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Barnhardt Podcast #149: UFOs and Ultimate Faith Objectives

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In this episode we discuss the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul as the being the high point for Ordination Season, the unfortunate tendency of trad Catholics to form circular firing squads, the danger of “celebrity priests” (even on a minor scale), and UFOs. During this superluminal jaunt through seemingly random topics we stressed the need to be Master and Commander of our souls, to read the scriptures and books by the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and to build our personal spiritual lives back better to be ready — if called upon by God — to take part in the Great Catholic Reset when Her Immaculate Heart triumphs!

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Mailbag: When frontline doctors start using terms like “precipice of the eschaton” because of the dearth of integrity… stay confessed. And take your Ivermectin.


Just saw a colleague of mine “take the red pill” as it happened today. Better late than never…

He had two young patients this week with heart issues after the covid shot. Then he found out that apparently (and this was the first I had heard of it) two of our coresidents had attempted to publish a case series on heart problems in young people after the jab. No attendings would put their name on it. Then when one finally did, none of the journals they submitted to would publish their paper.

It was crazy watching someone’s eyes almost literally open in front of me. He was angry. I basically shook his hand and said something along the lines of “welcome to the war”.

We live in strange times. The precipice of the eschaton.


Dr. X

That time St. Bernard of Clairvaux singlehandedly exposed Antipopes “morally unanimously accepted” by the College of Cardinals and restored the True Pope. Thank God manly St. Bernard didn’t listen to the effeminate “there’s nothing you can do” despair merchants!

Q:  If we can’t trust the Church to tell us who the Pope is, doesn’t that mean the Church has defected?

A: Well, apparently not, because Antipope Anacletus II was backed by a majority of Cardinals and the entirety of Rome with the exception of the Corsi family and illegitimately ruled EIGHT YEARS until his death.

Here’s the short version.  You can read the long versions at and Wikipedia.

Pope Honorious II dies, and in rules established by a predecessor (Nicholas II) and Honorious II, the election of Honorious II’s successor is left to a special commission of eight Cardinals.  They validly and canonically, albeit hurriedly and insistently, elect Pope Innocent II Papareschi the next day.

Later that same day, other Cardinals, backed by all the Roman noble families declare Pope Innocent II’s election invalid, except it WAS valid, as we will see, and instead elect their very corrupt boy, Cardinal Pietro Pierleone and name him Anacletus II.

Both men are crowned Pope/Antipope on the same day – the Antipope Anacletus II in St. Peter’s Basilica, and the true Pope Innocent II in Santa Maria Nuova (now called Santa Francesca Romana).

Antipope Anacletus II Pierleone, having the backing of most of the Cardinals, all of the Roman noble families except one (the Corsi), and all of the Roman populace, drives the true Pope Innocent II out of Rome and he flees to France where he resides for three years, whereupon he is escorted back to Rome by King Lothair of Germany, albeit with an insufficient calvary force of only 2000, and upon Lothair’s departure, Pope Innocent II has to flee Rome again to nearby Pisa, where he remains for four more years.

During these eight years, Antipope Anacletus II enjoys essentially unanimous support in Rome as he plunders the Church’s wealth and spends it lavishly to maintain support and popularity.

When Antipope Anacletus II dies after EIGHT YEARS uncontested and peacefully accepted by the Cardinals and Rome in January of ARSH 1138, an invalid conclave is called (because the True Pope Innocent II is still very much alive), and Antipope Victor IV Conti is “elected”.

This mess was resolved not by arms, but by A SAINT.  Enter Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, who had discerned that despite the essentially unanimous and peaceful recognition of Anacletus II as Pope by the College of Cardinals and the populace of Rome, that this was wrong, and Pope Innocent II was the true Pope, and had been all along.  St. Bernard went to Rome and by only the force of his eloquence in preaching to the people of Rome convinced the Church and the people of Rome of Innocent II’s legitimacy, so that upon Anacletus II’s death and the faux-election of Antipope Victor IV, Victor IV soon PRESENTED HIMSELF AS A PENITENT to St. Bernard, who immediately escorted him to Pope Innocent II, to whom Antipope Victor IV Conti repented and submitted, thus proving that Anacletus II had been an Antipope all along.  Because if Pope Innocent II was the Pope, then that HAD to mean that Anacletus never was. Because LOGIC.

So, the answer is clearly, emphatically YES, the College of Cardinals and Rome HAS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY dropped the ball on who the Pope is, and for EIGHT YEARS, and clearly this did not constitute defection. The Church fully admits that Anacletus II, who reigned peacefully accepted by the College of Cardinals and Church of Rome, was an Antipope, and that Bernard who discerned this, was not only a Saint, but a Doctor of the Church.

So, we have YET ANOTHER powerful Saint to enjoin in our prayers for resolving today’s mess.

Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, PRAY FOR US!

The Submission of the Antipope Victor IV to Pope Innocent II (with St. Bernard), Antoine Favray, ARSH 1743, Norton Simon Art Foundation

Nuclear: FDA Knew on October 22, 2020 that the DeathJab would maim and kill, cause heart damage, clotting and ravage children

OK, folks.  All AV Nerds should download this before they delete it.

The timestamp you want to hone in on is 02:33:40. This guy presenting SKIPS THE SLIDE, so it is only visible for a fraction of a second, but it can be easily isolated.

Let me type the text on the slide up so it will populate on search engines:

FDA Safety Surveillance of COVID-19 Vaccines: DRAFT Working list of possible adverse event outcomes ***Subject to change***

-Guillain-Barré syndrome
-Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
-Transverse myelitis
-Encephalitis /myelitis/encephalomyelitis/meningoencephalitis/meningitis/encephalopathy
-Narcolepsy and cataplexy
-Acute myocardial infarction
-Autoimmune disease
-Preganacy and birth outcomes
-Other acute demyelinating diseases
-Non-anaphylactic allergic reactions
-Disseminated intervascular coagulation
-Venous thromboembolism
-Arthritis and arthralgia/joint pain
-Kawasaki disease
-Multisymptom Inflammatory Syndrome in Children
-Vaccine enhanced disease

It’s all right there folks.  Everything we are seeing and these rat bastards are trying to gaslight you into believing isn’t happening or “isn’t related” was 100% anticipated by the FDA in October. All of the clotting and coagulation.  All of the heart damage.  All of the female reproductive issues.  All of the people dropping dead, either from heart attack or stroking out.  All of the sick children – “Multisymptom Inflammatory Syndrome in Children” is a completely new term.  And if you don’t know what Kawasaki Disease is: “Kawasaki disease is an illness that causes inflammation (swelling and redness) in blood vessels throughout the body. It happens in three phases, and a lasting fever usually is the first sign. The condition most often affects kids younger than 5 years old.”

And, of course, as we have been saying for a LOOOONG time in this space, “Vaccine enhanced disease” – meaning the injection actually supercharges any CoronaVirus into a killer, when it should only be a seasonal cold. We’ll know on or around September 15th when the next cold season starts if this is the case.

ALL OF IT was FULLY ANTICIPATED by the FDA months before they even rolled out the DeathJabs.

Largest crime against humanity EVER perpetrated.  If Capital punishment is not meted out for this, then every Nazi executed at Nuremberg in ’46 deserves a full apology, and Washington DC should be renamed Mengeleville.

Antichurch in full manifestation: Secretary of State Parolin comes out in favor of totalitarian pro-sodomy law which carries criminal charges and jail time for “offending” faggots, dykes and trannies, first and foremost by calling sodomy a sin

Algorithmic translation here.

Every American should read the quote here below and then hang their head in shame, because THIS is the fruition of the satanic heresies known collectively as “Americanism.” The groveling inversion of the Church-state ordinance, the elevation of the “democratic” “will of the people” over any prohibition on even the most sickening sins, sodomy and child murder being first among them. America, you own this, we own this, and if you don’t feel that sickening realization in the pit of your stomach, at long last, as the Antichurch kneels before Sodom and moloch, spouting your Lee Greenwood boilerplate heresy, then… I got nothin’.

“The Italian state is secular, non-denominational. I fully agree with the Prime Minister Draghi on the secular nature of the state and on the sovereignty of the Italian Parliament ‘, the Vatican Secretary of State Parolin also said, adding that the Holy See does not want to block the law but expresses concern about possible interpretations.

Bombshell: The Covidic religion is a full-blown cult of child sacrifice. It’s “sacramental” death injections kill children and young adults.

This statue of the Canaanite child sacrifice demon Moloch was installed at the Colosseum in Rome in the fall of ARSH 2019, at exactly the same time as Event201 and the final preparations for the beginning of the CovidScam and roll-out of the Covidic political religion and totalitarian putsch.

CDC source document HERE.

Ivermectin Flex… Shingles?


I know you will appreciate and enjoy this story.

The Mrs. started showing signs of shingles just recently – our uneducated diagnosis of course. But unfortunately, our doctor couldn’t see her for several days. Naturally I had to check, sure enough, shingles is a viral infection!
BINGO – 2 doses of good ol’ Ivermectin  and it cleared right up and we cancelled the appointment.

Again, not positive it was shingles, but whatever was starting to break on her skin – stopped!

Cost us about 46 cents.

Thanks again for all you do for all of us.