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Stickypost: Ivermectin 1% Livestock Injectable Solution which humans take orally by drinking it FULL DOSAGE CONVERSION TABLE


Most people today, due to the failure of the education system, cannot do unit conversions because they were never taught how. So let me just tabulate the conversions by dosage strength and weight for the 1% Livestock Ivermectin Injectable Solution, which humans take orally by drinking it, which I strongly recommend everyone have on hand, kept in a cool, DARK place – but not the fridge. I have tabulated the dosages in both milliliters and American standard kitchen measuring TEAspoons. Note that even up to 300 pounds, every dose is LESS than 2 TEAspoons. Children and small adults will be taking 1 TEAspoon or less. Larger adults will be taking less than 2 TEAspoons. Please do not confuse TEAspoons with tablespoons. Tablespoons are much larger than TEAspoons. You want TEAspoons.

*Slightly blurred vision is a side-effect of the higher dose level. This is normal and passes immediately once you come off the Ivermectin. It is no cause for panic. I intentionally took a high dose earlier this year just to incite this blurred vision side effect, and it was no big deal, and passed immediately.

Here is the FLCCC’s latest recommended protocol sheet – very good information for anyone with any cold or flu bug.

Please feel free to aggressively distribute the tables below – NO ATTRIBUTION NEEDED.

IF you have been helped by this or any other information in this space over the years, and you have extra money laying around, and you have tithed, and filled your gas tank, and have had your teeth cleaned, and have bought provisions for the winter, and can’t think of any other cause to donate to – think of a number, cut it in half, at least, and click here for my ContinueToGive page, if you are so moved. But I’ll keep doing whatever I can to help, for as long as I can, no matter what. I’m looking to get rent paid as far out as I can, buy winter provisions, and I’m considering purchasing a small, portable Photovoltaic rig for a means of boiling water (without open campfire) and keeping a phone charged, should it come to that. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered AT LEAST once per day, perpetually, for my Benefactors and supporters (even if they later decide that they hate me.)


0.6 milligrams Ivermectin per kilogram of bodyweight, converted to pounds of bodyweight and American measuring TEAspoons of the 1% Livestock Injectable Solution to be taken orally by drinking it. Round UP all dosages. Take daily with a meal for 5 days or until symptoms resolve. *Slightly blurred vision is a normal side effect which clears once dosing stops.

50-70 pounds (23-32kg):  19mg Ivermectin = 1.9 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 3/8ths measuring teaspoon
71-90 pounds 
(32-40kg):  24mg Ivermectin = 2.4 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution =1/2 measuring teaspoon
91-110 pounds 
(41-50kg):  30mg Ivermectin = 3.0 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 5/8ths measuring teaspoon
111-130 pounds 
(51-59kg):  36mg Ivermectin = 3.6 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 3/4 measuring teaspoon
131-150 pounds 
(60-68kg):  40.5mg Ivermectin = 4.1 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 7/8ths measuring teaspoon
151-170 pounds 
(69-77kg):  45mg Ivermectin = 4.5 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 scant measuring teaspoon
171-190 pounds 
(78-86kg):  48mg Ivermectin = 4.8 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 measuring teaspoon
191-210 pounds 
(87-95kg):  54mg Ivermectin = 5.4 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 1/8th measuring teaspoon
211-230 pounds 
(96-104kg):  60mg Ivermectin = 6.0 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 1/4 measuring teaspoon
231-250 pounds 
(105-113kg):  66mg Ivermectin = 6.6 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 3/8ths measuring teaspoon
251-270 pounds 
(114-122kg):  72mg Ivermectin = 7.2 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 1/2 measuring teaspoon
271-290 pounds 
(123-131kg):  78mg Ivermectin = 7.8 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 5/8ths measuring teaspoon
291-310 pounds 
(132-140kg):  84mg Ivermectin = 8.4 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 3/4 measuring teaspoon


0.4 milligrams Ivermectin per kilogram of bodyweight, converted to pounds of bodyweight and American measuring TEAspoons of the 1% Livestock Injectable Solution to be taken orally by drinking it. Round UP all dosages.

50-70 pounds (23-32kg):  12mg Ivermectin = 1.2 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1/4 measuring teaspoon
71-90 pounds 
(32-40kg):  16mg Ivermectin = 1.6 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 3/8ths measuring teaspoon
91-110 pounds 
(41-50kg):  20mg Ivermectin = 2.0 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = scant 1/2 measuring teaspoon
111-130 pounds 
(51-59kg):  24mg Ivermectin = 2.4 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1/2 measuring teaspoon
131-150 pounds 
(60-68kg):  27mg Ivermectin = 2.7 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = scant 5/8ths measuring teaspoon
151-170 pounds 
(69-77kg):  30mg Ivermectin = 3.0 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 5/8ths measuring teaspoon
171-190 pounds 
(78-86kg):  32mg Ivermectin = 3.2 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = scant 3/4ths measuring teaspoon
191-210 pounds 
(87-95kg):  36mg Ivermectin = 3.6 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 3/4ths measuring teaspoon
211-230 pounds 
(96-104kg):  40mg Ivermectin = 4.0 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 7/8ths measuring teaspoon
231-250 pounds 
(105-113kg):  44mg Ivermectin = 4.4 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 scant measuring teaspoon
251-270 pounds 
(114-122kg):  48mg Ivermectin = 4.8 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 measuring teaspoon
271-290 pounds 
(123-131kg):  52mg Ivermectin = 5.2 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 1/8th measuring teaspoon
291-310 pounds 
(132-140kg):  56mg Ivermectin = 5.6 milliliters of the 1% Injectable Solution = 1 and 1/4 measuring teaspoon

If you want an idea of what is coming, you might consider watching my video presentation from ARSH 2012 on the Vendée genocide during the French Revolution.

The trajectory has been obvious and inevitable given to total rejection of Jesus Christ for many years. Dick Cheney made it clear that they intend to try, and “Epsteinecute” Trump for capital sedition. The scamdemic and death injections were the final test to ensure that Boobus Effeminitus Americanus would never resist his own genocide. Now that that has been confirmed, what was called “The Terror” in the French Revolution will be commencing shortly in North America.

I was unsure how this Tea Party group would receive my defense of the French Monarchy given the lies all Americans have been taught for centuries about the “glorious” French Revolution. When I was done speaking, after the video cuts, when the standing ovation finally stopped, a Vietnam Vet and leader of the group hushed the crowd and declared this presentation to be the finest he had ever seen or heard. I guess I was effective in overcoming the American Freemasonic cultural bias against Catholic Monarchy and culture, and demonstrating that the former US was on the fast-track to a collapse into tyranny, genocide, and hot, bloody civil war. Recorded July 12, ARSH 2012. It simultaneously feels like yesterday, and several lifetimes ago….

Graphic content warning – explicit descriptions of satanic atrocities committed against women and infants.

Hey, wait a minute! WHAT ABOUT JORGE? How the “We just have to wait for the Antipope to die” argument is completely antithetical to Christianity itself.

There are LOTS of clerics and not a few prelates, and at this point a plurality of the Remnant Faithful, who know and believe that Jorge Bergoglio is not and never has been the Pope – an Antipope. I was told many years ago by a Vatican insider that there were “two to three dozen” Cardinals that “suspected that Bergoglio wasn’t the Pope”. Quite a few of those Cardinals have died, and most have crossed the voting threshold of Age 80 by now, not surprisingly.

What every single one of these men have said about the situation is this: “We just have to wait for him [Bergoglio] to die.” This toxic mindset of indifference and despair has spread throughout the Remnant Faithful, pushed hard by Trad Inc. and its self-anointed thought leaders, several of which are now exposing themselves as schismatics (denying the Papacy and/or the need to be in union with the Vicar of Christ on earth), sedevacantists, and some even as full-blown militant apostates.

Some talking heads are now trying to re-write history, claiming that the Church’s historical response to Antipopes was to just “wait it out”. I have no idea where these people are getting this, because it is so utterly and completely false that I struggle to find the words to adequately describe it. The Church has AGGRESSIVELY sought to resolve Antipapacies – and there have been DOZENS of them – such that nearly every Antipapacy has been identified and rectified WHILE THE ANTIPOPE WAS YET ALIVE AND CLAIMING THE PETRINE SEE.  This is why the case of Antipope Anacletus II is so remarkable – he was one of the only Antipopes to die unrepentant of his crime.

This all comes to mind as we heard the news this past week of the death of Mr. David Allen Bawden who went by “Pope Michael”. There was an unconfirmed rumor floating about that Mr. Bawden repented on his deathbed, received the Sacraments, and died reconciled to The Church. We pray this is true, as he seemed like a very decent, albeit misguided, chap.

This brings us to Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Yes, as he is now he is a despicable man – one of the most evil men alive today, and in the history of the Church. Revolting in every sense. HOWEVER, he is loved infinitely by God, who died for Bergoglio with the same infinite specificity as He died for you. Christ’s infinite Mercy is every bit as available to Jorge Bergoglio as it is to you. Jorge Bergoglio’s sins could be instantly subsumed in the ocean of Our Lord’s Most Precious Blood.

So, someone please explain to me why it is that most people today have declared that Jorge Bergoglio is irredeemable, a complete lost cause, and that HOLY MOTHER CHURCH HERSELF has no interest in attempting to correct him and get him back into his Baptismal Garment? That no one should even TRY to correct Bergoglio and get him back into the Catholic Church and the State of Grace?

Let’s leave to the side for just a moment the entire question of the unspeakable damage to souls that this man has done and continues to do, and will continue to do after his death through the scandal of his Luciferian anti-magisterium. Just for a second, let’s do what NO ONE is doing. Let’s consider Jorge Mario Bergoglio himself as a human being.

The position that Jorge Bergoglio is beyond redemption and MUST be written-off as lost to hell WHILE HE IS YET VERY MUCH ALIVE is 100% totally contrary to the fundamental essence of Christianity. This is a huge reason why Holy Mother Church has ALWAYS aggressively sought to rectify and end all previous Antipapacies: for the good of the usurper himself, as well as for the good of the Church Militant in toto.

Do we honestly believe that Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, looks upon Jorge Mario Bergoglio, lost sheep as he is, and is saying, “Nah. I don’t give a damn about THAT ONE. Let THAT ONE go. Don’t even try, don’t even bother.” IF that applies to Antipope Bergoglio, if Bergoglio is a total write-off in the eyes of Jesus Christ, I wonder, who ELSE might be declared a “total write-off”? Are we seeing the horrific scandal that this position incites? There are two types of scandal: scandal that incites others to sin, and scandal that incites others to LOSE THEIR FAITH. If churchmen and professional Catholics openly despair a man who has not yet died and COULD EASILY repent, be shriven and totally reconciled to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church before any of us sit down to dinner tonight, then what about anyone else? To say that Antipope Bergoglio has no access to the Sacraments is every bit as absurd as saying… that there are no black cassocks in Rome.

Do we honestly believe that the entire Church Triumphant would NOT celebrate the repentance of a sinner so great as Jorge Mario Bergoglio? I have said for many years now that Antipope Jorge Mario Bergoglio COULD be the Anti-Judas Iscariot – COULD BE. But it seems that everyone has decided that the spiritual works of mercy are no longer a thing. Admonishing the sinner? NAH. DON’T EVEN BOTHER. Just wait for him to die. It’s SOOOO much easier that way. And besides, that’s what The Church has always done….

Except that is what The Church has NEVER, EVER done. Because that is totally antithetical to the Church’s entire mission and raison d’être. The Church exists for the Salvation of Souls, including Antipope Jorge Bergoglio’s – for his every bit as much as for yours and mine.

Let’s start calling out this evil, scandalous Calvinist double-predestination “born reprobate” heretical nonsense about indifferently surrendering Antipope Bergoglio to hell and “just waiting for him to die”, not only because it doesn’t solve the problem of resolving the Antipapacy, but because the Second Great Commandment DEMANDS that we do what the Church has always done with Antipopes – reconcile them to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church so that they might someday achieve the Beatific Vision. We love our neighbor for the love of God. God made Bergoglio, God incarnated for Bergoglio, God suffered and died for Bergoglio, God rose from the dead so that Bergoglio might be saved. Deny this true base premise, and it’s a short logical jump to wondering if YOU, ME or ANY OF US MIGHT BE SAVED.

Pray for the repose of the soul of David Allen Bawden.

Pray the Matthew 17:20 intention, the third petition of which is and always has been: that Antipope Bergoglio repent, revert to Catholicism, die in the state of grace in the fullness of time, and someday achieve the beatific vision.

As always, I hope this helps.

Diabolical Narcissism and Religion: When the DN devalues and dumps his co-religionists, and ultimately declares God Himself to be “such a disappointment” and dumps God. Just like Lucifer.

(Originally penned in May ARSH 2016. I’m reposting this for two reasons: first, to explain the hatred of Catholicism and Catholics by most of the bishops today, and also because of the open admission by the guy who used to own 1Peter5 of what was known behind closed doors for many, many years: he is a God-hating apostate who despises Catholics and Catholicism. I don’t think it’s accurate to call him an atheist, because he thinks God exists and is evil, even publicly stating his admiration of Lucifer for having rebelled against God. I think Luciferian is a far more accurate description of what he is, and has been for a long time. Sit in stillness with this as you think back on the monthly bleeding-heart “don’t you want to help us in our important work of restoring Catholic culture and tradition?” fundraising blegs. It was pure racketeering. The fact that this guy now spends his days railing against Jesus Christ and His Holy Church on social media, desperate for attention, trying to scandalize and do as much damage to souls as he can, I tried to warn of and explain years ago. This “crisis of faith” is nothing new. Pray for him, and most especially pray for his wife and children. Being stuck in a house with an obese, substance-abusing, rage-monster Luciferian DN is something too terrible to imagine. And if the wife and children ever show up in your parish, reach out and discreetly let them know that people are willing to help if they need it. -AB ’22)

A question that I have always asked myself is, “Who are the people who would dedicate their lives to a Church that they clearly hold in contempt at best, and hate at worst?  What would drive a man or woman to a life driven by and revolving around such pure, focused spite?”

Who are they?  They are Diabolical Narcissists.

To review, Diabolical Narcissism is the condition in which a human being freely chooses to adopt the psycho-spiritual comportment and emotional palette of the fallen angels.  Simply put, the DN chooses, exactly as the fallen angels chose, to voluntarily purge himself of all love. As a result, he is voluntarily incapable of empathy, and incapable of the emotions derived from love, namely happiness, gratitude, joy, and sadness.

DNs are capable only of the demonic emotional palette of anger, hatred, envy and fear. They view other human beings as 3-dimensional cartoons to be used as the DN sees fit to provide him with diabolical narcissistic satisfaction.  And, like the angelic demons, deep down, Diabolical Narcissists know that they are monstrosities, and thus are animated by an unquenchable spite, especially toward those “mere humans”, so far beneath them, and yet capable of that which they have freely rejected: love.

DNs derive the greatest diabolical satisfaction from forming attachments, sometimes referred to as the “idealization phase”, grooming the attachment/victim, then turning on and “devaluing” the attachment/victim, and then viciously abusing the attachment/victim.  DNs derive intense diabolical satisfaction from not only the actual abuse of the victim, but oftentimes even more so from the “getting away with it” – watching as others around him, not wanting to incite his wrath or lose their connection to him, give their tacit approval or even their positive approval of his abusive actions.

DNs are literally obsessed with the notion that they are a separate caste, an uber-aristocracy, distinct and above everyone else, even “super-human”, and as such the “rules” which apply to the rabble and the great unwashed do not apply to them.  One of the greatest sources of diabolical satisfaction for DNs is to openly commit crimes, atrocities, scandalous sin or acts of abuse and NOT be held to account – to operate outside the law or the rules of human decency. In the secular political sphere this is referred to as “oligarchy”. On the micro level it has many names: megalomania, sociopathy and psychopathy.

But what happens when a DN forms such an attachment with, and then devalues, hates, abuses, and even declares war on God?

Well, that, dear reader, is what we call a “Jesuit”. That’s a little joke. This dynamic is certainly not limited to the Jesuits. It is everywhere in the Church, and can be seen amongst the laity, and Traddyland is by no means immune.

First, the initial phases of the DN’s “relationship” with God.

It is typically cerebral narcissists, as opposed to somatic or “physical” narcissists, that seek out God Himself as an attachment/victim.  Cerebral Diabolical Narcissists see God as the ultimate attachment, and eventually, as the Ultimate Victim – which, ironically, is exactly what He is.  God is everything that DNs want to be: omniscient, awe-inspiring, admired and adored, mysterious and much-discussed, perfect.  Some DNs, especially those that were deified as children, will view God as their only peer, casting themselves in the role of co-God, fourth person of the “Quatrine Godhead”, or demiurge.

Across the board, these DNs believe themselves to be the “only one” who genuinely “understands” God.  They believe that they have a completely unique and privileged relationship with God.  It is the DN and God, alone together, against the world.  Some in the protestant cult milieu will even use terms like “anointed”, such as Jim Jones.  DNs believe that they derive authority from their privileged relationship with God, and that this authority exempts and dispenses them from laws and behavioral standards as they apply to “mere humans”.  They believe that the rules do not apply to them, but that they are able to sit in God-like judgment of others without countenancing the slightest hint of hypocrisy.

It bears mentioning at this point that the deification of children is no longer the rarity that it once was, found typically in years past with genius children and the children of heredity monarchs.  In fact, the entire post-Christian education system and media complex today is specifically designed to drive children into pathological effeminacy at best and full-blown Diabolical Narcissism at worst.  If the children around you today seem like insufferable mini-tyrant “Social Justice Warriors”, it is because that is exactly what they are.  They are an army of DN Stormtroopers, eagerly awaiting their orders, convinced of their “otherness”, and perhaps more importantly, regarding other human beings as expendable animated sacks of meat.

For DNs who enter the priesthood, religious communities, or who find themselves in a position of authority within The Church, be it working in the Chancery, or even laymen grifting off the Church, their predisposition toward sadism and abuse is facilitated by any position of authority, even if they have not yet turned on and devalued God.  Their default position of contempt for others is intrinsic to their diabolical nature, and thus they are attracted to positions in which they can, under the guise of authority, dole out narcissistic abuse.

In the beginning of the “relationship” with God, the DN idealizes God, in the sense that the DN convinces himself that God is completely congruent to himself.  The more he learns about God, the more he sees himself in God.  At this point, one should be reminded of the Archangel Michael whose very name is a refutation of this very dynamic: Who is like God?  The Archangel knows that the answer to that question is NO ONE.  To the DN, the answer, exactly like Lucifer’s answer is, ME!

After a while, the DN becomes disillusioned with God.  When the world fails to fall at the DN’s feet, when the DN is not regarded, adored and obeyed as co-God, when God “fails to deliver”, the DN then devalues and turns on God just as with a human attachment/target.  Interestingly, this devaluing almost always goes in steps, working up finally to God Himself.  For example, a DN might first turn on and devalue his parish, his religious community, his Rite (going from Roman to Byzantine), or even his vows (taking a concubine(s) of either sex).  These are all mere stops along the road to the final destination for the DN, the rejection of God Himself.  When this happens, the DN declares war on God Himself and, motivated by pure diabolical spite, sets out to do as much damage to God as he can.  After all, the bigger the enemy, the more grandiose the DN feels.  And there is no bigger enemy to set oneself against than God Himself.  What this means for the DN is exactly the same as what it means for the actual demons: hurting and even killing the souls of other human beings out of hatred for God – an exact inversion of the Second Great Commandment, hating others for the hatred of God.

Fallen Angel, detail, Alexandre Cabanel, ARSH 1847

One of the surest signals of Diabolical Narcissism in general is what is referred to as “hating your own”.  In the context of The Church, the DN priest or religious (and let’s not forget the loud but dwindling army of apostate lesbian nuns prowling throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls), or layman will hold in the highest contempt orthodox, pious, devout Roman Catholics.  In the micro context, a DN will typically devalue and abuse those closest to him – spouse, children, employees, even eventually friends – if he has any. 

To the DN, his “flock”, in whatever form it takes, becomes his hostage.  A Catholic DN in this phase will rant endlessly about how Catholics are the worst people in the world, how much he despises Catholics, how much he is put-upon and victimized by Catholics, etc.

And the greatest rush of diabolical satisfaction a DN can procure is the attention, affirmation and even adoration of the very people he is taunting, tormenting, berating and abusing, while he is abusing them.

The most strategically effective position for a DN to do this is INSIDE THE CHURCH.  And so, despite their descent into full-blown hatred of God, instead of leaving the Church, they entrench.  They climb the episcopal ladder.  The higher they go, the more damage to souls they can wreak; the more they can enable and protect others like themselves who seek to abuse God and destroy His Church; the more they can destroy the Liturgy; the more they can punish and scandalize those who foolishly love God; the more lies they can tell the miserable, pathetic sheep, and then sit back and watch the sheep skip merrily into hell AT THEIR COMMAND, ignoring the very Voice of the Shepherd Himself; the more they can shake their fists at God, luxuriating in their crimes and not just their total immunity from any earthly consequences, but even to the cheers and cries of adoration of the sheep whom they are slaughtering – adoration given to them instead of to God.

Laymen grifting off the Church will also do this, and attempt to drag as many of their donors and followers into their apostasy and luciferian war on God and His Holy Church as they can.

When you see this DN war on God happening, GET AWAY from it. These people are driven by pure spite, exactly like the apostate angels, and cannot be reasoned with or trusted. Pray for them. Pray for their victims. But steer well, well clear.

St. Michael the Archangel, pray for us.

Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Thy faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy love.

Send forth Thy Spirit and they shall be created.

And Thou shalt renew the face of the earth.

Let us pray.

O God, Who didst instruct the hearts of the faithful by the light of the Holy Ghost, grant us in the same Spirit to be truly wise, and ever to rejoice in His consolation,

through Christ, our Lord. Amen.

“I want my Church back, you son of a bitch.”

(Ann Barnhardt): Offer me money.

Antipope Bergoglio: Yes.

(Ann Barnhardt): Power too. Promise me that.

Antipope Bergoglio: All that I have and more. Please.

(Ann Barnhardt): Offer me everything I ask for.

Antipope Bergoglio: Anything you want.

(Ann Barnhardt): I want my Church back, you son of a bitch.

Insert your name for mine if you’re ready to suffer and die for Holy Mother Church and for the Papacy.


Meet the next Antipope in the pipeline. This guy Zuppi is a massive fag-lover, and just declared that people who murder themselves in assisted suicide get canonization ceremonies (aka Novus Ordo funerals)

The only way out of this is for someone in authority, which we all know at this point means Cardinal Burke – let’s stop pretending there is anyone else with the authority of the illegally deposed Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura (aka Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court) – to end this Antipapacy and BREAK THE CYCLE outside of supernatural intervention.

A lot of Ecclesia Dei people just LURV this Zuppi because he’s the kind of ladyman that is DESPERATE to be “liked” by absolutely everyone he meets. Yeah- one of THOSE. Pardon me while I barf in my mouth a little. 🤢

So he has “played nice” with the Trads, even celebrating a TLM in Rome years ago when he was the Auxiliary Bishop of the Center of Rome.

But this fag-loving Communist is full-Luciferian behind his simpering, “coprophagic” grin. To wit:

Euthanasia, Cardinal Zuppi: “Church contrary, but I would celebrate the funeral of those who choose assisted suicide”

Original Italian here.

I would hasten to remind one and all who have been to a Novus Ordo funeral in the past… fifty years, what goes on. The deceased is effectively not prayed FOR, because that would be an insult to the “New and Everlasting Man”. The deceased is effectively canonized, that is, declared to be in the Beatific Vision – in heaven. No mention of Purgatory much less the possibility of hell. We commend all souls to Our Lord’s Infinite Mercy, even those who lived less-than-saintly lives, but with the understanding that His Justice is perfect, and even those who by His Grace make it through their Particular Judgments will almost all have to spend some time in Purgatory being “refined as gold” in order to have have all lingering attachment to their sins burned away so that they can enter into the full, unveiled presence of the Triune Godhead – Pure Love, Pure Truth, Pure Goodness. You can’t look God fully in the eye if you’re still a pigsty of sinful attachments and inclinations. Purgatory is what cleans all of that up. And our prayers act like soap and a scrub brush, helping the process along.

But think about what the Luciferian hopeful-Antipope Zuppi has said: he has said that a person who gives the ULTIMATE f-you to God as their final act gets a de facto canonization service. The True Church not only publicly denied funerals to suicides, they were denied burial in Catholic cemeteries which are CONSECRATED GROUND, and were often dumped in rivers, etc.

Harsh, you say? Think about it. To neutralize, much less glorify self-murder is the quintessence of SCANDAL. How many elderly Italians, lonely, depressed, and now terrified of “viruses”, and ultimately terrified of suffering will now murder themselves “nice and easy, you’ll just go to sleep…” because of what this grinning demon Zuppi has said?

Countless elderly Italians are BEGGING for permission to kill themselves. And now they actually believe that The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the BODY and BRIDE OF CHRIST has told them to go ahead and do it.

And they’ll go to hell for it, almost certainly, because if there is ONE THING that is at the top of the Natural Law, it is the prohibition against suicide.

If Antipope Bergoglio is allowed to die or “resign” without being called out as an Antipope, then this monster-with-a-grin Zuppi is gunning to be the next Antipope.

And to think that there are Trads who think this would be “great for us”. These people honestly think that the way to deal with Luciferians is to “play nice and make friends”. The mind reels.

The ONLY way out is through the TRUTH – Pope Benedict never validly resigned due to Substantial Error.

Let’s start calling Cardinal Burke to action, by name. And, of course, lift him up in prayer, because ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE THROUGH CHRIST OUR STRENGTH.


REALITY CHECK: Most people of breeding age today WANT to be permanently sterilized.

So what we all knew from the very beginning of this scam and crime against humanity back in February ARSH 2020 is now being openly discussed: these so-called “vaccines” all have sterilant/abortifacient effects.  Live birth numbers are plummeting and miscarriages and stillbirths are through the roof. Here’s the problem, folks:

ALMOST EVERYONE TODAY WANTS TO BE PERMANENTLY STERILIZED, so when you jump up and down screaming “IT’S A STERILANT! THEY WANT TO EXTERMINATE 90% OF THE POPULATION THROUGH STERILIZATION!” most people today say, “Sweet! That’s a bonus! I’ll never have to take the pill again! Or use a condom! I don’t want any ****ing kids.  Sign me up! Gimme the jab, baby!  THANKS BILL GATES!”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is and ever has been about ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY: POPULATION REDUCTION.

ALL rhetoric about “saving the planet” or “saving the environment” is and ever was about ONE THING and ONE THING ONLY: POPULATION REDUCTION.

Folks, the ONLY people left on this planet who are against contraception are super-duper Trad Catholics and a handful of “Ultra-Orthodox” Rabbinic Jews.


Our Lord said it while carrying His Cross through the streets of Jerusalem:

But Jesus turning to them, said: Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not over Me; but weep for yourselves, and for your children.
Conversus autem ad illas Jesus, dixit : Filiae Jerusalem, nolite flere super me, sed super vos ipsas flete et super filios vestros.

For behold, the days shall come, wherein they will say: Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that have not borne, and the paps that have not given suck.
Quoniam ecce venient dies in quibus dicent : Beatae steriles, et ventres qui non genuerunt, et ubera quae non lactaverunt.

Now we know what He meant.


The One About ‘78 Chryslers, Firehawks and Prayer

If ever there were a 16 year old who needed a car, it was me. I was taking 12 hours of college classes and working 30 hours per week, with half of those hours in a town 25 miles away. If you’re wondering why I wasn’t in high school, it is because I dropped out at 15 after watching gang bangers pull pistols on each other in the hall, three girls being raped in quick succession by said gang bangers, and finally a gang banger in my study hall looked at me and saying in full voice within eight feet of the teacher, “B****, you uptight. You need a good f***.” Given those events coupled with the fact that I hadn’t actually learned anything in school in years, I determined that Leavenworth High School would no longer be burdened with my presence. So yes, even as a tender child, I had balls like church bells and was a fearless, aggressive decision-maker. Deo gratias.

Anyway, my father bought a 1978 Chrysler Cordoba for my use in February of 1993 for $1300. And, like all of us poor things produced in the United States in the late 1970s, it was a real piece of crap. It had the 400 cubic inch V-8 with a 4-barrel carburetor. Oh, the carburetor. It had a dead spot in it such that it wouldn’t idle and upon acceleration from a stop would give you just enough power to get you exactly in the middle of the intersection or sitting perfectly astride the train tracks before coughing and dying. I’m pretty sure I pushed that car farther than I actually drove it. As a remedy, we installed a manual choke, but the car was so physically huge and the choke knob was so far under the dash that I literally had to duck my head completely under the dash to reach the choke. Thus, many an old lady were horrified by the yellow Chrysler next to them at a stoplight with huge truck tires on the rear, being powerbraked to 3000 RPM (no joke) with no visible driver. That car built character.

My favorite car that I have owned was a black 2002 Pontiac SLP Firehawk convertible. That was a running beast with a suspension that would squat into turns like a Maserati. The Firehawk package came with a freer-flowing exhaust that produced one of the most satisfying sounds on the planet. I. MISS. THAT. CAR. I sold it in ARSH 2005 to help finance the start-up of Barnhardt Capital Management.

Here are pictures of roughly what these two cars of mine looked like, although these are not MY cars, just pictures off the internet of similar cars.

My Cordoba looked like this except without hubcaps and with massive truck tires on the rear. Haters gonna hate. Players gonna roll... My Cordoba looked like this except without hubcaps and with massive truck tires on the rear. Haters gonna hate, but I just keep rollin’…,
My Firehawk looked like this except even better because my Firehawk was a ragtop. It was a truly gorgeous vehicle. My Firehawk looked like this except even better because my Firehawk was a ragtop. It was a truly gorgeous vehicle.

The reason I’m dragging you on this walk down automotive memory lane is because nothing explains the concept of Christian prayer quite like this MOPAR-to-GM-F-Body comparison.

Prayer is the fuel. Our souls are the powertrain. The objective and purpose in life is converting the fuel into motion by running it through the powertrain. Thus, prayer is not the end unto itself. Prayer is the means of moving toward the end, which is eternal life in heaven or damnation. We will be judged based upon the route we take – what we have done, and what we have failed to do. Did we do the right thing and take that left turn at Albuquerque? And if not, did we ever repent and get back on the right route?

I am like the ’78 Cordoba. Spiritually, I am a rolling piece of crap with a dead spot in my carburetor. Your soul, gentle reader, is more like the 2002 Firehawk. Never misses. Never dies. Beautiful.

But here is the difference, and I think that this explains why so many people are just sitting and watching as everything goes to hell. People have been taught that prayer is the OBJECTIVE of the Christian walk, and not the FUEL. And so we hear people say, “Oh, we’re not supposed to concern ourselves with earthly matters. We are supposed to withdraw from the world and pray.”

This is like a 2002 Firehawk with a full tank of gas being started and having the throttle mashed and held to the floor without ever being put in gear. Ever. What is the point of a car? Why was it built? What is the purpose of its existence? MOVEMENT. ACTION. That’s why it has a transmission, a driveshaft, an axle, wheels and tires. The true measure of a car is not revving out of gear. The true measure is its performance in motion. Acceleration, braking, cornering, cruising, outrunning the PoPo and the Revenuers.

Our Lord’s great commissions to us are earthly ACTIONS.

DO THIS in memory of Me.

GO and MAKE disciples of all nations.

LOVE one another as I have loved you.

It is our ACTIONS on this earth that will be the basis of our judgment. Hence, it is completely illogical to argue that nothing that happens on this earth or how we engage it matters. Of course it matters. What we DO will determine whether we end up in heaven or hell. Prayer is the spiritual fuel that enables and fortifies the person to GO and DO the right. This is why Jesus commanded the disciples to “watch and pray” in the Garden. He knew they were about to be tested and would have massive, terrible decisions to make as His passion and death unfolded. As it turned out, instead of praying, they fell asleep, and as a result, all of them except John bugged out, and Peter denied Him. No gas in the tank. I would guess that all of the women spent that evening in prayer with the Blessed Virgin at His command, and thus were the ones who were able to summon the courage, loyalty and perseverance to stay with Jesus from the pillar to the Cross to the tomb.  This is precisely why we must be praying all fifteen decades of the Rosary with Our Lady daily.

Many of you very kind folks send me emails flattering me profusely. But you are all wrong. I am NOT in a state of superior grace to you. I’m the ’78 Cordoba. You are the Firehawk. Here, I contend, is the difference. As much of a piece of de-tuned MOPAR crap with a bad carburetor as I am, I actually put the tranny in gear and GO. Many folks have the SLP Ram-Air 5.7 liter V-8, but never take it out of park.

Hmmm. So if what I did, and what I’m doing, constitutes sputtering, crippling along, dying at every light and having to throw it in neutral and get out and push a 4000 pound, 18 foot long monstrosity through the streets . . . just imagine what y’all Firehawks could do if you would JUST. PUT. IT. IN. GEAR.

Seriously. For the love of God. Fill up your tank and then get the clutch on the flywheel. And if you happen to see a yellow ’78 Cordoba dead on the side of the road, please dispatch a wrecker. It would be much appreciated.

Some might ask how this essay jibes with the vocation of comtemplative monks and nuns whose entire purpose in life is prayer.  It is very simple and extremely important.  The prayers of the contemplatives ask God to raise up saints out in the world and to strengthen the clergy and the laity with the sole objective of proselytizing and the salvation of souls.  There nothing of any greater importance than whether or not souls spend eternity enjoying the Beatific Vision in heaven or eternally damned to hell.  NOTHING.  Everything revolves around that.  Do you know why there aren’t any saints or miracles today, whereas before the 20th century there were obvious living saints and miracles were relatively common?  It is because the monasteries and convents have been almost totally emptied since Vatican II and the introduction of the Novus Ordo Mass.  When monks and nuns stopped wearing the habit and stopped praying the Divine Office, and their convents then quickly devolved into hives of sodomy, Marxism and even witchcraft in the case of some of the nuns; when all of that prayer all but stopped, the graces imbued into the clergy and the laity “out in the world” all but stopped also.  

The point is, the contemplatives were specifically praying for God to raise up people of ACTION out in the world, and so the point of the essay still holds.  Monasteries are like prayer petroleum refineries that produce super-high octane racing fuel (grace) that can then be used by other people to power their Cordobas, or Firehawks, or F-150s.  No high octane fuel, no living saints – or at least very few.  No high octane fuel, no miracles.  Refilling monasteries and convents is second only in importance to restoring The Mass of the Ages to its rightful place AND ending the Bergoglian Antipapacy and its Antichurch, currently occupying the same sacramental, liturgical and juridical space as the One True Church, so very visible in terrifying eclipse. These things MUST happen in order for Western Civilization to have any hope of survival.  


If Your Name Is Alfonso, and You’re From Los Angeles, This is Really Your Day…

St. Alphonsus Liguori

Our Lady Queen of the Angels

So if you are a guy named Alfonso and you are from Los Angeles, this is REALLY your day, being both the feast of St. Alphonsus Liguori AND the feast of Our Lady Queen of the Angels.

So have an extra Mezcal cocktail tonight.

Did you know the full name of the city of Los Angeles is:

El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reyna de los Angeles Sobre el Rio Porciuncula

“The City of Our Lady Queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River”

“Those who are seeking the true religion will never find it outside the Catholic Church alone, because, in every other religion, if they trace it up to the author, they will find some impostor whose imagination furnished a mass of sophisms and errors.”
St. Alphonsus Liguori


Prayer to Our Lady Queen of the Angels

August Queen of Heaven, sovereign Mistress of the Angels, who didst receive from the beginning the mission and the power to crush the Serpent’s head, we beseech thee to send thy holy Angels, that under thy command and by thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks, and drive them hence into the abyss of woe.

Most holy Mother, send thy Angels to defend us and to drive the cruel enemy from us. Amen.

All ye holy Angels and Archangels, help and defend us.