Another TOLDYA: Trump Already Setting Up A Cable Channel

Reportage from the New York Post.

It was the plan all along, kids.  It is all a brand-building strategy.  The Trump News Channel will make billions fake-raging against Washington and the Clintons.

It is going to be the new Fox News.  Hell, Roger Ailes is already signed as a “consultant”.  Reportage on that HERE.  I suspect they looked at Glenn Beck and realized that if a complete loon like Beck – (I truly believe that Beck has profound mental problems and is detached from reality) – could make as much of a go of it as he did with the Blaze project, that Trump and Ailes together could easily make billions.  The Fox News schtick is played out and the public is catching on more and more to it, and Trump and Ailes know that if they “reboot” the business model and cut out Rupert Murdoch and Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, they’ll make billions.

Also, Ivanka’s husband is apparently the point man for the project.  That reportage HERE.

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