Important: Fauci’s lying and constant “shifting of the goal posts” is the islamic abrogation doctrine of “Naskh”: whatever is said today abrogates anything said previously

Over the transom, yet another confirmation that the Coviet political religion is a fusion of Freemasonry with islam. Let it also be VERY WELL NOTED that this musloid abrogation trick is EXACTLY PRECISELY the game that Antipope Bergoglio is playing.  “Oh I’m not changing anything, I’m just substituting it with something better….”  They all use the same playbook – Coviets, musloids, Antichurch – because they are all on THE SAME TEAM under lucifer.

Hi Ann,

Did you notice that just prior to the sweeping mask mandates going into effect, a number of high-profile figures came out and very publicly ridiculed the idea of compulsory face coverings? Fauci, Michael Osterholm, Surgeon General Adams, and several others all rightly went on national television and popular podcasts to mock (and literally laugh at) the idea of using porous cloth and paper masks to defend against particulate matter measured in nanometers.

Of course you noticed. We all did. But what does it mean?

The Wiki entry for the doctrine of abrogation, aka Naskh or Tafsir, reads as follows:

“In Islamic legal exegesis, naskh is a theory developed to resolve contradictory rulings of Islamic revelation by superseding or canceling the earlier revelation.”

Sound familiar? This doctrine can also be applied to Fauci’s evolving “scientific revelations” on PCR cycle count thresholds, “two weeks to flatten the curve”, Italy’s 10% CFR in March, and any number of other data points that have been used to justify totalitarian heath & safety measures. Essentially, yesterday’s science has no bearing on today’s science, and today’s science will have no bearing on tomorrow’s science. In the religion of scientism, only the *now* counts. And, while the science may evolve, the solutions passed down by the infallible elites never do. Those are fixed and unchanging, no matter what the science may say.

No one with even the slightest capacity for critical thinking, and a functioning hippocampus can possibly truly believe any of this. You have to want to believe in it… And to get there, you have to possess a burning hatred for your fellow man (which probably stems from extreme self-loathing, but mass psychoanalysis is way outside my pay grade).

The level of diabolical disorientation we’re witnessing is unfathomable. If you’ve ever wondered how billions of souls could ever fall for something as irrational and anti-human as mohammedanism, now you know.

Have a blessed and Merry Christmas.


“They say, ‘Thou art a forger,’ but most of them understand not.”


Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.