I'm Not A Petiton Person, But I Signed the Petition To Reinstate LTC Terry Lakin

Before I went to live in the Van Down By The River/Crick, I had the chance to meet the real deal in terms of protesting the Obama regime, flight surgeon LTC Terry Lakin.  After his release from the United States Disciplinary Barracks after serving his 5 month sentence, one of his first jobs was in Colorado, and he would drive his RV past my office as he commuted from the airport.  So we met up for lunch.  He is a surprisingly soft-spoken man, not at all what you would expect from a man who went to prison and lost his career and pension because he knew, as I knew, that Obama was obviously not a natural born citizen as defined for centuries in common law and explicitly defined in the SCOTUS decision Minor vs Happersett, and thus not eligible under Article II, section 1, clause 5 of the US Constitution (such as it was) for the presidency.  LTC Lakin very rightly pointed out in his defense that uniformed military serving under an illegitimate commander-in-chief would NOT be protected under the Geneva Conventions.

Alas, as with the Antipope Bergoglio situation (funny how many analogues there are between Obama and Bergoglio, eh?), the effeminates so vastly outnumber the virile that justice is, at this point, merely a pipe dream.

BUT, even though I am not a fan of Trump, and still believe that the US was overthrown and that the Thing™ In Washington DC is NOT the United States of America, and not really a fan of petitions at this late and dark hour, I did sign this petition for my friend LTC Lakin to be pardoned and reinstated with full pension as a gesture of support for Terry.  It can’t hurt.


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