Infanticide and Sodomy: mere “spots on the wall”. Canaanites, Sodom and Gomorrah unavailable for comment.

NBC News: “The Republican Platform no longer calls for a Federal abortion ban and no longer defines marriage between one man and one woman. Is this a sign your father (Donald Trump) is moving to the center?”  

Eric Trump: “My father has ALWAYS been there on those issues. That’s reflective of my father and what he believes in… and my wife Lara who runs the RNC and what she believes in. At the end of the day, this country has holes in the roof and you’ve got to fix those holes and stop worrying about the spot on the wall in the basement.”

Okay. It was an inside job. Authorities had eyes on their sperg patsy for a HALF HOUR.

I wonder if the Deep State had someone hold the ladder as he climbed up? I’m only half kidding.

“Channel 11’s Nicole Ford confirmed that Beaver County’s ESU team had eight members at the rally, including snipers and spotters. According to Ford’s sources, one of them noticed a suspicious man on a roof near the rally at 5:45 p.m., called it in and took a picture of the person,” states the report.

Another law enforcement officer saw Crooks on the ground and called in the report with a picture prior to 5:45pm, according to the report.

So, the DNC has announced that they are essentially conceding the “election” to Trump, all pressure on Biden to quit will cease, and Trump will be “elected” in November.

And yesterday Trump announced that he will be hard-pivoting to a “unity” platform focused on compromise and splitting the difference on… everything.

So, the status quo ante shall continue apace.

Golly, why do I have this overwhelming feeling of being played?

Exit question: has Trump been a Deep State player all along, OR has the Deep State made it clear that the next time, BARRON won’t be so lucky?

Welp. We’ll find out. Good and hard, I reckon.

I sincerely hope that my cynicism is misplaced and that my gut feeling here is just gas.

Dr. Beep sends two for the “something’s rotten in Denmark” file

Now, this video isolation of a woman who clearly knew what was coming, and when it happened, she didn’t even flinch; while everyone around her was ducking and covering for their lives, she was calmly erect, rolling video.

And, I would add that Trump’s Secret Service crew appeared to be stacked intentionally with women, who are, by definition, intrinsically functionally incompetent for such work.

At this point, the question should be if they will try again in Milwaukee.

Trump shot. Two inches from Civil War.

Looks like only a graze to the ear, but the blood is visible:

This is an historical moment, and I have no idea in what direction or sense. If this were a serious, JFK-type situation, they (the CIA) would have blown his head off. I urge steely calm. Let’s see where this goes, and how Trump reacts.

Let’s see what the shooter’s “pronouns” were.

Perhaps the better question, let’s see whom they try to frame, and whom they try to protect.

And… go to confession.

One person in the crowd was killed. He probably never knew what hit him. Standing there one second, bleeding out the next. Which demonstrates why everyone should… go to confession.

Cardinal Cajetan on Schism

Cardinal Cajetan:

“If someone, for a reasonable motive, holds the person of the pope in suspicion and refuses his presence and even his jurisdiction, he does not commit the delict of schism, nor any other whatsoever.”

Folks, this is CARDINAL Thomas Cajetan the Dominican who died in ARSH 1534, not St. Cajetan, the founder of the Theatine Order who lived in the same era.

Yup. Think about it. How could ANY Antipapacy EVER be resolved if it were schism to even ask the question?

Now, consider, all previous Antipopes were CATHOLICS. Every single one. All previous Antipapacies were political intrigues among CATHOLICS. Antipope Bergoglio is the first observably apostate Antipope.

Folks, this isn’t hard. This is the biggest open-book test in history. Heck, the answers are written on the chalkboard, and Our Lord and Our Lady are walking the rows pointing directly to the answers. Here’s prophecy, here’s what Pope Benedict said, here’s Canon Law, here’s Bergoglio’s apostate words and deeds for eleven years, here’s COMMON SENSE.

As I have said so many times, the greatest act of violence one can do against the Petrine See in se, is to call a man, “Peter” who is not Peter. Antipope Bergoglio has turned almost everyone, from Libs to Trads, against the Papacy in and of itself. The only Trads left that love the Papacy, and see the brilliance of the Petrine See as established by Jesus Christ Himself as a Monarchy with special supernatural NEGATIVE protection, are those of us who know that Pope Benedict never validly resigned, and Bergoglio is and always has been an Antipope. We know that Vatican I and the infallible definition of Papal Infallibility was a gift from God, to US, in this moment, right now, so that we could KNOW that Bergoglio is, without a doubt, an Antipope.

Ergo, Antipope Bergoglio is as much the standard of schism from the Catholic Church as Taylor Swift is.

👆🏻Legally, the same thing.👆🏻

Sweet Respite: His Name Was Tony Williams…

… and he was one of the greatest vocalists of the 20th century.

He was the lead singer of The Platters.

Tony Williams.  His name was Tony Williams.

“My Prayer” could almost be the hymn at Compline, the final hour of the Divine Office, just before bed, singing to Our Lord. Sigh.


When the twilight is gone, You come into my heart, and here in my heart You will stay… while I pray.
My prayer is to linger with You, at the end of the day, in a dream that’s divine….

They said “Some day you’ll find all who love are blind,”
When your heart’s on fire, you must realize, smoke gets in your eyes….

Now, laughing friends deride tears I cannot hide
So, I smile and say….

I saw the harbor lights, they only told me we were parting.
The same old harbor lights that once brought you to me.

I watched the harbor lights, how could I help if tears were starting?
Goodbye to tender nights beside the slivery sea….


White House staffer claims Biden family is blackmailing Obama machine with Barry’s faggotry. This would explain MUCH.

Rootin’ for casualties. Heavy, heavy casualties.

Let’s hope the entire lot of these Luciferian perverts completely, totally destroy each other.

And yes, the fact that Barry is a faggot is about as much of a secret as Biden’s dementia. I’ve been writing about it in this space for well over a decade. Jack Cashill has been, too. Tucker did a full interview with Larry Sinclair last year.

But it will still be good for it to be openly acknowledged. FINALLY.