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Pro Tip: Change Your Over Stove Lightbulb and Filter

I use the light over my stovetop as a nightlight, and it burned out, as it does once per year.  The bulbs are cheap – less then $5.00 – and I’m convinced that they last longer if you keep them on 24-7. Why not?  Having that light over the stove is a HUGE help and difference when cooking and browning yum-yums.  You need to SEE what you are cooking. Not to mention when you have guests who need to get cold water from the fridge.  Fiat LUX!

Changing the bulb involves opening the hood and seeing the fiberglass grease filter batting.  You need to change that too so your grease fan will actually work.  Every HomeDepot or small town Ace Hardware/Tru Value store will have that filter batting. Cheap.  It’s just a matter of doing it.  Either take it to the store with you, or measure it if yours is especially… shameful.

Frankly, if your over-stove isn’t a greasy mess, then… I’m ashamed of you.  Fish don’t fry in the kitchen, beans don’t burn on da grill… Took a whole lotta tryin’, just to get up dat hill….


Bottom Line: This Can Be And Should Be You (the Angel). So are you in, or are you out? Because you are given the chance daily.

This is the option you are given to engage. Daily. No joke.

You know where you can find me. I’ll see you in the Garden. I’ll see you at the foot of the Cross. Until the End. However you get there, whatever route you have to take, I’ll see you there. I will be there because by the grace of God, His Mother Ever Virgin, and my patrons, especially St. Philip Neri, I am within walking distance of the Old Mass. Because I have been given this grace and favor per my state in life and the Divine Providence. If you are not within easy walking distance, do the best you can. We’re all there together. I’ll see you there. With the entire Church Triumphant.

Just love Him.

The Parable of the Weeds: An Enemy Hath Done This. Suffer Both to Grow Until the Harvest.

The Parable of the Weeds from Matthew 13 also speaks DIRECTLY to the question of what to do IF IF IF there is absolutely no possible way you can get to a Traditional Latin Mass or Divine Liturgy until such time as you are able to move to be within commuting distance:

Another parable he proposed to them, saying: The kingdom of heaven is likened to a man that sowed good seeds in his field. But while men were asleep, his enemy came and oversowed cockle among the wheat and went his way.

And when the blade was sprung up, and had brought forth fruit, then appeared also the cockle. And the servants of the goodman of the house coming said to him: Sir, didst thou not sow good seed in thy field? whence then hath it cockle? And he said to them: An enemy hath done this. And the servants said to him: Wilt thou that we go and gather it up? And he said: No, lest perhaps gathering up the cockle, you root up the wheat also together with it.

Suffer both to grow until the harvest, and in the time of the harvest I will say to the reapers: Gather up first the cockle, and bind it into bundles to burn, but the wheat gather ye into my barn.

Matthew 13: 24-30

Dymphna also had a good post on this topic a few days ago titled, “Home Alone Is a Dangerous Practice”.  Check that out HERE.


How Much Does He Love Us? If He Did This, Do You Honestly Think That He Isn’t There At The Novus Ordo??

Watch this until you understand. No matter how many times it takes.

He’s there. He is there at the Novus Ordo Mass.

IF there is absolutely no alternative, MOVE, but until you have moved – HE IS THERE.  Go. Comfort Him.  Tell Him you love Him.  Weep salty tears as He is ignored and desecrated.  Comfort Him. LOVE HIM.

He isn’t a philosophy.  He isn’t a codex. He isn’t an aesthetic.  He isn’t even a Rite.  He is A DIVINE PERSON. And He loves YOU personally, and infinitely.  What He wants to give you for all eternity – the reason He made you – is so good that it is, for now, completely beyond your comprehension.  But you have to love Him, and love Him personally, and that means being willing to suffer with Him in His Passion.

Please, please, please – while you still can – go to Him and love Him, even in an illicit yet valid Novus Ordo Mass IF IF IF that is all that is available to you.

Remember, what Longinus gave Him to drink wasn’t poison – it was vinegar.  Bitter, to be sure, but NOT poison.  Sound familiar??

In thy sight are all they that afflict Me; My heart hath expected reproach and misery. And I looked for one that would grieve together with Me, but there was none: and for one that would comfort Me, and I found none.

And they gave Me gall for My food, and in My thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink.

Psalm 68: 21-22

Folks, His thirst was a thirst FOR SOULS.

Mailbag: Three Questions from a First Time TLM Attendee

Dear Ann,

I have a question maybe you can answer or refer me to the answer. Why is it during the Latin Mass you sit during the Gloria and Creed? And why does the server kiss the priest’s hat (biretta)? Today was the 1st time I have attended a traditional Mass, and when it was over my 3 year old turned to me and said that was a long Mass. Mind you I have been attending daily mass with my girls for almost 2 years.

And an other question, if you have time. In John Chp 6 our Lord says we must eat His Body. From my understanding the Greek states to eat like an animal. Throughout the OT there are references to eating but it is more like consume and devour. My question is how should one to receive the Lord? Chew or not to chew is I guess a way to phase it.

Thank you,

Folks, these are the sorts of questions that all TLM goers should be cheerfully ready to answer.  Remember that the demonic spirit of oppression that began in earnest with the World War I generation, and fertilized the seedbed for everything that came after, is the spirit of INCOMMUNICATION.  People stopped explaining stuff – most especially to their children.  So, let’s explain!

Question #1: Why do we sit down during the Gloria and Creed at High Mass?

This question applies to HIGH MASSES, that is, SUNG Masses.  Our interlocutor went to a Sunday Mass, which, as is typical, was a HIGH MASS.  During a High Mass, for the Gloria and Creed the Priest Celebrant INTONES the first phrase: “Gloria in excelsis Deo” and “Credo in Unum Deum”, and then the priest quietly says the rest of the Gloria and Creed at the Altar.  At the same time, the choir, OR if the Mass is an orchestral setting, the orchestra proceeds with the Gloria, and Creed.  This can take several minutes.  The Gloria from Mozart’s Coronation Mass is something like 4:30.  So, when the Priest finishes speaking the Gloria and Creed, he and the other ministers and servers in the sanctuary go and sit down while the chant/polyphony/orchestral setting continues.  When the priest is seated, the faithful then also sit.  So, liturgically speaking, the Gloria and Creed are already finished in the Sanctuary.  The action in the Sanctuary then pauses while the choir/orchestra finish the chant/setting.

Here are three examples of the Gloria.  The first is Orchestral – from Mozart’s Coronation Mass. 4:40.  The second is a polyphonic setting – Palestrina. 5:30.  The third is Gregorian chant. 3:20.


Question #2 – OSCULATIONS (the ceremonial “kissing” rubrics)

The ceremonial “kissing” of objects and hands when handing objects to and receiving objects from the priest is called OSCULATION.  “Os” in Latin means “mouth”. Many servers don’t actually touch their mouth to the priest’s hand, but just graze with the nose, or just get close enough for it to look like a kiss.  This is not dissimilar to having a gentleman take a woman’s hand and “kiss” it without actually touching his lips to her skin.  In my personal experience of being greeted by European aristocrats, they have never actually touched their mouths to my hand.  Some people, particularly Europeans, will greet a priest with a cross-grip (right hand to right hand) bow and osculation handshake.  Bottom line: this is a SIGN OF RESPECT.  In terms of the priest, it is a sign of respect for his priesthood, and specifically the fact that he touches and holds the Host and Chalice in his consecrated hands.  The sign of respect is for the Eucharist, which the priest confects in his hands.  In short, this is about the most non-gay thing in the world.

Here is a brief post from the Latin Mass society about Osculations.

It should also be mentioned another misunderstood rubric: the server lifting the hem of the priest’s cassock and alb as the priest ascends the steps to the altar.  This has nothing to do with groveling or femininity.  Most traditional albs have some quantity of lace around the hem, which is ankle-length, along with the black cassock beneath.  With some albs, the lace goes all the way from the ankle up to the waist.  Others are more reserved and the lace border is only a few inches high.  Either way, back in the day before the industrial revolution, all lace was HAND MADE.  Lace for liturgical purposes was generally made by nuns.  Lace for secular use was almost exclusively the domain of housewives and young ladies who would work at lace making for a short period every day as an income supplement to the household.  Either way, lace making is an extremely time-intensive endeavor.  For an alb with a 30+ inch high lace border, a nun would have worked thousands of hours to make it.  So one alb represented one, one and a half or even two full man-years of work (2000++ hours).  The reason the server lifts the priest’s hem is to ensure that the priest doesn’t accidentally STEP ON THE HEM AND RIP OUT THE LACE as he ascends the first step.  Even if a priest today has an alb with machine-made lace, he still doesn’t want to put his foot through his alb.  (I remember reading on Fr. Z’s blog once that it is a BAAAAD feeling when it happens. One can imagine.)

Question #3: Reception of the Host – Does one chew?

In John Chapter 6, the Greek verb that Our Lord uses in the fourteen-fold repetition of the literal meaning of what He is saying about His Real Substantial Presence in the Eucharist does change from “eat” to “gnaw or chew” as the discourse progresses. Here is the general convention for reception of the Host: let Him sit on your tongue and soften, then fold Him with your tongue and swallow.  Chomping on the Host immediately after reception is… slightly awkward.  If you do chew the softened Host a bit, just bear in mind that some of the Host might remain in the crevices of your molars.  The Church gives us a guideline that the Real Presence of Our Lord continues inside our bodies for approximately 15 minutes.  One should remain in thanksgiving and prayer with Our Lord for a minimum of 15 minutes after reception of the Eucharist anyway, but for the sake of thoroughness, one should NOT, for example, brush one’s teeth or do anything that would dislodge or eject any particle of the Host from your body in those 15 minutes.  Sometimes, when I am sick with a cough, if I should cough within that 15 minutes after receiving the Eucharist, I will check my hand (which I put up to my mouth when coughing) to ensure that no particle of the Host was ejected from my mouth or throat when I coughed.  IF you should see a Particle of Our Lord on your hand, IMMEDIATELY consume Him by licking your hand.  But this is quite rare.

Thank you K for your excellent questions!

I hope this helps.

Feast of St. Mary Magdalene: Recommended Barnhardt Podcast Revisitation from the Deep Archive

St. Mary Magdalene has been co-opted by feminists and – let’s face it – UNREPENTANT sinners against the Sixth Commandment, and the “cheap grace” crowd.  From the deep archive might I recommend today revisiting Barnhardt Podcast Episode #016, “Mary Magdalene is a Catholic, not a shameless Lutheran feminist” from August ARSH 2017.

[Direct link to the MP3 file]

In this episode we continue discussing the topic of our need to have sorrow for our sins, a sense of shame for what is wrong, and a healthy fear of the Lord. We also profile Saint Mary Magdalene as the exemplar of how to repent of one’s sins — and Ann utterly destroys the notion that Mary Magdalene was some sort of proto-feminist. We also review what is required in terms of contrition for a valid Sacramental confession.

Feedback: send your questions, comments, or suggestions for growing in sorrow of sin to [email protected]


The Penitent Magdalene by Donatello

The Penitent Magdalene by Guido Reni

Recommended Reading for this week (and every week!):

Timestamp Outline:

  • 0:00 Intro and launch and announcements
  • 03:25 Brief recap of previous Podcast episode on shame, sorrow for sin, Modernist/Bergoglian lie that either your sins aren’t sins, or that they simply don’t matter, healthy cultures self-police through shame, subsidiarity
  • 09:30 Aside on the extent of sodomitical infiltration of the Church and the Vatican in particular, which points to actual satanism being practiced inside the Vatican today
  • 14:45 Examples of pre-1960s societal concern for preventing scandal and not normalizing or desensitizing people to sin
  • 17:35 Shamelessness in sin is Lutheranism
  • 18:18 The two Bergoglian Axioms: Mercy = Permissiveness and Charity = Indifference
  • 19:10 St. Alphonsus Liguori on the abuse of the Divine Mercy
  • 24:30 No one can ever, ever give you permission to commit a sin – NO ONE.
  • 27:20 Jesus is NOT giving us permission to sin – EVER.
  • 29:26 Bergoglio’s popularity is a pure function of his ratification of sin, heresy and even of apostasy. A warning to “professional Catholics”. The two types of scandal: incitement to sin and loss of faith.
  • 31:48 Blessed Virgin Mary’s words in her Magnificat: God is merciful to those that FEAR HIM. Discussion of servile and filial fear.
  • 32:57 The lie that Christ says, “Meh, it’s okay” to our sin. IT’S NOT OKAY.
  • 34:33 The closer we draw to God and advance in sanctity, the more our sins (past and present) should mortify us
  • 35:55 The interior freedom that comes with advancing in sanctity. A warning against pride and the need for true humility.
  • 37:18 Filial fear of the Lord – not wanting to hurt or disappoint your Beloved
  • 42:16 Don’t be afraid to go to confession, especially if you are struggling with an habitual sin. Explanation of imperfect vs. perfect contrition for sin
  • 50:10 A great place to find people who can recommend a good priest confessor is Planned Parenthood slaughterhouses – ask the protesters.
  • 51:08 St. Mary Magdalene as the exemplar of penitence and how she has been blasphemously hijacked as a mascot for feminism and shamelessness
  • 56:05 St. Mary Magdalene as depicted in art – ALWAYS penitent
  • 1:00:00 The closer you get to God, the more you realize how horrific your sins are, and the more you should experience the grace of shame
  • 01:04:23 Enjoining St. Mary Magdalene to pray to God for us for the gift of tears. St. Mary Magdalene is present with us, along with all saints and all angels, at every Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. The temporal and spatial transcendence of the once-for-all Sacrifice of Calvary through the Mass.
  • 01:17:53 Matthew 17:20 Initiative
  • 01:22:45 The importance of praying for The Church


Breaking: Chaput on the way out in Philadelphia??

Via NonVeniPacem, LOOK at this:

Do you know what the rumor has been in Philly for a while? That +Chaput was being booted, and that… wait for it… James Martin Ethh Jay would be elevated and immediately be given Philly. That’s just a rumor, but the bulletin above sure makes it clear that +Chaput is getting the ol’ tomahawk chop at the stroke of midnight on his 75th birthday.


Two Interesting Diabolical Narcissism Citations: Indifference and Gaslighting

First up, a sickening story about a priest in Idaho that was recently convicted of absolutely heinous crimes involving child p***ography and satanism (he admits to urinating in Communion wine – which invalidated the consecration of that wine, but people consumed the befouled wine.)

I draw your attention to this quote from the satanist priest, as reported by the Idaho Statesman:

As Faucher solicited more videos of young boys, he wrote that he felt “wonderful indifference,” Brumbaugh told the courtroom.

Yep.  Because as we have covered in this space countless times, Diabolical Narcissism is the total self-purgation of CHARITY, or LOVE from the soul.  The opposite of Love is NOT hate, because right-ordered LOVE must co-exist with hatred of evil, and of sin.  No, the opposite of LOVE is INDIFFERENCE.

The satanic pedophile priest, Faucher, confirmed this in no uncertain terms.

Next, here is an email across the transom, regarding the children of divorce being gaslighted:

Dear Ann,

I recently red a compilation of stories from the now-adult children of Divorce by Leila Miller, Primal Loss. It’s struck me that gaslighting happens almost always particularly intensely toward the children who are told to shut up, be ashamed of their feelings of hurt and celebrate their parents’ decision to destroy their marriage.

I think highlighting the gaslighting that the children (and other victims) of divorce go through may be of interest to you.

(Leila Miller’s old blog)

“There must be something wrong with YOU to feel so bad and broken over something that isn’t really a big deal.”

Best Regards,

Yep. the new “virtue signal” is celebrating and congratulating people on their depravity and sin. The more depraved, the more enthusiastic the congratulations and “support” must be. And if you don’t tell these people how “happy” you are for them, and “how exciting this new phase of your life is going to be”, then YOU are the horrible, evil “hater”.  See:

Priests marrying their concubine

Priests ditching the priesthood

Announcing civil divorce

Announcing an adulterous relationship and/or faux “marriage”

Announcing sexual perversion (sodomites “coming out”)

Announcing insanity and self-mutiliation (Bruce Jenner)

Murdering one’s own child (Abortion)

Suicide (self-euthanasia)

Found It! Image of “The Birth of Ecclesia”

What a cool image! This is an illumination (an illustration decorating a manuscript) from the Bible Moraliseé, made in Paris between ARSH 1225-1249, today housed in Vienna.

In the bottom scene, we see God the Father delivering The Church, the Bride of Christ, from the wound in Christ’s (the New Adam’s) side (at His rib), after Christ has “fallen asleep” upon the Cross, from whence flowed the waters of Baptism and the Precious Blood of the Eucharist, hence The Bride holding the Chalice in her hands.

To the right we see the major Four Founders of religious orders, St. Augustine (in miter), St. Benedict, St. Dominic and St. Francis.

Now look above. We see God the Father delivering Eve from the side of Adam while he is asleep, who is Adam’s Bride, and note that Eve’s hands are empty, only raised in supplication to God.