Repost by Request. The Old Wisdom: “Why Should I Go To Mass Every Day?”

(Over the transom, from the old “Pieta Prayer Book”.  Note that the title here is “GO to Mass”, NOT necessarily receive Sacramental Communion.  Per this post, one does not NEED to receive Sacramental Communion at Mass.)

“Why Should I Go To Mass Every Day?”

For each Mass we hear with devotion, Our Lord sends a saint to comfort us at death.  (revelation of Christ to St. Gertrude the Great)

St. Padre Pio, the stigmatic priest, said, “Every Holy Mass, heard with devotion, produces in our souls marvelous effects, abundant spiritual and material graces, which we, ourselves, do not know. It is easier for the earth to exist without the sun than without the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.”

St. John Vianney said that if we knew the value of the Mass, we would die of joy.

Your prayers are strongest at the Consecration in Holy Mass (raising of the Host and Chalice).

Each time we look at The Most Blessed Sacrament our place in heaven is raised forever (revealed by Our Lord to St. Gertrude the Great).

“The Holy Mass would be of greater profit if people had it offered in their lifetime, rather than having it celebrated for the relief of their souls after death.” (Pope Benedict XV)

Once, St. Teresa of Avila was overwhelmed with God’s Goodness and asked Our Lord: “How can I thank You?”  Our Lord replied, ATTEND ONE MASS.”

The Blessed Virgin Mary once told her faithful servant, Blessed Alain: “My Son so loves those who assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that, if it were necessary, He would die for them as many times as they have heard Masses.”

Perhaps one of the fruits of this situation will be people FINALLY getting their priorities in order.  Proximity to the Holy Sacrifice should be the TOP priority far above anything else in terms of residential real estate decisions, be it owning or renting.  People who can go to daily Mass (i.e. professional Catholics who set their own schedule, unmarried people who work from home, people who think they have the financial resources to carry high-six figure-plus mortgages…etc.) should be going to Daily Mass. Frankly, I find otherwise to be, simply, incomprehensible.  Period.

Millennials lie exactly like musloids lie, in service to any goal – and they think it is virtuous to do so

Denninger NAILS this little lying brat doctor in Alabama, spinning yarns which the Facebook-Google-Media combine pick up and run with.

The post-Christian culture is converging with the musloid culture more and more every day. Lying (taqiyya), child sex, child mutilation, honor killing, and on and on…

This Dr. Brytany Cobia lying psychopath brat is EXACTLY what Dr. Beep and Nurse Claire have warned us about. These millennial doctors are dishonest, unethical, emotionally incontinent, entitled, narcissistic brats that would kill you in a heartbeat without the slightest compunction in service to their Marxist, sodomitical, luciferian, post-Christian ideologies.

She’d kill you without even the slightest flutter of conscience.

Excerpting Denninger:

I’m admitting young healthy people to the hospital with very serious COVID infections. One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine. I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late,” [Dr. Brytany Cobia] wrote.

“A few days later when I call time of death, I hug their family members and I tell them the best way to honor their loved one is to go get vaccinated and encourage everyone they know to do the same.”

This sort of lie should cost Ms. LIAR her license and everyone who ran this bull**** should be ruined.

Her “hospital” — any agency or entity that allows her to infest their premises should be flat-out destroyed along with every single person who works in any such place and gives her credibility by doing so.


This story is from Alabama.

Now I want you to look very carefully at this table.

Here’s the source link, complete with four separate copies of the same bull**** story in different “news” outlets.

According to that table not one person has died since the end of April in Alabama from Covid-19 according to that graph which goes through 7/20 — yesterday.

If you think the stakes here aren’t high, as in clearly justifying war, read this, just over the transom. Remember, George Washington was blowing peoples heads off for taxing his breakfast beverage.

Thanks to Nurse Claire and Dr Beep for proving there are some in the field who are not psychopathic liars.

I am a nurse and lactation consultant as well as a nurse practitioner student. My hospital just announced that they are going to mandate the covid jab as soon as it is FDA approved – which will be very soon.

I also have a private practice as a lactation consultant and use a billing company to contract with to accept some insurance plans. They have announced they will likely require the jab for their “partners.”

These are my sources of income. I have four children and am civilly divorced from someone who fits the description of a malignant narcissist.

I will fight this as best I can, but am seeing that I will be losing my job, my business, and likely my children in all of this.

Please pray for me.

“Are there Jews in Your Attic?” Try, “Are You Vaccinated?” Must-Watch Debate: Is Lying Always Wrong?

This debate between Dominican Fr. Gregory Pine and Dr. Janet Smith was very strongly recommended to me, and I committed the two-plus hours to watching it and wasn’t disappointed.  This is an EXCELLENT classical debate, and one can tell the quality of the participants is top-notch because you find yourself agreeing with whomever spoke last.

Folks, this question is coming hard and fast upon all of us: ARE YOU VACCINATED? is the new “Are there Jews in your attic?”

Normally, I wouldn’t recommend something that doesn’t come to a firm conclusion, but this question is something that everyone is going to have to grind their way through individually. This debate is going to give anyone who watches it a framework from which to start.

I started out firmly on the side of YOU CANNOT LIE with Fr. Pine, and for me personally, this policy has proved correct so many times, most dramatically in regards to my status as an “off the grid” person in contexts that COULD have resulted in significant legal consequences, but it was precisely because I was totally honest, not even engaging in mental reservation, that all dogs were almost miraculously instantly called off on several occasions.

I have also had the sad but valuable experience of crossing paths with several pathological liars and seeing the pure malignancy and toxicity of such reprobates.  As one repeatedly would say to me immediately after exiting the confessional, and thus very possibly invalidating the sacrament for herself, “Ha-HA! Off scott-free yet again! Gotta love the Sacraments…”

Lying is very, very, very bad, folks.

BUT, Dr. Smith makes some absolutely KILLER points – in fact, not just some, but many. MANY.

I think all adults need to sit down and watch this, even if in blocks, and not go bumbling forward into the Covidic Reich without giving serious, informed thought to the question of what you will do when you will inevitably be asked by a Covidic Gestapo with full powers of arrest and detention, and the mandate to take your children from you, “Are you vaccinated?”


Come Lord Jesus and burn it with fire: General Secretary of the US Swishops Conference and -wait for it- overseer of sexual abuse investigations ousted after his Grindr profile exposed

Those darn meddling kids at The Pillar are doing some quality work.

Look at this doughy faggot. But, don’t worry. THEY WERE ALL 18, SO NO LAWS WERE BROKEN.

This piece of shit was promoted and protected precisely BECAUSE he is a filthy sodomite. Make absolutely no mistake. The only reason he’s out is because he got caught AND was exposed publicly. But he’ll just be sent to a cushy post out of the public eye, and his cruising for twinks on Grindr will continue apace. Hell, they’ll probably send him to Rome so he can party with Coccopalmerio and Capozzi.

I’ve said for years that some investigative outfit should go to Rome, get a phone and install Grindr and whatever the Italian equivalents are, set up a profile, and then just go stand in the front portico of St. Peter’s and watch the dozens and dozens of hits come up inside the Vatican.

Come Lord Jesus and burn it with fire. Do whatever you have to do. We aren’t going anywhere. Our hearts are ready.

TOLDYA: BigPharma now pushing MONTHLY “vaccination” in UK. The objective is a global mandatory coerced “subscription” to BigPharma, and THIS is how you sterilize humanity

Bill Gates has simply mapped the Microsoft Office 365 and computer antivirus subscription plans onto his poison injection and genocide fetish. Remember, monthly contraceptive injections like DepoProvera have been around for decades.

The fact that “monthly vaccine” makes absolutely no sense whatsoever doesn’t even matter. The UK is such a degenerated society that they’ll line up for this madness, and it will rapidly spread all over the world.

Elsewhere in Europe, Italy, apparently unfazed by the French uprising and approaching civil war, will be approving a mandatory “VaxxPass” regime tomorrow that will be required to enter any public space, INCLUDING CHURCHES.

Hmmmmm. I wonder WHICH sorts of parishes and chapels they will raid? I can’t even begin to hazard a guess…. 🤔

Roberto de Mattei was unavailable for comment.

Again, you could see all of this coming in, oh, I’d say late February of ARSH 2020.

Barnhardt Podcast #151: Weapon of Mass Destruction

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode Ann, Dr. Mazza, Mark Docherty, and Supernerd discuss the disastrous document vomited out of Rome this past Friday, the effects we expect to see in the short term, and quote from Church History and a few Church Doctors on the licitness and necessity for the laity to speak up and question things when the rightful defenders of the Faith fall silent. Remember that PRIESTS are going to catch the brunt of the fallout from this new document so it’s paramount we pray for priests and let them know we support them: we need them far more than they need us!

Council of Trent Session 22 says Our Lord’s words are in the Mass:

“On the Canon of the Mass. And whereas it beseemeth, that holy things be administered in a holy manner, and of all holy things this sacrifice is the most holy; to the end that it might be worthily and reverently offered and received, the Catholic Church instituted, many years ago, the sacred Canon, so pure from every error, that nothing is contained therein which does not in the highest degree savour of a certain holiness and piety, and raise up unto God the minds of those that offer. For it is composed, out of the very words of the Lord, the traditions of the apostles, and the pious institutions also of holy pontiffs.”

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