#TOLDYA: CDC confirms very, very few people die of a seasonal cold. This is the largest mass hysteria and crime against humanity in history.

By now, I’m sure you all have seen this, but I have to link. This GatewayPundit piece has opened a lot of eyes.

Remember, this was called out in this space on 24 March when over my transom came a screen cap of an Italian news story – which was edited within minutes of publication, that let the cat out of the bag: the reported deaths were “con, non per” – WITH, NOT FROM a seasonal cold. Then reportage came that Italians were declaring any elderly person that died as having died from a seasonal cold. No tests necessary. They just KNEW. Oh, and let’s get that body cremated fast, because, you know, it’s a toxic risk!

Since Italy was chosen to be the “test market” of this scam, they were several weeks ahead of the U.S. I would make an informed guess that only a few hundred people in Italy have actually died from a seasonal cold this year. Not 35,000 or anywhere near. Just exactly like … every year. A small number of elderly people get crossways with a seasonal cold. Every year. The only difference this year was the Event 201 media/gov marketing assault. Please discuss amongst yourselves if the Chinese were accomplices, and the early images from Wuhan were pure staged propaganda in full cooperation with and in service to Gates and Maoist Masonry in the US and Europe.

The Italian economy, horrifically dependent upon trans-global tourism (Americans and Chinese), is now devastated. But, Italians are the highest average IQ Caucasian race, and are extremely resilient. If they would return to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, they could, once again, lead the world.

And, it must be said, at least now Liz Lev’s coven of flying monkey faggot tour guides in the Vatican aren’t having sodomitical hook-ups with Curial Monsignors in the sacristy St. Peter’s Basilica. Granted, the Rome clerical gay scene has largely relocated to private apartments. But, I am absolutely convinced that a reason the Divine Providence allowed this mess to unfold as it did was to stop the desecration of St. Peter’s Basilica and the churches of Rome by Liz Lev’s lapdog faggot army in Rome. Remember, Liz Lev and her faggots would JOKE about having sex/sodomy with priests. Happy hunting. If you’re not his “type”… send him over to me, dear. What odious, odious human beings. What abject frauds – and that is exactly the word used to describe them in Rome: FRAUDS.

In other news, some outlets are reporting a rather large crowd in Germany– which, if true, look out- assembled in Berlin yesterday to demand an end to the CoronaScam. We watch with extremely cautious optimism. Because… Germans. And NEVER trust a Kennedy. Ever.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.