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Zerohedge assembles descriptions of concentration camps, aka American college campuses. The shock isn’t the concentration camp conditions, but that it is being almost unanimously accepted.

Read up here. They are trying to turn every remaining non-Diabolical Narcissist kid into one. It’s openly Luciferian.

And the kids and their parents seem to be going along with it almost universally.

Remember the DN emotional palate: ANGER, HATRED, JEALOUSY, and FEAR.

There is NO RELATIONSHIP in hell. No charity whatsoever.

The Last Judgment, Detail, Fra Angelico, ARSH 1425, Church of San Marco, Florence

The Last Judgment, Detail, Fra Angelico, ARSH 1425, Church of San Marco, Florence

#TOLDYA: CDC confirms very, very few people die of a seasonal cold. This is the largest mass hysteria and crime against humanity in history.

By now, I’m sure you all have seen this, but I have to link. This GatewayPundit piece has opened a lot of eyes.

Remember, this was called out in this space on 24 March when over my transom came a screen cap of an Italian news story – which was edited within minutes of publication, that let the cat out of the bag: the reported deaths were “con, non per” – WITH, NOT FROM a seasonal cold. Then reportage came that Italians were declaring any elderly person that died as having died from a seasonal cold. No tests necessary. They just KNEW. Oh, and let’s get that body cremated fast, because, you know, it’s a toxic risk!

Since Italy was chosen to be the “test market” of this scam, they were several weeks ahead of the U.S. I would make an informed guess that only a few hundred people in Italy have actually died from a seasonal cold this year. Not 35,000 or anywhere near. Just exactly like … every year. A small number of elderly people get crossways with a seasonal cold. Every year. The only difference this year was the Event 201 media/gov marketing assault. Please discuss amongst yourselves if the Chinese were accomplices, and the early images from Wuhan were pure staged propaganda in full cooperation with and in service to Gates and Maoist Masonry in the US and Europe.

The Italian economy, horrifically dependent upon trans-global tourism (Americans and Chinese), is now devastated. But, Italians are the highest average IQ Caucasian race, and are extremely resilient. If they would return to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, they could, once again, lead the world.

And, it must be said, at least now Liz Lev’s coven of flying monkey faggot tour guides in the Vatican aren’t having sodomitical hook-ups with Curial Monsignors in the sacristy St. Peter’s Basilica. Granted, the Rome clerical gay scene has largely relocated to private apartments. But, I am absolutely convinced that a reason the Divine Providence allowed this mess to unfold as it did was to stop the desecration of St. Peter’s Basilica and the churches of Rome by Liz Lev’s lapdog faggot army in Rome. Remember, Liz Lev and her faggots would JOKE about having sex/sodomy with priests. Happy hunting. If you’re not his “type”… send him over to me, dear. What odious, odious human beings. What abject frauds – and that is exactly the word used to describe them in Rome: FRAUDS.

In other news, some outlets are reporting a rather large crowd in Germany– which, if true, look out- assembled in Berlin yesterday to demand an end to the CoronaScam. We watch with extremely cautious optimism. Because… Germans. And NEVER trust a Kennedy. Ever.

He judged, and issued a correction; “had taught men of low rank and high how they must order their lives,” and got his head slowly sawed off for the effort. The Greatest Man Born of Woman.

John, the bold and austere accuser of the lawless.

The Beheading of St. John the Baptist (detail), Caravaggio, ARSH 1608, Co-Cathedral of St. John, Valletta, Malta

Today is the Feast of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist.  It is apt, I think, that this Feast falls on a full-fast day for those of us who are participating in the Matthew 17:20 initiative.  There has been a tradition of full-fasting on this day in grief for the death of a man that Our Lord and Savior said, “There is not a greater prophet.”

A moving reading on St. John the Baptist:

…This divine Prophet, after he had preached the baptism of repentance according to God’s command; had taught men of low rank and high how they must order their lives; had admonished those whom he baptized and had filled them with the fear of God, teaching them that no one is able to escape the wrath to come if he do not works worthy of repentance; had, through such preaching, prepared their hearts to receive the evangelical teachings of the Savior; and finally, after he had pointed out to the people the very Savior, and said, “Behold the Lamb of God, Which taketh away the sin of the world” (Luke 3:2-18; John 1: 29-36), after all this, John sealed with his own blood the truth of his words and was made a sacred victim for the divine Lawat the hands of a transgressor.

This was Herod Antipas, the Tetrarch of Galilee, the son of Herod the Great. This man had a lawful wife, the daughter of Arethas (or Aretas), the King of Arabia (that is, Arabia Petraea, which had the famous Nabatean stone city of Petra as its capital. This is the Aretas mentioned by Saint Paul in II Cor. 11:32). Without any cause, and against every commandment of the Law, he put her away and took to himself Herodias, the wife of his deceased brother Philip, to whom Herodias had borne a daughter, Salome. He would not desist from this unlawful union even when John, the preacher of repentance, the bold and austere accuser of the lawless, censured him and told him, “It is not lawful for thee to have thy brother’s wife” (Mark 6: 18). Thus Herod, besides his other unholy acts, added yet this, that he apprehended John and shut him in prison; and perhaps he would have killed him straightway, had he not feared the people, who had extreme reverence for John. Certainly, in the beginning, he himself had great reverence for this just and holy man. But finally, being pierced with the sting of a mad lust for the woman Herodias, he laid his defiled hands on the teacher of purity on the very day he was celebrating his birthday. When Salome, Herodias’ daughter, had danced in order to please him and those who were supping with him, he promised her — with an oath more foolish than any foolishness — that he would give her anything she asked, even unto the half of his kingdom. And she, consulting with her mother, straightway asked for the head of John the Baptist in a charger. Hence this transgressor of the Law, preferring his lawless oath above the precepts of the Law,fulfilled this godless promise and filled his loathsome banquet with the blood of the Prophet. So it was that that all-venerable head, revered by the Angels, was given as a prize for an abominable dance, and became the plaything of the dissolute daughter of a debauched mother.

This dovetails with a quote from St. Augustine, whose feast was yesterday:

“What is reprehensible, however, is that, while leading good lives themselves and abhorring those of wicked men, some, fearing to offend, shut their eyes to evil deeds instead of condemning them and pointing out their malice. To be sure, the motive behind their tolerance is that they may suffer no hurt in the possession of those temporal goods which virtuous and blameless men may lawfully enjoy; still, there is more self-seeking here than becomes men who are true sojourners in this world and who profess the hope of a home in heaven.”
-St. Augustine of Hippo, City of God, Book 1

St. John the Baptist, pray for us.

Christ, have mercy on us.

Barnhardt Podcast #121: Restless Heart

Warning: Moderate Language Alert…

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This episode began as maybe being a kind of “infomercial” for Dr. Mazza’s upcoming online courses, and turned into – no joke – one of our best Podcasts ever. A rip-roaring conversation, all rooted in St. Au-GUS-tine, not Saint Augus-TINE. The truth ain’t no city in Flahrda, y’all. Don’t miss this one.

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Spaghetti and Angel Hair pasta pack tight. Also canned tuna IN OIL for the calories. Huge calories for the dollar.

For flavor: garlic powder, red pepper flakes (or Tobasco), salt, sugar, and pepper. All compact and cheap.

IF you can get your hands on dessicated liver pills, that’s not a bad idea either. Iron, zinc, etc.

Multivitamins. Don’t go obsessive-compulsive. Just a good multivitamin. Hell, Flintstones. No joke. Man, woman and child.

This is war, folks. It’s all happening. We’ve been warning you for over a decade. This is it.

If you can, buy a quiet generator. 3500W or so. That will run a fridge and keep phones charged. The ambient summer heat is about to break, thank God. Plan on the contingency of not having heat this winter. Buy goosedown comforters or hardcore sleeping bags (-40F) for every member of your household. Plus extra. Do it now.

Get your tires changed if they aren’t new. Change your oil. Use synthetic and buy a changes’ worth of synthetic. Maintain all automotive fluids and buy and be ready to change everything you can. Sell any vehicle that you cannot maintain yourself.

Buy a pocket water filter. I recommend Katadyn.

Oh, buy more long guns and ammo.

Face it and let the dead bury the dead: professional sports died coincidentally with Kobe Bryant

It’s over. Thanks be to God.

Beisbol, Basketball, Football.

It’s over.

Maybe one or two of these effeminate manchildren running around wearing a shirt with some other imbecile’s name plastered across it will retrieve his gonads from his wife’s purse and get a life. Or from the pickle jar atop his tee-vee.

One or two.

I turned myself to other things, and I saw the oppressions that are done under the sun, and the tears of the innocent, and they had no comforter; and they were not able to resist their violence, being destitute of help from any. [2] And I praised the dead rather than the living: [3] And I judged him happier than them both, that is not yet born, nor hath seen the evils that are done under the sun. [4] Again I considered all the labours of men, and I remarked that their industries are exposed to the envy of their neighhour: so in this also there is vanity, and fruitless care. [5] The fool foldeth his hands together, and eateth his own flesh, saying:

[6] Better is a handful with rest, than both hands full with labour, and vexation of mind. [7] Considering I found also another vanity under the sun: [8] There is but one, and he hath not a second, no child, no brother, and yet he ceaseth not to labour, neither are his eyes satisfied with riches, neither doth he reflect, saying: For whom do I labour, and defraud my soul of good things? in this also is vanity, and a grievous vexation.

Ecclesiastes 4

A reliable indicator as to who the “good guys” are: they might help the wounded enemy if circumstances permit.

Not always, but when possible, and not totally imprudent. Yes. It is very, very, tempting indeed to think that this idiot should have been left to go into shock and die, but the cops did the right thing.

Warning. Graphic footage of a gaping wound. That moron might pay for his stupidity with his right arm – but only his right arm, and not his life. He owes the cops his life. Will he learn? We don’t know, and can’t know. We can only do the right in the moment, as the cops did.