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Four Years Ago Today…

… the IRS swept my bank account after a real estate sale settlement wire landed in the account and got their attention.

All I can say is… THANKS, GUYS!

The epistle of the 23rd Sunday after Pentecost (last Sunday, and all of the Ferias this week) is from Philippians 3 and 4.

This jumps out:

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often (and now tell you weeping), that they are enemies of the Cross of Christ;”

Guys, the “enemies of the Cross of Christ” are people INSIDE THE CHURCH who refuse – categorically refuse – to face or take on any sacrifice or suffering in any form.  You know, like people who would refuse to speak up against, say, hypothetically, just pulling this off the top of my head, say, a blaspheming heretic Antipope and probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist – because it might harm their career track, donation revenue, or social status.

This is a pure derivative of effeminacy.  In fact, it is basically the textbook definition of effeminacy.  Effeminacy, remember, isn’t “swishing faggotry”… necessarily.  Effeminacy is a vice that transcends sex.  It is the vice of SOFTNESS – the unwillingness to stand any personal discomfort, much less suffering.  This vice is contrary to the virtue or PERSERVERANCE.

So what St. Paul is talking about when he says “enemies of the Cross of Christ” in this context isn’t pagan Roman persecutors, or Jewish persecutors, or in our day Musloids, or Washington D.C. or Antipope Jorge Bergoglio – that is to say enemies of Christ and His Church from without.  No, he’s talking about EFFEMINATES, the Christians who refuse to “take up their cross” and follow Christ, no matter the cost.

The punchline to all of this is, of course, Our Lord’s words, “For My yoke is sweet, and My burden is light.” In their desperate attempt to avoid all suffering and sacrifice, people miss out on the graces that Our Lord desperately wants to shower them with – but they have to take up their Cross first.

That ain’t no joke.  Thanks, IRS. It’s been a pleasure NOT doing business with you.

A Couple of Cattle Emails

I have been simply amazed at the amount of whining my fellow cowboys are doing now. I am constantly reminding them how wonderful they thought it was three years ago when prices reached the level that they currently are today. You had fat cattle trade for under a buck per pound last week and it is “the end of the world”.  Also had a guy last week bragging about his last pen of steers gaining 4.7 pounds per day with the cost of the gain being under $0.60 cents per pound. I asked him how much money he made and he said they lost $50 bucks a head. I replied, “Then what difference did it make that they gained so much if you lost money?” He looked at me like I was an idiot because I wasn’t impressed with his performance facts.

I cannot express how much getting rid of the banker and trading cattle as you and Bud taught has done for my life. I go to bed and sleep all night and worry not! I have so much fun doing what markets tell me to do. Five years ago I was doing all stocker trades, but by paying attention, I switched to cows and sold three calf crops in excess of $1500 per head out of cows that were purchased when they should have been. Now the market is signaling a return to the stocker cattle paradigm, and I made a lot of money getting rid of my young bred heifers and cows while they were overvalued. You may need to come out again because a lot of these guys are in a hell of a mess one short year after the biggest run-up in prices in my lifetime! It is so simple: performance , price sold for, etc. has not one thing to do with how much money you make! Thank you so much for the knowledge you have given me. My wife and I talk of you often.



R is absolutely correct. Right now, the margin possibilities coupled with the unimaginably low gain costs present a better situation than I have ever seen in the Stocker segment. It’s a jolt on the cow-calf side, but incredibly good elsewhere.

We watched the sale at (Smallville, USA) on Tuesday online via DV Auction for a little while during lunch. Nothing that we saw sell that was under 400 pounds brought over $1.25 per pound. This includes the 250 pound cattle. Later in the sale, they sold a load of 800 pounders for $1.25. If you can’t figure that out with cost of gain at $0.60 per pound, then you better find some other way to kill time between meals.




TOLDYA: ObamaCare Is Kayfabe Too

Oh, I wrote for years and years that ObamaCare was designed to fail.  From the very beginning it was obvious to anyone with even the most cursory understanding of the concept of insurance and risk pooling that Obamacare was DESIGNED to plunge healthcare delivery in the former U.S. into total implosion and chaos, and to drive costs up on a parabolic curve.  As Denninger re-stated a few days ago, healthcare costs themselves are increasing at such a massive rate that within ten years…

If this pattern were to continue for 10 years then Medicare and Medicaid would rise to $3,448 billion, or for all intents and purposes all of the $3,854 billion the government spends now! Worse, increased tax revenue would absorb only $184 billion of that additional cost — for all intents and purposes ZERO.

We knew this because both Obama and Barney Frank, among others, were caught on camera openly admitting that Obamacare was merely an interstitial device to bring about total collapse and the nationalization of all health care in the former U.S.  Why? Simply put, to control the populace.  Play ball with the regime and keep your mouth shut if you know what’s good for you, because “enemies of the revolution” and their families will find themselves unable to source things like chemotherapy, bypass surgery, insulin or even antibiotics.  Also, it is the textbook application of the Cloward-Piven strategy.  Re-read Denninger’s quote above if you don’t understand what that means.

Now we have a Hillary Clinton email in which she is openly strategizing how best to bring Obamacare into the unraveling and collapse phase.

Obamacare was Kayfabe all along too.

Here is a piece I posted in ARSH 2013 when the whole Obamacare website launch happened, and it was exposed that the Obamacare website was merely a facade – THERE WAS LITERALLY NO PROGRAMMING CODE BENEATH THE “ENROLLMENT FORM”.

The Obamacare website was pure KAYFABE.

Isn’t it nice having a word for this now?  Thank you, professional wrestling.

History Rhymes: ObamaCare Website and the Ukrainian Wheat Farmers

(Originally penned and posted October 11, ARSH 2013)
The fact that the ObamaCare website is a complete clusterbungle that is totally inoperative is 100% INTENTIONAL.

It was designed to cause denial of service attacks on ITSELF, people. Come on. Wake up. This isn’t difficult.

This reminds me exactly of Ukraine under Stalin in the early 1930s. Ukraine is the breadbasket of eastern Europe. Tremendous farming and wheat production was centered in Ukraine. Under Lenin, and then Stalin, all farms and food production were seized and controlled by the state. The Soviets hated the Ukrainians and wanted them all dead. All of them. So here’s what they did:

At wheat planting time, the farmers went to the Soviet office in town to get their allocation of seed wheat to plant for that year’s crop. The Soviets stalled and stalled and then simply refused to give the Ukrainian farmers any seed. As the planting window narrowed day by day, and then finally closed, the farmers became first ever more urgent, and then resigned themselves in despair to the fact that they would have no crop that year.

Fast forward to wheat harvest time. The Soviet bureaucrats showed up at the farms and demanded that the farmers deliver that year’s wheat crop harvest. The farmers, in complete disbelief at the Soviets after having begged and pleaded for seed a few months earlier only to be ignored and then explicitly denied any seed by these very same Soviet bureaucrats, told them that there was no harvest because YOU REFUSED TO GIVE US ANY SEED.

The bureaucrats then accused the farmers of hiding and hoarding the wheat harvest, and summarily executed all of the men and teenaged boys on the spot as “enemies of the Revolution and the people”. Those were the lucky ones. The Ukrainians left alive then slowly starved to death, many descending into the madness of starvation. Many Ukrainian women, insane with hunger, slaughtered, cooked and ate their own children. Some of those women survived the famine and carried the intense guilt of what they had done for the rest of their lives. Before this totally state-engineered famine was over, upwards of three million Ukrainians were dead in less than two years. This event is called The Holodomor.

This ObamaCare website is similar in tactic. You are going to be punished for failing to comply with ObamaCare, even though the regime has specifically and maliciously seen to it that compliance is impossible – not that any person of conscience should even attempt to comply with the satanic ObamaCare anyway.

It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)
It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)
It’s intentional. (KAYFABE!)

History rhymes. Like an Irishman’s dirty limerick.

You people had better man up and do something real and concrete to depose these neo-Stalinist psychopaths. Mere talk and hand-wringing leads straight to mass graves.

Another TOLDYA: Trump Already Setting Up A Cable Channel

Reportage from the New York Post.

It was the plan all along, kids.  It is all a brand-building strategy.  The Trump News Channel will make billions fake-raging against Washington and the Clintons.

It is going to be the new Fox News.  Hell, Roger Ailes is already signed as a “consultant”.  Reportage on that HERE.  I suspect they looked at Glenn Beck and realized that if a complete loon like Beck – (I truly believe that Beck has profound mental problems and is detached from reality) – could make as much of a go of it as he did with the Blaze project, that Trump and Ailes together could easily make billions.  The Fox News schtick is played out and the public is catching on more and more to it, and Trump and Ailes know that if they “reboot” the business model and cut out Rupert Murdoch and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, they’ll make billions.

Also, Ivanka’s husband is apparently the point man for the project.  That reportage HERE.

TOLDYA: Hillary Is A Lesbian, And Why These Things Matter

It seems that Hillary Clinton’s lesbianism is now being openly discussed.  I think most people have at minimum assumed that she was a lesbian all along, or at least for many years now, so I suspect this will be yet another example of the 36 hour news cycle and effeminate indifference of the populace shrugging off yet another huge indicator.

“Hillary Clinton is a dyke.  Yeah, also water is wet. So?”

Remember, as we discussed in the Diabolical Narcissism video, all sexual perversions are derivative of the overarching super-pathology of Diabolical Narcissism.  Hillary Clinton, being a full-blown psychopath, was almost guaranteed to be monstrously sexually perverted.

This seems a good time to revisit a very hard truth that Christians need to face. We believe that the Bible is the inerrant, Divinely Inspired Word of God. We believe that the first five books of the Old Testament, the Pentateuch or the Five Books of Moses, are inerrant and Divinely Inspired and contain the Divine Law given by God to Moses under the Old Covenant. In this Law, it is clearly stated that homosexuality is a CAPITAL OFFENSE.

We have to ask ourselves, and ask ourselves precisely as believing, orthodox Christians, “WHY?”

WHY is homosexuality a crime meriting the death penalty?

The reason is because of the psycho-spiritual evil that all sexual perversion is derived from, and the clear and present danger that such people present to other individuals and to society at large.  Homosexuals and all sex perverts are dangerous to the point of meriting execution by the state precisely because they are, by definition, Diabolical Narcissists to some degree. Hillary Clinton isn’t a psychopath because she is a lesbian.  She is a lesbian secondarily because she is a psychopath primordially. The fact that she is a sex pervert CLEARLY POINTS to her murderousness, or at minimum the CAPACITY FOR MURDEROUSNESS.  And she is a murderer.  The Clintons have been having people killed for decades.  As I wrote extensively on years ago now, Ambassador Chris Stevens was murdered by Hillary Clinton and company in order to attempt to cover up, or at least silence a key player in Clinton’s gun-running and arming of the Musloid Brotherhood – agitated and heavily influenced by Hillary’s lesbian concubine and high-ranking Musloid Brotherhood operative, Huma Abedin.  Do you see how these things all tie together?  Further, the very MANPADs that Clinton/Abedin/Washington sent to the New Caliphate via Benghazi with Ambassador Chris Stevens as the point man, were almost certainly used to shoot down a Russian passenger jet over SYRIA as retaliation for Russia’s actions in Syria.  Remember that?  This is why Russia is gearing up for open hot war with the former U.S. in Syria.  The hot war has technically already begun – it just isn’t “open” yet.  My commentary on that from November of ARSH 2015 HERE.

You might ask how I can say that ALL sex perverts, ALL homosexuals are “murderous”.  Oh, quite easily.  Remember, people who go through life seeking to murder other people’s SOULS are murderers too.  Remember, satan, who Our Lord called, “a murderer from the beginning”, (John 8: 44), is not known for PHYSICALLY killing human beings himself.  The murderousness of satan is about the eternal, unending murder of the soul.  If you haven’t already, read my essay, “HELL: So Much Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine“.

Sex perverts are soul-murderers, and remain in the domain of soul murder, and generally on a micro level – that is to say the people immediately surrounding them – family members, spouses, “friends”, sex partners, coworkers, students, etc.  Relatively few are, like Hillary Clinton, involved in physical murder. Hillary Clinton’s Diabolical Narcissism is of the most severe variety, what we refer to as “psychopathy”, and thus she is an Alpha Narcissist, very much desirous of personal power, all the way up to the national and even global level.

HOWEVER, this micro dynamic is also being discussed of late with regards to Hillary Clinton, specifically with regards to Vince Foster.  Now I’m not entirely convinced that Vince Foster committed suicide, but I did find it interesting that FBI investigators openly discussed Hillary Clinton’s obscenity-laden raging tirades and degrading verbal abuse of Vince Foster as the reason for Foster’s suicide.  Think about that.  The FBI suspected that Hillary Clinton literally drove Vince Foster to suicide, or at least proffered it as the explanation for the suicide angle.  As I mentioned in the big DN video presentation at the 01:12:06 mark, many DNs fantasize about hurting someone so badly that they commit suicide.  In particular, DNs will fixate of people who LOVE THEM as primary objects of their murderous hatred.  A woman reader who was involved with a DN man, after breaking free and asking the man WHY he did all of the truly evil things to her that he did, got the following answer from him: “I need to hurt the people who love me.”

Vince Foster was clearly attached to Hillary, dedicating his entire career to her service, and it is has long been rumored that Vince Foster and Hillary Clinton were sexually involved (most lesbians are bisexual and have sex with men, generally as a means of control and/or manipulation).

Hillary Clinton should have been executed by the state (under anti-sodomy statutes) a long time ago for her sexual perversion, precisely so that the broad society would have been protected from her DN psychopathy.  Now she should be executed after arrest, speedy trial, conviction and being offered the sacraments, for her myriad crimes against humanity and peace, which have been allowed to eclipse her capital offenses against nature.

The point is, had she been executed by the state for her sexual perversion, as is called for in the inerrant and Divinely inspired Word of God, the broad society would have been spared some or all of her crimes against humanity.

If enough of these people had been identified and dealt with as they should have been, the Constitutional Republic wouldn’t have been overthrown, and the descent into the Kayfabe that we are all now witnessing might never have happened.

So long as a culture keeps telling itself that sexual perversion does not matter, that culture is doomed, and doomed to rule by psychopath despots, almost all of which are sex perverts of one stripe or another.

Ummm… Quick Question

Okay, if you agree with me that national-level electoral politics is all fake and Kayfabe, why exactly is it so important that people vote?

That makes no sense.  If you believe, as I do, that it is all theatrics, pre-orchestrated fakery, then the “voting” is moot, yes? Simply part of the Kayfabe to maintain the mass-delusion of representative governance.

Guys, you gotta think things through.  Intellectual consistency is REALLY important.  The Law of Non-Contradiction is REALLY, REALLY important.  You can’t think or reason clearly if your base premise is self-contradictory, such as in this case, that national-level electoral politics are both fake and not fake.

That dawg don’ hunt, y’all.

Trump, Sodom and Abraham's Bargaining With God

As my Trump Kayfabe piece from this past week percolates through the innerwebz, I have been particularly struck by how the Lutheran heresy of “total depravity” and “cheap grace” has utterly infected our culture – even the “culturally conservative right”. It is interesting – in the sort of way a motorcycle accident on the interstate is “interesting”.

In review, I made the point after reading so many people positively defending and justifying through appeals to moral relativism and Luther’s heresy of “total depravity” Trump’s “pussy grabbing” remarks, that the heterosexual men that I hang around and call friends simply do never and would never utter such filth about a woman.

WELL, WELL, WELL.  The innerwebz darn near exploded at that.  Email after email, thread after thread, of men and women declaring that, in fact, EVERY MAN talks like that as soon as the womenfolk are out of earshot.

Interestingly the FreeRepublic thread was pulled by the Freep admin for being “anti-Trump b.s.”.  Here’s that link.

Over at Western Rifle Shooters, there is very much the same sort of thread.  FYI, Western Rifle Shooters is one of the biggest Alt-Right blogs.  It has lots of good and useful content.

My email box has been the same – email after email stating that YUH-HUH ALL MEN DO SO TALK LIKE THAT, INCLUDING YOUR MALE “FRIENDS” ABOUT YOU!

Ace at Ace of Spades wrote a long screed saying the same thing (not about me personally, but in general).

Casual poll: Of the men out there who subscribe to this theory that ALL MEN – ALL MEN WITHOUT EXCEPTION talk like this, and if they don’t they are either fags or, if I may be permitted to use the word, DEPLORABLE Jesus freaks, how many of you view porn?  Yeah.  How many of you masturbate? Yeah. How many of you solicit the services of prostitutes? Probably a few.  How many of you fornicate, or would without hesitation if a woman propositioned you or consented to your proposition? Yeppers.  I know these things because either via email or on these comment threads around the web, men and women are admitting to these things.  I don’t need to speculate.  I’m seeing people confess to these things openly, particularly in the context of Trump.

What this shrieking, angry reaction to my simple statement of fact that the men I hang out with and call my friends simply do not ever speak about me or any other woman in such a manner is all about is self-justification and an attempt to downplay the severity of sin, or deny the sinfulness of a given act all together, by an appeal to populism (“everyone” does it), moral relativism (Bill Clinton is a rapist!), and Lutheranism (we are all totally depraved piles of shit, so there is no point in even striving to be a good person).

Beyond that, there is a decided timbre of citing such behavior by men as PROOF OF MORAL SUPERIORITY.  Rugged, badass, manly men all talk about “pussy”! These are the “supermen”! These are the men that will save and rebuild western civilization! 

Funny.  Ernst Rohm said exactly the same thing about boy buggers.

But today while I was over at Sunday adoration and solemn benediction, it occurred to me that what we are seeing is the replaying out of Abraham’s “negotiations” with God over Sodom and Gomorrha. Genesis 18…

And the Lord said: The cry of Sodom and Gomorrha is multiplied, and their sin is become exceedingly grievous.

I will go down and see whether they have done according to the cry that is come to Me: or whether it be not so, that I may know. And they turned themselves from thence, and went their way to Sodom: but Abraham as yet stood before the Lord. And drawing nigh he said: Wilt Thou destroy the just with the wicked? If there be fifty just men in the city, shall they perish withal? and wilt Thou not spare that place for the sake of the fifty just, if they be therein? Far be it from Thee to do this thing, and to slay the just with the wicked, and for the just to be in like case as the wicked, this is not beseeming Thee: Thou who judgest all the earth, wilt not make this judgment.

And the Lord said to him: If I find in Sodom fifty just within the city, I will spare the whole place for their sake.  And Abraham answered, and said: Seeing I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord, whereas I am dust and ashes. What if there be five less than fifty just persons? wilt Thou for five and forty destroy the whole city? And He said: I will not destroy it, if I find five and forty. And again he said to Him: But if forty be found there, what wilt Thou do? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of forty. Lord, saith he, be not angry, I beseech Thee, if I speak: What if thirty shall be found there? He answered: I will not do it, if I find thirty there.

Seeing, saith he, I have once begun, I will speak to my Lord. What if twenty be found there? He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of twenty. I beseech Thee, saith he, be not angry, Lord, if I speak yet once more: What if ten should be found there? And He said: I will not destroy it for the sake of ten. And the Lord departed, after He had left speaking to Abraham: and Abraham returned to his place.

Long-short, there weren’t even ten decent men in Sodom and Gomorrha, and God greased both towns utterly and completely.

It is thought that Abraham was “negotiating” with the Second Person of the Triune Godhead, the Logos, pre-incarnation – also called a “Christophany”, an appearance of Christ.

It occurred to me today that what we have in our culture is a situation that is so far gone, so steeped in sexual sin and Lutheran heresy, is like unto the men of Sodom THEMSELVES insisting – ABSOLUTELY INSISTING – that not only are they depraved, but that the depravity is unanimous.  They would have attacked Abraham for even suggesting that there were 50, then 40, then 30 then 20 then only 10 men who were NOT… well, Sodomites.

I look out and see an entire culture of people who have absolutely no sense of the fact that they might, just might have brought all of this shitstorm upon themselves, deserve every bit of what is coming, and that any sort of repentance or extreme behavior modification is needed.  Whilst angrily INSISTING that they are depraved, proud of it, and that the depravity is unanimous, and no one had better DARE suggest otherwise.

Damn you Abraham, and damn your filthy negotiations, and damn your fictional, pathetic “ten just men”.

This is the post-Christian west’s cry.  And yet it expects to be not only saved but allowed to persist.

I’ll conclude with the words of the men of Sodom to Lot in Genesis 19:9…

“Thou camest in,” said they, “as a stranger, was it to be a judge? Therefore we will afflict thee more than them.”

Plus ça change….




HELL: So Much Worse Than You Can Possibly Imagine

I have written on this somewhat briefly before, but so many people have told me how powerful, terrifying and spiritually profitable this information was, that I am now doing a full, dedicated post on the subject which will go on “The One About…” page.

Pretty much everyone in post-Christian post-western culture today knows someone or is a close relative of someone who is divorced and “remarried”, someone who is shacking up and fornicating, someone who is just simply fornicating, aka “hooking up”, even someone who is aberrosexual. And sadly, everyone knows someone who is married and contracepts – because EVERYONE on a statistical basis contracepts today.  And contraception, like all of the other sins against the Sixth Commandment above, is a mortal sin.

Add to this the near-total disintegration of and mass apostasy from The Church, with Antipope Bergoglio now executing what he believes to be the coup de grace, and people commit these sins with total impunity.  There isn’t even the slightest hesitation or moral qualm about any of these sins.  In fact, how many Novus Ordo “c”atholics and Prostestants are right now saying, “Boy, those Super-dox rigorist Trad Catholics sure are getting a wake-up call now, huh?  The reason they are all so angry is because they can’t deal with the fact that their bullshit position on contraception, homosexuality and divorce has been wrong all along… because Fraaaaaaaancis.”



We know what the truth is. We’re not backing off.  In fact, it is just the opposite.

Anyway… If one were to ask me what I think the single worst thing Antipope Bergoglio has said or done in this ongoing antipapacy, I would say without hesitation that it is his denial of the existence of hell or damnation.  He first did this in an interview with the Italian atheist and Freemason newspaper magnate, Eugenio Scalfari, in March of ARSH 2015.

What happens to that lifeless soul? Will it be punished? How?

Francis’ answer is very clear: there is no punishment, but the annihilation of that soul. All the others will participate in the bliss of living in the presence of the Father. The annihilated souls will not be part of that banquet; with the death of the body their journey is ended and this is the basis for the missionary work in the Church: to save the lost souls.

Antipope Bergoglio then reiterated this in his satanic manifesto, Amoris Laetitia, which was so-named in Latin, a language which Bergoglio and his toadies despise and refuse to use EXCEPT in the naming of this foul document because the most accurate and learned translation of “Amoris Laetitia” is “The Exuberance of Sodomy”.  My post on that including a letter from a professional Latinist HERE.  The name of that document is 100% intentional, folks. Think how evil these foul creatures have to be to not only falsely promulgate such a satanic document in the name of Peter – but to get a good, hearty laugh out of naming it, “The Exuberance of Sodomy”. May God have mercy on them, and us.

Anyway, in Amoris Laetitia/Exuberance of Sodomy, Antipope Bergoglio and his ghostwriter Tucho “Heal Me With Your Mouth: The Art of Kissing” Fernandez, wrote:

“No one can be condemned for ever, because that is not the logic of the Gospel!”
(Amoris Laetitia, n. 297).

This is yet another winking denial of the existence of hell by these fiends. Folks, the denial of hell and its eternal torments is the most transcendently and thoroughly poisonous lie in the universe.  One need not even believe in the heresy of universalism, that is to say that ALL people are eventually saved and achieve the beatific vision.  One need not go even that far.  Bergoglio spews the lie of soul annihilation – that is to say that human beings are simply snuffed out of existence by God upon their death if they don’t achieve the beatific vision.  This filthy lie has a certain attraction to everyone, even the faithful.  Isn’t there a certain bewitching comfort that comes from the idea that “if I’m wrong about this Christianity stuff, the worst that will happen to me will be that I simply cease to be, that I will die and then POOF! ‘Lights out’.”  Who among us will not confess to, in periods of particular suffering in our lives, wistfully longing for an “unending dreamless sleep”?

Who among us has NOT done everything we could to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ precisely because in the backs of our minds, we subconsciously tell ourselves that the people around us who are outside the Church, or living lives of unrepentant mortal sin, will be merely “snuffed out”, instead of facing manfully the truth that human beings who die outside the Church, and/or in unrepentant mortal sin will spend all eternity in hell, tormented in an unceasing and ever-increasing agony?  How often do we fail our fellow man in charity, instead choosing charity’s antipode, indifference, borne precisely from our own deep-seated concession and desire for the lie of soul annihilation to be true?  No, the siren’s song of nihilism, with Antipope Bergoglio, probable False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist, as its loudest-ever “chanteuse”, is bewitching countless human beings of every stripe.  Catholics cite Bergoglio as reason to apostatize. Protestants are ratified in their heresy and schism. Pagans are ratified in their denial of Christ. Atheists are ratified in their atheism. By a filthy man who dares call himself Peter.

Do you understand why Antipope Bergoglio calls proselytizing “solemn nonsense”?  Do you understand why Bergoglio is so desperate to ingratiate himself to every false religion and to atheists and set up a new, OneWorldReligion with himself at its head? It is because, as I have been saying from literally the FIRST DAY of his usurpatious antipapcy, HE DOESN’T BELIEVE IN ANY OF IT, which includes at the top of that list, the existence of hell. If there is no hell, then NOTHING MATTERS, folks.  NOTHING.  Christ doesn’t matter. The Church doesn’t matter.  Sin doesn’t matter. Law doesn’t matter.  All that matters is the earthly acquisition of personal power, glory and fame, and sensual pleasures.  Antipope Bergoglio, this despicable power-mad attention whore, is driven utterly by his diabolically narcissistic appetite for his own power, fame and glory, and for the earthly pleasures which he so enjoys.

***As an aside, before I forget, you all know the real reason why Bergoglio refused to live in the Apostolic Palace and instead in the Casa Santa Marta, right?  Bergoglio was known both in Argentina and in Rome as an anti-social loner.  He was always alone in Buenos Aires, and also in Rome, when he would ensconce himself in the back corner of the dining hall at the Via della Scrofa residence, and glower and scowl in solitude.  In Argentina, he was known as “the Bishop who never smiles”.  The nuncio to Argentina, Msgr. Adriano Bernardini, referred to Bergoglio as “a man sick with power.”  The whole business about Bergoglio wanting to “be around people” is a lie.  Bergoglio demanded that the better part of the second floor of the Casa Santa Marta be completely remodeled and outfitted for HIM, at a cost well into the seven figures, because the Apostolic Palace WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH FOR HIM.  The Apostolic Palace is a 16th century building which is old and drafty as most buildings of that age tend to be.  Antipope Bergoglio, as one would expect of a Freemason and Diabolical Narcissist psychopath, despises the Church, most especially the Church before the failed Second Vatican II Council, which marked the beginning of the Freemasons’ final campaign of destruction against the Church.  To Bergoglio, the Apostolic Palace has no “cool factor” as it would for us, no awe and reverence for the great men and history that those walls and rooms have contained.  The Papal Apartment is not luxurious in the way that a brand-new luxury hotel is luxurious – and that is exactly what Bergoglio’s suite at the Casa Santa Marta is.

What Hell Is Like

Now for the truly useful and spiritually profitable information.  If you have ever struggled to answer or explain to someone why it is that we should not sin, why it matters whether or not person A is having sex with person B, listen up, because this is life-changing information – information that could literally make the difference for you or someone you love between eternal bliss or eternal agony and torment.

The first reason we should not sin is because our sins offend God.  And because God loves us infinitely, it is perhaps more profitable to think of our offending God more as breaking His Heart.  Just as a parent who has a child that does drugs has their heart broken by that child’s actions that hurt himself, God, because His love for us is infinite and perfect, and because He is Perfect Good, is infinitely offended, or we could say has His Heart infinitely broken, by even the smallest of our sins. If you would like to read more about Fear of The Lord, might I suggest my ambiguously-titled essay, “THE ONE ABOUT… FEAR OF THE LORD.”

As with heaven, the modern conception of hell is extremely childish and inadequate.  Hell is not MERELY a hot place with fire and demons poking you with sticks. These conceptions of the torment and agony of hell are as woefully inadequate as the image of heaven as a very boring place with blue, sunny sky above with beatified souls reposing on white fluffy clouds, dreamily stroking harps whilst angels, depicted as pudgy, bewinged babies, flit about like agreeable houseflies.

I’m sorry, but what, exactly is so attractive about that ridiculous and banal image of heaven? And what is so awful about that image of hell?  Yeah, it sounds unpleasant, but it doesn’t exactly strike terror in one’s heart – especially not terror at levels sufficiently high enough to stop robust, well-formed lads and lasses in the flower of youth (or morbidly obese, arthritic octogenarians, for that matter) from fornicating with each other.

Let me describe to you what hell is like for fornicators.  I use fornicators as our first example because there are just so darn many.  Any sex outside of valid marriage is fornication, folks. No matter how much the parties in question might “love each other”. Post-western, post-Christian culture is AWASH in fornication.

In hell, we will be in close proximity to those people also in hell that we cooperated or engaged in sin with.  I suspect this would be because the damned are obsessed and consumed with hatred and rage, and thus damned humans themselves will gravitate towards those that they personally sinned with.  Obviously, fornicators will be in immediate proximity to each other.  And so, what hell will entail will be human souls raging at each other, screaming the most vile insults, profanities, and perhaps even physical attacks after the General Resurrection when ALL SOULS will be reunited to their bodies. Why? Because the partner in fornication was a full cooperator in the mortal sin that presumably resulted in the eternal damnation, and thus the fornicators will hate and blame each other for their own damnation.

I received an email from a woman not long after I first wrote about this.  She had a boyfriend, as most gals today do at some point.  They were very average American 20-somethings.  They were in a steady relationship, lived in separate houses, but fornicated regularly.  They were attracted to each other, loved each other, got along well and there was no history of fighting, and certainly no abuse.  The woman told me in this email that she started exploring religion, reading up, and settled into serious study of Catholicism and Catholic moral teaching.  Obviously, her fornication with her boyfriend began to nag at her conscience until she finally acknowledged that she had to stop having sex outside of marriage.

The day arrived when she finally had to talk to her boyfriend, explain what she had learned, and tell him that it was very important that they stop having sex.  She did not want to end the relationship – just stop having sex until marriage.

Up until that point, their relationship had been smooth with no major fights – they got on very well, and the boyfriend treated her well.  She fully expected that they were on the path to marriage.  There was never even the slightest hint of abuse or disrespect in the modern sense (I qualify that because the act of fornication itself is a sign of massive disrespect, but you know what I’m trying to convey).

The last words she heard her boyfriend say to her were bellowed at her in a screaming rage as she quickly left his house in fear, after explaining to him that the Church teaches that fornication is a mortal sin and that it was important to stop having sex until they were married: “YOU F***ING C***! YOU F***ING C***!”

This sort of rage – seemingly out of the blue and unthinkable to her just a few minutes before it happened – was a foretaste of hell.  It was a foretaste of the deep, raging hatred that humans who cooperate and enable sin with others feel, and if they don’t repent and die in their sin, will spend all eternity drowning in.  And folks, no human being will take hell “stoically”.  All of us who end up damned will rage eternally.  We will rage at God, we will rage at the angels and saints in heaven, we will rage at all of the other humans in hell, and we will rage at the demons.  The other humans in hell and all of the demons will spend eternity raging right back at us.

This is what fornicators, sodomites, heck EVERYBODY MUST be told.  If you do not stop this, you will spend eternity RAGING at this person that you claim to love.  And they will spend eternity RAGING at you.

I am blessed to have observed/experienced demoniacal, hellish human rage like this more than once in my life.  I have seen the faces of people I love twist and contort into a countenance still recognizable, but yet completely “other”. I have seen eyes blazing with rage and hatred of me, with what can only be described as the fire of hell behind them.  I have seen the lips curl back, exposing the teeth as fangs. I have been raged at by people I love for merely existing, and I thank God for it because it was the gift of experiencing a foretaste of hell. And it was something much better than a vision – because it was real.  It is a spiritual insight of the highest and gravest importance.

If you have never experienced this, pray God you never do, and thank God that you can be aware of it from my third-party description. And pray God that you be saved from hell, because hell will be an unending, ever-increasing orgy of rage.  And what is perhaps most terrifying about this is that those who are damned will be exactly the same species of rage monster that others are to them.  As terrifying as it is to think of someone you love raging at you for all eternity, what is even worse is the thought of you yourself raging forever at the people you “love”.  Do you love your kids?  Well, if you don’t make it to heaven, you will spend eternity hating your kids.  And make no mistake, the damned rage at EVERYONE, whether they are in hell with them, or in heaven.  There are no alliances, no friendships, no family.  Everyone is alone in the way that the Diabolical Narcissists among us are alone. They are islands, utterly cut-off from others by their freely chosen self-purgation of all love.

So even if you end up damned, but everyone you have ever loved makes it to heaven, because you are damned and they are not, you will hate them for their beatitude.  You will spend eternity in hell looking up towards the heaven which you will never, ever see, and cursing all those in it.  And the people you “loved” most in the world, will be the people that you hate most when you are in hell. If they are in hell with you, you will blame them for your damnation.  If they are in heaven, you will hate them for their beatitude (remember the demonic emotional palate: anger, hated, ENVY and fear), and for not doing more in life to prevent your own damnation.

Let me say that again, because it is extremely important:  the people you “loved” most in the world, will be the people that you hate most when you are in hell. We should all be motivated by this.

Fornicators in hell will hate their sex partners.
Parents in hell will hate their children.
Children in hell will hate their parents.
Friends in hell will hate their friends.
Priests in hell will hate their flock.
Catholics in hell will hate their priests, bishops and popes.
Spouses in hell will hate their spouse.
Everyone in hell will hate God.

An Urgent Warning to Those Who Are Divorced and “Remarried”

Right now the question of “marriages” after one or both spouses has been previously civilly divorced is at the top of the headlines due to the satanic words and deeds of the blaspheming heretic Antipope Bergoglio, who is probably the counter-analogue to John the Baptist, that is, the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist. John the Baptist, as the Forerunner of The Christ, had as his ministry the calling of people to repentance, the “making straight the crooked paths”, and John the Baptist was ultimately beheaded for defending the sanctity of marriage by condemning the false marriage of King Herod Antipas to Herodias. Antipope Bergoglio being a near-perfect opposite of John the Baptist is calling people to remain in sin and to hate The Law, is sowing chaos on a daily basis, and his central point of attack is marriage and the family.

If you are in a so-called “second marriage” of any stripe, and you want some genuinely helpful and spiritually profitable information, put out the cat and read on:

The Church has taught that in circumstances in which people are in “marriages” when one or both spouses have their true spouse still living, that the couple in question MUST MUST MUST stop having sex at a bare minimum.  You CANNOT have sex with someone who is not your spouse. You cannot have more than ONE living spouse – that is, your first spouse. Why? Because marriage is INDISSOLUBLE. Period.  These are the plain, clear words of Jesus Christ Himself. We all know them: Those whom God has joined together, let no man put asunder. He who puts away his wife and marries another commits adultery. It does not get any clearer than that.

You can’t have sex with your “second spouse” because YOU ARE NOT MARRIED TO THEM.

I don’t care what the civil law says.  I don’t care that you will have to pay half of your joint estate and monthly support if you “divorce”.  It is also “legal” to murder children in utero. What is your point?  It is The Divine and Natural Law that is the question – heaven or hell. I don’t give a CRAP what our Freemasonic post-Christian culture says is “law” is on this matter.  The question is utterly moot. If you have sex with someone who is not your spouse, you are fornicating at minimum, and committing adultery if either of you has already been married to someone else.  You HAVE TO STOP HAVING SEX AT MINIMUM. What is beyond the “at minimum”? Separation.  Aping marriage is scandalous.

Now, let’s think about what we have just learned about hell.  You say, “No way!  There’s no way I’m going to stop having sex with my “spouse”!  We love each other! There is no way you or anyone else are going to separate us!”

Listen up: I believe that you “love” your “spouse”. If you don’t stop having sex, and you both die unrepentant of your adulterous fornication, you will spend all of eternity in hell, in proximity to each other, hating and raging at each other for contributing to each others’ damnation, FOR ALL ETERNITY. Think about that.  Now, tell me again that you “love” your “spouse”, but are unwilling to stop having sex. If you understand the plain English of what I have just told you your eternal fate will be, and you still refuse to stop having sex for however many years remain for you on this earth, well, my hands are clean of your blood.

THIS is what every Catholic priest on this planet should be bellowing from the pulpit, from the top – Pope Benedict XVI – all the way down to the lowest, wettest-behind-the-ears parish priest. This is what neighbors, friends and family members should be explaining to those around them.  But do we? No. Because we are bad people, more concerned about earthly human respect than whether or not other human beings spend eternity in hell, separated from God, and raging and being raged at by the very people that they claim to “love”. Because it is just so much easier to believe wretched Antipope Bergoglio’s lies about soul annihilation, isn’t it?

Why Does God Permit Such A Horrible Eternal Fate?

The thing to remember about the torments of hell is that they are permitted by God as a MERCY.  Yes, that’s right.  Those humans who are damned will be tormented not only by demons, but also by other people in hell, most especially those wretched souls that were known to them and complicit in their sins in life, as a MERCIFUL DISTRACTION from the loss of God for all eternity.  If God truly did not love every one of His creations, including all of the demons and all men who are damned, He would consign them to an eternity of silent solitude in which the full horror of the eternal loss of God Himself would be at the fore of their consciousness with no rest and no distraction. Instead, in His Mercy, which extends even to the damned, He permits torment in order to give some sort of distraction – which in and of itself is actually a kind of relief from the horror of eternity separated from Perfect Love, Perfect Good, Perfect Truth and Perfect Beauty.

Here is a detail from Fra Angelico’s Last Judgment, in which damned humans are shown fighting and biting each other.  Note how one of the two men biting each other is shown to be a monk.

THIS is what awaits fornicators.  So you REALLY love that little chickie-poo, huh?  Well, the next time you get an erection thinking about fornicating with her, think about the hell that awaits the both of you.  If you really love her, and don’t want to spend eternity raging at her, and her at you, you’ll stop. And the same goes for the females….

THIS is what awaits adulterers – including the best-intentioned civilly divorced and “remarried” couples.  If you really love each other, you’ll STOP HAVING SEX AT MINIMUM.

This is what awaits sodomites – can you imagine what hell will be like for these miserable sodomite wretches with their dozens/hundreds/thousands of sex partners? Can you imagine the enormous throngs of interconnected sodomites in an eternal frenzy of raging hatred, cursing and physically attacking each other, blaming each other for their damnation and loss of God?

Think about hell. Tell other people about hell. It is clear that love of God is a non-starter in this post-Christian culture.  So be it.  There is another means of catechesis, repentance and conversion.  THINK, TALK AND PRAY ABOUT HELL, and beg God every day to save us from it.

And for the love of God, go to confession. In fact, make a general confession, just to be sure.

I really, really hope this helps.

The Last Judgment, Detail, Fra Angelico, ARSH 1425, Church of San Marco, Florence

The Last Judgment, Detail, Fra Angelico, ARSH 1425, Church of San Marco, Florence

And the Winner of the Trump Email Feedback Competition Is…

All of the “Shut up, all of your male friends DO SO TALK LIKE THAT – you’re just too dumb to realize it!” emails all sounded the same after the first several hundred.

But this, this one just took the cake.  It is stuff like this that brings the demons running, where upon they whisper to me, “Why do you even bother? You realize that THESE are the sort of people who listen to you…. Why don’t you just quit?”

With the apropos trumpet fanfare:

“In just 4 weeks, Trump will be the elected 45th President. You have that long to get the act together.

Trump = trumpets in the Book of Revelation.
Trump/Pence sounds like TRUMPETS. 

I do not believe in coincidence. Do you? Do you really think the Lord would fool us this way?


I couldn’t make something like this up if I tried.  It is just too subtly terrifying – and despair inducing.