Oh, dear. Confirmed: The English Title of Socci’s Book was Changed Against His Strenuous Objection.

It has been confirmed that Angelico Press changed the name of Antonio Socci’s book against his will from:

“The Secret of Pope Benedict XVI: Why He Is Still Pope” – a declarative statement, to:

“The Secret of Pope Benedict XVI: Is He Still the Pope?” – a question, which falsely paints Socci as “agnostic and ambivalent” on the validity of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial faux-resignation, when Socci is no such thing, and strenuously objected to the change, as did the translator of the book.

The publisher thought the book would “sell better” with the inaccurate, squishy, non-committal title. Truth, and justice to the author? Meh. Not a priority, so much. And so Angelico overrode Socci and the translator and changed the title.

In justice to Mr. Socci, in particular, it is a good thing that the objective truth is now being made public. It always comes out. It’s just a matter of when.

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI because, as Mr. Socci said, “é ancora Papa.”

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