“In chess, the PAWNS go first…”

I won’t be posting any of the myriad comedic Titanic death submersible memes out of respect for one person: Suleman Dawood. He was the 19 year old son of Shahzada Dawood, and the lad, Suleman, knew what was up, and was apparently rightly terrified of the entire plan. He was bullied by his narcissist father into going.

Suleman Dawood was murdered by his father as sure as if Shahzada had slit his son’s throat. I would say that I’m glad that the submersible imploded and instantly vaporized (think about what happens in the compression stroke in a diesel cylinder- no spark plug needed, the heat of the compression vaporizes and ignites the fuel) so that young Suleman didn’t suffer, but he DID suffer. For nearly two hours. He must have been absolutely terrified the whole time, and rightfully so. Only the very end was mercifully imperceptible, but there are reports that the submersible had dropped its emergency ballast, which means that the psychopath owner knew the pressure vessel was going for at least a few seconds before it imploded.

The other four idiots flaunted the Fifth Commandment by playing de facto Russian Roulette, and got their comeuppance. But Suleman Dawood was tortured unto death. And the owner, Stockton Rush, out of pure greed for the $250,000 cost of young Suleman’s ticket, allowed a person who was terrified and did not want to go, to board his vessel. What an abject monster. I’d call that being an accessory to torture and murder with special circumstances.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.