“Covidism will never end without war or supernatural intervention.” Supernatural intervention happened in Croatia today. Lockdown immediately cancelled after major 6.4 earthquake.

Over the transom just now…

Dear Miss Barnhardt,

Today was a strong earthquake in Croatia. 6.4. Yesterday was earthquake 5.0 strong. Yesterday was  Massacre of the Innocent. Croatia is predominately Catholic country but lately with the Covid-19 there have been measures similar to those in other countries.

We are in 2nd lock down currently. When there was a 1st lock down in March, there was also strong earthquake in capital Zagreb: 5.5.

Now, you have said that either war or God intervention can change the situation and this is exactly what has happened today. They said that we are not in lock down anymore from tommorow and can travel around country as we wish.

The Lord is a master of history and Heaven and Earth and not earthly powers.

Keep up the good work!

A reader from Croatia

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