Wait Just a Damn Minute: Italian Mortality Figures are WITH, not FROM CoronaCold-19

Cooking the books to keep people terrified, and for the economic takedown to continue apace? One can’t help but think…

Here’s a quick lesson in Italian grammar.  The preposition “with” is “con” – exactly like in Spanish.  The preposition “PER” in Italian is a workhorse that means, depending on context, “for, from, by, through”. Now, take a look at this screen cap of an Italian newspaper story from March 20th that was scrubbed almost immediately. Here is the link to the story now, edited.

“627 nuovi deceduti con coronavirus, non per coronavirus.”

627 new deaths with coronavirus, not from coronavirus.

THAT’S one hell of a precision.  Why was it edited out almost immediately?  Oh, I think we ALL know why.

Numbers are being cooked so that anyone who dies is tested, and if coronavirus is present, the person is counted as a CORONAVIRUS DEATH, even if they died from cancer, or a head injury, or… seasonal H1N1 flu.  Remember, in the U.S., in an average flu season year, 150 people die EVERY DAY from seasonal flu.  But that’s different.  That’s a different sort of dead – the sort that doesn’t matter.

Here is an Italian pundit pointing this up – of the 627 that died that day, the Italian I.S.S. (Instituto Superiore di Sanità) freely admitted that only TWELVE – 12 – a dozen – died FROM coronavirus.  The other 615 all died from something else.

“The media are reporting that today 627 people died from coronavirus.  The I.S.S. has explained that only 12 people had no other pathologies. To attribute all the deaths to the virus is not only false and unscientific. It’s more than that.  It is psychological terrorism.”

Here is the link to the LaStampa article that Sacchetti is tweeting.

Again, these are the I.S.S.’s own numbers, freely admitted.  Almost HALF of the deceased have THREE co-morbidities.  25% have two co-morbidities, the other quarter have one co-morbidity.  That leaves a TINY sliver of people who die of CoronaCold-19 with no other pre-existing morbidity.  JUST EXACTLY LIKE EVERY OTHER KIND OF FLU AND COLD.

Folks, here’s the deal.  A human body that is very weak or dying, for whatever reason, is a de facto Petri dish.  Every bug and virus can get a toe-hold BECAUSE THE PERSON’S IMMUNE SYSTEM IS NOT FUNCTIONING ANYWHERE NEAR NORMAL.  It is said of people who die of AIDS, “What did he ultimately die of? The better question is what DIDN’T he die of. Cancer. Flu. Strep. A common cold.  Take your pick.”

Think of it like throwing a hunk of ground beef out on the counter – guess what you are going to find 72 hours later.  The flesh is there as a host vector for anything and everything with no pushback from an immune system response.  Now, consider where the vast majority of these people die:  IN A HOSPITAL.  Hospitals tend to have lots of bugs and pathogens floating around, by definition.  That’s why hospitals are in a continuous battle in terms of sanitation.  Hospitals have that “hospital smell” precisely because hospitals concentrate bugs and therefore diligence requires extraordinary sanitation measures.  It’s common sense.

Now, look:  This “psychological terrorism” as the Italian pundit Cesare Sacchetti called it, is very much happening in the U.S. already.  Slip, fall, hit your head.  They will swab your body, and if CoronaCold is present in your mucous membranes, you will be called a CoronaCold victim:

This situation is essentially Jonestown, and the Kool-Aid is terror over a chest cold.

I think it is too late to stop the cascade of economic collapse and installation of totalitarianism, HOWEVER, let the record show that a few realized that the Emperor was as naked as a jaybird.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.