Memo to Pope Benedict’s Prison Guards: Increased Sequestration and Total Silence

Pope Benedict is surrounded by “minders” from the “Communion and Liberation” organization. His household staff consists of lay women who swear creepy oaths of obedience to Communion and Liberation and its head, Father Julián Carrón. These women are called “Memores Domini”.

C&L is similar to the Legionaries of Christ in that it seeks first financial power, and is massively financially corrupt. It is also riddled with horrific sexual corruption. It would not be unreasonable to describe C&L as the Italian analogue to the Legionaries of Christ. Both market themselves as “soft-right”, “moderate-conservative” groups in order to maximize their grift, targeting the wealthy “elite” and those with political power. C&L brags that through its top members, it has connection to over €100 billion in assets.

The most notorious case by far is that of Mauro “Don Mercedes” Inzoli, a notorious C&L pedophile priest who abused and raped hundreds of boys. Inzoli’s nickname comes from his very flashy and high-living lifestyle, not unlike that favored by Legion of Christ upper-echelon bosses.

(Fr. Thomas Williams, aka Mr. Liz Lev, being a prominent example, who likewise has a massive sexual misconduct dossier with the CDF, particularly his sexual relationships with his students while he was the Dean of Moral Theology at the Legion’s university in Rome. Williams, upon fleeing the priesthood in order to avoid exposure and adjudication of his sexual predation of young people under his authority, was placed at Breitbart by Steve Bannon, who was palling around with the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein as recently as September of ARSH 2018. But I digress…)

Antipope Bergoglio, despite strident warnings and objections from Cardinal Muller who headed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the body which handles sex abuser priest cases, restored Inzoli to full faculties in ARSH 2014. This was done at the personal request of two of the most notorious sodomites in the Vatican: Cardinal Coccopalmerio, presider of the infamous cocaine-fueled gay orgy (it was actually a satanic liturgy) in an apartment in the Palace which holds the CDF, mere yards from St. Peter’s Basilica. The other lobbyist for the full restoration of the Communion and Liberation known raper of young boys, Inzoli, was Monsignor Pio Vito Pinto, one of Antipope Bergoglio’s most vicious attack dogs.

Antipope Bergoglio fired ++Muller and several of his staff that worked on sex abuse investigations from the CDF because of Muller’s opposition to Antipope Bergoglio’s pro-pedofile demands and agenda, with the C&L Inzoli being first among them.

And, exactly like the criminal Legionaries of Christ, Communion and Liberation is 110% in the tank for Antipope Bergoglio. Because POWER and MONEY. Check out this piece from Crux titled, “If you don’t think Francis is the cure, you don’t grasp the disease,’ CL head says”

Over my transom yesterday came a piece published in a C&L journal, penned by a high-ranking C&L layman operative, Massimo Borghesi, in the C&L rag, “Il Sussidiario”.

This piece, titled “FRANCIS AND RATZINGER / The “two” Popes and the crisis of authority in the Church” is being taken in Italy as a thinly-veiled directive to the C&L jailers of Pope Benedict to sequester him even further and to silence him.

Algorithmic translation of the money quote:

If Ratzinger wants to be consistent with the commitment he made when he decided to keep the name of Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus, then he should observe the rule of silence in the matters that are the subject of discussion by the bishops and Pope. He could only intervene if his word proves to be in support of papal action.

But do read the whole piece. It is a vomitous screed, in which Borghesi repeatedly calls faithful Catholics “the Anti-church”.

And remember, these people market themselves as “soft-right moderate conservatives”.

Pray for Pope Benedict, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

(This video was put together by the chap that translated Antonio Socci’s book, accurately titled “The Secret of Pope Benedict XVI: Why He Is Still Pope” into English for Angelico Press, who then went over Socci’s and the translator’s head to change the title to a question, “Is he still Pope?” Be sure to read the end title card. Brilliant!)

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