WhatsItGonnaTake Episode #871,307. Antipope Bergoglio Calls Tradition “Ashes”.


More Ashes:

Here’s Pope St. Pius V and a bunch of other idiots rolling in ashes like so many pigs in slop.

Here’s Pope St. Gregory the Great and a bunch of other rigid integralists wallowing in ashes.

But remember, folks, Trad Inc., for whom Antipope Bergoglio is described over cocktails and boozy dinners in Trastevere as “great for business”, “subscriptions up, traffic up, donations up… this is the best thing that’s ever happened to us!”, MAY NOT BE QUESTIONED.

You can question infallible ecumenical councils that defined legit DOGMA, like, say, Vatican I – no prob. I mean, all the cool Trad Inc. kids are doing it, amirite?

You can spend all day every day tearing the divinely instituted and supernaturally guaranteed Papacy in se to absolute shreds, no worries. After all, all the Oxon toff convert priests are doing it, so it MUST be okay. Because over-educated British snobs have NEVER been wrong about ANYTHING. EVHUR.

But don’t you DARE so much as ASK THE QUESTION if maybe, perhaps, something ain’t right with “Francis”, what with his being a raging LutherMason who is, at absolute bare-bones minimum, the single biggest fag hag in human history, running around in a cheap polyester Halloween costume-grade white cassock while His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, remaining “in a new way within the enclosure of St. Peter”, imparts “MY Apostolic blessing” from the Vatican.




Pray for Pope Benedict XVI, because, as the man said, “é ancora Papa.”

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.