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Barnhardt Podcast #147: To Wive and Thrive

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In this episode we discuss a listener question about receiving Communion from a Deacon, Angels and UFOs, the concept of beauty when applied to a human being, and the need for empathy and prayers for the suffering, both those on Earth and in Purgatory.

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Low-population rural backwaters of New Delhi and Mexico City show jaw-dropping, yet unsurprising, Ivermectin results.

I’m just going to send you over to Lifson’s piece at

Lifson obviously mentions the massive money-laundering boon of the non-vaccines to Big Pharma, but what he misses, and cannot be permitted to be lost amongst the “covid” rhetoric, is the fact that Ivermectin’s antiviral properties would eliminate AS A TOTAL PREVENTATIVE a massive percentage of the cold and flu symptom remedy market. If you never catch a cold or the flu in the first place, then you never become symptomatic, which means you don’t have any demand for over-the-counter decongestants, cough suppressants, fever reducers, etc.

It’s an ELEVEN FIGURE ANNUAL MARKET. $50 billion, conservatively. Don’t kid yourselves, folks. BigPharma is defending their over-the-counter cold and flu remedy high-profit-margin market every bit as much as they are fabricating this “non-vaccine” market by withholding and trying to character assassinate Ivermectin in th€ fir$t wor£d.


Th€y N€€D you $ick.

Did I mention I received ANOTHER 800 doses of Ivermectin this week? Yup. Folks, just walk into any farm supply store, tell an employee, “I need something out of the pharma case. Can you open it please?” And just BUY the 1% livestock injectable, which is TOTALLY safe for humans to take orally by drinking it. Don’t run your mouth. Just BUY IT.

Stop and think about it. Veterinarians have been taking the livestock injectable themselves orally for DECADES. And do you truly, honestly think that I would aggressively push this unless I knew for a metaphysical certitude that it was totally, totally safe?

I’m not a doctor, but I’m highly, reliably informed, and I am HAPPILY and FEARLESSLY recommending and personally distributing it. Damn right. FEARLESSLY. All day every day. I carry a 50 mL bottle and syringe in my backpack purse at all times for distribution to ANYONE who wants it. You know why? Because Ivermectin is literally the safest drug in the world. 3.7 billion human doses- no side effects. The Livestock INJECTABLE formulation is TOTALLY safe for human ORAL consumption. I take it myself, and plan on continuing to do so solely to ward off seasonal colds and flus. Because who in their right mind WANTS to be even slightly sick, ever? And because it is, without any doubt or question, the MORALLY SANE thing to do.

Kinda like burning a koran, or shuttering a brokerage firm, or calling out an Antipope.

Git ‘er dun, as the man said.

Remember the P.I.A. Triumvirate of human medicine: Penicillin, Ivermectin, Aspirin.

Be not afraid. Do the right thing, and God will provide.

My God, My God, what a glorious time to be alive!

Wherein TimMan at St. Louis Catholic writes my words for me: “Still Think It Doesn’t Matter Whether or Not Pope Benedict Abdicated?”

Pssssst. He didn’t. Legally. Not even remotely close. Not even in the same galactic cluster as a canonically valid papal resignation.

Here is point 1 of 6. Do click over and read the whole thing at Tim’s place in St. Louis.

1. One must always remember that only a pope can abolish a motu proprio issued by the pope. This “duh” principle must always be remembered in our corrupt times. Let’s just spitball, and “speculate”, that Pope Benedict is still the pope. Who cares what a heretical prelate from Argentina says about Summorum Pontificum? His authority to do anything about it is about the same as his authority in my homeowners association: zero. But, for the sake of completeness, let us assume, arguendo for the rest of this post that Bergoglio is definitively and actually the pope….

The only question remaining at this point is whether Joe Biden’s open pedophilia is considered a feature or a bug by The Powers That Be

Remember, the greatest rush that demoniacs feel is from openly manifesting their evil and then watching people let them get away with it.

Biden is obviously demented, but the pedophilia is intrinsic to him – he was sexually into children, including his own, according to his daughter, long before any brain injuries or dementia. So The Powers That Be placed a pedophile with rapidly fading self-censoring capability as the “president” of the “united states”.

I think at this point, this is a trolling operation. I think they are positively luxuriating in the utter refusal of the unwashed masses to do a damn thing to resist them in any way.

They can literally let their front puppet openly lust on a pre-pubescent child from the podium, and nobody bats an eye. And on a military base, no less.

Joe Biden has been slammed for ‘creepy’ remarks he made about a young girl during a speech at a Virginia military base on Friday. 

The Commander-in-chief, 78, went off-script to point out the ‘elementary school- aged’ girl as he delivered an address at Joint Base Langley-Eustis ahead of Memorial Day. 

‘I love those barrettes in your hair, man,’ the President said to the girl, who was sitting at the side of the stage. ‘I tell you what, look at her, she looks like she’s 19 years old, sitting there like a little lady with her legs crossed,’ Biden bizarrely continued. 

Mailbag Letter of the Year: “Some thoughts on the Skojec emotional breakdown and public apostasy”

Dear Ann:

I couldn’t help but comment on the recent essay Steve Skojec posted about how traditional Catholics continue to “abuse” him because a parish priest did not give his children sacraments. I know there is another side to that story that we will never hear about, but my initial reaction was to truly feel sad for Mr. Skojec and his family. I realized that this very public emotional breakdown and what for all intents and purposes appears to be a public apostasy from the Roman Catholic faith was the fruit of the Antipope Bergolgio papacy.

I think this episode also shows how important the topic of identifying and defending the true Vicar of Christ is. Your efforts to expose the Truth is not an exercise in futility but has real and dire consequences.

Skojec’s public diatribe on issues, which most certainly should remain a private affair between him and his parish priest, was truly a cry for help after spending years attempting to reconcile the irreconcilable. If you truly believe that you are in the position of having to defend a man who claims to be the vicar of Christ, the father and spiritual leader of Christ’s visible Church on earth while at the same time that man does everything in his power to destroy that same Church, the intellectual and emotional fallout resulting from this illogical paradox and impossible position must be devastating. Sadly, if he just reconsidered his premises as you so often preach, rather than insist there is some way that 2+2 can equal 5, so much of this inner turmoil and anger would dry up and disappear like a dew drop in the desert.

There is one other component to this I want to mention. Skojec and I are about the same age. I am a 43-year-old man who also grew up as a “cradle Catholic” in the post-Vatican 2 era who attended World Youth Day in Denver in the 1990s and went through periods of losing faith. We were essentially the first generation of boys to be raised and educated by pro-feminist, anti-patriarchal, pant-suit wearing nuns where the notion of true fatherhood was systematically dismantled on a daily basis. Our father figures, even if our biological fathers were still around (which was a crap shoot for many), were nevertheless practically replaced by professional athletes on television, horror movie and pornography stars found in VHS tape rental stores, GI Joe cartoons, and homosexual abusers placed in positions of authority. Unless you had a grandfather still around who could actually teach you how to do manly tasks and take you on real adventures, most of my generation of fellow-boys grew up in a totally morally bankrupt and effeminate culture that did everything to destroy what it means to be a man.

It is no wonder then that the Bergolgio Antipapacy has caused so much confusion and damage in the Church and society today. Once again, the Evil One, using Bergoglio, tells those same boys, now middle-aged men, that there is no real fatherhood—that it’s all a lie and pointless. Just as fake and unrealistic as those GI Joe cartoon heroes were in the 1980s, so is the idea of strong, fatherly leadership in the time of turmoil. The antipapacy of Bergoglio attempts to confirm for my generation that none of this is actually real, that you are left alone, wondering in the wilderness just waiting to get eaten by the wolves who are out to get you. The Church was wrong, Vatican 1 was wrong and the priesthood is just a bunch of rigid mini-tyrants. Life is pointless and so is everything you ever thought about manhood, reality and yes—even God and His Church.

Had Skojec just been open to considering the facts and arguments showing that 2+2 does equal 4, that Christ did establish a Church with a true vicar of Christ that is a solid rock upon which Truth is grounded, and that that vicar is and always has been Pope Benedict since 2005, I think so much of his confusion, despair and hopelessness would transform into zeal, courage and strength knowing that there is Truth out there that needs to be defended by real men. It truly brings a sense of purpose and freedom, despite all the evil around us, that God would never abandon us and that we are placed on this planet at this time for a reason.

Just some thoughts from someone who grew up in the same demographic and world as Skojec, but with a vastly different understanding of who Christ’s Vicar is on earth. Yes, Ann, this issue matters, and it matters a lot.


Remember folks, you heard about Ivermectin here early. Dr. Beep told me, I confirmed with my cattle veterinarian friends, and the rest is history. Man, what a time to be alive. 🔥 🙌🏻

ZeroHedge HERE.

Say a prayer for Dr. Beep and his peeps, and for my bovine practitioner boys. Salt of the earth humans if ever there were any. Also shout-out to NonVeni Mark and #TeamPonyPaste

But y’all know I roll with the livestock injectable… preferably imbibed in a fine distilled beverage. Patsy Cline souvenir shot glass recommended, but not essential.

Don Fili, I love you, and thank you for everything from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to pray for me and for my benefactors and supporters.

In this life there is no purgatory; it is either hell or paradise; for to him who serves God truly, every trouble and infirmity turns into consolations, and through all kinds of trouble he has a paradise within himself even in this world: and he who does not serve God truly, and gives himself up to sensuality, has one hell in this world, and another in the next.
-St. Philip Neri

Happy Ivermectin story of the day: ‘Oh, THAT’S why my daughter has been chronically sickly’ Edition


I’d like to share a quick anecdote about Ivermectin that I think you might find interesting along with a quick note of thanks.

I’ve been taking Ivermectin per your recommendation – feeling the start of a cold, etc – and have been cold/flu free since I started 6 months ago. My wife isn’t quite convinced and has not taken any. We have four kids (5, 4, 2 and one on the way) and – as these things go- influenza A is running through our house (kids 5, 4 and 2 are all in rough shape with typical flu symptoms – fevers, hacking coughs, running noses) suffice it to say that we’ve had a few rough nights.

Yesterday, the sickest of our children – the 4-year old- who just seems a bit more prone to being sick- always gets hit the hardest– reached a point of misery that was heartbreaking. The poor kid was having trouble breathing, red nose, fever and … I broke down and gave her 0.25 cc of Ivomec. We have livestock and have used it extensively so I wasn’t concerned- she’s 35 lbs … definitely not a feeder pig or a calf but it seemed like the right thing to do.

Ivermectin dosage graph made by an eight year old homeschooler. One mL per 110 pounds of body weight of 1% livestock injectable solution, given to humans orally to drink.

Well, this evening- after putting all of the children to bed- my wife walks into the kitchen with an 8 inch round worm she found in the toilet that she’d retrieved with kitchen tongs crying and saying ‘we have a serious problem with {the 4 year old}’. [Not anymore.]

Our 4 year old hasn’t mastered the art of flushing after using the toilet and my wife noticed something odd in the bowl. Of course, I had to confess that I’d inadvertently (but effectively) dewormed our child with Ivomec just yesterday while trying to aid her flu symptoms . We had no idea – she has no indication of having worms- nothing to make us think there was an issue. [See the bold underlined text two paragraphs up above the dosage graph.]

So – thank you. It’s an oddball situation, but I would not have done what I did without reading and listening to your work and it’s healed our child of something we didn’t even know was an issue and could have developed into something much worse. (Her flu symptoms are much better too!). Even my wife’s 4th pregnancy (7 weeks along now) occurred against the backdrop of a lot of the things you’ve discussed in recent blog posts and podcasts with irregularities and difficulties and delays that we never faced in previous pregnancies. The point is… God is really really good. Thank you again for your work … the story is a bit gross but I wanted you to know how much of a difference you’ve made in our lives by telling the truth and sharing your knowledge – and it goes without saying…

We are praying for you!


Pater Familias