That Time Antipope Bergoglio “Blessed” a Bunch of Cocaine Leaves to Be Used In the Satanic Drug-Fuelled Rituals of an LGBT Group

[No, this story is NOT about an average Friday night in Cardinal Coccopalmerio’s suite in the Palace of the Holy Office, although the particulars do certainly ring a bell.  Folks, you simply couldn’t make this stuff up.  I’m glad there’s a video!  Thanks again to the Argentine Armada for sending this in.  Apparently this Pro-sodomy Inca group and their cocaine-fuelled “ceremonies” are well-known in Argentina.  -AB]

Antipope Bergoglio blesses coca plants used in pagan ritual brought to him by leader of pro-gay organization

  • Video of the blessing
  • The Quechuas Indians of Argentina have a tradition of chewing and smoking coca leaves. Because of the exhilaration the drug produces, they believe that the leaves are divine and,   consequently, they adore the coca plant as a god.
  • On June 9, 2014, Pope Francis received a delegation of Argentinian Indians at the Apostolic Palace. They presented several sacks of leaves and products manufactured from the plants – both destined for use in their pagan rituals. Francis blessed everything and also accepts a bag of coca leaves as a gift. (Spanish source)
  • The leader of the delegation was Milagro Sala, the president of the Tupac Amaru organization in Argentina, which builds houses for the socially and economically marginalized. This group publicly advances the homosexual agenda. Just days before meeting with Bergoglio, they delivered more than 100 houses to be used exclusively as a haven for LGBT people (June 4, 2014 – Spanish source). And throughout the month they heavily promoted a ‘Gay Pride Parade’ that took place on June 29, 2014, in San Salvador de Jujuy, where Tupac Amaru has its headquarters. Milagro wore a stylized Quechua/LGBT rainbow scarf to the event with Bergoglio.
  • On January 16, 2016, Milagro Sala was arrested on charges of fraud and criminal conspiracy in an alleged embezzlement of ARS $30,000,000 intended by the government to help the poor.

Two archcriminals and sex perverts. Left, Milagro Sala, later arrested for embezzling $30,000,000 from her “charity” for the “poor”, and right, Antipope Jorge Bergoglio, usurper of the See of Peter, and human sex-trafficking kingpin.

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