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Barnhardt Podcast #088: Ad Astra Per Mariam

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In this episode we answer a few questions listeners have submitted, comment on the lack of motivation of today’s American youth, and space out a bit, talking about astronauts, radiation in space, and lunar landers. And, of course, we address the Big Topic of whether one should avoid the new Mass when there’s no traditional Mass available in order to fulfill your obligation on Sunday or a Holy Day… a depressing topic that we will surely reprise in the future.

Artwork Found!
One question mentioned in this episode is where to find the artwork Roman had mentioned depicting the Birth of the Church… it’s been found, and Ann liked it so much she didn’t wait to blog about it!

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You Gotta Be Kidding Me: Church Militant ruthlessly goes after SSPX for taking in Fr. McLucas, but Voris’ parish priest, Perrone, literally founded and ran a massive fraudulent non-profit that sheltered countless abuser priests.

Folks, the issue here is the RAGING hypocrisy. Yeah, this HAS to be called out.

Bear in mind, the whistle-blower in the case was Opus Bono Sacerdotii‘s co-founder’s daughter, Mary Rose Maher. Fr. Perrone of Assumption Grotto in Detroit was the second co-founder.

Read this piece. It is horrific.

If Church Militant and Voris don’t fess up to this wild hypocrisy and projection and apologize to the SSPX bigly and publicly, this should be their demise. This is just awful.


Notes on the Video of Neumayr confronting the Sodomite Child Predator Priest Matthew Riedlinger

This is George Neumayr’s video of the sodomite child predator priest (now laicized), Fr. Matthew Riedlinger.  Riedlinger was a sodomy partner of Msgr. Walter Rossi, the rector of the Basilica of the Immaculate conception in Washington D.C., and thus 100% in the Wuerl-McCarrick gay mafia.  Rossi pimped male Catholic University students to Riedlinger for sodomy, and Riedlinger was transferred and ordained by the Rossi-Wuerl-McCarrick mafia after being expelled from seminary in Ohio for being a flagrant sodomite.  You can read Neumayr’s reportage here.

A few notes on this video.

First, what does a sodomite look like?  What does a sodomite child sex predator look like?  As you watch this video, note that Rieldlinger doesn’t come off as a raging fag.  In his job as a furniture salesman, he isn’t piling on the fag affectation.  He is dressed conservatively.  I wouldn’t pick him out instantly as a sacrilegious predator of teen boys. I’ve seen this many, many times: faggots turning the affectation on and off like a switch depending on the “audience”. You can bet that Riedlinger is as camp as a row of tents when he is with his fags.

The truth is, if you want to see what a sex pervert looks like, go look in the mirror.  Because sexual perversion is a freely chosen pathology derived from Diabolical Narcissism, that is, the willful, consciously chosen self-purgation of love from the soul, EVERY HUMAN BEING has the capacity to fall into it. Every human being has the POTENTIAL to fall not just into sin, but horrific, horrific sin, like Riedlinger.  The parabolic increase in sexual perversion, due in many cases to the use of p**nography, is a testimony to this. Once a person chooses to be a DN and to not love, the downward spiral is potentially unlimited.  Hence men who 20 years ago were 100% straight, now end up addicted to homosexual and child p**n.

Note how Riedlinger CANNOT BEAR any mention of the Blessed Virgin.

But here is what hit me the hardest.  Neumayr and the couple with him did a great job in using Neumayer’s phone as a decoy, when the real recording phone was in the purse of the lady.  Because it was down in her purse, the shot angles were largely uncontrollable and somewhat random.  But as you watch the video, Riedlinger’s HANDS keep coming into frame.  As I watched it, I was overwhelmed with the thought of those hands – hands which are consecrated, and which held Our Blessed Lord as He came down upon the altar AT RIEDLINGER’S CALL.

Read this moving citation from Anne Catherine Emmerich about the hands of a priest:

“…And of the priest’s consecrated fingers [Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich] says that were his body fallen to dust and his soul in Hell, yet will the consecration still be recognized in the bones of the fingers; they will burn with an altogether peculiar fire, so ineffaceable is the mark.”

How sad and terrifying is the sight of Riedlinger, and the thought of his potential fate.

And yet how achingly beautiful is the thought that Our Lord loves His flock so much, that He allowed Himself to be handled by such a monster as Fr. Riedlinger; that He willingly answered Fr. Riedlinger’s summons and not only Transubstantiated the Host and Chalice in Fr. Riedlinger’s hands, but also allowed Himself to be immolated by Riedlinger’s sacrilegious consumption of His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity – SO THAT THE FAITHFUL COULD BE ASSURED THAT OUR LORD WAS, INDEED, PRESENT UPON THE ALTAR, AND REPOSED IN THE TABERNACLE, and because it is necessary for the priest to consume the Host and Chalice in order for the Holy Sacrifice to be completed, no matter what.  

As we continue with the Novena to the Virgin of Revelation, Mother of the Pure Clergy, please dedicate a few minutes to Our Lord’s infinite, infinite love for us by thinking about Riedlinger’s hands.  Let the horror of Riedlinger’s sacrilege be a means of increasing your understanding of Our Lord’s simply incomprehensible love for you and for all of us, and of the lengths He will go to, and the humiliation He will withstand – for LOVE.

And where sin abounded, grace did more abound.
Romans 5: 20


Novena to The Virgin of Revelation: “I am the Mother of the Pure Clergy.”

I have received a surge of emails recently from people asking for prayers for the conversion or reversion of family members or friends.  So, thanks to reader D who reminded me of this Apparition, I am beginning a Novena today to the Virgin of Revelation, an apparition of the Blessed Mother that happened in Rome in ARSH 1947.  While many healings have been attributed to the Virgin of Revelation, what she is known for in particular under this title is CONVERSIONS and REVERSIONS.  This novena will conclude on August 5, the Feast of the Our Lady of the Snows – the miraculous snowfall in Rome that Pope Liberius (ARSH 352-366) then traced out the perimeter of the Basilica of Mary Major – perhaps the most famous Basilica in Rome after St. Peter’s.

When you read the very brief backgrounder below, you will also see how this Apparition of Our Lady ties directly to current events: German heretics, Communism, murderous hatred of the Papacy, the priesthood, and Holy Mother Church – it’s basically lunch in the Casa Santa Marta dining room.


About Bruno Cornacchiola:

Here on the outskirts of Rome is one of the 20th Century’s more interesting apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The apparitions concerned A man named Bruno Cornacchiola, who planned to change history by killing the Pope. He was not a pleasant man to live with–he physically abused his wife and had a deep hatred for the Catholic Church.

His hostility to the Church was further inflamed as he came under the influence of a protestant German pastor who held the belief that the Catholic Church was responsible for most of the evils in the world. Bruno volunteered to fight in the Spanish civil war and while in Spain he went so far as to buy a dagger that he planned to use to kill the Pope and carved the words “death to the Pope” on the handle.

“To save humanity I will have to kill priests everywhere, I will try in every way to destroy the Catholic Church and it will be my duty to stab the Pope”. He joined the Seventh Day Adventists and plotted to kill the Pope on the Feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, September 8, 1947.

He insisted that his wife leave the Catholic Church and join his protestant church. She gave in to this demand, only on the condition that he go to confession and do a nine-day First Friday Novena. It should be noted that his wife had a great devotion to the Sacred Heart. Bruno did the Novena but it had no immediate effect. His drunkenness and abuse continued and his hatred of the Catholic Church grew even greater. He joined the Communist party and began to plan his assassination of the Pope.

About the Apparition to Bruno that changed everything:

Finally on April 12, 1947 (the Saturday after Easter), at the age of 33, his life took a dramatic turn. On that fateful day he was preparing for an anti-Catholic and anti-Marian speech that he was due to give the following day. The following is a recount of a pilgrim who had the opportunity to meet with Bruno in 1995 and he described his experiences. Here is the letter we received from that person:

“According to what he told us, he had taken his 3 children to Tre Fontane (site of the martyrdom of Saint Paul) where he was going to buy some chocolate at the famous Trappist monastery there. While waiting for the shop to open he sat down to plan his talk while his children played. He was interrupted by the children as they looked for a ball that they had lost.

While helping them look for it he suddenly realized that his youngest son was missing. He then found the boy in a small cave kneeling and smiling at something that Bruno could not see. His other two children joined him and all three of the children began talking about a “beautiful lady” whom only they could see. Bruno was unable to lift them off the ground and finally exclaimed “God help us”. At that, he felt two hands wipe his face and then finally saw a beautiful woman. She announced that she was the “Virgin of Revelation” and told Bruno that he had been persecuting her and it was now time for him to stop. She told him that the nine First Friday Masses that his wife had convinced him to attend had saved him.

She also announced that her body could not, and did not, decay upon death, hence she was assumed bodily in to heaven.​

It is noteworthy that Pope Pius XII proclaimed the Doctrine of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1950.


This novena is dedicated to the Virgin of Revelation.  To make the novena, the meditation for the day is read followed by the prayer of supplication to the Virgin of Revelation. Click each link below for the day’s meditation.

Day 1 “Never stop saying the Holy Rosary, I am always with you to help you.”

Day 2 “All those who place themselves under my green mantle of mercy I will protect.”

Day 3 “The Hail Marys that you say with faith and love are like golden arrows straight to the heart of Jesus.”

Day 4 “Call me Mother and tell them to call me Mother: I am the Mother of the pure clergy”

Day 5 “The divine promise, the nine first Fridays to the Sacred Heart, that you did before entering into lies has saved you.”

Day 6 “Be Missionaries of the Word of Truth.”

Day 7 “With this soil of sin I will convert the most obstinate sinners.”

Day 8 “Sing in joy, read the Truth and psalms in sorrow, prayer is the oxygen of the spirit.”

Day 9 “I am who I am in the divine Trinity. I am the Virgin of Revelation”

Supplication to the Virgin of Revelation
To obtain any grace

Most Holy Virgin of the Revelation, you who are in the Divine Trinity, deign we beg you; turn your merciful and kind glance towards us. Oh Mary! You are our powerful advocate before God, who by this soil of Sin will obtain graces and miracles for the conversion of sinners, grant that we obtain from Your Son Jesus, salvation of the soul, perfect health of body and the graces which we need. Grant to the Church and its head, the Roman Pontiff, the joy of seeing the conversion of His enemies, the propagation of the Kingdom of God over all the earth, the unity of all believers in Christ, peace among nations in order that we can love and serve you better in this life and one day deserve to see and thank you eternally in Heaven. Amen.
Nihil obstat
+ Bishop Ilario

Repost: Fr. Thursday on the Sin of Solicitation

(Originally posted 24 February, ARSH 2018, and re-posted because the concept of solicitation came up in Barnhardt Podcast #089. Also, another priest has since kindly offered to commemorate all Barnhardt benefactors and supporters DAILY in addition to the priests mentioned below. Both military chaplains are back home now, thanks be to God.)

The Holy and August Sacrifice of the Mass is now offered EVERY DAY for my benefactors, plus a Requiem Mass is offered every week for EVERYONE who died in the previous week.  Fr. Monday and Fr. Tuesday are both military chaplains and are deployed in musloid territory, so please remember them, as they offer the Holy Sacrifice for you.  Fr. Wednesday and Fr. Thursday are fighting the good fight, and on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you are remembered at the Holy Sacrifice by a priest in a tiny church in a sleepy backwater, so we will call him “Fr. Backwater”. Fr. Requiem is “no spring chicken”, as they say, and asks for your prayers as he traverses his ninth decade.

So, please remember in your prayers Frs. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Fr. Backwater, and Fr. Requiem.

Fr. Thursday checked in this past Thursday with this very important point about the Sacrament of Confession:

Dear Ann,

Good morning, and all the very best on the feast of the Chair!

As always, I enjoy what you write and what you and “Super Nerd” discuss on your podcasts.

I had one thing to add to your remarks on podcast #046, about the 48 minute mark; in addition to avoiding a priest who gives advice like you mentioned (hypothetically, I presume) regarding the 6th Commandment, your readers (listeners) should know that any priest who advises violating the 6th or 9th Commandments is guilty of solicitation, i.e. inducing the penitent into impurity. It doesn’t have to be inducement into a sin with the priest himself; it can be any approval or encouragement to commit any sin of impurity. Solicitation, of course, still carries the penalty of suspension a divinis and excommunication latae sententiae (i.e., no adjudication needed). Any penitent who encountered that kind of thing should rightfully inform the bishop or vicar general, and then go straight to the Sacred Penitentiary in Rome if not satisfied with the response. Even if nothing is done outwardly to the priest-culprit, they would remain excommunicated until they were absolved by the Sacred Penitentiary in Rome. (Bishops do not have faculties for lifting excommunication or suspension for solicitation.) You probably already knew all this, but just in case you didn’t ….

As always, I continue to offer the true Mass for you and your benefactors on Thursdays (e.g., today!).

All the very best for a holy Lent,

Fr. Thursday

Sadly, I have been told by more than one person over the years that they have been told by a priest in the confessional that they need to “get laid” and would be better off for it.  This happens, both in the context of heterosexual fornication, and sodomy.  Most priests of this ilk don’t hear confessions as a matter of principle – they don’t believe in sin, and hate God, His Church and the Sacraments.  However, there are also priests that are so malicious, so filled with spite and hatred of God that they luxuriate in going into the confessional and doing as much damage as possible.  I coined the term “Diabolical Narcissism” for a reason. These filthy wretches are diabolical.

Barnhardt Podcast #089: Wacky Wabbit Holes

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In this special episode, Ann is joined by Mark Docherty of the NonVeniPacem blog. As expected, the conversation turned out to be 80 minutes of awkward silences punctuated by deep dives into the mysteries of the Church of Rome. Trigger warning: Ann uses the racist epithet “cracker”, and both Mark and Ann state that Bruce Jenner is, in fact, a man.

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Eyewitnesses check in: There are kneelers in the downstairs portion of the Crystal Monstrosity

A tiny shard of good news: eyewitnesses in Orange County who went to the dedication Mass of the Crystal Moneypit Monstrosity report that there are kneelers in the downstairs section, but not in the “nosebleeds”, which I think was the choir loft when it was Schuller’s racket.

Sadly, residents of the diocese of Orange County report that many churches in the diocese have no kneelers.

Now, if we could just find the Tabernacle….

Question: What to do with an “Apostolic Blessing” from Antipope Bergoglio?

Q: I received an Apostolic Blessing certificate years ago before I realized that Bergoglio was an Antipope, and maybe something far worse. I don’t want this thing in my house anymore. I get a bad feeling every time I walk past it. What should I do with it?

A: You’re not alone. I would recommend burning it to ash, collecting the ashes and disposing of them in running water, such as a stream or river. Then, I would strongly urge you to have your home blessed in the Traditional form – which can never hurt anyway. I’ll leave it to you whether or not you tell the priest what the impetus for the house blessing is. It isn’t necessary to do so. Exercise prudence. And make sure you feed Father a good meal, or if he can’t stay to dinner, give him a little walking around money for his time.

$77,000,000 Spent on “Remodeling” Crystal Monstrosity and Not One Single Kneeler….

Zoom in on the pic below. No kneelers. Anywhere.

Also, no confessionals. The website says that “Reconciliation is held from 7:15-8:15 a.m. Fridays and from 8:30-9:30 a.m. Saturdays in the Small Gallery near the Arboretum.”

Wow. Two whole hours per week! When no one is there! For a parish of over 10,000, and tourist attraction!

Color me shocked!