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In the UK, if you catch a cold, the government can bulldoze your home. Not satire. Also, a grim and revolting reminder…

It’s a death cult.

Internal documents giving “guidance” to local authorities explicitly authorize the razing of homes, and even nursing homes, in order to “control” a seasonal chest cold.

Zerohedge has the reportage.

Also, I have seen a CoronaCold sob-story going around about a man in his 40s named Phillip Guttmann who was “perfectly healthy” and ended up on a ventilator for several weeks, and is being used as agit-terror.

The rest of the story? Phillip Guttmann is a monster sodomite that produces sodomite porn depicting Hasidic Jew men.

As we have discussed in the space previously:

EXTREME ADULT CONTENT WARNING: Why Sodomite Men Should Genuinely Fear CoronaCold-19

Sodomite men EAT FECES as part and parcel of their sodomitical acts.

Feces are not merely undigested food matter, but are also how the body purges bacteria and VIRUSES that have been filtered out by the immune system. Every single bowel movement of every human being every day contains TRILLIONS of virus particles and bacteria. There is a very good reason why God encoded into our psyches a deep, strong natural revulsion to our own poop. It is literally “toxic waste”. There is no such thing as “clean” feces.

Sodomite men EAT each other’s feces, and their own. Sodomite men therefore constantly carry a huge viral load, and therefore are far more susceptible to having a seasonal cold (like CoronaCold by Gates) or flu turn into pneumonia requiring hospitalization – because their immune systems are already hyper-burdened from their shit-eating. THIS is why you are seeing a disproportionate number of “healthy young” sodomites hospitalized and/or dying from CoronaCold or the flu. They aren’t healthy. They eat shit. Regularly.

“And, in like manner, the men also, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts one towards another, men with men working that which is filthy, and receiving in themselves the recompense which was due to their error.”

Romans 1: 27

Mailbag Q&A: 55,000,000 proofsets and counting

Hello Ann. I am a regular reader and listener, and it is astounding to me how prophetic you are. I watched your Vendee video and lo and behold, the rioting savages put up a mock guillotine in front of Jeff Bezos’ home and renamed Chaz, “Chop” in honor of the horrifying beheading during the French revolution. This year has certainly put the fear of God (and man) in me. The video of the boomer freaking out was awful. I have always said evil has a great deal of stupidity in it, and this mask nonsense along with all the other Alice in Wonderland dystopian madness seems to bear that out. 

I just disagree on one point you made concerning the boomer Karens. I do not believe, despite how vicious and unhinged some of them are, that they will be leading any French revolutionary mayhem. That seems to be the goal of these young white half psychotic college grad women. They are filled to the brim with hate for Trump supporters, Christians, our country’s founding, etc. Being the recipients of a miseducation and feminazi training, they are remarkably vulgar and dehumanized. Some older ones may shriek about the masks, but the vast majority were not raised to hate the country, and with the exception of the wretched elites like Hillary and company, do not support the attempted insurrection. I am 62 and though there are certainly radicals in my generation (more the folks about 10 years older than me that started the rebellion), as you know at this point, the younger, the more radicalized. There is hope, however, as I have seen some remarkably astute and passionate young people making videos and fighting against the demonic spirit praise God. 

There was a mass demonstration against masks in Germany over the last weekend. I hope that will spread God willing. I have never seen anything like the madness that is now upon us. I bought your apologetics book and look forward to reading it. I admire your bravery to say the obvious that is now heretical in this anti-culture. Thank you for all you do!

God bless,


Dear Virginia,

Boomer Karens, Generation X Ashleys, and Millenial Madisons in the U.S. have done THIS 55,000,000 times and counting with calm, cool, premeditation and malice aforethought and intimate physical cooperation to their own children. Tell me more about how they won’t engage in French Revolution level atrocities. I’m all ears.

Yes, Ms. Karen Defarge, Ashley Defarge and Madison Defarge will incite, demand, drive and cheer murderousness every bit as bad and likely far worse than the height of The Terror during the French Revolution. Remember, Madame le Guillotine was quick, and some speculate, painless. But instead of coding death lists into her knitting, Ms. Karen Defarge and her ilk will draw up and send death lists on her smartphone.

Ms. Karen Defarge: beheading innocent people with forceps, clamps and suction hoses with the full protection of the state since ARSH 1973. The spirit of murder is ubiquitous in our culture, led by the women. Which is why our culture is now, finally, imploding and annihilating itself. The percentage of women in our culture who have murdered another human being is literally orders of magnitude above the percentage of men who have killed.

“Liberty! Equality! Fraternity! OR DEATH!

Dr. Mazza gets a letter from Prof. Enrico Maria Radaelli

Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli is the top living disciple of Romano Amerio, the great theologian who wrote the seminal critique of Vatican II and its devastating aftermath, “Iota Unum“. Prof. Radaelli sent the following letter to Dr. Mazza. This translation has been approved for publication. We all look forward to Prof. Radaelli’s forthcoming publications on the invalid resignation of Pope Benedict XVI, and share in Prof. Radaelli’s admiration and praise of Dr. Mazza’s work.

Dear Prof. Mazza,

I congratulate you for the dexterity with which you have composed your argument, and, if I may, I have jotted down here and there some short notes to make your text radiate in perfect truth, as it deserves.

What should be appreciated more than anything else is your intuition to focus on canon 188 (which is much more decisive and germane than 332 § 2), and was totally violated by the Renunciation, because: 1) 188 strikes at the root of the heretical act; 2), it strikes a decisive blow to the act in its substance.

Secondly, your attempt, which was completely successful, to expose the formal status of The “Emeritus”, under the linguistic cloak of which the Subject has attempted to hide himself, must be appreciated. It is the decisive issue, and I congratulate you.

May everyone soon greatly appreciate your arguments, which will help bring the Church back to the riverbed of logical truth in which she should always reside in holiness.

Professor Enrico Maria Radaelli

International Science and Commonsense Association (ISCA)
Department of Metaphysics of Beauty and Philosophy of Arts,
Research Director and Professor of Formal Gnoseology

UPDATED: Crisis Magazine Censors Combox – Barnhardt Helpfully Reposts Censored Comment

Crisis Magazine published a piece this week titled, “More Than Ever, We Need Benedict XVI”.

Obviously, the combox began to fill with people making the point that the title of the piece demands: We need Pope Benedict BECAUSE HE IS THE VICAR OF CHRIST.

Of course, Crisis Magazine deleted these comments.  Because salaries must be kept, career paths maintained, social connections and the resulting cocktail party invites must keep coming. Even still.

Well, how about I just post one censored comment in particular?  This comment is excellent and hits all of the high points beautifully. I actually have more traffic than Crisis Magazine, so more people will end up seeing this now.  So… it works out well.

Folks, DO NOT fall for the gaslighting. LOTS of very smart, very good people see and acknowledge the Bergoglian Antipapacy. More and more, especially since Dr. Mazza’s thesis broke a few months ago, are fully on board. And do NOT fall for the lie that good faith questions about the IDENTITY of the Vicar of Christ has anything to do with schism. That is total nonsense, and the highest levels of the Church have given explicit assurances of this. Take my word for that.

And don’t fall into the heresy that “Vatican I was wrong”. Vatican I was an infallible ecumenical council that defined dogma. It is more and more clear with each passing day that the Divine Providence saw to it that the Dogma of Papal Infallibility was defined at Vatican I PRECISELY SO WE COULD SEE AND KNOW THAT BERGOGLIO IS AN ANTIPOPE.

God is infinite goodness, and He loves us infinitely, and His Providence and ordering of history proclaims His Loving Power and Care with even more clarity than the night sky proclaims His Glory.

(In the last window below, point 10 should read “Canons 332 and 188.”)

Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy, and Holy Mother Church.

UPDATE: People are asking if the comment below was made or written by me. Absolutely not. The big hint there is that my name is Ann Barnhardt, not Alexandra K. I neither comment anonymously nor sock puppet. Ever.