Two Interesting Diabolical Narcissism Citations: Indifference and Gaslighting

First up, a sickening story about a priest in Idaho that was recently convicted of absolutely heinous crimes involving child p***ography and satanism (he admits to urinating in Communion wine – which invalidated the consecration of that wine, but people consumed the befouled wine.)

I draw your attention to this quote from the satanist priest, as reported by the Idaho Statesman:

As Faucher solicited more videos of young boys, he wrote that he felt “wonderful indifference,” Brumbaugh told the courtroom.

Yep.  Because as we have covered in this space countless times, Diabolical Narcissism is the total self-purgation of CHARITY, or LOVE from the soul.  The opposite of Love is NOT hate, because right-ordered LOVE must co-exist with hatred of evil, and of sin.  No, the opposite of LOVE is INDIFFERENCE.

The satanic pedophile priest, Faucher, confirmed this in no uncertain terms.

Next, here is an email across the transom, regarding the children of divorce being gaslighted:

Dear Ann,

I recently red a compilation of stories from the now-adult children of Divorce by Leila Miller, Primal Loss. It’s struck me that gaslighting happens almost always particularly intensely toward the children who are told to shut up, be ashamed of their feelings of hurt and celebrate their parents’ decision to destroy their marriage.

I think highlighting the gaslighting that the children (and other victims) of divorce go through may be of interest to you.

(Leila Miller’s old blog)

“There must be something wrong with YOU to feel so bad and broken over something that isn’t really a big deal.”

Best Regards,

Yep. the new “virtue signal” is celebrating and congratulating people on their depravity and sin. The more depraved, the more enthusiastic the congratulations and “support” must be. And if you don’t tell these people how “happy” you are for them, and “how exciting this new phase of your life is going to be”, then YOU are the horrible, evil “hater”.  See:

Priests marrying their concubine

Priests ditching the priesthood

Announcing civil divorce

Announcing an adulterous relationship and/or faux “marriage”

Announcing sexual perversion (sodomites “coming out”)

Announcing insanity and self-mutiliation (Bruce Jenner)

Murdering one’s own child (Abortion)

Suicide (self-euthanasia)

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.