Found It! Image of “The Birth of Ecclesia”

What a cool image! This is an illumination (an illustration decorating a manuscript) from the Bible Moraliseé, made in Paris between ARSH 1225-1249, today housed in Vienna.

In the bottom scene, we see God the Father delivering The Church, the Bride of Christ, from the wound in Christ’s (the New Adam’s) side (at His rib), after Christ has “fallen asleep” upon the Cross, from whence flowed the waters of Baptism and the Precious Blood of the Eucharist, hence The Bride holding the Chalice in her hands.

To the right we see the major Four Founders of religious orders, St. Augustine (in miter), St. Benedict, St. Dominic and St. Francis.

Now look above. We see God the Father delivering Eve from the side of Adam while he is asleep, who is Adam’s Bride, and note that Eve’s hands are empty, only raised in supplication to God.

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