All Sodomites – Including Lesbians – Are A Clear and Present Danger To Children

I’ve said it for years now, and I’ll keep saying it.  ALL sex perverts, by definition, are a clear and present danger to children.  INCLUDING FEMALE SEX PERVERTS.  We all tend to focus on male sodomites when it comes to the sexual abuse of children, which is meet and just, but I think there is an assumption out there that “dykes are pathetic, but harmless”.  No, dykes AREN’T harmless. I would say at this point, “Just ask Whitney Houston,” but I can’t, because Whitney Houston killed herself with hard drugs years ago.

Because lesbians are Diabolical Narcissists (remember, Diabolical Narcissism – the voluntary self-purgation of love, or charity, from the soul – is the overarching pathology under which all species of sexual perversion are subsets), they are VAMPIRIC PREDATORS, motivated by SPITE to drag other people down into hell with them.

It is now well-known that Whitney Houston was not only a hard-drug addict, but that she was also a lesbian.  This was an open secret in Hollywood, as Houston carried on publicly with her “personal assistant” Robyn Crawford for years.

It was later revealed that, sure enough, Whitney Houston was sexually abused as a girl by her lesbian cousin, Dee Dee Warwick.  This revelation is part of a documentary film on Houston that briefly made mainstream headlines several years ago, and then was memory-holed by the Sodogarchy.

What is both fascinating and infuriating to watch is the “tip-toeing through the tulips” of the mainstream, trying to have their cake and eat it too, by exposing and pointing to the woman-on-girl pedophilia, but at the same time refusing to admit that sexual perversion is a PATHOLOGY (much less a sin!) with clear CAUSES.  Their argument basically is that Whitney Houston became a hard-drug addicted uber trainwreck who ended up dead in a hotel bathtub because of abuse (maybe), but she was TOTALLY born a lesbian/bisexual! And one has nothing to do with the other, and don’t you DARE suggest otherwise!

I am reminded of another tragic case like this in the “celebrity” world: Chastity Bono.  The daughter of Sonny and Cher, Chastity Bono, was raped and abused as a young girl beginning at age nine by her female nanny, in whose lap her degenerate mother dumped her while Cher was out playing the harlot and God-knows-what-else in the 1970s.  Fast-forward, and Chastity Bono declares herself a lesbian, and then, because the DN pathology is a downward spiral with no end except eternal damnation itself, the lesbianism wasn’t enough, so Chastity Bono declared herself a “man” and proceeded to mutilate her body accordingly.  And the “doctors” were absolutely DELIGHTED to sign off on this, and cut the woman to shreds.  Becau$$$$$$$$$e… rea$$$$$$$$on$$$$$.

Diabolical Narcissists, of both sexes, target CHILDREN in particular because of spite.  Remember what the Diabolical Narcissist’s emotional palette consists of: Anger, Hatred, Jealousy (Envy), and Fear. They HATE and ENVY purity.  The HATE and ENVY normalcy. The HATE and ENVY innocence.  They HATE and ENVY happiness.  Do you see why children are always in their sights?  Do you see what the root of the VAMPIRISM is?

Because ALL human beings are exclusively heterosexual and born “normal” in the psycho-sexual sense, and because children are, by definition, pure, innocent and happy, they are the ultimate target for DNs being the mercenaries of hell that they are, precisely because DNs are animated by SPITE.

“If I can’t be happy, if I can’t be normal, then neither will they!” 

The happier, more normal, and – this is the big one – the more PURE (especially sexually) a person is, the more they will be held in contempt, and despised by sodomites.  This is why sodomites seek out and associate only with trainwrecks and moral degenerates, and will drive out happy, normal people.  Folks: hear me well. If the sodomites don’t hate you, then you need to examine your conscience.

Let this also inform us as to why Antipope Bergoglio absolutely DESPISES people who display genuine Catholic piety.  Especially cloistered, contemplative orders.  The greater the genuine sanctity, the greater the contempt, hatred and spite this will generate from the DN sex perverts. EVERY. TIME.

And blood connections, even the very closest, such as parent-child, full sibling, and CERTAINLY blood uncle/aunt or cousin, will NOT stop a DN from sexually abusing a child.

How many children have been sexually abused and ultimately driven into hell by sodomite family members, of which the family KNEW that the abuser was a sodomite (of either sex), and told themselves, “Oh, he (or she) would NEVER touch MY kids….” It is countless at this point.

This is why I cry:


I hope this helps.

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