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Each day that passes means that we are one day closer to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart, and a Church purged of sodomite priests.

Here is a tweet, still active, of an American Jesuit priest who is openly a sodomite, and has been promoted and sent to Rome to work in the Curia in the so-called “New Evangelization” dicastery, Fr. Robert R. Ballecer, SJ.

Ballecer took this picture from his airplane as he was landing in Rome a few days ago, returning from Christmas in the US, apparently.

Let me just say this bluntly so there is absolutely no confusion: Ballecer’s caption “Italy… I am inside you,” is 100% a pornographic reference to anal sodomy. His followers mostly thought this satanic blasphemy was deliciously funny, most especially because it came from a priest. Ballacer used the selfsame canonical digit or digits (thumb and index finger) to type those satanic words as he uses to hold the Host at the consecration of the Eucharist. And yes, Ballecer probably validly consecrates. Think about the infinitude of Our Lord’s love for the world that He obeys Ballecer’s call, and becomes physically, substantially present in Ballecer’s wretched, filthy hands at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. “For God so loved the world…” None of us can even begin to comprehend that simple phrase.

Rome is a bathhouse that makes San Francisco and Tel Aviv look respectable by comparison. Now you see why I have been talking for many years now about the justice and likely inevitability of Rome being physically destroyed.

Per Pope St. Pius V, this man Ballecer should be laicized and turned over to civil authorities on capital charges… were there any sane Christian government anywhere in the world to actually try him and execute him upon conviction.

After the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, there will be no more “Jesuit” order, and men like Ballecer will be totally purged from the priesthood, and some believe that they will be totally purged from the planet, as all sodomites were purged from the planet when Our Lord was born, pious tradition holds. Think about it. How could it possibly be said that Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart has TRIUMPHED if there are sodomites running around?

Every day is one day closer…

Like I said, Ballacer is an OPEN sodomite.

Toldya: The sodomite progression of domination is: Tolerance, Acceptance, Ratification, PARTICIPATION. Sodomites now demanding that heterosexuals engage in sodomy with cross-dressers

Tolerance, Acceptance, Ratification, PARTICIPATION.

From David Bowie to THIS in 50 years.

THIS is why sodomy and all forms of sexual perversion are CRIMES and must be criminalized under anti-obscenity codes after this war.  Because once TOLERANCE creeps in, the slope is swift and steep to what is now happening: sodomites are demanding that morally sane people engage in sodomy with cross-dressers or else be cancelled as “haters”.

And make no mistake, the primary target of this will be children. as is clear by the imagery below.  What is depicted is clearly a pre-pubescent child, presumably a boy with long hair dressed as a girl by his criminally insane diabolical mother.


“Covidism will never end without war or supernatural intervention.” Supernatural intervention happened in Croatia today. Lockdown immediately cancelled after major 6.4 earthquake.

Over the transom just now…

Dear Miss Barnhardt,

Today was a strong earthquake in Croatia. 6.4. Yesterday was earthquake 5.0 strong. Yesterday was  Massacre of the Innocent. Croatia is predominately Catholic country but lately with the Covid-19 there have been measures similar to those in other countries.

We are in 2nd lock down currently. When there was a 1st lock down in March, there was also strong earthquake in capital Zagreb: 5.5.

Now, you have said that either war or God intervention can change the situation and this is exactly what has happened today. They said that we are not in lock down anymore from tommorow and can travel around country as we wish.

The Lord is a master of history and Heaven and Earth and not earthly powers.

Keep up the good work!

A reader from Croatia

Important: Fauci’s lying and constant “shifting of the goal posts” is the islamic abrogation doctrine of “Naskh”: whatever is said today abrogates anything said previously

Over the transom, yet another confirmation that the Coviet political religion is a fusion of Freemasonry with islam. Let it also be VERY WELL NOTED that this musloid abrogation trick is EXACTLY PRECISELY the game that Antipope Bergoglio is playing.  “Oh I’m not changing anything, I’m just substituting it with something better….”  They all use the same playbook – Coviets, musloids, Antichurch – because they are all on THE SAME TEAM under lucifer.

Hi Ann,

Did you notice that just prior to the sweeping mask mandates going into effect, a number of high-profile figures came out and very publicly ridiculed the idea of compulsory face coverings? Fauci, Michael Osterholm, Surgeon General Adams, and several others all rightly went on national television and popular podcasts to mock (and literally laugh at) the idea of using porous cloth and paper masks to defend against particulate matter measured in nanometers.

Of course you noticed. We all did. But what does it mean?

The Wiki entry for the doctrine of abrogation, aka Naskh or Tafsir, reads as follows:

“In Islamic legal exegesis, naskh is a theory developed to resolve contradictory rulings of Islamic revelation by superseding or canceling the earlier revelation.”

Sound familiar? This doctrine can also be applied to Fauci’s evolving “scientific revelations” on PCR cycle count thresholds, “two weeks to flatten the curve”, Italy’s 10% CFR in March, and any number of other data points that have been used to justify totalitarian heath & safety measures. Essentially, yesterday’s science has no bearing on today’s science, and today’s science will have no bearing on tomorrow’s science. In the religion of scientism, only the *now* counts. And, while the science may evolve, the solutions passed down by the infallible elites never do. Those are fixed and unchanging, no matter what the science may say.

No one with even the slightest capacity for critical thinking, and a functioning hippocampus can possibly truly believe any of this. You have to want to believe in it… And to get there, you have to possess a burning hatred for your fellow man (which probably stems from extreme self-loathing, but mass psychoanalysis is way outside my pay grade).

The level of diabolical disorientation we’re witnessing is unfathomable. If you’ve ever wondered how billions of souls could ever fall for something as irrational and anti-human as mohammedanism, now you know.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


“They say, ‘Thou art a forger,’ but most of them understand not.”


Mailbag: A medical professional checks in with the truth on the ground.

Dear Ann,

I just thought you’d like a boots on the ground report to shed some light on the “hospitals are overwhelmed” COVID-hysteria.  

I have spoken to several colleagues throughout the US who work in healthcare.   Their stories are very similar with minor variations:

First, hospitals in Syracuse, NY are indeed short on inpatient beds, but their bed shortages are not due to new COVID cases.  Rather, they are due to nursing home patients who are being refused re-admission to the nursing homes after their hospital stay.   

Second, some New England residents are traveling as far as Florida for elective surgery.   A Boston physician reports that hospitals there, averaging only about a 10% occupancy due to COVID, are cancelling operations at the request of the governor.  

Third, a colleague in Pittsburgh and one in Chicago both report their large tertiary care hospitals have only about 10% of their beds taken up with COVID patients.   I’ve heard the magical 10% number is pretty much the national average.  

There is large-scale fibbing go on here, but you already knew that.   


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like ISLAM… Everywhere You Go…

Covidism is a POLITICAL RELIGION, the final iteration of global Freemasonry, fused with elements of islam. It is a totalitarian death cult, and the masses have converted to it exactly like jailhouse converts to islam, because it fills the void left by the mass societal apostasy from Christianity. Like islam, Nazism, and Jim Jones’ cult, Covidism drives its adherents to murderous, suicidal insanity, and will require war to exterminate and subsequent deprogramming of the survivors, assuming that there are survivors.

Blunt talk: Another big clue that the DeathVaxx is a clandestine sterilant is the fact that Antipope Bergoglio and friends are declaring that it must be preferentially given to young, poor blacks FIRST.

You’ve seen all of this preening and posturing about how the elderly, who used to be the #1 target market for flu vaccines, are now to defer to young poor colored people, yes?

Especially young colored people in poor third world countries… where Covid illnesses have been statistically nil, almost certainly due to the already widespread use of antiparasitics such as hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin which have been demonstrated to be prophylactics to CoronaCold. Hmmmmm. Why do such people need an aggressive preference for a so-called “vaccine”? Wasn’t the reason given for the total destruction of the economy and imposition of tyranny that we had to save… the elderly?

Why? Because Gates and friends want to get as many poor blacks, browns and Latinos sterilized as possible before they figure out what is going on, both in the first world and in the third world. Remember, it takes years for a population to realize that they have been sterilized.

The elderly will be dead soon enough, and AREN’T FERTILE. The elderly aren’t the target for any “vaccine” and never were.

Oh, but young poor colored people can continue to “spawn” “like rabbits”, and must be sterilized now, according to Gates, the NewWorldOrder, and the Antichurch. Young, poor, colored people are the target. Then young poor whites.

Gates and the NewWorldOrder are both Malthusians (population reduction) AND eugenicists. Poor brown people have got to go. As their hero, the founder of Planned Parenthood, Margaret Sanger put it:

“We are paying for, and even submitting to, the dictates of an ever-increasing, unceasingly spawning class of human beings who never should have been born at all.” –The Pivot of Civilization, ARSH 1922

Exhale. Christmas. Words of Fraternal Love and Gratitude.

Sorry for having to post two horrific posts yesterday.  It is a terrible thing indeed to report that my site traffic yesterday – Christmas Day – was not only multiples what “normal” Christmas Day traffic has been (usually the slowest day of the year), but historically high, as I have been running for most of this year.  It was heartbreaking for me to glance at the real-time traffic and see so many “active visitors” during gift-opening time, and then Mass time, and then Christmas Dinner time.

On a happy note, I have received reports in my inbox of happy Christmases, even magical for those of you who had a “perfect Christmas snowfall”, DIRECTLY correlated to the presence of small and tiny people. Indeed. INDEED….

Let me at this time, on the Feast of St. Stephen the protomartyr, the SECOND day of Christmas, reiterate my undying gratitude and fraternal love to one and all, but especially my benefactors and supporters.  The kind and edifying notes of love and encouragement, as well as the proverbial “stocking stuffers” denominated in the still-PetroDollar, are a blessing to me that I do not deserve.  Speaking the truth and alerting others to danger is not heroic.  It is morally obligatory.

It is a terrible thing that I feel I cannot bring up gratitude to my benefactors because, sadly, the well has been poisoned by laypeople trying to make a killing off of Christian charity, and the Church in se.  EVERY mention of money becomes a “bleg” – a combination of the words “blog” and “beg”, far too many times with a spirit of premeditated predation upon the goodness (still!) of the post-Christian world’s populace.  We are now at the point where you can’t say a simple “thank you” without it turning into a damned (and I use the term VERY intentionally) fundraiser.

All I can do is have the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass offered for YOU, my benefactors and supporters, now, DAILY at minimum, and most days more than once.  And, I have specifically arranged it with God that no matter what, even if a person decides that I am trouble with a capital T and a probable agent provocateur being paid by the Mossad or the Deep State, or that I am simply a terrible, horrible person; if a donor or supporter were ever once a donor or supporter, then they are on the Benefactor Mass intention list so long as such Masses are offered. Period. EVERYONE is destined for heaven.  The telos of man is the Beatific Vision. His or her opinion of me, good or ill, true or false, is irrelevant.

If you would like to pray for an earthly intention for me, it would be that I have a “patron”, i.e. a stable, private means of support that is no functional burden on anyone, in whatever form, such that I can TAKE DOWN that donation button forever, and continue with this website and the Podcasts WITHOUT the button.

In the interim, we continue.  I live comfortably, but not extravagantly.  I host many guests and lodgers, albeit fewer this year, obviously.  Excess funds go to the landlord, in cash, to pay rent out ahead – always a huge relief.  I have had two Gregorians offered this year for deceased friends, Brother Thomas and Maria Teresa.  I have rebooted my wardrobe in the past year, which was much-needed, as I was turned onto an incredible source of beautiful modest, semi-custom tailored and DIRT CHEAP dresses (I’ll make a post on this for the ladies), so I took advantage of that this year.  And, I have a nice pantry filled with pasta and lentils, salt, coffee, and seasonings.  Otherwise, I help out the neighbors as much as I can, including my stash of 1% bovine injectable Ivermectin for oral human dosage, should it be needed, which I am convinced every household should have on hand.  And, of course, one tithes DIRECTLY to one’s immediate parishes, usually “in kind”. Absolutely NO money goes to “FrancisChurch” on any level.

I’ll close with something that came across the transom after I posted the Italian Carol “Tu Scendi Dalle Stelle”.  Here is the ORIGINAL version in the original Neapolitan dialect written by St. Alphonsus Liguori.  Note the quasi-drone minor key ancient quality that we LOVE, especially in the glorious troped Orbis Factor Kyrie by Ensemble Organum.  This Carol/Poem has a similar feel.  Rorate Caeli posted the full translation – they have it broken into SIXTEEN stanzas, in delightfully non-fluent English, hence its eighteen minute length.  But it is the first time it has ever been translated into English.

Oh, and once more, THANK YOU. And Merry Christmas!!!!!

Pray to the Infant Jesus for Pope Benedict XVI, the Papacy which the selfsame Infant Jesus established in the fullness of time, and for Holy Mother Church.