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And now a quick word from the Mother of God…

Our Lady of Good Success:

The devil will work to persecute the ministers of the Lord in every way, working with baneful cunning to destroy the spirit of their vocation and corrupting many. Those who will thus scandalize the Christian flock will bring upon all priests the hatred of bad Christians and the enemies of the One, Holy, Roman Catholic, and Apostolic Church. This apparent triumph of Satan will cause enormous suffering to the good pastors of the Church…and to the Supreme Pastor and Vicar of Christ on earth who, a prisoner in the Vatican, will shed secret and bitter tears in the presence of God Our Lord, asking for light, sanctity, and perfection for all the clergy of the world, to whom he is King and Father.”

“To be delivered from the slavery of these heresies, those whom the merciful love of my Son has destined for this restoration will need great will-power, perseverance, courage, and confidence in God. To try the faith and trust of these just ones, there will be times when all will seem lost and paralyzed. It will then be the happy beginning of the complete restoration….”

+Viganò unloads on the dirty, lying, gaslighting manipulator and jailer Georg Gänswein, calls Pope Benedict “the Sovereign Pontiff”. Present tense singular.

Here’s the full letter in Italian. This link is also very good as a photo essay demonstrating Gänswein’s ubiquitous presence. Pretty much everything that happens in the Vatican is brokered through and physically stage-managed by Gänswein.

The letter to the editor of La Verità newspaper, from +Viganò, still in hiding for fear of his life, opens thusly:

Caro direttore,

è tempo di rivelare il controllo abusivamente e sistematicamente esercitato da monsignor Georg Gänswein nei confronti del sommo Pontefice Benedetto XVI, fin dall’ inizio del suo pontificato. Gänswein filtrava abitualmente le informazioni, arrogandosi il diritto di giudicare lui stesso quanto fosse opportuno o meno far pervenire al Santo Padre.

Good algorithmic translation here, and Diane Montagna has the full translation at LifeSite HERE.

Dear director,

it is time to reveal the abusive and systematic control exercised by Monsignor Georg Gänswein against the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, since the beginning of his pontificate. Gänswein routinely filtered the information, claiming the right to judge for himself how appropriate or not it should be sent to the Holy Father.

Note the VERY present tense: “the Supreme Pontiff Benedict XVI, since the beginning of his pontificate.”

Oh, and isn’t THIS interesting from Viganò‘s letter:

He [+Harvey] then added that, at the beginning of his pontificate, Benedict XVI, indicating Gänswein to him with his index finger, exclaimed: “Gestapo! Gestapo!”

This unscrupulous attitude was revealed from the very beginning of his pontificate, also in the determination with which Gänswein managed to distance from the pope his precious assistant and secretary, Ingrid Stampa, whom then-cardinal Ratzinger had wanted at his side for well over a decade after the death of his sister Maria Ratzinger.

Furthermore, it is known that to escape this total control exercised over his person by Gänswein, Pope Benedict often went to visit his previous special secretary, Bishop Josef Clemens, inviting Ingrid Stampa to these familial gatherings. 

It’s all happening, folks. The Truth WILL OUT.

If a Cardinal were to hold a press conference and make the following statement, the world would change instantly. There would be DOZENS of Cardinals crawling out of the woodwork to support the removal of the CRIMINAL USURPER Antipope Jorge Bergoglio.

All that would be needed to be said would be something like:

“Significant canonical irregularities have been identified with regards to the putative resignation proffered by Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013. Pending further investigation, a state of emergency suspense is hereby declared.”

Or something in that general vein. Pull the emergency brake. It’s that simple. Do that, and everything changes. Instantly.


Act, and God will act.

By now, if you have been reading this space, you can probably recite from memory Canon 188:

Can. 188 A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

#TOLDYA The Truth WILL out. People are finally waking up. Case in point: John Zmirak

Trad Catholic pundit/editor/dood John Zmirak appeared on the Protestant author Eric Metaxas’ radio show (Metaxas wrote the definitive biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, and did a delightful interview with Alice von Hildebrand).

It would seem, thanks be to God, that people are FINALLY, at long last, waking up.

Perhaps now Mr. Zmirak will find the time to review the mountain of evidence, with Canon Law first and foremost, backed up by the publicly available dataset of words and deeds of all of the players involved, from Pope Benedict Ratzinger stretching back decades, to Walter Kasper, the entire German theological academy, the Sankt Gallen Mafia, the stated goals of Institutional Freemasonry itself vis-a-vis the Papacy, and finally previous Holy Popes and the Mother of God herself. A good launch point would be HERE.

The timestamp I transcribe begins at 25:12…

“What this shows me is that Pope Benedict is NOT a free agent, he is not able to do what he wants. I REALLY think the Italian police should remove him from the Vatican and make sure that he wants to still be there, because I don’t think he’s there of his own free will, and I wonder if he RESIGNED of his own free will, or if future historians are gonna find out that he was coerced or threatened or somehow cajoled into resigning, and if that happens then Pope Francis’ whole term in office will be regarded as an Antipope, and there will be an asterisk next to his name in history books.  This kind of thing happened in the Middle Ages occasionally, happened in the Renaissance. There is a track record for evil men grabbing hold of the Office of the Pope….”

Now if we can just get these folks like Mr. Zmirak to get over this whole idea that the Truth is unknowable in real time, and that effeminately “kicking the can down the road” is all that can be done – that crimes can never be stopped while they are in progress, but only identified ex post facto.  Um, no.  The Truth is obvious and knowable NOW, and has been obvious and knowable for YEARS, and thus should be acted upon and the Bergoglian Antipapacy – a criminal act – ended NOW.  If this situation gets “left to future historians”, that will because we who walk the earth right now while it is happening will have FAILED in our moral duty to STOP THIS CRIME IN PROGRESS.

The Truth is ALWAYS in season, folks.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.


Hearing secular songs with a Eucharistic Ear: “To Make You Feel My Love” edition

We all could use a pick-me-up, and something to pull us back to THE ONE that is the true center of everything, and that we are fighting for.

I’ve been doing posts about hearing pop-secular songs with a Eucharistic Ear for over a decade now.  Good love songs can be heard either as God singing to mankind, or mankind singing to God.

Do these songs have any place in liturgy?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  But they can be a consolation while driving, working, exercising, whatever.

Today we will look at “To Make You Feel My Love”, written by, of all people, Bob Dylan, and performed here by Garth Brooks.  I am NOT a Garth Brooks fan at all, but props must be given – Brooks’ cover of this song is the best version.

Below is the video – ignore the images.  Just focus on the lyrics, which I have augmented in red with the Eucharistic motifs and concepts.  Our Lord is singing this to you.  Enjoy.

When the rain’s blowin’ in your face (“And when they were sailing, He slept; and there came down a storm of wind upon the lake, and they were filled, and were in danger. And they came and awaked Him, saying: Master, we perish. But He arising, rebuked the wind and the rage of the water; and it ceased, and there was a calm.” Luke 8: 23-24)

And the whole world is on your case (“And all that will live godly in Christ Jesus, shall suffer persecution.” 2 Timothy 3:12)

I would offer you a warm embrace (The Sacrament of Confession; Spiritual or Sacramental Holy Communion)

To make you feel My Love (The Beatific Vision – it is why He made you, and what your entire life on earth is driving toward)

When the evening shadows and the stars appear (“The moon and the stars to rule the night: for His mercy endureth for ever.” Psalm 135: 9)

And there is no one to dry your tears (“In thy sight are all they that afflict me; my heart hath expected reproach and misery. And I looked for one that would grieve together with me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort me, and I found none.” Psalm 68: 21)

I could hold you for a million years (“Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” Matthew 5: 5)

To make you feel My Love (The Beatific Vision – it is why He made you, and what your entire life on earth is driving toward)

I know you haven’t made your mind up yet (Love, even of Infinite Love Himself, can only be freely chosen by us)

But I would never do you wrong (Christ is INFINITELY GOOD, INFINITELY FAITHFUL and can neither DECEIVE nor be deceived. He will NEVER abandon us, nor break His promises. EVER.)

I’ve known it from the moment that we met (Christ has known that you would exist for all eternity, and by your baptism the estrangement caused by The Fall and Original Sin was eliminated)

There’s no doubt in My Mind where you belong (We exist to know, love and serve Him in this world, and be happy with Him forever in the next)

I’d go hungry (His 40 days in the desert),
I’d go black and blue (His scourging at the Pillar. “But He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and by His bruises we are healed.” Isaiah 53: 5)

I’d go crawling down the avenue (Carrying His Cross to Calvary, falling beneath it thrice)

There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do (His death on the Cross)

To make you feel My Love (The Beatific Vision – it is why He made you, and what your entire life on earth is driving toward)

Storms are raging on a rolling sea (The Freemasonic-Communist infiltration, Vatican II, The Bergoglian Antipapacy, etc.  “I saw in my vision by night, and behold the four winds of the heaven strove upon the great sea. And four great beasts, different one from another, came up out of the sea.” Daniel 7: 2-3)

Down the highway of regret (“For the sorrow that is according to God worketh penance, steadfast unto salvation; but the sorrow of the world worketh death.” 2 Corinthians 7:10)

Winds of change are blowing wild and free, yeah huh (Did I mention the Bergoglian Antipapacy?)

But you ain’t seen nothing like Me yet (His Sacred Heart WILL TRIUMPH through her Immaculate Heart. The theological virtue of Hope.)

There ain’t nothing that I wouldn’t do (Incarnate, suffer, die, rise from the dead, ascend, send the Holy Ghost, build His Holy Church)

Go to the ends of the earth for you (He is reposed in every Tabernacle, and comes down upon the altar at every valid Mass)

Make you happy, make your dreams come true (“But, as it is written: That eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath it entered into the heart of man, what things God hath prepared for them that love Him.” 1 Corinthians 2:9)

To make you feel My Love (The Beatific Vision – it is why He made you, and what your entire life on earth is driving toward)

UPDATED: Antonio Socci now reporting that an ENRAGED Antipope Bergoglio summoned Gänswein and demanded that Pope Benedict’s name be removed and ++Sarah be thrown under the bus. UPDATE: Ed Pentin proves +Gänswein is lying

This is the post on Socci’s publicly visible Facebook page titled, “The furor of the despot against the Catholic Pope.”

It’s all happening, folks.  Stay confessed.

Long-short, an infuriated Antipope Bergoglio told +Gänswein, who remember, is basically the right-hand man to BOTH Pope Benedict and Antipope Bergoglio, to remove Pope Benedict’s name, and then lie through his teeth and plant the fake news story with the Bergoglio-friendly press that Pope Benedict was bamboozled by Cardinal Sarah, thus attempting to throw ++Sarah under the bus.

None of this disavowal is coming from Pope Benedict. It’s all fake news coming from Antipope Bergoglio through the dirty henchman +Gänswein. As Frank Walker of  and so has brilliantly called it and named it, “The BenedictBot.”  The #FakeNews version of Pope Benedict.  Aka, Archbishop Georg Gänswein.

I’m telling you, Gänswein is dirty, and is up to his eyebrows in this mess. Don’t be fooled by the Bavarian charm and manners. Don’t be fooled by Gänswein doing Trad liturgies during the Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage in Rome. The guy can be trusted about as far as he can be thrown by his aforementioned eyebrows.

I seriously now worry about Pope Benedict’s physical safety more than ever.

Tell me more about how there just COULDN’T be any coercion in play with regards to Pope Benedict’s “fleeing for fear of the wolves?”

Canon law review! Back where we started these 3.5 years ago now…

Can. 188 A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

It is quite clear that BOTH substantial error and coercion are in play.


Ed Pentin proves that +Ganswein is a damn dirty liar, as I have been saying for quite some time now:

The Register asked both Archbishop Gänswein and Nicolas Diat for comment. Archbishop Gänswein has yet to respond, but on Jan. 15 Diat confirmed to the Register Cardinal Sarah’s summary of events, most notably stressing that the cardinal showed Benedict in person a draft copy of the cover during a private audience.

“Cardinal Sarah sent a confidential letter [to Benedict] on Nov. 19 with the full text. The proofs were complete: introduction, the two texts, and the conclusion,” Diat explained. “Then, on Dec. 3, he showed the draft cover during an audience with Benedict XVI.”

Diat also maintains that as recently as last Thursday, Jan. 9, Archbishop Gänswein spoke with Davide Cantagalli who is working on the Italian edition, and that during their conversation Archbishop Gänswein “gave his support for all the work the Italian editors were doing.” The Register has asked Cantagalli for comment.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the one and only living Pope whether he likes it or not, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

Prayers for a recently deceased monk friend…

In your charity, might I ask prayers for a recently deceased friend who was a monk?

I have already secured a Gregorian for him, and can say with a high degree of certitude that after this Gregorian is completed (I’ll post the dates) that we can all ask him to intercede for us, the Papacy and Holy Mother Church.

What he was mercifully spared knowing in life, he now knows better than any of us….

He entered his community when he was *TWELVE* years old waaaay back in the day, which was obviously many years before the Asteroid (TM).

For now:

The ubiquitous Gänswein constantly playing both sides. Man, that dude is DIRTY.

Again, Emmerich called it:

“I see the Holy Father in great anguish. He lives in a palace other than before and he admits only a limited number of friends near him. I fear that the Holy Father will suffer many more trials before he dies. I see that the false Church of darkness is making progress and I see the dreadful influence it has on the people. The Holy Father and the Church are verily in so great a distress that one must implore God night and day…”

“I have been told to pray much for the Church and the Pope … The people must pray earnestly for the extirpation of the dark church.”

“Last night I was taken to Rome where the Holy Father immersed in his sorrow, is still hiding to elude dangerous demands. He is still very weak, and exhausted by sorrows, cares and prayers. He can now trust but few people. That is mainly why he is hiding. But he still has with him an aged (that’s clearly not Gänswein) priest who has much simplicity and godliness. He is his friend and because of his simplicity they did not think it would be worth removing him. But this man receives many graces from God. He sees and notices a great many things which he faithfully reports to the Holy Father. It was required of me to inform him while he was praying, of the traitors and evil doers who were to be found among the high ranking servants living close to him, so that he might be made aware of it.”

Anne Catherine Emmerich – 10 August ARSH 1820

Pope Benedict AGAIN giving “MY Apostolic Blessing” – the PAPAL blessing. MY. First person singular possessive adjective. MY.

This time to Cardinal Sarah, per ++Sarah’s request.

Seguendo la Sua domanda imparto la mia benedizione apostolica a Lei, ai Suoi collaboratori, e alle persone a Lei care.

Suo nel Signore,

Benedictus XVI

(According to your request, I impart my Apostolic Blessing to you, your staff, and to those you care about.

Yours in the Lord,

Benedict XVI)