Spaghetti and Angel Hair pasta pack tight. Also canned tuna IN OIL for the calories. Huge calories for the dollar.

For flavor: garlic powder, red pepper flakes (or Tobasco), salt, sugar, and pepper. All compact and cheap.

IF you can get your hands on dessicated liver pills, that’s not a bad idea either. Iron, zinc, etc.

Multivitamins. Don’t go obsessive-compulsive. Just a good multivitamin. Hell, Flintstones. No joke. Man, woman and child.

This is war, folks. It’s all happening. We’ve been warning you for over a decade. This is it.

If you can, buy a quiet generator. 3500W or so. That will run a fridge and keep phones charged. The ambient summer heat is about to break, thank God. Plan on the contingency of not having heat this winter. Buy goosedown comforters or hardcore sleeping bags (-40F) for every member of your household. Plus extra. Do it now.

Get your tires changed if they aren’t new. Change your oil. Use synthetic and buy a changes’ worth of synthetic. Maintain all automotive fluids and buy and be ready to change everything you can. Sell any vehicle that you cannot maintain yourself.

Buy a pocket water filter. I recommend Katadyn.

Oh, buy more long guns and ammo.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.