sic) agenda concludes with the Amazon Sham-a-zon……don’t.

September 12

Pope Francis (sic) issued a statementinviting world leaders and young people to gather at the Vatican on May 14, 2020, for an event called “Reinventing the Global Educational Alliance.” He stated that “a global educational pact is needed to educate us in universal solidarity and a new humanism.”

He quoted Hillary’s favorite African proverb, “it takes a whole village to educate a child,” suggesting that parents are unable to do so. He went on to state, “an alliance, in other words, between the earth’s inhabitants and our ‘common home’, which we are bound to care for and respect.”…

A choice of friends and honorees which is ………not wise………and a “new humanism” to boot!!


“…and joining themselves to the true Shepherd of Thy Church…”

Many of you might have noticed that there are extra prayers being said during Mass, specifically  an extra Collect, and an extra Postcommunion.  There is also an additional Secret being said, but the Secret is said sotto voce, of course.

These extra prayers are because we are in the Octave of Church Unity which began on January 18th, the old calendar feast of the Chair of St. Peter in Rome, and concludes on January 25th, the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul.

If you have the Baronius Press 1962 Missal that so many of us do, the Votive Mass for the Unity of the Church is on page 1655.

What I especially love is the Collect, which gives every indication of having been composed by the Divine Providence for our times.  It is absolutely perfect:

O God, who settest straight what has gone astray, and gatherest together what is scattered, and keepest what Thou hast gathered together: we beseech Thee in Thy mercy to pour down on Christian people the grace of union with Thee, that, putting disunion aside and joining themselves to the true Shepherd of Thy Church, they may be able to render Thee worthy service.

Might I suggest adding this to one’s concluding prayers of the Rosary?

Here is a picture of Antipope Victor IV Conti submitting to the true Pope, Pope Innocent II Papareschi.  Antipope Victor actually was the second consecutive Antipope.  His “predecessor” was Antipope Anacletus II Pierleone, who, GET THIS, reigned uncontested in Rome for EIGHT YEARS and died peacefully in his bed.  The situation was fixed by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, who, after studying the CANONICAL VALIDITY of the events leading to the usurpation by Antipope Anacletus II went to Rome and very patiently met with people and calmly and rationally demonstrated the Canonical Case that Pope Innocent II was and had been the one and only true Pope all along.  Antipope Victor IV acknowledged the truth of St. Bernard’s case, and went to Pope Innocent II, cast off his “Antipapal” Tiara, and did public submission and obeisance to the One True Pope, Innocent II.

If you would like to read this fascinating history in full, click HERE.

St. Agnes of Rome

When I went to Rome years ago, I visited the church of St. Agnes, as it is situated on one of the most prominent spots in the entire city: Piazza Navona.

I prayed in the chapel containing the reliquary with St. Agnes’ skull, very visible.

God forgive me, I harbored doubts as to the veracity of the skull, as it was SO TINY. Yes, St. Agnes was only thirteen, and yes, people back then were “malnourished” compared to us. But….

Happily, the Divine Providence soon provided a corrective proof. I was on a Roman public bus (shudder), and a little old teeny-tiny Roman woman boarded the bus. She was clearly over 80. And much like my own grandmother, this lady’s hair had thinned and thinned evenly to a mere wispy halo, as she aged. When the little Roman lady boarded the bus at the Ara Coeli stop, the afternoon sun put her in a semi-silhouette such that her cranium was clearly visible in the sense of shape and size.

Exactly the same as St. Agnes.


1.) Quit second-guessing this stuff. The Christians 1700 years ago were neither liars nor imbeciles. They knew exactly what happened, to whom, where, how and when. And they wrote it all down immediately, and damn-sure told their kids about it. REPEATEDLY.

2.) Also, intercessory miracles. Lots and lots of intercessory miracles. And I’m not talking, “I left the house without a scarf and didn’t die of pneumonia.” Real, actual, MIRACLES.

3.) We are, all of us, relatively speaking, GIANTS. That whole business of being forced to choke down whole milk and eggs and steak every day that was my (and your!) early childhood is all BRAND NEW. I’m 5’4″. 100 years ago I would have been 5’0″. In Italy (I have zero Italian blood), I would have been 4’9″ or 4’10”.

Meanwhile, not to get side-railed here, but has anyone noticed that Barron Trump, who is not yet FOURTEEN, is… eleven feet tall? Poor kid must be experiencing some pretty intense knee pain. The lad is growing FAST, and isn’t close to being done. Melania’s young man might be a seven-footer.

Here, from over the transom, is a photo from TODAY of the blessing of the lambs for the feast of St. Agnes in Rome.

Feel free, just for today, to relish in the abject cuteness of the little food animals.

And below, please see my favorite artist, Guido Reni’s, St. Agnes. Please forgive the watermarks and sepia-and-white. It’s the best image I could find. This is housed in Palazzo Corsini in Rome.

Finally, a truly edifying quote about St. Agnes:

“Secure in the Canon, between St. Lucy and St. Cecilia, St. Agnes is every Mass’ reminder that an Empire is no match for a girl, when that girl is out to win God’s Heart.

Words to live by. Truly.

Memo to Pope Benedict’s Prison Guards: Increased Sequestration and Total Silence

Pope Benedict is surrounded by “minders” from the “Communion and Liberation” organization. His household staff consists of lay women who swear creepy oaths of obedience to Communion and Liberation and its head, Father Julián Carrón. These women are called “Memores Domini”.

C&L is similar to the Legionaries of Christ in that it seeks first financial power, and is massively financially corrupt. It is also riddled with horrific sexual corruption. It would not be unreasonable to describe C&L as the Italian analogue to the Legionaries of Christ. Both market themselves as “soft-right”, “moderate-conservative” groups in order to maximize their grift, targeting the wealthy “elite” and those with political power. C&L brags that through its top members, it has connection to over €100 billion in assets.

The most notorious case by far is that of Mauro “Don Mercedes” Inzoli, a notorious C&L pedophile priest who abused and raped hundreds of boys. Inzoli’s nickname comes from his very flashy and high-living lifestyle, not unlike that favored by Legion of Christ upper-echelon bosses.

(Fr. Thomas Williams, aka Mr. Liz Lev, being a prominent example, who likewise has a massive sexual misconduct dossier with the CDF, particularly his sexual relationships with his students while he was the Dean of Moral Theology at the Legion’s university in Rome. Williams, upon fleeing the priesthood in order to avoid exposure and adjudication of his sexual predation of young people under his authority, was placed at Breitbart by Steve Bannon, who was palling around with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as recently as September of ARSH 2018. But I digress…)

Antipope Bergoglio, despite strident warnings and objections from Cardinal Muller who headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the body which handles sex abuser priest cases, restored Inzoli to full faculties in ARSH 2014. This was done at the personal request of two of the most notorious sodomites in the Vatican: Cardinal Coccopalmerio, presider of the infamous cocaine-fueled gay orgy (it was actually a satanic liturgy) in an apartment in the Palace which holds the CDF, mere yards from St. Peter’s Basilica. The other lobbyist for the full restoration of the Communion and Liberation known raper of young boys, Inzoli, was Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto, one of Antipope Bergoglio’s most vicious attack dogs.

Antipope Bergoglio fired ++Muller and several of his staff that worked on sex abuse investigations from the CDF because of Muller’s opposition to Antipope Bergoglio’s pro-pedofile demands and agenda, with the C&L Inzoli being first among them.

And, exactly like the criminal Legionaries of Christ, Communion and Liberation is 110% in the tank for Antipope Bergoglio. Because POWER and MONEY. Check out this piece from Crux titled, “If you don’t think Francis is the cure, you don’t grasp the disease,’ CL head says”

Over my transom yesterday came a piece published in a C&L journal, penned by a high-ranking C&L layman operative, Massimo Borghesi, in the C&L rag, “Il Sussidiario”.

This piece, titled “FRANCIS AND RATZINGER / The “two” Popes and the crisis of authority in the Church” is being taken in Italy as a thinly-veiled directive to the C&L jailers of Pope Benedict to sequester him even further and to silence him.

Algorithmic translation of the money quote:

If Ratzinger wants to be consistent with the commitment he made when he decided to keep the name of Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus, then he should observe the rule of silence in the matters that are the subject of discussion by the bishops and Pope. He could only intervene if his word proves to be in support of papal action.

But do read the whole piece. It is a vomitous screed, in which Borghesi repeatedly calls faithful Catholics “the Anti-church”.

And remember, these people market themselves as “soft-right moderate conservatives”.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

(This video was put together by the chap that translated Antonio Socci’s book, accurately titled “The Secret of Pope Benedict XVI: Why He Is Still Pope” into English for Angelico Press, who then went over Socci’s and the translator’s head to change the title to a question, “Is he still Pope?” Be sure to read the end title card. Brilliant!)