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Pope Benedict’s personal secretary laid it all out seven years ago: “If I understand you aright, he [Benedict] remained in the Office, but in the contemplative part, without having any authority to decide. Thus we have – as you said – now an active and a contemplative part which form together an enlargement of the Munus Petrinum [primacy and office of Peter]? Gänswein responds: That is what I have said, indeed.”

Excerpted below is Maike Hickson’s reportage and translation of Paul Badde’s EWTN interview with Archbishop Georg Gänswein one week after Gänswein’s 20 May ARSH 2016 speech at the Gregorianum in Rome, outlining the total illegality and canonical invalidity of Pope Benedict’s failed attempted partial resignation/bifurcation of the Petrine Munus.

If you have never taken the quarter of an hour it takes to sit down and read Gänswein’s 20 May speech in full, I beg you to click here and do so now.

Then read the reportage of the interview he gave one week later, excerpted below.

Then sit and stillness and consider the YEARS of ruthless, unrelenting insistence by Trad Inc. parti$an$ and the rest of the Novus Ordo world, consisting of CEASELESS GASLIGHTING, ad hominem attacks, name-calling, personal insults, slanders, attempted character assassinations, and even malicious, calculated campaigns of full-blown personal calumny, that there is NO EVIDENCE of ANYTHING amiss or afoul; that ANY questioning whatsoever of Bergoglio qua Pope and the canonical validity of Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation is the domain of schizophrenic conspiracy theories and the mortal sin of SCHISM; and then contemplate that no one, not ONE PERSON inside the Roman Curia did ANY Canonical due diligence with regards to Pope Benedict’s attempted partial resignation in February ARSH 2013 because “it was obvious that there is no problem whatsoever with his resignation.” Riiiiiight.

Just dedicate less time than it takes to pray two sets of Mysteries of the Rosary to reading the citations above and below, and then just… think. Read the citations above and below and ask yourself if, “Nuh-uh! Shut up, Stupid!” is an honest, much less satisfactory response.

Badde reports in his interview that he knows of cardinals in the Vatican “who are still shocked that the Catholic Church has right now two living successors of Peter.” He continues: “You yourself have recently spoken about an enlargement of the Petrine ministry, of an exponentiation, I believe. Could you explain this a little more?”

Gänswein answers, as follows:

Yes, you refer here to the book presentation of an Italian professor, Roberto Regoli, who has written a book about the first evaluation of the pontificate [of Pope Benedict]. He is professor at the Gregorian University and that is where the book was presented, as well. I was one of the two persons who presented it, and indeed, I spoke about a exponentiated [enlarged] pontificate. It is clear – to say it clearly, because I have seen in some of the reactions how people insinuated things that I never said. Of course: Pope Francis is the lawfully elected and lawful pope. That is to say, there are not two popes – the one lawful, the other unlawful, that is simply not correct. And I simply said – that is also what Pope Benedict said – that he, after all, is still present with his prayers, with his sacrifices, in the “Recinto” of Saint Peter [within the walls and precincts of the Vatican], and that, through these prayers, through these sacrifices, there shall come forth spiritual fruit for his successors and for the Church. That is what I meant to say, and now we have had for three years two popes and I have the impression that the reality that I perceive is covered by what I have said.

Paul Badde then sums up how he understands what Archbishop Gänswein tries to say:

If I understand you aright, he [Benedict] remained in the office, but in the contemplative part, without having any authority to decide. Thus we have – as you said – now an active and a contemplative part which form together an enlargement of the Munus Petrinum [primacy and office of Peter]?

Gänswein responds:

That is what I have said, indeed, that – if one wishes to specify it – it is very clear, the Plena Potestas, the Plenitudo Potestatis [full power, incarnate authority] is in the hands of Pope Francis. He is the man who has right now the succession of Peter. And then there are no difficulties left, as I also have said it. These two are also not in a competitive relationship. That is where one has to make use of common sense, as well as the Faith and a little bit of theology. Then one does not have at all difficulties to understand properly [sic] what I have said.

Pope Benedict XVI, Archbishop Georg Gänswein (Pope Benedict’s personal Secretary), and Antipope Jorge Bergoglio

“In chess, the PAWNS go first…”

I won’t be posting any of the myriad comedic Titanic death submersible memes out of respect for one person: Suleman Dawood. He was the 19 year old son of Shahzada Dawood, and the lad, Suleman, knew what was up, and was apparently rightly terrified of the entire plan. He was bullied by his narcissist father into going.

Suleman Dawood was murdered by his father as sure as if Shahzada had slit his son’s throat. I would say that I’m glad that the submersible imploded and instantly vaporized (think about what happens in the compression stroke in a diesel cylinder- no spark plug needed, the heat of the compression vaporizes and ignites the fuel) so that young Suleman didn’t suffer, but he DID suffer. For nearly two hours. He must have been absolutely terrified the whole time, and rightfully so. Only the very end was mercifully imperceptible, but there are reports that the submersible had dropped its emergency ballast, which means that the psychopath owner knew the pressure vessel was going for at least a few seconds before it imploded.

The other four idiots flaunted the Fifth Commandment by playing de facto Russian Roulette, and got their comeuppance. But Suleman Dawood was tortured unto death. And the owner, Stockton Rush, out of pure greed for the $250,000 cost of young Suleman’s ticket, allowed a person who was terrified and did not want to go, to board his vessel. What an abject monster. I’d call that being an accessory to torture and murder with special circumstances.

Ivermectin: THEY KNEW

Among its myriad properties, including anti-parasitic, topical healing and anti-scarring, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumoric, perhaps one of the most important properties of Ivermectin in the short-term, is its utterly amazing ability to expose the malignant, conscious evil that withheld this drug, and then ruthlessly attempted to vilify its proponents and users. It is perhaps the best socio-political and moral DIAGNOSTIC tool available today.

They knew. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing, and continue to do. Chest colds are actually the least of it. Consider the rheumatoid arthritis. Consider the cancer.

They did the research on SARS-Cov-1 years ago and knew that Ivermectin greased it like a deer in front of a Peterbilt. And that is PRECISELY why they went to war against it, with their premeditated “horse dewormer” horseshit.

Say it over and over until it just naturally rolls off the tongue:


And remember, to these, Geneva doesn’t apply.


My Ivermectin 1% livestock injectable (which we take by drinking orally) dosage table and other info HERE.

As always, I hope this helps.

All Sodomites – Including Lesbians – Are A Clear and Present Danger To Children

I’ve said it for years now, and I’ll keep saying it.  ALL sex perverts, by definition, are a clear and present danger to children.  INCLUDING FEMALE SEX PERVERTS.  We all tend to focus on male sodomites when it comes to the sexual abuse of children, which is meet and just, but I think there is an assumption out there that “dykes are pathetic, but harmless”.  No, dykes AREN’T harmless. I would say at this point, “Just ask Whitney Houston,” but I can’t, because Whitney Houston killed herself with hard drugs years ago.

Because lesbians are Diabolical Narcissists (remember, Diabolical Narcissism – the voluntary self-purgation of love, or charity, from the soul – is the overarching pathology under which all species of sexual perversion are subsets), they are VAMPIRIC PREDATORS, motivated by SPITE to drag other people down into hell with them.

It is now well-known that Whitney Houston was not only a hard-drug addict, but that she was also a lesbian.  This was an open secret in Hollywood, as Houston carried on publicly with her “personal assistant” Robyn Crawford for years.

It was later revealed that, sure enough, Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a girl by her lesbian cousin, Dee Dee Warwick.  This revelation is part of a documentary film on Houston that briefly made mainstream headlines several years ago, and then was memory-holed by the Sodogarchy.

What is both fascinating and infuriating to watch is the “tip-toeing through the tulips” of the mainstream, trying to have their cake and eat it too, by exposing and pointing to the woman-on-girl pedophilia, but at the same time refusing to admit that sexual perversion is a PATHOLOGY (much less a sin!) with clear CAUSES.  Their argument basically is that Whitney Houston became a hard-drug addicted uber trainwreck who ended up dead in a hotel bathtub because of abuse (maybe), but she was TOTALLY born a lesbian/bisexual! And one has nothing to do with the other, and don’t you DARE suggest otherwise!

I am reminded of another tragic case like this in the “celebrity” world: Chastity Bono.  The daughter of Sonny and Cher, Chastity Bono, was raped and abused as a young girl beginning at age nine by her female nanny, in whose lap her degenerate mother dumped her while Cher was out playing the harlot and God-knows-what-else in the 1970s.  Fast-forward, and Chastity Bono declares herself a lesbian, and then, because the DN pathology is a downward spiral with no end except eternal damnation itself, the lesbianism wasn’t enough, so Chastity Bono declared herself a “man” and proceeded to mutilate her body accordingly.  And the “doctors” were absolutely DELIGHTED to sign off on this, and cut the woman to shreds.  Becau$$$$$$$$$e… rea$$$$$$$$on$$$$$.

Diabolical Narcissists, of both sexes, target CHILDREN in particular because of spite.  Remember what the Diabolical Narcissist’s emotional palette consists of: Anger, Hatred, Jealousy (Envy), and Fear. They HATE and ENVY purity.  The HATE and ENVY normalcy. The HATE and ENVY innocence.  They HATE and ENVY happiness.  Do you see why children are always in their sights?  Do you see what the root of the VAMPIRISM is?

Because ALL human beings are exclusively heterosexual and born “normal” in the psycho-sexual sense, and because children are, by definition, pure, innocent and happy, they are the ultimate target for DNs being the mercenaries of hell that they are, precisely because DNs are animated by SPITE.

“If I can’t be happy, if I can’t be normal, then neither will they!” 

The happier, more normal, and – this is the big one – the more PURE (especially sexually) a person is, the more they will be held in contempt, and despised by sodomites.  This is why sodomites seek out and associate only with trainwrecks and moral degenerates, and will drive out happy, normal people.  Folks: hear me well. If the sodomites don’t hate you, then you need to examine your conscience.

Let this also inform us as to why Antipope Bergoglio absolutely DESPISES people who display genuine Catholic piety.  Especially cloistered, contemplative orders.  The greater the genuine sanctity, the greater the contempt, hatred and spite this will generate from the DN sex perverts. EVERY. TIME.

And blood connections, even the very closest, such as parent-child, full sibling, and CERTAINLY blood uncle/aunt or cousin, will NOT stop a DN from sexually abusing a child.

How many children have been sexually abused and ultimately driven into hell by sodomite family members, of which the family KNEW that the abuser was a sodomite (of either sex), and told themselves, “Oh, he (or she) would NEVER touch MY kids….” It is countless at this point.

This is why I cry:


I hope this helps.

“John came to birth as a result of his death, and that Herod died as a result of how he spent his birthday.”

“John the Baptist accusing Herod and Herodias”, Jacob Backer, ARSH 1633

The following is an EXTREMELY prescient and timely sermon of St. Peter Chrysologous who was a Fifth Century bishop of Ravenna in Italy.  For anyone who is following events surrounding the Bergoglian antipapacy, it is impossible to read this without seeing the stunning contemporary relevance and numerous direct parallels. Emphases mine. -AB

Today while the virtue of John and the ferocity of Herod are related to us, our innards were shaken, our hearts trembled, our sight grew dim, our mind became dull, our hearing deserted us. For is there anything within human sensation that remains undisturbed within when a large amount of vice destroys a large amount of virtue?

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John, and had him bound, and put in prison.” (Mt. 14:3) John was the school of the virtues, the instructor of life, the model of sanctity, the pattern of morality, the mirror of virginity, the epitome of purity, the example of chastity, the way of penitence, the pardon of sins, the discipline of faith. John was greater than a human being, equal to the angels, the apex of the Law, the seed of the Gospel, the harbinger of the Apostles, the silence of the Prophets, the lamp of the world, the herald of the Judge, the Forerunner of Christ, the preparer for the Lord, the witness of God, the mediator of the Whole Trinity.

But Herod is the very one who desecrated the Temple, ruined the priesthood, disturbed its proper order, profaned the kingdom, corrupted anything that had to do with religion, the Law, life and morals, faith and discipline. Herod was ever an assassin toward his fellow citizens, a brigand toward people of any distinction, a ravager toward his allies, a robber toward those of his own household, a killer  of the common folk, a murderer of his children, a slayer of foreigners, a parricide towards his own, drenching the land with gore in his bloodthirstiness. And so it is that he gulped down the hallowed blood of John from his enormous cup of cruelty. But now let the reading speak for itself.

“Herod,” it says, “apprehended John and had him bound.” He who had released sins’ shackles is bound with the shackles of a sinner, so that pardon once shackled might not leave any room for pardon. “He had him bound and put in prison.” Herod, you are the one who committed adultery, yet John the Baptist goes to prison? Thus one who is guilty sits in the judge’s place and passes judgment, the persecutor of innocence takes the place of a defender. I ask, where is truth to be found? Where is good reputation? Where is decency? Where is the good name of the public magistrate? In fact, where is God? Where is the human being? Where is decorum? Where is the law? Where are purely natural rights? Everything all at once has been thrown into turmoil, O Herod, because of the way you act, pass judgment, and give orders.

“He apprehended John,” it says, “and he had him bound, and put in prison.” Herod, you are being subpoenaed, his shackles place the blame on you, the prison accuses you, the harm done to John publicly points to you. The one who looks for the reason for John’s arrest finds in you what deserves punishment, and the cause for his distress about John. John, who is recognized throughout the world for his reputation, who is known for his virtue, who is widely renowned for his sanctity, by attracting to himself those who inquire into the harm done to him, sees to it that your incest becomes disclosed to all; he brings it about that you are put to shame in public, since a reproof in private was unable to reform you.

John kept after Herod with warnings, not with an accusation; he wanted him to mend his ways, not to perish; but Herod preferred to perish rather than to reform. To those held captive by crimes the freedom of innocence become most odious. Virtue is antagonistic to the vicious, sanctity is detestable to the sacrilegious, chastity is inimical to the shameless, integrity is a punishment to the corrupt, temperance is a foe to the wanton; mercy is unbearable to the cruel, godliness to the ungodly, justice to the unjust.

The Evangelist attests to this when he says: “John kept saying: ‘It is not right for you to take the wife of your brother Philip.’ ” This is the reason why John runs afoul. The one who warns the wicked is a considered offensive. The one who rebukes those who are at fault is deemed blameworthy. What John had to say concerned the Law, justice, and well-being; his remarks certainly were not spoken out of hatred, but out of love: but see what kind of reward he received for his devotion from the ungodly one!

“Although he wanted to kill him,” it says, “he was afraid of the people.” It is easy for one to turn away from justice who is motivated by the fear; not of God, but of human beings. This fear can postpone the opportunity to sin, but cannot take away the will to sin. Therefore it is also the case that those whom fear delays from committing iniquity become even more eager for iniquity. It is only the fear of God which corrects minds, banishes offenses, preserves innocence, and bestows an endless capacity for good. But let us hear about what the most blessed John actually suffered.

“On Herod’s birthday,” it says, “the daughter of Herodias danced in the middle of his dining room, and it pleased Herod, and he made an oath promising to give her whatever she asked of him. But, having been advised earlier by her mother, she said: ‘Give me the head of John the Baptist on a dish.’ And the king was deeply saddened on account of the oath: nevertheless, because of those who were dining there he ordered it to be given to her, and sent to have John beheaded, and his head was placed on a dish and given to the girl, and the girl gave it to her mother.” ( 14:6-11)

You have heard, brothers, how great is the cruelty which is born from pleasure. “And his head was placed on a dish.” (v.11) An house is transformed into an arena, the table turns into a theater, dinner guests become spectators, a banquet is changed into frenzy, a meal becomes a massacre, wine changes to blood, a funeral is held on a birthday, to mark one person’s beginning is another person’s ending, a banquet is changed into a murder scene, musical instruments ring out the tragedy of ages.

A beast, not a girl, enters; a ferocious animal, not a woman, prances about; along her head she combs out her mane, not her hair; she stretches and contorts her frame, but it is her savagery that grows and intensifies, her cruelty that looms large, but not her body; this wild animal unequaled in ferocity roars with her mouth, gnashes her teeth, she is not struck by a sword, but wield its. “Advised earlier,” it says, “by her mother,” (v.8), and brandishing a lance from her mother’s heart, as a new kind of beast, she disdains preying upon the body and proceeds to lop off the head itself.

But, lest anyone think that we want to hear ourselves talk about such things, we do not want to hear ourselves talk, but we want to cry out so that the joys of your festivities be celebrated prudently, so that the parties that mark your birthdays maintain moderation in merriment, so that Christ may attend your feasts, that the banquet be held in the sight of the Author; may the very nature of the celebration to which we are invited be honoured by decency; may the happiness of your table extend to the poor, may your household dance with the discipline of innocence. May debauchery depart, may dissipation be banished; may the plague of dancing girls, the bawdy songs of musicians, what fuels pleasures, what weights down the belly, and what shipwrecks minds all be done away with, be wiped out with the feasts of Herodias, so that your joy at present may reach an happiness that lasts forever.

Today, brothers, we have directed our sermon to Herod, because the listener is well aware how great is the martyr’s bliss, when he hears about the misery of the persecutor. Nevertheless, it is fitting for us to know both that John came to birth as a result of his death, and that Herod died as a result of how he spent his birthday.

(From Selected Sermons of St. Peter Chrysologus, Sermon 127)

And people wonder why I strongly suspect that Antipope Bergoglio is likely the False Prophet Forerunner of the Antichrist…. -Ann

Now that the Titanic wreck is a grave AGAIN, maybe we should treat it like a grave, as we should have all along.

Dr. Robert Ballard was right from the beginning. The Titanic is a grave site. The coordinates should have been held top-secret, as Ballard’s initial discovery expedition was part of a compensation package and cover story by the U.S. Navy for Ballard to find the wrecks of the USS Thresher and USS Scorpion, two early nuclear submarines.

I have been a Titanic-phile since Ballard’s discovery in September of ARSH 1985, just as I was starting the third grade. But I have intentionally never gone to any Titanic exhibitions with items recovered from the wreck, because it has always seemed to me to be a species of grave robbing. There is no reason for people to be descending to the Titanic wreck. It’s macabre.

And now the Titanic is a double monument: there are fresh bodies in the graveyard, victims of their own imprudence, recklessness, greed, and now with the 21st century Luciferian twist of suicidal devotion to the cult of wokeness and its intrinsic despisal of competence and merit.

A crush-depth compression would be as fast as a gunshot to the head. Let’s pray they had just enough warning to call upon the Name of the Lord.

And let’s hope that this is the end of interference or creepy tourism of the Titanic, and that all of the dead, including the five from this week, are left in peace.

The final photograph taken of the Titanic as it departed Queenstown (now Cobh), Ireland on 11 April, ARSH 1912.

Dear Spotify: I, Ann Barnhardt, will deliver 20 podcasts of at least 60 minutes, within one year, for ONE PERCENT, $200,000, of what you paid the Duck and Duckette of Dumb to deliver only ten hours of content.

Just kidding, folks. I’d never, ever ‘take the ticket’. If Spotify offered me $2 billion, I’d laugh in their and satan’s faces.

Lay down with dogs, get up with fleas.

My Wi-Fi in the new creekside abode is supposed to be installed this week, at which point we can start podcasting again… with the Dark Chocolates microphone. I’m optimistically cautious.

I’ll leave you with JC’s version of one of the wisest secular songs ever recorded: “A Satisfied Mind”…

How many times have

You heard someone say,

“If I had his money

I could do things my way.”

But little they know

That it’s so hard to find,

One rich man in ten

With a satisfied mind.

Once I was winning

In fortune and fame,

Everything that I dreamed for

To get a start in life’s game.

Then suddenly it happened

I lost every dime.

But I’m richer by far

With a satisfied mind.

Money can’t buy back

Your youth when you’re old,

Or a friend when you’re lonely,

Or a love that’s grown cold.

The wealthiest person

Is a pauper at times,

Compared to the man

With a satisfied mind.

When my life has ended

And my time has run out,

My friends and my loved ones

I’ll leave there’s no doubt.

But one thing’s for certain:

When it comes my time,

I’ll leave this old world

With a satisfied mind.

How many times have

You heard someone say,

“If I had his money

I could do things my way.”

But little they know

That it’s so hard to find,

One rich man in ten

With a satisfied mind.