Five Heartwarming Words….

My favorite part of the letter from the priest who was going to quit, but then decided to stay and fight?

“I have not celebrated the Novus Ordo since leaving public ministry, and I never will again.”






This is how a MAN speaks.  This is how a MAN operates.

I think there are a BUNCH of priests who, over the coming years, are going to come to this realization.  This is just the very, very beginning.

I have seen people say in comment threads and around the innerwebz, as the question of how to tithe in lieu of putting money in a general collection moves to the forefront of people’s minds, that people will only give money to priests who offer the Old Mass, or are learning the Old Mass.  I agree with this tack.  I think that only priests, diocesan or otherwise, who offer the Old Mass should be financially supported.  I think this is an excellent litmus test, and an excellent way to get the Novus Ordo on its way to extinction as quickly as possible, not to mention the benefits to the individual priests that switching to the Mass of the Ages invariably yields.

I’ll never forget meeting a Polish Dominican priest, who said in broken English, “I have been priest 20 years.  I learn Old Mass five years ago. I feel like I am priest for only five years.”

This is a common feeling.  Once they learn the Old Mass, priests report that they look back and say to themselves, “My God, what was I DOING before?”

The Novus Ordo is valid, yet intrinsically illicit since it was conceived IN MALICE by the infiltrators of the Church to Protestantize and ultimately collapse the Church, as we are seeing happen right now, hence the graces and fruits of it are severely truncated, both to the clergy and to the laity, to put it mildly.

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.