A Little More Good News: Italy Ain’t Buyin’ What Antipope Bergoglio and the E.U. Are Sellin’

Apparently Italy does elections on Sundays, and had their first election in five years yesterday.  Long story short?  The political “right” absolutely cleaned house.  It’s confusing, as Italy has upwards of six major political parties, but their government is supposed to be about coalitions among these parties, so what matters most is the big-picture.  The lurch to the right is a big, Italian obscene gesture directly in the face of the E.U., Brussels, Germany and tying everything together, the world’s biggest Soros cheerleader: Antipope Bergoglio whose open, sickening, power-mad corruption is beginning to even override his ratification of their sins – stop and think about that for a moment.

Another interesting dynamic was that an 18 year old girl was raped and killed, and then chopped into pieces and placed in two duffle bags which were then dumped on the side of the road in an Italian town by a Nigerian invader a few weeks ago.  After this happened, an Italian guy went on a rampage and shot a few African invaders loitering in the same town.

Now here is what is interesting: recently, the Italian guy going on a shooting spree would have been used successfully as a cudgel by the media  against those speaking out against the musloid-African invasion being executed by the Soros/NWO/Bergoglio machine.

Apparently that did not work this time in Italy.  Apparently the Italians are sick enough of this crap to NOT be cowed into submission by having people tell them to NOT be suicidal with regards to their own race is to be a murderous “neo-Nazi”.  I think the Italians just called “merda” on that.  It is also speculated that the Italians after seeing economic recovery reported in the U.S. simply said, “We’ll have what they’re having.  Center-right?  Sounds great.”

If Italy leaves the E.U., the E.U. is DONE.  Pray this happens.  We need more, smaller countries.  We need power/corruption DECENTRALIZATION. We need more local currencies all competing against each other – some weaker, some stronger – not mega-currencies.  In a word, we need SUBSIDIARITY.  The truth is that Italy leaving the E.U. would be just the start – Italy needs to further break up into at least three completely separate countries.  Germany?  Goodness, Germany should probably break up into half-a-dozen or more countries.  And the Queen of England should be… wait for it… the Queen of ENGLAND.  Let the Scots have their own king, and let the Irish have a Lord High Witch Doctor, or whatever.  That’d be a real nice start.

Here is a FANTASTIC video that I was sent that is being credited by some people as a pivot-point in the Italian consciousness about this migrant invasion crap.  It is fantastic, and yet another proof that ONE person can make a difference by just explaining something clearly, directly and concisely.  The notion that one needs the backing of Mainstream Media to have any effect is simply wrong. And yes, it is obviously subtitled in English.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.