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ANSWERS: Why Won't Any Cardinals Speak Up Against Antipope Bergoglio?

The reason why none of the Cardinals, of which it is reliably reported and confirmed that no less than 30, THIRTY, have privately “dialogued” with Bergoglio about his heresy, will call this jerk out has been communicated to me.

The threat Antipope Bergoglio is holding over all of them is that if they resist him…



I have news for you, Emeninces.  Antipope Bergoglio is going to call “Vatican 3” and attempt to “lock everything in” no matter what. Once again, you are being played.  The only proper strategy against Antipope Bergoglio is FULL ON CHARGE. There is no “appeasing” satan or his minions.  You either fight, or you die, and die as filthy, miserable cowards.

St. Catherine of Siena, pray for us.
St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.

TOLDYA: Grand Master Festing's Resignation Coerced, Ties To Faggots Leaked By Team Bergoglio

Well, well, well.  Overnight more details emerged, confirming what I wrote yesterday.  First, Edward Pentin, who is almost single-handedly “saving Catholicism from itself” with his reportage, as one very solid priest friend put it, has details of the secret meeting in which Antipope Bergoglio illegally coerced Grand Master Festing into “resigning”.  Excerpted from RorateCaeli:

The Pope summoned Fra’ Festing to the Vatican on Jan. 24 on the strict instruction not to let anyone know about the audience — a modus operandi that has been used frequently during this pontificate, the Register has learned. During the meeting, Francis asked Fra’ Festing to resign immediately, to which the Grand Master agreed. The Pope then ordered him to write his resignation letter on the spot, according to informed sources.

The Register has also learned that the Pope told Fra’ Festing that the reason for asking for his resignation was the Pope’s conviction that he has to do a new, “complete investigation” of the Order, and that such an investigation would be “more easily conducted” if the Grand Master resigned.

The Register has been told that the Pope then had Fra’ Festing include in his letter of resignation that the Grand Master had asked for Boeselager’s dismissal “under the influence” of Cardinal Raymond Burke, the patron of the Order. However, as patron the cardinal has no governance in the Order and can only counsel the Grand Master, meaning the decision to dismiss the Grand Chancellor belonged solely to the Grand Master.

Emphases mine.  So Festing not only resigned himself, but also destroyed the SMOM and, AND threw Cardinal Burke under the bus, too.

The editors at Rorate go on to say (emphases mine):

The violence, irrationality, and resentment that led to this forced resignation (by its very nature, not free and invalid, as all forced resignations) make one wonder if perhaps another resignation, that of Pope Benedict XVI, announced surprisingly to the astonishment of all on February 11, 2013, was not obtained with the use of similar methods.

Who knows?… What once sounded like an insane conspiracy theory does not look so impossible anymore. These are the methods the mafia currently in power use. It looks indeed not unlike what is being done to the Grand Master and the Sovereign Order of Malta. Honestly: would you doubt anything now?

I preferred the pejorative “dippy”. DIPPY conspiracy theory. Except, you know, completely rational, grounded in objective reality, and completely unbiased by fear of losing earthly position, benefits or social esteem.

But wait! There’s more!  Just as secular regimes leak to their ideological fellow-travelers in the “press”, so too does the Bergoglio regime.  In this case, the Tablet, a flamingly pro-sodomy “c”atholic newspaper out of the U.K. leaks the connection to faggotry that was used against Festing.  Citation HERE.


Finally, The Tablet argues that Vatican investigators are “aware” of a case of child abuse in the congregation that former Grand Master Festing would have handled negligently.

A knight taken by Festing to the Sovereign Council, Duncan Gallie , was one of four in charge of an internal investigation of a former sexton of the Order in London, Vernon Quaintance, accused of sexual assault of minors.

Gallie and the other gentlemen concluded in 2011 that no action should be taken against Quaintance, who in 2014 was found guilty of nine counts of abuse and possession of child pornography. In spite of everything , Gallie continues to this day living in Rome and participating in the meetings of the Sovereign Council.

I looked up the details on this, and this Vernon Quaintance faggot was the sacristan for the SMOM in London, and would lure young boys out in his car, and then demand that they allow him to “inspect” their penises to see if they were circumcised or not.  You know, for science.

Folks, two things.  First, there is NO SUCH THING AS A HARMLESS FAGGOT.  They are human poison, conscienceless fiends, covering for their allies and blackmailing their enemies.  Bergoglio bends over backwards to protect his boy-raping faggot buddies, but, as is intrinsic to that culture, will not hesitate to destroy his ideological enemies by leveraging and exposing their faggotry and pedophilia.  Hypocrisy is not only irrelevant to these monsters, they luxuriate in it.  This business of orthodox, believing, even Traditional Catholics looking the other way at faggotry in their midst, deluding themselves into thinking, “Yeah, he’s a fag, but he’s on our side, and he’s SO WITTY….” No. Enough of this “Evelyn Waugh faggot culture”.  It will be the death of all of us.

Second, ALL FAGGOTS ARE POTENTIAL CHILD ABUSERS.  ALL. OF. THEM.  It is just a matter of time and opportunity.  Every homosexual, male or female, is a clear and present danger to children. Period.

This is what was leaked.  One has to wonder if there isn’t more, because, again, for Festing to completely destroy a 900 year old order AND throw Cardinal Burke under the bus, well, whatever Bergoglio said to him, it must have been… persuasive.

In Overthrowing and Annexing the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, Bergoglio Is Intentionally Setting Up The Vatican For Exactly The Same

Inside baseball, folks, but of massive importance.

As you may know, the Vatican is a sovereign entity, and in Rome, when you cross the street and enter St. Peter’s Square, you are crossing an international border from the Republic of Italy into the Vatican City State.  Well, the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM for short), is a charitable order which is also an internationally recognized sovereign entity.  Yes, it is a micro-state. Its territory is basically one building – one BUILDING – in Rome. The SMOM is NOT NOT NOT the same thing as the island nation of Malta.  The SMOM USED to be the government of Malta from ARSH 1530, reigning in justice and beloved by the Maltese people, until the French invaded the island of Malta and ejected the Knights of Malta in ARSH 1835.

Back in the day, these guys were stone-cold butt-kickers and they literally saved Europe from Islamic takeover.  But they were also known all over Christendom for their charitable works, and much of what we now call “modern medicine” originated on the Island of Malta in the hospitals and universities of the SMOM.

What is important to understand right now, is that the SMOM is a SOVEREIGN ENTITY.  It is its own little country, even though its physical territory is minuscule, because they are in exile, and have been since ARSH 1835.

So, Antipope Bergoglio REALLY hates these guys.  Why? First, the leadership, including the head-of-state, called the Grand Master, are TRADITIONAL CATHOLICS.  They have the Tridentine Mass in their chapel in their building in Rome.  Second, they are nobility.  The Grand Master is technically a prince.  Third, they have money and assets. So Bergoglio hates them because Bergoglio is a Marxist and almost certainly a Freemason, and also just a horrible, small little man capable only of anger, hatred, envy and fear.

So if you want to know how this whole thing went down and why, I think I can illuminate some things.

Antipope Bergoglio fires Cardinal Burke from his position as basically the Chief Justice of the Vatican Supreme Court and installs him as the Cardinal Parton of the SMOM.

The number three guy in SMOM is a German named Boeselager who isn’t exactly known for his Catholic orthodoxy.  In fact, he refused to do anything about the SMOM’s hospital in London, Sts. John and Elizabeth, which had jumped enthusiastically onto the EXTEMELY FINANCIALLY LUCRATIVE In Vitro Fertilization and – get this – transvestite mutilation surgery (“gender reassignment surgery”) bandwagons. Ka-Ching!!

Also Boeselager oversaw the distribution of condoms and birth control pills to brown people in Asia and Africa, but that is actually small potatoes, relatively speaking.  The big deal is the hospitals, specifically the lucrative mortally sinful businesses mentioned above.  If you click over to the official website for Sts. John and Elizabeth hospital, you will clearly see the SMOM’s eight-pointed cross as the hospital’s logo.

Also factoring in is a recent NINE FIGURE donation ($118 million give or take), currently held in a trust in Switzerland.  The faction of the SMOM that is, shall we say, less than devout in its practice of The One True Faith, wants the Trad Catholics purged, and they want control of the money, and the freedom to continue to engage the lucrative IVF and transgender mutilation markets unhindered, and to sterilize, either mechanically or chemically, as many brown people as possible.

Now enter Antipope Bergoglio and the “New World Order”, who want nothing less than the complete destruction of the Catholic Church, replacing it with a “One World Religion” under the auspices of a “One World Government”.  Now follow this:

Cardinal Burke goes to Antipope Bergoglio to inform him of these morally depraved goings-on within the SMOM after an internal investigation, including the IVF and transvestite surgical mutilation businesses, as well as the contraceptives distribution, and that Boeselager is complicit, and also tied to Freemasonry. Bergoglio, being a conscienceless psychopath, tells Cardinal Burke to “clean out” the Freemasons, and tells Cardinal Burke that he (Bergoglio) supports the removal of Boeselager, and to get it done with his blessing.

Folks, Cardinal Burke would not have claimed that he had a mandate from Bergoglio unless he (Bergoglio) explicitly told him so. Cardinal Burke is naive, but he is not a liar.  So, Cardinal Burke goes back to the Grand Master and tells him that yes, Bergoglio issued a clear mandate and support, and even told us to “clean out the Freemasons”.

Now here is where Cardinal Burke’s seeming obliviousness, naïveté, and continued false premise of Bergoglio being the pope, or even Catholic for that matter, comes into play.  Bergoglio’s strong ties to Freemasonry have been known for years.  Good grief, the Italian Lodge issued a statement upon Bergoglio’s “election” in which one could almost hear them peeing their pants with joy.  Bergoglio doesn’t want Freemasons cleared out of anything – he is in bed with them and their “New World Order” agenda.  Bergoglio probably IS A FREEMASON.  COME ON.

Further, Bergoglio, not being Catholic and despising Catholic morality, especially with regards to the Sixth Commandment, clearly doesn’t view contraception as a sin, having railed at Catholics who “breed like rabbits”. Also, Bergoglio has publicly received a transvestite woman and her “wife”.  He sees no problem with any of these issues.  COME ON.

And, Cardinal Burke knows that Bergoglio hates his guts. Again, COME ON.  Being dumb is NOT virtuous.

So, the Grand Master, with Cardinal Burke in the room, indicating the “support” of the Holy See, fire Boeselager.  And Bergoglio’s trap is sprung.  Bergoglio denies his conversation with Cardinal Burke, and instead sends his toadies out to claim that all he told Cardinal Burke was that the SMOM should “dialogue” with Boselager.  Bergoglio then sends a group of his fellow travelers to “investigate”. The SMOM, being a Sovereign Micro-state, issues a statement asserting its Sovereignity and refusing to cooperate with Bergoglio’s henchmen.

Bergoglio then summons the Grand Master, Matthew Festing, and fires him, and then announces that he, Bergoglio, will be sending a “delegate” to oversee the SMOM, which, make absolutely no mistake, will be the de facto ruler.

Now, hold on.  This is the Vatican City State annexing a Sovereign Entity, the SMOM. This is like the head of state in France “firing” the head of state in Poland and installing a shadow ruler .  Or the head of state in Russia firing the head of state in, say, Finland, and installing a “supervisor”. If Putin were to install his own government in Finland, wouldn’t Finland have been annexed by Russia at that point?  Of course. Remember Vichy France, anyone?

Now lots of people who are following this are saying, “But, but, but… doesn’t “Pope Francis” realize that this sets a precedent by which the Vatican City State could lose ITS sovereignty???”

Um, YES. Exactly. For Bergoglio and his New World Order comrades, this precedent of annexation of a sovereign micro-state IS A FEATURE, NOT A BUG.

Bergoglio DESPISES God and His Holy Church.  He hates it, and he wants it destroyed. What Bergoglio and the Soros-Freemasonic-NWO axis want is a “One World religion” that is FULLY under a “One World Government”.  This is a big reason why Bergoglio so loves the Lutheran sect – Bergoglio wants a series of “state churches”, subsisting within and under regional governments – think “State Church of Norway”, “State Church of Denmark”, “State Church of Sweden”, etc..  This is also why Bergoglio is aggressively selling out the Catholic Church in China, and instead throwing open support to the Red Chinese State “catholic” Church, a pure fabrication.

The fact that Bergoglio seems to be setting a legal precedent for having the Vatican “annexed” by some outside body, is not some oversight or misstep on his part.  He is setting up the Vatican to be seized, assets and all, by his OneWorldGovernment buddies.

Read Elizabeth Yore’s excellent reportage on Bergoglio’s myriad connections to the NWO at The Remnant Newspaper HERE.

If Cardinal Burke remains silent and doesn’t witness to what Bergoglio said to him, and Bergoglio’s lying and double-crossing, I suspect it is because Cardinal Burke, clinging to the false premise that Antipope Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ, thinks that it would be an act of loyalty to protect the reputation of the See of Peter. (Sighs heavily, rolls eyes, bangs head on table)


Et cognoscetis veritatem, et veritas liberabit vos.
(And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.)
John 8:32

As for Grand Master Festing, who just a few days ago was willing to stand his ground and defend the Sovreignity of the SMOM, and then totally, completely capitulated and thus DESTROYED a 900 year old Sovereign Order, well, knowing what I now know about Rome, the specter of blackmail hangs over everything.  Like I said recently, NO ONE in Rome is any more than one degree of separation from fags. They are absolutely everywhere.

I’ll conclude with the prophetic words of Venerable Fulton Sheen:

“The False Prophet will have a religion without a cross. A religion without a world to come. A religion to destroy religions. There will be a counterfeit church. Christ’s Church [the Catholic Church] will be one. And the False Prophet will create the other. The false church will be worldly ecumenical, and global. It will be a loose federation of churches. And religions forming some type of global association. A world parliament of churches. It will be emptied of all divine content and will be the mystical body of the Antichrist. The mystical body on earth today will have its Judas Iscariot and he will be the false prophet. Satan will recruit him from among our bishops.”

I'm Not A Petiton Person, But I Signed the Petition To Reinstate LTC Terry Lakin

Before I went to live in the Van Down By The River/Crick, I had the chance to meet the real deal in terms of protesting the Obama regime, flight surgeon LTC Terry Lakin.  After his release from the United States Disciplinary Barracks after serving his 5 month sentence, one of his first jobs was in Colorado, and he would drive his RV past my office as he commuted from the airport.  So we met up for lunch.  He is a surprisingly soft-spoken man, not at all what you would expect from a man who went to prison and lost his career and pension because he knew, as I knew, that Obama was obviously not a natural born citizen as defined for centuries in common law and explicitly defined in the SCOTUS decision Minor vs Happersett, and thus not eligible under Article II, section 1, clause 5 of the US Constitution (such as it was) for the presidency.  LTC Lakin very rightly pointed out in his defense that uniformed military serving under an illegitimate commander-in-chief would NOT be protected under the Geneva Conventions.

Alas, as with the Antipope Bergoglio situation (funny how many analogues there are between Obama and Bergoglio, eh?), the effeminates so vastly outnumber the virile that justice is, at this point, merely a pipe dream.

BUT, even though I am not a fan of Trump, and still believe that the US was overthrown and that the Thing™ In Washington DC is NOT the United States of America, and not really a fan of petitions at this late and dark hour, I did sign this petition for my friend LTC Lakin to be pardoned and reinstated with full pension as a gesture of support for Terry.  It can’t hurt.


Continue reading

Starting Tuesday Off Right: Filthy Intolerant Proselytizers Get What They Deserve Edition

Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

PATER NOSTER, qui es in caelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum. Adveniat regnum tuum. Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo et in terra. Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie, et dimitte nobis debita nostra sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris. Et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Constantinople, 1025-50  Manuscript illumination: Ink, paint, and gold on parchment.  Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland On the left a single man with a cudgel represents the Ephesian mob that attacked St. Timothy with cudgels and stones. Behind them is Mount Pion, where the saint finally expired from his wounds and was buried. On the right is the translation of his body to Constantinople.  (

Constantinople, ARSH 1025-1050
Manuscript illumination: Ink, paint, and gold on parchment.
Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland
On the left a single man with a cudgel represents the Ephesian mob that attacked St. Timothy with cudgels and stones. Behind them is Mount Pion, where the saint finally expired from his wounds and was buried. On the right is the translation of his body to Constantinople. (

St. Timothy, ordained Bishop of Ephesus by St. Paul, was killed by a mob of enraged pagans in ARSH 97 at the age of 80 because he tried to stop a pagan festival and procession in honor of the pagan goddess Diana. After beating him with cudgels and dragging him through the streets, they finally stoned him to death on Mt. Pion.

Of course, according to “their lord and savior Bergoglio™”, St. Timothy was sinning in his proselytism, and also in his fundamentalism and failure to encounter, dialog, and accompany his pagan neighbors.  How dare he condemn them for their religious traditions? How dare he judge them? How DARE HE force his beliefs on them, closing himself into a rigid and sterile enclosure of doctrine and absolutes?  According to “their lord and savior Bergoglio™”, the stupid, arrogant fool got what he deserved.

St. Timothy, pray for The Remnant Church.

Trump Speech: No First Person Singular Pronouns?

I watched it, praying that nothing bad happen, and so far so good.  But can someone check/confirm that Trump did not use any first person singular pronouns? If that is the case, kudos to the speechwriter for that.  It wasn’t a particularly great speech, and Trump seemed a bit nervous (which I actually think is a good thing), but if there was not a single first person singular pronoun, that makes it pretty awesome, and would be an excellent, excellent dig at Obama.

Christ, have mercy on us.

UPDATE:  I did find one in a partial transcript: “The oath of office I take today…”

That might be it.  Everything else is “we”, “our”, “you”, “yours”.

UPDATE 2:  I’m not the only one who noticed.

I have plenty of things to say (if you read Denninger, it will be echoing that), and have received some very good and sincere questions about where I stand vis-a-vis the ‘Mercian Gubmint.  But for today, hey, I’m glad that miserable, retarded bi**h and his fat wife are gone, and that the Pig in the Pantsuit and her serial rapist beard husband will never be “president” of the Former United States.  I even pulled up the Dances With Wolves “Journey To Fort Sedgwick” theme on youtube.  So, yeah, today gladness that Bathhouse Barry and Mooch are gone, but tomorrow, back to dealing with reality. And folks, the reality is REAL.

(Also, speaking purely in my capacity as a chickie-poo, I liked Melania Knauss’ dress very much.  Beautiful cut, perfect length, exquisite tailoring.)

Seismic Noose Tightening Around Rome: Destruction May Be Imminent

Since the earthquakes in August and October that destroyed the town of Norcia and killed 300 people, I have been following seismic activity in the area.  Over the past week or so, there have been tremors surrounding Rome in almost every direction, with the epicenters getting closer and closer, closing in on Rome itself.

As I write, there are have been three very strong quakes north of Rome, all in the mid-5 magnitude range within the last hour.

I am receiving many messages from contacts in Rome. They are scared.

I believe that these are pre-shocks to a possible magnitude 7 quake, which could destroy Rome for all intents and purposes.  As you know, I have been warning of this for a while.  We have the objective realities of the Bergoglian antipapacy, along with the objective reality of sodomites using the Vatican and even St. Peter’s Basilica itself as a bathhouse, along with prophecy and warnings for over a century that Rome would apostasize and be destroyed.

More recently, just a few weeks ago, in fact, the miraculous blood of St. Januarius in Naples (just south of Rome at the base of Mount Vesuvius), FAILED TO LIQUEFY, which portends disaster, and reliably so. READ MORE HERE.

Here is the link to the earthquake feed that I watch.  It tends to be about a six minute lag.


St. Philip Neri, pray for us.

Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.

Cutting the Crap: 32 Questions and Blunt Answers About The Catholic Church and Antipope Bergoglio

Judging by my email box and various comment threads around the internet, more and more people are being scandalized and losing their faith every day.  One of the reasons people are scandalized is because everything they read in the conservative or traditional wing of The Church is deeply unsatisfying, and even irrational and nonsensical, oftentimes requiring the willful suspension of disbelief to swallow. The reason for this is the simple fact that nearly everyone is operating on the false premise that Jorge Bergoglio is the Vicar of Christ. He is not, and never was.  So long as a person is operating from a false base premise, reality CAN NOT be accurately apprehended, and the logical conclusions drawn from the false base premise will be themselves false, as well.

This is why reading almost ALL commentary on Bergoglio and the destruction of The Church as it is unfolding before our very eyes gives the sensation of mashing the throttle of a car that is stuck in the mud – engines revving to redline, but never, ever any forward motion.  Wheel spinning.  Because the base premise is false, there is no and will never be any traction or momentum.

There is no hope of resolving this situation until the base premise is TRUE, namely, that Bergoglio is not now and never was the pope. None.

In this piece I will use a question-and-answer format. I will endeavor to be as blunt and direct as possible. I hope it helps, and encourage its copying, reprinting (in whole or in part), and general distribution, almost as a reference guide.

Question 1: What is the deal with Pope Benedict XVI “retiring”?

It has now become clear the Joseph Ratzinger was told by a group of homosexual Cardinals calling themselves the “St. Gallen Mafia”, led by Cardinal Carlo Martini, that he would be permitted to elected pope, but that if he was still alive after eight years, that he would then resign, and if he didn’t resign that he would be forced out, likely with threats of blackmail.

St. Gallen Mafia admission citation HERE.

Citation that the Ratzinger election and papacy was “pre-programmed” by Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, and that Martini ordered Ratzinger to “resign” in ARSH 2012, HERE.

Question 2: So was Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation valid?

No.  Pope Benedict’s resignation was invalid, and obviously so. To argue otherwise requires the willful suspension of disbelief.

Canon 188 states:

A resignation made out of grave fear that is inflicted unjustly or out of malice, substantial error, or simony is invalid by the law itself.

Question 3:  Which criterion of Canon 188 invalidates Ratzinger’s attempted resignation?

All of them, except simony, which is bribing or paying off. However, the clearest criterion, which has been explained at length by Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, and by the clear, objective evidence of Pope Benedict’s actions, is the criterion of Substantial Error.  Pope Benedict believed that he could fundamentally transform the office of the papacy into a collegial or synodal office by “partially resigning”.  He believes that he has abdicated the “active” aspect of the Petrine Office, but retains the “contemplative” aspect.  More on that later.

Secondarily, we now know that the homosexualist St. Gallen Mafia instilled grave fear in Ratzinger, which was certainly unjust and obviously malicious.  Upon his election in ARSH 2005, one of the first things Pope Benedict said was “Pray for me that I do not flee for FEAR of the wolves.”

Question 4:  What is Pope Benedict afraid of? Is he blackmailable?

Because The Church has been so thoroughly infiltrated by homosexuals, EVERY PRELATE without exception could be linked to homosexual priests under his jurisdiction.  I think it is safe to say that every churchman is now one degree of separation from a sodomite, and thus every churchman COULD be accused of sins of omission, namely, “Why didn’t you say or do anything about…”. Sodomites are, by definition, ruthless Diabolical narcissists, and have no problem throwing their own under the bus in order to increase their own power.

Question 5: But other popes have resigned previously, right?

Yes, other popes have resigned.  In fact, Pope Benedict XVI visited the tomb of Celestine V in ARSH 2007 and very, very conspicuously left his papal stole on the tomb, which we now understand was a signal to the St. Gallen Mafia that he was fully planning to “resign”.  Pope Benedict XVI is an intelligent, studious man.  He clearly researched and was well-informed of the history of papal resignations, and yet has done everything in his actions to communicate the incomplete nature of his attempted resignation.

Reportage of Pope Benedict XVI visiting Pope Celestine V relics twice.

Question 6: What about Pope Benedict’s actions after his attempted resignation were different?

First, Pope Benedict chose to retain the title of “Pope”.  Because the Petrine Office was instituted by Jesus Christ Himself, it cannot be changed, altered, modified, transformed or evolved in any way – not even by The Pope himself. There is no such thing as a “Pope Emeritus”, and just because a retired bishop can be called “Bishop Emeritus” this has NO BEARING on whether there can be a “pope emeritus” because of the singularity and supernatural character of the Papacy.  A bishop is not the Vicar of Christ.  The papacy is unique and singular and has never, does never and will never provide for an “emeritus”. There can only be one living pope at a time, and since Pope Benedict’s resignation was made in substantial error, and in fear unjustly and maliciously inflicted upon him, his resignation was invalid, he never ceased to be The Pope, and he retains the fullness of the Petrine Office until he either dies, or resigns in accord with the law, which at this point is simply impossible.

Cardinal Brandmuller and Bishop Sciacca both demolish the notion of a “pope emeritus” HERE.

John Paul II declared the notion of a “pope emeritus” impossible after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease.

Second, Pope Benedict retained the Papal style, Your Holiness. Only the Pope is addressed as “Your Holiness” / “His Holiness”. He likewise chose to retain his Papal Name and, in clear contradiction to the previous popes who had resigned, did NOT revert to his baptismal name, Joseph Ratzinger.  By retaining his Papal name and style, he is clearly communicating his belief that he is still a participant in the Petrine Office, which he is – he is the EXCLUSIVE holder of the Petrine Office.  To argue that this studious, conscientious man has done all of this as a mere flippant oversight once again requires the willful suspension of disbelief.

Third, Pope Benedict freely chose to continue to wear the Papal white cassock.  Upon his departure from the Vatican in February of ARSH 2013, Pope Benedict sent the clear signal that he believed himself to still be a holder of the Petrine Office.  He was asked immediately why he did not follow the clear precedent of all previous popes who had resigned by reverting to the black cassock.  His answer was stunning in its dishonesty.  He said that he was wearing the Papal White because there were no black cassocks for him to wear.  He publicly announced his “resignation” nineteen days before he “left office”.  The notion that there was not a single black cassock anywhere in the city of Rome, or that no one in Rome could have made him – the Vicar of Christ – a black cassock in NINETEEN DAYS had he requested it, is, very simply, a boldfaced lie.

Fourth, Pope Benedict defied all previous precedence with regards to Papal resignations, by choosing to continue to live INSIDE THE VATICAN.  All previous popes that resigned LEFT ROME so as to avoid ANY appearance of retaining the papacy or possible confusion to the faithful on the question.

So, we have a man, with the title “Pope”, addressed by the Papal style, “His Holiness”, wearing the Papal white, living inside the Vatican. Once again, to argue that Pope Benedict XVI is completely oblivious to the optics of this requires the willful suspension of disbelief.

Pope Benedict’s personal secretary, Archbishop Georg Ganswein, confirming the above:

From the election of his successor, Pope Francis—on 13 March 2013—there are not then two Popes, but de facto an enlarged ministry with an active and a contemplative member. For this reason, Benedict has not renounced either his name or his white cassock. For this reason, the correct title with which we must refer to him is still “Holiness.” Furthermore, he has not retired to an isolated monastery, but [has retired] within the Vatican, as if he had simply stepped aside to make space for his Successor, and for a new stage in the history of the Papacy, which he, with that step, has enriched with the centrality of [prayer] and of compassion placed in the Vatican Gardens.

Question 7: Is it possible that Pope Benedict XVI is just stupid?

No.  To argue that requires the willful suspension of disbelief.

Question 8: Why is Pope Francis saying and doing things that are in direct opposition to Jesus Christ and His Holy Church? I thought that was impossible?

“Pope Francis” IS NOT THE POPE.  Jorge Bergoglio is an antipope, falsely elected in an invalid conclave because Pope Benedict never validly resigned the papacy.  Therefore BERGOGLIO HAS ABSOLUTELY NO PARTICIPATION IN THE PETRINE OFFICE, INCLUDING THE CHARISM OF PAPAL INFALLIBILITY.  As an antipope, Bergoglio is completely free to say and do things which are heretical, apostate and even satanic, because none of the supernatural protections of the papacy apply to Bergoglio, because Bergoglio is not now and never was the pope. Antipope Bergoglio hates God and His Holy Church and is hellbent on destroying it. All of his intentions toward the Church are malevolent. He is a servant of satan, carrying out a satanic agenda.

Question 9: Isn’t Pope Benedict XVI a heretic for doing what he has done, and thus no longer the Pope either?

Pope Benedict XVI is indeed a heretic and is now the worst pope in the history of The Church, BUT this makes his papacy ILLICIT, but still VALID.  It is absolutely essential to understand the difference between LICAITY and VALIDITY.  At this point I would refer you to an excellent essay by Fr. Brian Harrison, penned in ARSH 2000, and thus completely unprejudiced with regards to current events.

“A Heretical Pope Would Govern The Church Illicitly But Validly”

Question 10: But wouldn’t this same concept of “illicit yet valid” apply to Bergoglio as well?

Absolutely not, because Bergoglio’s election was itself invalid.  The question of Bergoglio’s heresy and apostasy is moot with regards to the papacy because Jorge Bergoglio is not now and never has been the Pope.

Question 11: So if a pope who is a heretic is illicit yet valid, that means that the sedevacantists have been wrong all along?

Yes.  Pope John XXIII was almost certainly a Freemason.  Paul VI was a raging sodomite and pro-Communist. John Paul II was a phenomenologist and kissed the satanic tome of the musloids, the koran, and his so-called “Theology of the Body” is deeply heretical.  Pope Benedict’s metaphysics are so warped as to be not even properly called “metaphysics”, revolving around “meaning” and not “being”.   And yet, all were/are popes, valid yet illicit.

Question 12: Has Pope Benedict’s warped notion of metaphysics informed his actions with regards to the papacy?

Yes.  Pope Benedict thinks that the defining criterion of something’s existence is what it MEANS, not what it IS.  And so, he thinks that it is not important what the papacy IS, but what it MEANS, and thus it is free to be redefined, even if that redefinition defies the principle of non-contradiction. Thus, Pope Benedict thinks that he can both be and not be the Pope – he can be the “contemplative pope”, but simultaneously not be the pope, because the papacy is a matter not of being, but of meaning.

Question 13: Is it possible that this warped notion of metaphysics is a function of Pope Benedict being stupid?

No.  Just because someone is wrong, does not mean they are stupid.  In fact, it is intelligent people that make the most enormous mistakes. You will never meet a person with Down’s Syndrome that denies the realness of reality, but there are trainloads of geniuses that do. And remember that Lucifer, the largest intellect created by God, rebelled against Him.

Question 14: Why do people like Cardinal Burke keep saying that Pope Francis isn’t a heretic, and they are not accusing him of heresy?

Because Cardinal Burke and pretty much everyone else are operating on the false base premise that Bergoglio is the pope, and they think that they cannot say anything “against the Pope”.  BERGOGLIO IS NOT THE POPE. While Cardinal Burke claims that he is intensely concerned about saying anything “against the Pope” or damaging the authority of the Petrine Office, the truth is that CALLING A MAN WHO IS NOT THE POPE, “THE POPE”, IS THE MOST DAMAGING THING ONE CAN DO TO THE CREDIBILITY AND AUTHORITY OF THE PETRINE OFFICE.  Further, when Cardinal Burke says that he is not accusing Bergoglio of being a heretic, he is obviously dissimulating.  In the five Dubia questions submitted to Bergoglio, the first question addresses heresy, and the other four questions address apostasy, namely the denial of objective morality and the denial of objective truth.

Question 15: Could it be that Cardinal Burke and everyone else are afraid?

Yes.  Absolutely. To his credit, Cardinal Burke recently said in an interview that he feared standing before Christ at his judgment and being asked why he didn’t defend Our Lord and The Truth.  Sadly, Cardinal Burke is not nearly afraid enough, because he continues to try to live with one foot in The Truth of Christ, and the other in the lie of the Bergoglian antipapacy, Novus Ord-ism and Vatican Two-ism.

Question 16: What are they afraid of? Why won’t anyone talk openly about this?

They are afraid of

a. Jeopardizing their career tracks or status
b. Jeopardizing their cash flows (this applies to bloggers, news outlets, anyone who lives off of The Church in any way)
c. Incurring social stigma and being socially ridiculed or rejected (do not underestimate this dynamic)
d. Being exposed/blackmailed for either sexual sins or financial crimes

Question 17: Several trad bloggers that I read argue that the papacy really isn’t that important.  This contradicts not only what I was taught, but common sense.

The papacy is extremely important.  In fact, it is so important that Our Lord instituted it BEFORE He founded the Church at Pentecost. To argue that the Papacy isn’t important is irrational, effeminate, and explicitly contrary to the words and actions of Jesus Christ in the Holy Gospels, and thus completely uncatholic.

Question 18: Several trad bloggers that I read argue that we can’t know who the pope is.  Can that be right?

No, that is clearly wrong.  The truth is objective, external to ourselves, and above all, KNOWABLE. If the identity of the pope is unknowable, then the papacy itself is irrelevant.  If the papacy itself is irrelevant, then the Church is irrelevant.  If the Church is irrelevant, then Christ is irrelevant. If Christ is irrelevant, then Christ is not God. If Christ is not God, then nothing, and i mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, matters. People who argue that the identity of the pope is unknowable are effeminate and are under one or more of the four categories of fear in Question 16.

Question 19: Several trad bloggers I read argue that who the pope is isn’t our problem, and we should just leave it to future generations to deal with. Can that be right?

No, that is not right. It is a lie from the pit of hell, promulgated by wildly effeminate people who reject the notion that they should be asked or even expected to take up their cross and deal with objective reality. It is the narcissistic, adolescent mindset of pathologically weaseling out of all responsibility.  Imagine if the Apsotles had argued that none of them could ever know whether or not Christ was Divine, and that the question should be left to future generations to decide, and thus it was impossible for them to fulfill the Great Commission, much less die as martyrs.

Question 20: Several trad bloggers I read argue that what is going on in the Church right now, and with Bergoglio, is actually no big deal. Can that be right?

No, that is very, very, very wrong.  Countless souls are being lost to hell every day, and will continue to be lost to hell until Our Lord returns in Glory, because of this.  This is perhaps the single most important thing that has happened since the Pentecost. To minimize the importance of The Church being infiltrated and an antipope installed who is systematically and rapidly destroying The Church down to its foundations, scandalizing countless souls into eternal, unending damnation, never to see God, is of unquantifiable importance.  Anyone who argues otherwise is wildly, wildly effeminate.

Question 21: Several trad bloggers that I read argue that this has all happened before.  Is that right?

No, that is absolutely wrong.  Never before in the history of The Church has there been an antipope who has denied the existence of objective moral norms, denied the existence of truth, and effectively attempted to abrogate the Ten Commandments and the Seven Sacraments, denied the existence of hell, called The Great Commission “sinful”, or actively fomented and encouraged adultery and Eucharistic sacrilege. Never.  Not even close.  Not even the Arian Schism approaches this.  Anyone who argues otherwise is dissimulating.

Question 22:  Why doesn’t Pope Benedict say or do anything?

It is a combination of pride, weakness, and possible blackmail/coercion. Furthermore, if Pope Benedict asserts his authority in any way, he will be acknowledging the illegitimacy of his resignation, and thus has painted himself into a corner.

Question 23: Is Bergoglio going to come after the Traditional Mass? Some trad bloggers I read say Bergoglio doesn’t care about liturgy one way of the other.

Yes, Bergoglio will eventually come after the Trad Mass.  The driver behind Bergoglio is satan, and satan cares very, very, very much about liturgy, and desperately wants to eliminate the Venerable Gregorian Rite from the face of the earth, and eventually the Rite of John Chrysostom and all of the other venerable Catholic Rites of the Holy Sacrifice. The notion that Antipope Bergoglio “doesn’t care”, especially in light of his ruthless attacks on traditional orders, and his incessant insults directed obviously at Traditional Catholics, is a position that requires the willful suspension of disbelief.

Question 24: If Bergoglio rescinds Summorum Pontificum and abrogates the Mass of the Ages, what should priests do?

WHY would a priest obey an antipope? Bergoglio has as much authority to overturn Summorum Pontificum as I do – NONE.  Again, the question is asked from the foundation of a false premise, namely that Bergoglio is the pope.  BERGOGLIO IS NOT THE POPE.

Question 25: What is the path forward barring supernatural intervention?

The only path forward is to declare Bergoglio antipope, forcibly remove him, and then WAIT FOR POPE BENEDICT XVI TO DIE. If a conclave were to be called after the removal of Bergoglio, but before the death of Pope Benedict, the man “elected” at that conclave would be every bit as much an antipope as Bergoglio, no matter how orthodox he might be.  The only way to be certain that this mess is cleared up is to wait for Pope Benedict XVI to die.  This was what The Church did after the resignation of Pope Gregory XII, and this was how the Great Western Schism was ended.

Question 26: What are the odds of this happening without supernatural intervention?

Epsilon above zero.

Question 27:  Why is this happening? Why is God permitting this? Doesn’t He love us?

This is happening because God is very angry, and we deserve it. Of course He loves us, and what this situation affords us is the chance to stand up for Jesus Christ, His Holy Church, and His Vicar on Earth, and declare the truth in circumstances never before seen in the history of The Church.  This is the chance for the Remnant Faithful to stand up and scream that the Church has been infiltrated, that the Novus Ordo must be abrogated and that the Second Vatican Council was a failed council that should be burned to ash and thrown onto the garbage heap of history.

God has also permitted this because it shows us exactly what the logical conclusion of Modernism, Vatican Two-ism and Novus Ordo-ism looks like, without having the papacy fall into the hands of an open apostate.

Question 28: Is it possible that Antipope Bergoglio is the Antichrist or False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist?

Antichrist, no.  False Prophet Forerunner, yes, that seems not only possible, but probable.

Question 29: Is it possible that Bergoglio is a satanist?

Yes, it is possible.

Question 30: Is it possible that Bergoglio is demonically possessed?

It is a foregone conclusion that Bergoglio is demonically OPPRESSED. Possession is possible, but unlikely, as satan has no need to possess a person who is fully on board with the satanic agenda of his own free will, as Bergoglio clearly is.

Question 31:  Shouldn’t we keep this quiet?  Won’t talking about this drive people away from The Church? Who would want to join a Church that is under attack by satan?

No.  The truth, even when horrifically ugly, is always authentically attractive.  What drives people away is the effeminacy and obvious dissimulation of failing to acknowledge that Bergoglio is an antipope.  Further, the false premise of Bergoglio being the pope immediately leads to the logical corollary that The Church is false and irrelevant, and thus that Jesus Christ is irrelevant, and thus that everything, and I mean EVERYTHING, is thus irrelevant.

It is precisely because The Church, the Mass, the Eucharist, the Sacraments, the Papacy and the Law are under attack by satan that so compellingly demonstrates that they are all true, good and beautiful.  Not only does the truth of the situation not drive people away, it inspires them to join up.

But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews indeed a stumblingblock, and unto the Gentiles foolishness:  But unto them that are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God. For the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men.
1 Corinthians 1: 23-25

Question 32:  Should I stop going to Mass?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. What you should do is move heaven and earth to attend a Traditional Mass or Divine Liturgy, and then go every single day humanly possible, and spend as much time as possible before the Blessed Sacrament, and go to confession frequently.  Do whatever it takes, right now, to find a good parish or chapel. If you wait until The Remnant Church is forced completely underground, you will have a much harder time.  This is precisely what the parable of the wise and foolish virgins is about, folks.  At some point, the door will close, and if you are one of the foolish virgins who got caught without any oil in your lamp, and had to scramble to find any, it will, at some point, be too late, and the Bridegroom will close the door.  You have been warned.  It is obvious what is happening.  No one will have any excuse.

Go to Our Lord, kneel before Him and BEG HIM to provide for you and your family to always be able to go to Mass. Beg Him to show you the way and illumine the path for you, as He illumined the path of the Magi. Beg Him to fill your lamp with oil Himself, and to keep it always full.  Beg Mary, Mother of The Church, to intercede for you.  Beg St. Joseph, Patron of The Universal Church, to lead you to safety as he led Our Lord and Our Lady on the flight to Egypt.

I hope this helps.

Christ, have mercy on us.


Why Even Cardinal Burke Is Unsound….

Cardinal Burke, despite his efforts, is also fundamentally unsound on the question of people who are “divorced and remarried” publicly receiving Holy Communion so long as they are living in continence, that is, not having sexual relations with each other.

Sorry, but no.  Here is the truth of how this situation worked before the infiltration and attack on The Church concurrent with the failed Second Vatican Council.

When two people who were civilly remarried after a civil divorce reverted to Catholicism and could not separate (generally due to having minor children), and necessarily stopped having sex with each other because they fully acknowledged the truth that they were NOT married to each other and that any conjugal contact would be mortally sinful, even then, these people would NEVER receive Holy Communion publicly, or if they did, it would be in a parish very far away where they were totally unknown.

Think about it.  Everyone assumes that married couples have sex with each other.  Do we honestly believe that The Church would want people to PUBLICLY ANNOUNCE AND ADVERTISE their sexual activity (or lack thereof)? Of course not.  So, what Cardinal Burke is advocating is for people who are “living as brother and sister” to do by receiving Holy Communion publicly is either:

A.) Continue to scandalize the faithful who justly assume that all “married” couples have sex with each other, OR

B.) Require the “married” couple to publicly announce on a continual basis that they are not having sex.

This is insane.

There should be NO PUBLIC RECEPTION OF HOLY COMMUNION by people who are living as a married couple with anyone other than their true spouse. Period. The concession of permitting people to continue to cohabit in continence for the sake of rearing children is already a massive, massive concession.  But there is simply no way that such “brother-and-sister” couples can receive Holy Communion publicly, or in a parish in which they are known, because scandal is the byproduct either way, either by the just assumption of the community of the couple’s sexual activity, OR the couples’ persistent public discussion of their sex life, which is a scandal unto itself.

Nope.  Sorry.  This whole discussion is actually built on a false premise to begin with.  Even Cardinal Burke is unsound, which really isn’t surprising, considering that he believes that the failed Second Vatican Council is anything other than the satanic dumpster fire that it so obviously is. The logical progression is simple, PLUS we have the tradition of The Church and the clear historical precedent for dealing with these situations right in front of us.  And yet, even one of the “greatest minds” in the Church today discards both in favor of an illogical and unprecedented non-solution solution.

Oh, and he also thinks Bergoglio is the pope.  Or, at least that is what he says in public.  That is another clue.

Man, if I were a reporter and I could interview Cardinal Burke, I’d put this fairly simple logical corollary to him and not let him weasel his way out of it. Enough of this effeminate “third way” crap. Enough.

Benefactor Masses: Now Up to THREE per Week!!

A quick bit of very good news:  We are now up to THREE Benefactor Masses per week.  They are on





Talk about starting the week off right!

If any other priests would like to commit to commemorating “Ann’s Benefactors and Supporters” on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday, let me know!  Either the Venerable Gregorian Rite (Tridentine Mass) OR Divine Liturgy would be fine.  And as always, the rules for “Ann’s Benefactors and Supporters” is once you are on the list, you are on the list forever, even if you decide that you hate me.  And God is the keeper of the list, so it is error-free and 100% secure.  The prayer is for the Salvation of your souls first and foremost, and for your intentions generally.

I would say, “I wish I could do more,” but I don’t want to play-down the enormousness and the movement of grace that comes from having The Holy Sacrifice offered for you while you are yet alive.  The saints and doctors agree that the multiplier relative to Masses offered for the repose of the souls of the dead is substantial. And that stands to reason, if you think about it.  Here is an excellent quote I came across from a Dominican priest:
Father Cole OP writes, “While it is important to keep in mind that Masses for the deceased do help them, one Mass offered for anyone living will have a greater efficacy for that person because in this life all are capable of freely cooperating with any grace and the graces of a Mass may even change the direction of someone’s life including one’s own. However, it may be that a particular grace of a Mass is not accepted for many years which is why one must take a long term view of supplications for loved ones still on earth. Even more, one needs to take an even longer term perspective when praying for the poor souls because we do not see what we are doing to help them. We only know by faith that we are helping them.”

So, once again, thank you for your continued munificence, and remember, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are all now days in which the Holy Sacrifice of Calvary is offered for you.