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Despised, and the most abject of men, a Man of Sorrows, and acquainted with infirmity: and His look was as it were hidden and despised, whereupon we esteemed Him not. Surely He hath borne our infirmities and carried our sorrows: and we have thought Him as it were a leper, and as one struck by God and afflicted. But He was wounded for our iniquities, He was bruised for our sins: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and by His bruises we are healed.

All we like sheep have gone astray, every one hath turned aside into his own way: and the Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. He was offered because it was His own will, and He opened not his mouth: He shall be led as a sheep to the slaughter, and shall be dumb as a lamb before His shearer, and He shall not open his mouth.
Isaiah 53: 3-7


Likely False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist and Antipope Denies Hell (again), Christ’s Divinity (again) and God’s Love For Humanity (again)… Just in Time for the Triduum!

Antipope Bergoglio has denied the existence of hell and preached the lie of soul annihilation before today.  But consider the spite that he has to have for Jesus Christ and His Holy Church to make sure that this latest salvo gets published just as the Triduum begins.  Top headline on Drudge for HOURS.

Folks, it really is important to understand that when I say how truly malignant and spiteful these people are, and desperately try to inform as many people as I can that these people LITERALLY HATE GOD, and thus are in a state of WAR AGAINST HIM AND HIS HOLY CHURCH, AND THUS EVERY HUMAN BEING BY EXTENSION, I’m not engaging in hyperbole.  I’m dead, dead serious.

The next thing to remember in all of this is that Antipope Bergoglio is not an Antipope because he is an arch-heretic.  Antipope Bergoglio is not now and never has been the Pope because of Pope Benedict XVI’s INVALID RESIGNATION, made in the SUBSTANTIALLY ERRONEOUS belief that Pope Benedict could fundamentally transform the papacy by bifurcating and expanding the Petrine Office into a “synodal, collegial” office, containing both “active” and “contemplative” participants.  Wrong.  And thus per Canon 188, Pope Benedict never ceased being the Pope, BY THE LAW ITSELF, and is the one and only living Pope to this day.

Antipope Bergoglio’s heresy is a CONFIRMING DATASET, but it is NOT germane to the question of Pope Benedict’s invalid attempted abdication, which predated the Bergoglian Antipapacy by fully two weeks.  ANTIPOPE BERGOGLIO CAN’T BE DEPOSED, BECAUSE HE DOES NOT OCCUPY THE PETRINE SEE.  Only a person who is validly occupying a given office can be deposed from said office.  They only path forward IN TRUTH is that Antipope Bergoglio be PUBLICLY ACKNOWLEDGED AS AN ANTIPOPE, AND SENT PACKING ACCORDINGLY. If this is done while Pope Benedict XVI is still living, NO CONCLAVE CAN BE CALLED, BECAUSE IF POPE BENEDICT IS ALIVE, AND HAS NOT VALIDLY RESIGNED, THEN THE SEE IS OCCUPIED, AND IT IS THEREFORE ONTOLOGICALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO ELECT A POPE – ONLY ANOTHER ANTIPOPE.

Next, given that we know that Antipope Bergoglio is an Antipope and arch-heretic, and also doing pretty much everything one could expect the Anti-John the Baptist, aka False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, to do, what we should do is take his vile heresy and actually use it as a point of departure for examining ourselves.  In particular, we need to all do some serious soul-searching on the question of if WE believe in hell.  Do we secretly harbor in the deep, or even not-so-deep corners of our minds the belief that the worst that can possibly happen to anyone is “lights out”?  Do we not realize that these whispers and assumptions of soul annihilation are the Serpent in the Garden whispering, “No, you shall not die the death….” Do we deny the existence of hell in order to acquire or maintain HUMAN RESPECT? Do we stay silent on hell in order to maintain earthly relationships and avoid all possibility of “uncomfortable conversations”?


Further, the existence of hell and eternal damnation is a proofset of God’s love and RESPECT for us.  If God didn’t really love us, if He didn’t respect us AS RATIONAL INTELLECTS that are free to choose our actions, then soul annihilation is EXACTLY what He would do.  The fact is that the “god” Antipope Bergoglio is describing is a being DEVOID OF LOVE, who has less than zero respect for humanity.  Antipope Bergoglio is trying to convince the world that satan is God, and that satan in his “mercy” will just snuff you out of existence if “things don’t work out”.  No harm, no foul.

If God just started snuffing beings out of existence when they made a choice that wasn’t in accord with His will, wouldn’t that cheapen all life and existence to the point of meaninglessness? Wouldn’t all rational beings just be mere object-playthings at that point? Yep.

Love means putting up with the periodic insufferable behavior of the beloved. Most ESPECIALLY for God.  The corollary to this is the following fact:  No matter what you do, you will always, always, always exist.  God loved you into existence, and loves you because you exist, and will never stop loving you, and will never, ever snuff you out of existence, no matter what.  If you reject Him, that is your free choice, but understand, you will continue to exist FOREVER after you have rejected God.  Every one of us will exist and exist forever – either in Heaven (inside of the Trinity, the Beatific Vision), or completely cut off from Him.  F.O.R.E.V.E.R.  That’s hell.  There is no “snuffed out of existence feeling neither happiness nor pain” option.  So disabuse yourself of that lie right now.

Finally, remember that Antipope Bergoglio’s denials of hell are also by ONE LOGICAL STEP a denial of the Divinity of Christ.  Our Lord spoke early and often of hell and eternal damnation in the Gospels. If there is no hell, then Christ was either mistaken or a liar.  Either way, according to Antipope Bergoglio, Jesus Christ is NOT God.  And thus, if Jesus is not God, then we are not saved, and The Church is an ontological joke and needs to be removed from the face of the earth. Or, perhaps REPLACED…. After all, it would be a shame to not keep all of that real estate, fundraising capability and political power under one roof.

As the Passion of Christ’s Holy Church plays out before our very eyes, here is the Responsory after the Ninth Lesson (third Nocturn of Matins) in tonight’s Office of Tenebrae.

Our Lady of Sorrows, pray for us.

Lord Jesus Christ, Man of Sorrows, have mercy on us.


Latin Lyrics:

Caligaverunt oculi mei a fletu meo,
Quia elongatus est a me,
Qui consolabatur me.

Videte, omnes populi,
Si est dolor similis sicut dolor meus.

O vos omnes, qui transitis per viam,
Attendite et videte,
Si est dolor similis sicut dolor meus.


My eyes are blinded from My tears,
Because far from Me is,
Anyone who will comfort Me.

See, all ye people,
If there be any sorrow like unto My sorrow.

O, all ye who pass by the road,
Stop and see,
If there be any sorrow like unto My sorrow.

Are your hands bound together?

Across my transom today came a tidbit of information that I had never heard before, but boy is it a duesenberg.

When one assists at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in the Venerable Rite of Pius V, commonly called “the Traditional Mass”, one of the very first things you notice are THE HANDS.  Both the priest AND the servers in the sanctuary hold their hands as a default posture in what is called the “Orans” position.  “Orans” is a Latin term meaning “one who is praying or pleading”.  We all know it and do it almost, and perhaps literally, instinctively. It is the posture of holding both of your hands in front of you, roughly at the sternum with the palms together, fingers outstretched, and thumbs crossed. Sometimes the fingers are laced, but in the Sanctuary, the fingers of the priest and servers are ALWAYS straight.

Like I said, this posture is ubiquitous.  Do a web search of “praying hands”, “praying figurine”, “praying man”, and you will see the Orans posture across the board. Here is an image from a book on serving The Mass for lads showing the proper Orans position.  Citation on the Servers Orans position HERE. Excellent little reference page for Altar Servers of all ages.  Worth a bookmark.

It bears mentioning that the Orans position with the hands approximately one foot apart is ONLY to be done by the priest, as at the Preface and the Pater Noster.  The fad of the past 50 years of having the laity assume the priestly Orans (palms apart) during the Lord’s Prayer is illicit.  Before the consecration, the priest’s fingers are extended – after the consecration, to protect from any loss of particles of the Host on the priest’s fingers being lost until his fingers are purified in the Ablutions, the priest diligently holds his thumb and forefinger tips together in every hand posture. EVERYTHING has meaning and significance.  NOTHING is extraneous.

The Servers Orans position. This is the default position of the hands while serving the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

When one sees a lad or a man who is just learning how to serve the Mass, and has not been told how to hold his hands and thus is seen walking, standing or kneeling with his hands hanging at his sides, or even held together down in front of his pelvic area, it is jarring and distracting.  How to hold one’s hands in the Sanctuary should be the very first thing a lad or man is taught, because even if the neophyte server makes a mistake, he will always be properly comported, and can receive instruction of correction from the priest, emcee or senior server possibly without any of the faithful realizing it, and certainly not being jarred into distraction by an irreverent posture.

Well, this little jaunt down Rubric Road is all well and good, but what is the point?  The point is the answer to the question WHY is the Orans posture is what it is. Why isn’t the Orans posture hands at one’s sides, or on one’s hips, or grasping one’s head? What does the Orans posture symbolize or demonstrate?  What does the Orans posture MEAN?

The answer is, it means PERFECT HUMILITY – the opposite of pride, and this is why it is the default position in the Sanctuary and for all Liturgical functions.

But WHY does this posture signify perfect humility?  Ah, let’s do an experiment.  Put both hands in front of you at chest height.  Now, touch the insides of your wrists together.  You know this posture.  This is the posture of a man in fetters or handcuffs, or submitting himself to have fetters or handcuffs placed upon him. Yes, when the priest and servers in the Sanctuary hold their hands in the Orans position, this signifies that they have freely chosen to be slaves to Christ – they are offering their hands to be bound by the Lord.  Now go back to our “handcuff” position from above.  Hands in front of you, wrists touching.  Now, lace your fingers together.  This is the posture of PLEADING.  In order to plead, one MUST be humble before the one being pled to, whether it be God, or a person.

Makes sense, right?  There is nothing more awesome than the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.  No one is worthy to offer it, or even serve it.  So, the only possible posture is one of total self-humbling, to communicate with one’s body, “I AM CHRIST’S SLAVE!”  Now, most western post-Christian men blanch at the notion of “being a slave” to anyone of any thing – even God.  How can it be wrong, bad or not in one’s very best interest to freely choose to have God Almighty, Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ as one’s Master?  How can it be anything other than incomprehensibly GOOD to be enslaved to PERFECT, INFINITE LOVE HIMSELF? Being a slave to Jesus Christ is INFINITELY BETTER than being the master of anything.

If Lucifer told God, “Non serviam,” that is, “I will not serve,” then what MUST our answer to God be? “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Been to a Novus Ordo Mass lately? – and by “lately” I mean since the first Sunday of Advent of ARSH 1969. No Orans posture, or darn little at best. Many Novus Ordo priests enter and leave the Mass literally like a gameshow host, waving, shaking hands, etc. I went to YouTube and typed in “LifeTeen Mass” and this was the first video on the list.  I warn you, for those of you who love Our Lord, His Holy Church and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as well as have even the slightest bit of charity towards your fellow human beings, this is difficult to watch, because it is so illicit.  The first timestamp of note is the 3:31 mark – the priest enters.  Look at how he processes through the nave, up into the sanctuary, arms swinging at his sides.  Just from that one can clearly see that this Mass is going to be one of those Masses in which Our Blessed Lord is present as The Man of Sorrows, scourged, crucified, mocked and ignored.  But remember, Our Lord still comes.  What love! With a Master that goes to those lengths out of pure, infinite love, how we not say, “Lord, make me your slave!”

Next up is the 7:28 timestamp.  The preface.  Just watch.

Finally at 19:10, the exit.  I can’t bring myself to call it a “recessional”.  Look at the hands.  Look at him, traipsing in and out like he just got done taking out the trash.  The total lack of any sort of humility.  Zero.  Truly, a living example of the “New and Everlasting Man”, far too sophisticated and enlightened to ACTUALLY BELIEVE ANY OF THAT BULLSHIT.

Now, let us look at some helpful examples from Antipope Bergoglio himself.  Oh yes.  They are myriad – or should I say, LEGION.

First, let’s compare Pope Benedict XVI when he was announced as the Vicar of Christ on Earth back in ARSH 2005.  Note how his hands keep coming back to being clasped in front of him.  Knowing what we now know about the true meaning of the Orans posture and of displaying your hands in front of you as offering your hands to be bound in servitude, watch this with fresh eyes.  Pope Benedict tries to wave to the crowd, but JUST KEEPS COMING BACK to the posture of hands in front of him.  This isn’t Pope Benedict saying, “I won,” it is Pope Benedict gesticulating to the crowd, “Bind my hands. I am God’s servant, and thus your servant.” The timestamp is 2:48, but I think the embed should start at that point automatically. The Italian commentator even says at 3:14, “Ecco questo gesto con le mani.” “Look at (behold) this gesture with the hands.” Indeed.  Watch this, and every time Pope Ratzinger does the clasped hands gesture say, “I am your servant.”  The point becomes clear.

Now, watch this Diabolical Narcissist PSYCHOPATH.  This is a monster, drinking deep from the cup of power, surveying all the “useful idiots” that will “love him, and despair”.  Look at the hands.  Down at the sides.  No humility.  Only pride bellowing out at the world, “I’m in charge here!” Knowing what we know now, the signs were all there from literally the first seconds of this foul wretch Antipope usurping and squatting upon the See of Peter of what he was.

But remember, the reason why Bergoglio is an Antipope is because Pope Benedict’s attempted bifurcation of the papacy and “partial resignation” was invalid due to “substantial error” per Canon 188, not anything Antipope Bergoglio has done.  The issue is February 28, ARSH 2013, NOT March 13th.  This is just an interesting illustration of Antipope Bergoglio’s pride, malignity and an illustration of how and why the carriage of the hands matters, and what it communicates.

But wait.  There’s more.  Perhaps you remember this horror from ARSH 2013.  Antipope Bergoglio went downstairs into the grottoes beneath St. Peter’s Basilica where many Popes are buried. There was a lad server there, and the wretched, wretched Antipope when he saw the lad server standing with his hands in the Orans position literally pried his hands apart and said to him in Italian, “Are your hands bound together?  It seems like they’re stuck.”

Filthy wretch.  He literally tried to convince the boy to join Lucifer in his cry, “I WILL NOT SERVE.”  The despicable Antipope was trying to create another prideful narcissist storm trooper for satan’s army.

Let’s all, clergy and laity, take Antipope Bergoglio’s question and make it a point of departure for a meditation when we assist at Mass, serve in the Sanctuary, or even offer the Holy Sacrifice. And for those of you who have lads that serve, or who train lads to serve, PLEASE, PLEASE EXPLAIN things to them.  Absolutely EVERYTHING in the Traditional Mass is SATURATED with meaning.  Nothing is random.  Nothing is extraneous.  Show them how to properly hold their hands, and then PLEASE explain WHY. And if you are a priest, remind them that you hold your hands in the same way for the same reason. The greatest producer of vocations is the Liturgy itself, but only so long as the demonic spirit of incommunication is thwarted and lads and young men are told all of the whats, whys and wherefores of what they are doing.

Likewise, as we laypeople approach the Communion rail, we too should hold our hands in the Orans posture both coming and going.  You don’t sidle up to Holy Communion like you are walking through a mall, or getting ready to board a roller coaster. You don’t go up to Communion with Our Blessed Lord with your hands in your pockets, or with your hands all over your spouse, or with your arms crossed. Remember those sweet nuptial words from Ephesians 5: 24-25

Therefore as the Church is subject to Christ, so also let the wives be to their husbands in all things. Husbands, love your wives, as Christ also loved the Church, and delivered himself up for it.
-Ephesians 5: 24-25

Finally, one last image for you.  If you have ever been to Rome, you might have visited the church of Santa Prassede, just a few feet from St. Mary Major.  It is hidden on a back street, and would be easy to miss.  Inside this church is the pillar at which Our Lord was scourged.  The top is broken off, but it is only about three feet high. It is not a full-height column as often depicted in art.  If you have ever watched Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, you surely remember the Scourging scene, and that Our Lord was handcuffed to a short pillar.  Think of this when you go to Mass.  Assume the Orans posture exactly as Our Lord did when He went to the Pillar to be whipped until He was skinned for my sins and for yours. When you join your hands in prayer, remember that Jesus Christ, Almighty God, “took the form of a slave” for you, and held out His hands to be shackled to the Pillar.  Not only should we “take the form of a slave” for Him, we should literally BE His slaves, and submit ourselves entirely to His sweet yoke.

So…are YOUR hands bound together?


I hope this helps.

Insult Has Broken My Heart: Palm Sunday and Annunciation

First, Happy New Year.  Did you know that up until not too terribly long ago (ARSH 1752), today, March 25, was the day that marked the New Year?  Seem random?  Only in a post-Christian culture.  March 25 is the Feast of the Annunciation, and thus, it stands to reason that the day that God incarnated in the womb of the Virgin is the obvious day of “beginning”.  Today is truly the beginning of our salvation.  This year, it also falls on the day of the beginning of Our Lord’s Passion, which begins as it ends – in Triumph.

Many people STILL ask what the abbreviation “ARSH” that I use before dates means.  It stands for:
“In the Year of the Reparation of Human Salvation.”

The reparation of human salvation began when The Word, the Second Person of the Triune Godhead, became flesh in the womb of the Virgin, and was consummated 33 years later.  But we begin counting years from the beginning of our salvation, today, the INCARNATION, not the Passion and Resurrection.

Start numbering your years from THIS moment, and make your years begin on the anniversary of THIS event….

I’d like to point out what the Virgin herself said of God and His Mercy at the Annunciation.  She said, “And His mercy is from generation to generations, TO THEM THAT FEAR HIM.” (Luke 1: 50)

God’s mercy is infinite and its depths can not be plumbed.  However, because mercy is, by definition, grief at the distress of evils experienced by another, both undeserved and deserved, if a person does not find the evil they are experiencing repugnant, but rather actively wills that the evil continue, refuses to acknowledge the evil they have committed as being evil, and even luxuriate in it and demand that others NOT grieve but rather ratify, celebrate and call “good” the evil, then that person is completely INELIGIBLE for mercy.

To not grieve at the sin of another, but rather ignore it, ratify it, celebrate it, or declare it “good” is itself grave sin, the diametrical opposite of Charity – indifference.  To paint indifference as mercy is nothing less than diabolical.  

If you are not sorry for your sin, if you are not ashamed, if you have no intention of trying to cease the evil, sinful activity, then God simply cannot extend His mercy to you, because He holds your free will sacred.  Sins are those behavioral choices that, for lack of a better term, break God’s Heart.

And here is where the two events, the Annunciation and Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, tie together liturgically.

Today being Palm Sunday, we see in the Offertory verse, Psalm 68: 21.  Some translations say, “My Heart hath expected reproach and misery….”, while others use:

Insult has broken my heart, and I am weak; I looked for sympathy, but there was none; for comforters, and I found none. Rather they put gall in My food and in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink.”

Impropérium exspectávit cor meum et misériam: et sustínui, qui simul mecum contristarétur, et non fuit: consolántem me quæsívi, et non invéni: et dedérunt in escam meam fel, et in siti mea potavérunt me acéto.

The Law is simply God, in His unfathomable love for us, telling us explicitly what we must do and not do in order to not break His Heart.  Filial Fear of the Lord is not wanting to break God’s Heart.  People who knowingly sin with no sorrow, no guilt, no shame and no intention of stopping have no filial fear of God, and may even be guilty of the worst sin there is:  Presuming upon His Mercy – that is, sinning boldly without compunction because “Christ HAS to forgive me, so I might as well do whatever I want.  If He wants to hang on the Cross and take my sins, I’ll do what I damn-well please, and then hold Him to the contract.”  This is the essence and pinnacle of Diabolically Narcissistic psychopathy.

If you would like to read further thoughts on this, I recommend THIS OUTSTANDING PIECE from Unam Sanctam, and you might also revisit my essays, “The One About FEAR OF THE LORD” and “We Should Be Ashamed.”

Here is the Offertory of Palm Sunday by Giovanni Georgi.

I hope this helps.

A blessed Holy Week to all.

Barnhardt Podcast #048: The Germans Can’t Be Wrong — Right?

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In this episode we discuss the recent Lettergate news and the myriad layers of indirection and redefinition of who said what.. which tends to happen when they don’t believe all of that [solemn nonsense] in the Vatican. We also debate the relative merits of sticking your neck out for the Truth in a time of seemingly universal deception and the critical questions of “Are the Germans always right?” and “Was Anakin Skywalker’s birth legend” a blaspheme against the Immaculate Conception or are we getting so far off topic we need to be beamed up now?

Links, reading, and YouTube:

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1962-1963. Satan was unleashed. You can see it, plain as day.

I came across this teevee clip from ARSH 1963 and was struck by how quickly and openly the insanity was imposed upon the culture.  Look at the choreography here – it is diabolical.  It looks like demons having epileptic fits.  And note the calculated costuming of the boys in tuxedos and the girls in relatively pretty dresses.  It is far more insidious to have “good-looking, normal kids” gyrating and thrusting like this rather than people dressed like vagrants or clowns.  And whose “show” was this?  That drugged-out trainwreck and fag hag par excellence: Frances Gumm, aka Judy Garland.

It’s almost as if something happened in ARSH 1962 such that every malevolent force on the planet simultaneously rose up on cue in a seemingly organized attack on human civilization, The Church and God Himself.  Hmmm.  What happened in ARSH 1962?

Anyone? Anyone?

Happy ‘Drive the Faggots Out’ Day! (Didn’t You Know? “Snakes” is Code for Faggots)

Saint Patrick’s greatest miracle was driving all of the faggots out of Ireland.  This was a key reason why he was recognized as a saint, and this was one of his greatest miracles.  “Snakes” is code for faggots – back when people literally did not discuss faggots and faggotry out loud because it is THAT DISGUSTING.



Can you imagine?  Can you imagine what a vastly, vastly improved world this would be if there were NO FAGGOTS?

I was asked a few weeks ago, before I swooned into the clutches of illness that still grasps at my delicate gullet, about the Epistle from the Third Sunday in Lent, from St. Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, chapter 5, in which St. Paul states that there are some things so spectacularly foul, so disgusting, “let it not so much as be named among you.”

The question to me was, what do I make of this, since a goodly portion of my work (insert joke here) in these dark days revolves around exposing the faggots in Rome and in the broad culture, and the general toxicity and intense danger posed by all Diabolical Narcissist sex perverts.

My response was that I suppose this business of reporting on and warning about faggots and all sex perverts is a species of war fighting.  There are certain people (rough and ready types with an intense desire to protect and defend their fellow man) who are called to fight this aspect of the war.  Sadly, since the war is going very, very, very badly for the good side, the war has spilled into the streets, and so the “civilians” are not only being exposed to the horrors of war, they are immersed in the theater, and thus are combatants whether they like it or not.  Only a very, very few can be protected from the horrors and crimes of war – even children are not spared, in fact, children and adolescents are primary targets.

Maybe someday we can all go back to never mentioning those things that are, truly, unmentionable.  Like men who returned from Vietnam, Korea, or the World Wars and “didn’t talk about it”, maybe someday we will be able to decline to discuss that which is right now quotidian scandal.

Having said all that, do remember in your prayers our good-guy friends who only wanted a career as journalists working in and around the Vatican – thinking that this would be a wholesome, edifying career, and ended up quite unwittingly being immersed in sodomy and sickening criminality day in and day out.  To say that this is taxing on good people is putting it mildly.

But, in the mean time, let’s all laugh heartily at all of the neo-pagan people celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, knowing full well that what they are ACTUALLY celebrating is a powerful saint who



St. Patrick, pray for us, and report immediately to Rome.

Barnhardt Podcast #047.1: Praise God and Pass The Robitussin

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In this short in-between-isode Ann reveals that rumors of her coughing fits have not been exaggerated, and regardless of the amount of cowbell the fever took a few days to pass. However, she’s on the mend and there will be a full podcast later this week. And SuperNerd reveals he takes sufficiently cryptic notes for a podcast that he almost forgot what he was writing to himself…

We’ll be back with a full episode soon!

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A Little More Good News: Italy Ain’t Buyin’ What Antipope Bergoglio and the E.U. Are Sellin’

Apparently Italy does elections on Sundays, and had their first election in five years yesterday.  Long story short?  The political “right” absolutely cleaned house.  It’s confusing, as Italy has upwards of six major political parties, but their government is supposed to be about coalitions among these parties, so what matters most is the big-picture.  The lurch to the right is a big, Italian obscene gesture directly in the face of the E.U., Brussels, Germany and tying everything together, the world’s biggest Soros cheerleader: Antipope Bergoglio whose open, sickening, power-mad corruption is beginning to even override his ratification of their sins – stop and think about that for a moment.

Another interesting dynamic was that an 18 year old girl was raped and killed, and then chopped into pieces and placed in two duffle bags which were then dumped on the side of the road in an Italian town by a Nigerian invader a few weeks ago.  After this happened, an Italian guy went on a rampage and shot a few African invaders loitering in the same town.

Now here is what is interesting: recently, the Italian guy going on a shooting spree would have been used successfully as a cudgel by the media  against those speaking out against the musloid-African invasion being executed by the Soros/NWO/Bergoglio machine.

Apparently that did not work this time in Italy.  Apparently the Italians are sick enough of this crap to NOT be cowed into submission by having people tell them to NOT be suicidal with regards to their own race is to be a murderous “neo-Nazi”.  I think the Italians just called “merda” on that.  It is also speculated that the Italians after seeing economic recovery reported in the U.S. simply said, “We’ll have what they’re having.  Center-right?  Sounds great.”

If Italy leaves the E.U., the E.U. is DONE.  Pray this happens.  We need more, smaller countries.  We need power/corruption DECENTRALIZATION. We need more local currencies all competing against each other – some weaker, some stronger – not mega-currencies.  In a word, we need SUBSIDIARITY.  The truth is that Italy leaving the E.U. would be just the start – Italy needs to further break up into at least three completely separate countries.  Germany?  Goodness, Germany should probably break up into half-a-dozen or more countries.  And the Queen of England should be… wait for it… the Queen of ENGLAND.  Let the Scots have their own king, and let the Irish have a Lord High Witch Doctor, or whatever.  That’d be a real nice start.

Here is a FANTASTIC video that I was sent that is being credited by some people as a pivot-point in the Italian consciousness about this migrant invasion crap.  It is fantastic, and yet another proof that ONE person can make a difference by just explaining something clearly, directly and concisely.  The notion that one needs the backing of Mainstream Media to have any effect is simply wrong. And yes, it is obviously subtitled in English.