All Truth is of the Holy Ghost. To Wit: Frank Zappa Lyrics About TeeVee from ‘73

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“I’m The Slime”

I am gross and perverted
I’m obsessed ‘n deranged
I have existed for years
But very little has changed
I’m the tool of the Government
And industry too
For I am destined to rule
And regulate you

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can’t look away
I make you think I’m delicious
With the stuff that I say
I’m the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I’m the slime oozin’ out
From your TV set

You will obey me while I lead you
And eat the garbage that I feed you
Until the day that we don’t need you
Don’t go for help… no one will heed you
Your mind is totally controlled
It has been stuffed into my mold
And you will do as you are told
Until the rights to you are sold [Facebook!!]

That’s right, folks…
Don’t touch that dial

Well, I am the slime from your video
Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

I am the slime from your video
Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

I am the slime from your video
Oozin’ along on your livin’ room floor

I am the slime from your video
Can’t stop the slime, people, lookit me go

Mailbag: “When I first found your blog, I thought you were an angry middle-aged, attention-seeking American lady.”

Yes… and?? 😀


I am just writing to say thank you for your latest podcast. Well, thank you for all of them actually.

It is nice to hear the voice of reason and common sense regarding modesty in dress. Thank you for pointing out to us all that pants are OK when worn appropriately! [Always cover the caboose, ladies!] Also that part of modesty is dressing WELL. [It is also a function of decorum and fraternal charity – fundamental respect for others.] I can be a bit slack in this regard, but am gradually sewing up a wardrobe of flattering what I call “Day Dresses.” Any way just thanks is all I wanted to say.

I don’t usually write or comment on blogs. I don’t like how it often seems to become some type of “team” people follow [Amen], “I’m for Fr Z” “I’m Church Militant” etc etc. But I wanted to give some encouragement regarding your podcasts:

I am sorry to admit that when I first found your blog, I thought you were some mad (as in angry) middle-aged, attention-seeking American lady. [You burn one Koran…] Don’t ask me why exactly. I still read through a lot your posts however and you were the first voice I heard calling out about “pope” Francis. I was suffering from the loss of Pope Benedict, him being the only Pope I really remember much of in my lifetime and was not willing to warm to a new one.  When I heard that it was through his “humility” that he (Bergoglio) was staying at the Casa Santa Martha rather than the papal quarters (I don’t know what they are properly called) [the Papal Apartment in the Apostolic Palace] I called B.S. as I just felt that a part of humility is accepting all the various extravagances, if you like, that go with the position you hold, you just do, and get on with things.

Anyway. hearing you on podcast was a revelation, because (as you well know) you sounded perfectly lovely, friendly, sane, and happy and my perspective changed. Thank you for keeping on keeping on.

Thanks to SuperNerd for enabling the podcasts.
God Bless you both.


Most of the people that I see every day in my neighborhood, parishes, etc. have no idea about my… online activities, and would simply have no idea whom you were talking about and/or not believe you if you described me based upon my “public persona”.  If you need to describe me to the neighbors, it is, “the nice lady who wears the hats.”  OH!  Yes!  HER!  The happy hat lady!

So there you go.  I am not a CAT lady, I’m the HAPPY HAT lady.  I’ll take it!

This is similar to my latest millinery acquisition, a wide-brimmed straw boater with changeable ribbon tie.  I got it for a song.  Hats are relatively inexpensive, I suppose, because there isn’t much demand for them – which is FANTASTIC for me.  It’s going to be a GREAT summer!

Advancing in Sanctity in the 21st Century

This note came across the transom in response to the post immediately below about Diabolical Narcissism and rage addiction. I was struck by how this sounds exactly like a testimony at an alcohol/drug addiction support group. Just replace the litany of social media and Apps with names of intoxicants and it is the exact same conceptual base: breaking addiction to a “introduced substance” which alters one’s mind (and soul).

Be edified by this person’s example.

Also, if you are struggling with social media and are balking at the idea of giving up FB, Twitter, or whatever, just think about what your life was like just a few short years ago before these social media “drugs” existed. Just a few short years ago, you didn’t need to check your notifications, you didn’t need that rush EVER, because it didn’t exist. And you got along just fine. Think about how this is exactly the same as the person who has started drinking heavily or doing drugs just within the past few years, and is now addicted to drugs or alcohol who honestly believes that they can’t live without it.

You can live without it.

You CAN give it up.

You don’t NEED it.

This is what “advancing in sanctity” looks like in the One-Nine, y’all:

Once again, Ann, you are the voice of reason. I ditched it all:

Facebook free for 3 years. I have literally seen people go insane because of it.

Twitter free for 1 year.

YouTube app for…um…several hours.

Same with Reddit.

No Pinterest or Etsy, either. 

I deleted the Kindle app from my smartphone, I still have the Kindle.

Deleted all my Amazon apps.

Deleted Google stuff with the exceptions of Hangouts and Gmail. And the book about the papacy you recommended so highly.

Along with all that I have given up on having the last word in case someone is wrong on the internet. So….I deleted internet from my smartphone, too.

All I have is pictures of family, my cats, flowers in the back yard.

No games, either. Deleted them too.

All the smart phone can do now is call me, send me texts and photos and tell me where, how and which way to get lost.

I still have my music…all classical all the time. Is there never a good time for Bach?


Convert since 20XX.

Consecrated to Mary in 20XX.

Active member of the Legion of Mary since 20XX.

My child is on the way to becoming a Catholic.

Blessings upon blessings to you, Dear Ann.

Much love, In Christ,


Notes on Diabolical Narcissism: Addiction to Rage

This is an interesting read on Michael Avenatti, the creepy porn lawyer guy.

I was struck by the emphasis on the clearly DN psychopath Avenatti’s addiction to rage. Rage-aholic. The picking of fights purely for the sake of having an excuse to rage. Note how Twitter was catnip to Avenatti, who was clearly addicted to it.

I’ll beg you all again, for the sake of your souls, GET OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. Such potent toxicity! A spiritual drug made specifically to create and/or amplify narcissism. Flee! Leave and never look back! You can do it!

Here is the piece for those who might be interested. It is a fascinating case study for those who have watched my Diabolical Narcissism video presentation.

Barnhardt Podcast #083: WhatsApp with Immodesty. Period. 🙂

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In this episode we discuss the recent technical vulnerability of WhatsApp in particular and societal vulnerabilities of social media in general. One of the faults encouraged by social media is immodesty, not only in terms of apparel but also in the loss of decorum and social graces in general. And emojis.

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Do the BigMac Maneuver!

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A reminder on the Sin of Schism….

It is IMPOSSIBLE to enter into schism or be in schism by the act of holding the Catholic Faith whole and entire, and by being in union with and subject to the Roman Pontiff, and the Petrine See in se.

Good faith controversy over the identity of the Roman Pontiff is not schismatic.

Go to Mass. Ask Our Lord to give YOU the temporal punishments due, if any, of your priests who might commemorate the wrong man at the Te Igitur.

St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.

St. Bernard of Clairvaux, pray for us.

St. Peter Celestine, pray for us.

St. Peter, pray for us.

St. Joseph, pray for us.

Our Lady, undoer of knots, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

“Another way of making the same point is to distinguish between the Petrine ministry or function, and the Papacy. A sign and instrument of unity is needed for the government of the Church. This task corresponds to what is also called the nucleus of the papacy. For these theologians the papacy has been, and is, the historical realization of the Petrine ministry. THE TWO REALITIES ARE, HOWEVER, CONCEPTUALLY DISTINCT.”

First things first:  HAVE YOU BOUGHT AND READ J. MICHAEL MILLER’S BOOK, “The Divine Right of the Papacy in Recent Ecumenical Theology” YET?

If not, why not?  It costs NINE BUCKS, downloads in seconds, and can be read in one evening.  Why in the world would anyone engaged in this, the most important question in the world today NOT buy and read a text that addresses DIRECTLY as its core thesis this business of “fundamentally transforming the Petrine Office” into a “collegial, synodal Petrine Ministry” consisting of multiple people simultaneously, with Pope Benedict cited multiple times, along with his mentor (Rahner) and close colleagues at Tubingen (Neumann and Kung), and the man Antipope Bergoglio immediately made one of his closest “advisors” and lauded as his “favorite theologian”, Walter Kasper?  What possible, possible reason could there be to NOT drop the nine bucks and three hours to read this book?

What possible, possible reason could there be to NOT engage the dataset?

It should also be mentioned that this book by now-Archbishop J. Michael Miller is actually Miller’s DOCTORAL DISSERTATION.  He completed his doctorate at the Gregorianum in ARSH 1979, and the Greg thought SO HIGHLY of his dissertation that they published it under their own imprint. It has been explained to me that when a Pontifical University publishes a doctoral dissertation, it is a very, very high compliment – the equivalent of getting an “A” or “A+”.

So, when journalists confront +Miller about the contents of his text, which I’m SURE they will after the Christmas break (ahem, cough, cough, ahem), there is absolutely no way he can play dumb, because if there is one thing that a man never, ever forgets, it is the contents of his OWN doctoral thesis.

Speaking of which, let’s look today at the opening sentence of Chapter 8 in Miller’s dissertation, “Contemporary Catholic Views on Papal Primacy Iure Divino”:

”The present crisis of the papacy is one of legitimation. (Footnote 1)”


And what is Footnote 1?  Why, it is none other than WALTER KASPER.

So, it is taken for granted by Miller that the papacy is in the midst of a crisis, and the crisis is one of the LEGITIMACY of the papacy itself, and he cites Walter Kasper for this turn of phrase.

As in, the papacy AS IT STANDS is ILLEGITIMATE, and needs to somehow be “changed” and “fundamentally transformed” so that it ceases to be ILLEGITIMATE, and move towards LEGITIMATION.

If you buy and read Miller’s dissertation, you will see that the previous seven chapters are an agonizing analysis of two sets of terms:

IRREVERSIBILITY (cannot be abolished) and IMMUTABILITY (cannot be changed)



”Irreversibility” is the question of whether or not the papacy can be TOTALLY ABOLISHED, that is, is the very existence of the Papacy irreversible in and of itself.  THE DEBATE AMONGST THE GERMAN THEOLOGIANS ON THIS QUESTION IS ROBUST, TO PUT IT MILDLY.  The fact that total abolition of the papacy was discussed at all, much less so widely and openly is a testament to how far gone the German theological scene was and is.

”Immutability” is the question of whether or not the Papacy can be CHANGED, you know, like “FUNDAMENTALLY TRANSFORMED”.  It was taken for granted by the German theologians that the papacy was NOT IMMUTABLE, and yes, COULD BE CHANGED, even radically.  Again, to be clear, it was the MODERATE position that yes, the papacy could be changed, but that the “Petrine Office” could not be totally abolished.  Thus, the MODERATE position would include MULIPLE PEOPLE SIMULTANEOUSLY EXERCISING DIFFERENT ASPECTS OF THE PETRINE MINISTRY, ALL UNDER THE UMBRELLA OF AN EXPANDED PETRINE OFFICE.

Thus, Miller’s dissertation is saturated with discussion of the DIFFERENCE between the Petrine OFFICE and the Petrine MINISTRY/FUNCTION, because so-called “ecumenical dialogue” with Lutherans and Anglicans ABSOLUTELY PIVOTS ON THIS PRECISION BETWEEN the PETRINE “OFFICE” and “MINISTRY/FUNCTION”.

Let me now blockquote page 195 with the screen cap below.  I am going to type up the text so that it populates onto the web and search engines. Emphases mine.

Although in dealing with the origins of the papacy contemporary theologians emphasize the close relation between ius divinum and ius humanum, when considering the permanence of the papacy they stress rather the distinction between the changeable and immutable elements.  This distinction within papal primacy as an institution is often formulated in terms of relation between a central unchangeable nucleus and its realization in changeable and historical forms. Theological (Footnote 98), exegetical (Footnote 99), and historical studies (Footnote 100) all make use of a similar distinction in explaining why a revision in the exercise of primatial authority is possible.

Another way of making the same point is to distinguish between the Petrine ministry or function, and the Papacy.   A sign and instrument of unity is needed for the government of the Church.  This task corresponds to what is also called the nucleus of the papacy.  For these theologians the papacy has been, and is, the historical realization of the Petrine ministry. The two realities are, however, conceptually distinct.

Footnote 98:
Burns, “Communion, Councils, and Collegiality,” 172; Kasper, in “Ministero petrino,” 56, contrasts the “essenza” of an institution, namely the Petrine office, with “una ben determinata forma della sua realizzazione;” McDonnell, “Papal Primacy,” 185-186; Thils in Primaute Pontificale, 171, distinguishes between “fond” and “forme.”  Rahner’s terminology varies, but he certainly hold that, although the papacy is iure divino, this does not exclude the possibility that “in the future the papacy, while retaining its basic ‘generic form’, will be able to present quite a different ‘image’ (if we may so express it) from that to which we have hitherto been accustomed” (“Basic Observations,” 18). Cf. Rahner, “Demokratie in der Kirche?” 8; Rahner, “Kirchliche Wandlungen,” 514; and Rahner, “Open Questions on Dogma,” 219.

Hmmmm.  Maybe I DO see why people are refusing to buy and read Miller’s dissertation after all….

I hope this helps.

Our Lady, Undoer of Knots, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us.

Behold the MADNESS.  Behold the SUBSTANTIAL ERROR.

“In the future the papacy, while retaining its basic ‘generic form’, will be able to present quite a different ‘image’ (if we may so express it) from that to which we have hitherto been accustomed.” -Karl Rahner, Pope Benedict’s mentor, colleague and close friend, and widely considered to be one of the most influential theologians of the 20th century.



The Metastatic Cancer of Public Scandal: Mafiosa Grifter Liz Lev & Fr. Thomas Williams Rack Up YET ANOTHER Wrecked Priestly Vocation

This is the THIRD priesthood the biggest fag hag in Rome, Liz Lev, spawn of New World Order darling Mary Ann Glendon, has contributed to the wrecking of (that we know of).

And this is why THIS MATTERS.

You can read the backstory of Fr. Thomas Williams, aka “The Horndog of Rome”, who carried on sexual affairs openly with Lev for over a decade, fathering two children (one miscarried, one born) by the walking child support package machine Lev, as well as carrying on openly with HIS STUDENTS while he was the Dean of the Department of… wait for it… MORAL THEOLOGY at the Legion of Christ’s Pontifical University in Rome.

Yeah, no power differential there, or anything.

Here’s the thing. Ever since Fr. Thomas Williams was exposed by whistle-blowers as a sexual predator of HIS STUDENTS, and denounced in a very thick dossier to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the early 2010s, thus causing Fr. Williams to cut-and-run on the priesthood, both he and his grifter tour guide train wreck fag hag baby mama, Liz Lev, have regularly posted reminders to social media that they are not just married, but living it up. It is essentially Liz Lev making sure the no one forgets, EVER, that Fr. Thomas Williams chose having sex with her over being espoused to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church. Liz Lev beats Jesus, and don’t you ever forget it!

Make no mistake, folks, women who chase priests are uber-insecure trainwrecks who want nothing less than to have a man “pick them” over God Himself. It is homewrecking taken to its pathological extreme, adultery combined with sacrilege.

With Liz Lev and Fr. Thomas Williams it isn’t enough to spit on the Priesthood and walk away. No, these literally shameless psychopaths have to RUB THE WORLD’S FACE in not just their sins, but the world’s celebration of their sins. To wit, this Tweet from Liz Lev just a few days ago, bragging about being invited to the North American College’s annual soirée in Rome. For those of you who don’t know, the NAC is where young American seminarians and priests who have been tapped to become bishops are sent to be “educated” in Rome.

What does it tell you about the state of things in the upper echelons of the institutional Church in North America that an internationally notorious fornicator priest who cut-and-ran after being exposed and denounced to the CDF would be invited to the NAC and be permitted to parade around in front of seminarians?

Your priestly vows are all a big joke, boys, as is the Sixth Commandment. Openly shred both. Only hang around until you’ve made enough connections to land a cushy six-figure job. Not only will we let you out of the priesthood, hell, we’ll invite you to all of our parties, and tell you how wonderful and braaaaaave we think you and your concubine are! The priesthood is a stepping stone, a resumé builder. Nothing more.”

Which brings us to yet another Legion of Christ sex cult celebrity “pretty boy” priest, Fr. Jonathan Morris.

Williams and Morris grew up together in Michigan. Their parents were friends, and both families were central in the Legion of Christ/Regnum Christi cult activities around Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

After watching Fr. Thomas Williams and Liz Lev wallow in and brag about their scandalous lives for five years now, Fr. Morris, being “emulous of evildoers” has announced that he too is following the “Mr. Liz Lev” model and is dumping the priesthood so that he too can openly carouse. Because, WHY NOT? Fr. Thomas Williams did it, and ended up with a cushy job (thanks to Steve Bannon) doing mindless cut-and-paste stories for Breitbart and getting six-figure “fellowships” (cough, NWO white collar money laundering, cough) from Notre Dame, and gets invited to all the best Neo-Con soirées, and gets to rub the world’s face in it on social media. “Like!” “Thumbs up!” “What a beautiful couple!”

And, one less Mass is offered, and one less priest is available to sit in the confessional and raise the dead back to life.

And satan squeals with delight.

Scandal is a metastatic cancer.

I don’t know who “Julia Augusta” is, but I sure like the cut of this gal’s gib!

Julia Augusta straight up calling bee-ess on the “canonizations” of Pope JPII and Paul VI.

Peach on, Gurl. Troof. UmmmHmmmm.

We should be praying FOR these men, not TO them.

If you want to pray to an uncanonized Pope of the 20th century, might I suggest Pope Leo XIII, our father in God.

How many centuries, nay millennia, does this get you? Especially when you are the Pope…?