One Of The Best Things You Can Do For Yourself & Others Is Think About and Preach Hell

I have been reading some meditations on Hell by Venerable Luis de la Puente. I have found them to be most helpful, and if I may, I would like to explain some of them to you in the hopes that it will help you and yours.

Hell, as with heaven, has been depicted in such a way as to make it seem banal.  What is your conception of hell right now before you read this?  Fire? Burning? Demons poking you with sticks? Complete solitude? Sadness? Boredom? Nothingness? Annihilation?

Oh, it is so very, very much worse than any of that.

First, if you end up damned, you will hate with an ever-increasing hatred and rage EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. You will hate everyone else that is in hell with you, and you will hate everyone on earth (as long as it lasts), and you will hate everyone and everything in Heaven, including all people, angels and God Himself.

And everyone in hell will hate you with the same ever-growing hatred, and will express it to you forever.

Let’s hone in on this.  Do you have children or grandchildren?  Beloved nieces and nephews?  If you end up in hell, you will be in proximity to your damned family members, and they will hate you and curse you for all eternity.  They will blame you for NOT HELPING THEM AVOID HELL.  And you will hate them right back.  You will curse and despise them, because damned souls, having rejected God, who is Love, have therefore rejected love and are thus incapable of anything other than anger, hatred, jealousy and fear.  There is no love in hell.  Zero.

So, think about your children, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews.  Think about how much you love them right now, and how inconceivable it is that you could ever hate them.  If you go to hell, and they also go to hell, you will spend all eternity hating them, and they you.

You should be utterly terrified by the very thought, and you should be now, as we speak, figuring out how to avoid this – by any means necessary.  NOTHING in this would could possibly, possibly be more important than this.

Now, let’s say that you make it to heaven, but your children are lost to hell.  You will spend all of eternity rejoicing in God’s Perfect Justice, and thus rejoicing in the damnation of your children.  Now stop and think about your children and how much you love them right now.  Think about the sheer terror of ever, ever rejoicing in their eternal damnation.  And yes, it is completely and entirely appropriate to be, right now, terrified at the thought of this, even though it is God’s Perfect Justice, precisely because the question is still open.

Just because God, being outside of time and omniscient, already knows the fate of every soul DOES NOT mean that we aren’t all free to choose.  God knows what you are going to eat for dinner tomorrow night, but you will still be completely free to choose what you have for dinner.  God knows what you will freely choose simply because He can see the entire timeline simultaneously.  Likewise He knows our eternal fates now, but we are still free to make those choices and thus form the timeline. He knew from all eternity that you would read this essay, right now.  He also knows how you will react to it, by your own free choice. So, it is entirely appropriate for you, right now, to be horrified and the prospect of rejoicing in the damnation of your children, because it is precisely in that horror that you might freely choose to do anything and everything in your power to keep your children from being lost to hell while the both of you still live.

Let’s take the example of two people who are fornicating with each other.  And to make it as confrontational as possible, let’s make it between a heterosexual couple: two normal, attractive single people – a totally straight man and a completely straight woman – who “love each other” and have sex.  After all, we are being saturated in relativism, and we are ALL tempted to believe that male-female fornication is “no big deal” or “not nearly as bad” as the freak show of perversion and sodomy that we see all day every day now.

If our “happy couple” die in the mortal sin of their fornication, both will go to hell, and will be in close proximity to each other, and will spend all of eternity hating and cursing each other for leading each other to hell.  Oh, and by the way, this goes for people in the adulterous “marriages” that Bergoglio is so desperately trying to convince them are not sinful.

“But, but, but…” you might say, “…they don’t hate each other now. They LOVE each other now!”

First, they sure as hell won’t love each other when they are both in hell, will they? Not only will they hate each other, but instead of being a consolation, they will be a torment to each other – because there are absolutely no consolations in hell.  None.

Second, do two people, no matter how happy, normal and benign, who are FORNICATING really love each other?  Really?  REALLY?  The answer is no.  If they really loved each other, they wouldn’t BE ABLE to fornicate with each other, because the thought of causing or cooperating in mortal sin with the other person would be completely off the table, that is, morally impossible.  Yeah, we sure throw the word “love” around, don’t we?

Oh, and the damned will be in close proximity to ALL of the people that they have fornicated with who also end up damned.  And all of their family members and friends who are also damned.  And all of the damned will curse each other for not helping them avoid damnation, or for actively tempting, scandalizing and encouraging them in their sin.

Now, if one of our fornicators repents and dies in friendship with Christ – let’s say the guy – but the girl does not, then the guy will spend all eternity rejoicing in her damnation. Are you fornicating? Do you have even the slightest shred of care for the person you are fornicating with? Then what you need to do is think about rejoicing in their damnation.  Imagine you (the guy) make it to heaven, and they (the girl) don’t.  Look into their eyes, and imagine rejoicing at their damnation. And keep thinking about it until your erection goes away. (And same idea for the females, of course.)

Which brings us to priests and clergy.  For those that end up damned, they will be eternally hated, cursed and tormented by all of the souls that they failed.  And the damned priests and clergy will hate their flock right back.  For. All. Eternity.

Which brings us to Jorge Bergoglio.

Can you imagine… CAN. YOU. IMAGINE what hell will be like for him if he doesn’t repent of all of this and revert to Catholicism? I have been praying for his repentance and reversion all along, but I’m REALLY feeling it now after reading these meditations on hell.

Additionally, it occurred to me in all of this that those instances in our lives in which we have been hated and attacked, most especially by people that we love, even by Diabolical Narcissists, are really a merciful opportunity for us to experience a foretaste of hell, and be scared to death by it. I have seen DNs, consumed with anger, hatred, jealousy and fear, bare their teeth, contort their otherwise resplendent countenances, and RAGE, hurling the most vile obscenities with the intent of inflicting as much pain and torment as possible.  I have seen the face of human damnation, and I never want to see it again, or become that myself.

Have you ever been hissed, cursed and raged at by a friend, spouse, parent, child, coworker, priest?  Do you remember how horrible that felt?  Well, that is what hell will be like, except infinitely and ever-increasingly worse and for all eternity – because yes, infinity can increase. And you will be just as monstrous, hissing and cursing just like them if you end up damned too.

So think about these realities, and then do anything and everything you possibly can to help yourself, those you love, those you hate, and other people in general to NOT GO TO HELL, because it is far, far, far worse than anything any of us can now imagine.

If after reading and thinking about what you have just read here, if you still genuinely do not care if other people go to heaven or hell, and still genuinely feel that other people are “not my circus, not my monkeys”, then may I suggest that you visit THIS PAGE.

I know I say this a lot, but I REALLY, REALLY hope this helps.

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