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Toldya the Pfi$ticuff$ wa$ a $taged $tunt. Everything i$ Pfake and Gay, brought to you by Pfizer. If you $uffer pfrom alopecia, a$k your doctor ipf Etra$imod may be right pfor you.

Mr. Big Pfur Hat ha$ the rever$e angle.

Look at the poor, $piritually wounded alopecia victim laugh at the obviou$ly PFAKE pfi$ticuff$.

Meanwhile, like clockwork, Drudge is now pushing… post-Covid hair loss.

Bruce Willis, age 67, permanently disabled by a stroke. Don’t be fooled by the term “Aphasia” as if it were some random thing. Aphasia is the after effect of a severe stroke. Willis is severely brain-damaged, and we can all guess why.

What a shame. I think he has young children. Can you imagine being maimed by your own government, and having your closest family members aggressively participate in the cover-up? Choosing a satanic political religion over YOU?

New York Post reportage here.

Everything is Fake & Gay: Pfizer sponsors Academy Awards, stage manage fake slap over “alopecia joke”, Pfizer getting ready to release alopecia drug Etrasimod, DEATHJABS CAUSE ALOPECIA – autoimmune-induced hair loss

I was able to give a young lady in my neighborhood Ivermectin and dandelion extract who was experiencing significant hair loss (alopecia) and grinding fatigue as a result of being jabbed. It straightened her out for the moment, thank God.

But the angle on this that everyone is missing is that the DeathJabs, as autoimmune poisons, cause alopecia which is an autoimmune condition (Pinkett-Smith’s is said to be the rarer mechanically-induced hair loss, from extremely tight braids and hair weaves), hence Pfizer’s foaming at the mouth to bring the term “alopecia” to the forefront of global awareness.

With a massive percentage of the planet poisoned by their autoimmune DeathInjections, and with hair loss set to go through the roof- especially in young women- Pfizer just bought, paid for and stage managed the single most effective mass marketing campaign event for a drug launch, ever. It literally bumped nuclear World War Sodomy from the headlines for DAYS.

The drug is called Etrasimod. Get ready for every other teevee commercial and sponsorship bumper (“brought to you by…”) to be for Etrasimod, as vaccine-induced alopecia skyrockets.

But remember, hair loss is pretty much the least of these people’s worries.  The irreversible heart damage, the permanent vascular abrasion and clotting, and the irreversible damage to the immune system makes going bald seem like nothing. But to a twenty-something American female? They will pay ANY PRICE, or bill ANYTHING to their insurance, that will keep them from having their hair fall out… COINCIDENTALLY.

If you’re suffering from alopecia, ask your doctor if Etrasimod may be right for you….”

I’ll let Mr. Rock explain it himself. I guess every man DOES have his price.

DOUBLE UPDATE: Yes, room temperature IQ crackhead and incestuous pedophile Hunter Biden is literally personally responsible for starting World War Sodomy – with nukes. Somehow, it’s an oddly fitting end. BREAKING: Hunter Biden Laptop contained multiple DoD encrypted access keys with highly suspicious 20+ year expiration dates INFO: Denninger says the encryption keys aren’t NECESSARILY nefarious in and of themselves

Tell me more about how what people do behind closed doors, and their families, should be “off limits”. Ya boi Hunter is at the center of events that will probably lead to global nuclear war.

The New York Post is printing it. Hunter Biden is up to his eyeballs in the dozens of US-run Bioweapons labs in Ukraine. Metabiota. Metabiota. Metabiota.

Joe Biden’s handlers want Ukraine completely destroyed in order to destroy the evidence. I firmly believe that the Washington DC deep state intends to stage a false flag bioweapon release and blame Russia for it, thus opening the door to nuclear war in Europe, and then globally in China, Iran, India, North Korea and North America. And yes, I believe the Washington DC deep state is morally capable of false flag nuking US cities, or under the guise of “containing pathogens”.

Biden, being demented, simply repeats thing he hears his handlers saying without any internal censoring. Biden’s “gaffe” yesterday eliminated all possibility of Putin negotiating. It was a declaration of war against Russia as a whole: install the Globohomo Sodogarchy or else.

The Washington DC Deep State wants to see Putin given the Ghaddafi treatment, and they want their own puppet installed to turn Russia into another vassal state of the Washington DC Deep State. I can only assume they want control of Russia in order to use the Russian population and nuclear arsenal to fight a proxy war against China and the PetroYuan. God knows that the U.S. Military is absolutely no match for any fighting force consisting of and led by heterosexual men.

Here is the NY Post reportage:

Hunter Biden helped secure funds for US biolab contractor in Ukraine: e-mails

BREAKING: Hunter Biden laptop contained multiple Department of Defense access encryption keys with highly suspicious 20+ year expiration dates.

DENNINGER EXPLAINS: The encryption keys aren’t NECESSARILY nefarious, just that that laptop was connecting to the DoD. (But remember who we’re talking about here. I doubt Hunter Biden could make a ham sandwich without committing several felonies and breaking the Natural Law several times.)

Requiem Aeternam: Please pray for Amy

I overlooked a donation note that should have been read in the donor segment of Barnhardt Podcast #170 — I apologize to the donor for that, especially since it contains a request for a recently departed listener:

Many thanks to you and Miss B for hours of listening enjoyment, inspiration and education. This gift is in honor of my dear friend, Amy, who passed away from cancer recently. Listening to you and Ann during her chemo treatments was huge blessing for her. Please pray for the repose of her soul. Keep on keepin’ on. From a devoted listener…

We definitely pray for the Poor Souls at the Barnhardt Podcast and ask that you will pray for Amy as well!