And the Winner of the Trump Email Feedback Competition Is…

All of the “Shut up, all of your male friends DO SO TALK LIKE THAT – you’re just too dumb to realize it!” emails all sounded the same after the first several hundred.

But this, this one just took the cake.  It is stuff like this that brings the demons running, where upon they whisper to me, “Why do you even bother? You realize that THESE are the sort of people who listen to you…. Why don’t you just quit?”

With the apropos trumpet fanfare:

“In just 4 weeks, Trump will be the elected 45th President. You have that long to get the act together.

Trump = trumpets in the Book of Revelation.
Trump/Pence sounds like TRUMPETS. 

I do not believe in coincidence. Do you? Do you really think the Lord would fool us this way?


I couldn’t make something like this up if I tried.  It is just too subtly terrifying – and despair inducing.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.