On Autographing

No, I will not autograph anything. BUT, I am sending thank you notes along with each purchase.

Why won’t I autograph? Because it is just completely repellant to me. One of the big reasons this culture is doomed is this truly childish obsession with “celebrity” (to ANY degree) and the building up of cults of personality.

Yet another HUGE lesson in this happened just a few days ago. Are you people who still insist on clinging to the dead, fetid, rotting, maggot-ridden carcass of “politics” learning yet? How did it feel to see “your boy”, Rand Paul, completely, totally sell all of you out and declare his support for the government killing US citizens on US soil without any due process with *#@$^$%& drones?

Are you getting this yet? These people are ALL psychopaths, and they are preying on YOUR “celebrity worship”. Rand Paul, like EVERYONE involved in “politics” today, including his money-grubbing, crazypants daddy, is a power-hungry, money-grubbing psycho who will do and say ANYTHING in order to maintain and advance his power and wealth.


Um, the big hint that these people are psychologically and morally unfit to hold any public office is THE FACT THAT THEY HOLD AND/OR SEEK PUBLIC OFFICE.

So, no, I will not autograph anything, because I am just a person and I KNOW I’m just a person, and all I want to be is just a person, and I will not enable any “cult of personality”.

I’m sending thank you notes, you know, like a normal, decent PERSON would do.

And once again, thanks to one and all for the incredible generosity that you have shown to this very normal, very flawed PERSON.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.