Where Funds are Going (Anecdotally)

The auction continues apace, and I’ll have more listings tonight and tomorrow. Meanwhile, the leper-spoon, spork and assault rolling pin are bid up to once again stunning levels.

Just an anecdotal example of where the estate sale revenues will be going for you:

I called CenturyLink to have my phones disconnected next week. I have been a customer since I was 20 years old, and have paid this company (first as US West, then as Qwest, and now as Century Link) tens upon tens of thousands of dollars over the last 16 years. I was under a four year contract on my business landlines and two toll-free numbers here at the office which expires in THREE MONTHS.

I called and explained that I had lost my business, and now my home and wouldn’t even have the ability to forward the numbers to a new domicile. And remember, I have about 12 WEEKS left on my existing business line contract.

Do you know what they are going to charge me for “breaking the contract” TWELVE WEEKS EARLY, after 16 years and pushing $100k in revenues from me?


So there you go. THAT kind of stuff is what is going to consume the estate sale revenues.

Poverty is kinda expensive, huh? Ah, well. This too shall pass. I’m almost there. Just a little bit farther, and then home free.

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