CUT THE CRAP: In the Antichurch, Boy-raping Prelates are a Valuable Commodity to be Leveraged

This piece has been a LONG TIME COMING. But today’s the day. Put out the cat.

In the wake of the #CatholicMeToo phenomenon which is still holding traction and moving along nicely, pretty much everyone is naively asking the question, “How could they not know that McCarrick was so evil? How could this man have possibly been elevated and advanced up the hierarchical chain the way he was? How could such an evil person acquire so much power?”

The answer in once sentence:

The fact that McCarrick was an open sodomitical predator was considered a FEATURE, not a bug, and the higher he ascended, and the more powerful he became, the more valuable he became to those around him who sought to LEVERAGE CORRUPTION AND CRIMINALITY for their own gain, and the more intensely those around him covered for his crimes against young men and boys.

Folks, we’ve all got to wise up here if there is any hope of prosecuting this war against the infiltrators and forces of evil.  When out Lord says, “Be wise as serpents…,” He isn’t just whistling Dixie.  The near-unanimous failure of people to grasp these dynamics is really frustrating.  You can’t win a war when every general is a doe-eyed Pollyanna constantly looking around and asking, “Why are those angry-looking men pointing guns at us?”

Look, Diabolical Narcissist Psychopaths attract other DN psychopaths.  These demoniacal creatures flock together.  If you are asking questions such as, “What did Donald Wuerl know about McCarrick, and when did he know it?”, I can tell you the answer right now.  He knew damn-near everything, and knew it from the beginning.  The same goes for Kevin Farrell.  And not just other prelates, but clerics and laypeople that are employed by or otherwise make their livings off the Institutional Church as well.  The rot is deep. One might even say hopelessly deep, barring supernatural intervention.

I think the best way to explain this is with a specific case, and that specific case is the former number three and public face of the Legionaries of Christ, Fr. Thomas Williams.  The other reason why this specific example is particularly helpful, is because there are people claiming that people on the so-called “right” are only going after the McCarricks and Wuerls because they are on the so-called “left”.  Well, Fr. Thomas Williams and the Legion of Christ are the perfect examples of criminal psychopaths running their racket in the Institutional Church, wrapping themselves in the mantle of “conservatism”.  So, let’s kill two birds with one stone here, and show how this cancer infects every corner of the Church – from hard left to soft left to neo-conservative to conservative to Trad – the whole spectrum.

Fr. Thomas Williams, who is now laicized, was the pretty-boy face of the truly evil racketeering organization the Legion of Christ for many years – pretty much from the late 1990s until 2012.  Fr. Thomas Williams lived for YEARS with the satanic founder of the Legion of Christ, Marcial Maciel, who was a drug-addled, bisexual incestuous child rapist.  That’s right, not only did Maciel sexually assault and rape Legion seminarians right and left, Maciel also RAPED HIS OWN SONS.  And Fr. Thomas Williams LIVED WITH HIM. For YEARS.

This is very, very similar to now-Cardinal Kevin Farrell, who was also top-ranking Legionary until he left in 1984 to climb the career ladder to the Cardinalate as a diocesan priest and also SHARED AN APARTMENT FOR YEARS with his mentor and patron, “Auntie Blanche” McCarrick, who was likewise an open sex criminal, assaulting and raping seminarians and boys, as everyone knew.  Farrell, like Williams, is an inveterate and facile liar – a hallmark of Diabolical Narcissist psychopaths, and simply adopted the strategy of “deny, deny, deny, deny. ” It doesn’t matter how open the secret is.  The universal strategy is DENY, DENY, DENY.  The Clintons perfected this in the 1990s, specifically in the Lewinsky scandal.  DN psychopaths all over the world watched and learned from the Clintons’ tutelage.

Back to Fr. Williams.  You can read a very brief summary of the Fr. Thomas Williams scandal in THIS PIECE which Frank Walker at broke last summer on his blog,  Just a couple of high points with additions and details that have been shared with me over the years about these truly deplorable people: Fr. Williams, flying high as the number three of the $30+ BILLION dollar Legion of Christ criminal racketeering organization, was recruited by Neo-con Catholic darling and John Paul II advisor Mary Ann Glendon to recruit Glendon’s Machiavellian apostate daughter, Elizabeth Lev, into the Legion.  Glendon and Williams were both teaching at the Legion’s University in Rome.  Williams, it should be noted, was no less than the DEAN OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MORAL THEOLOGY.  Glendon’s daughter, Lev, was a hyper-promiscuous art history major who had just relocated to Rome.  Glendon knew that her notoriously sexually aggressive and amoral daughter would, despite her apostasy, be more than happy to enter into “spiritual direction” with Fr. Williams with an eye towards a sexual affair with this “sexy” priest.

Sure enough, Lev conceived two children by Fr. Williams in the early 2000s.  The first was miscarried, but the second was born with a very severe case of Down Syndrome.  Lev, by now in her late 30s, was clearly trying to get pregnant by Fr. Williams as a means of getting her claws into the $30+ Billion Legion of Christ, leveraging her womb into a multi-million dollar blackmail/child support package.  It worked.  Fr. Williams put Lev on the payroll of Zenit, the Legion of Christ’s news publishing business, and Lev was thrown all manner of work as a tour guide for Legion of Christ’s millionaire recruiting junkets, and quickly became one of the most powerful people in the massive money-making machine that is the Vatican Museums – which the Legion of Christ and Opus Dei essentially run.

Fr. Williams, desirous to maintain his plum position at Maciel’s right hand, denied that he was the father, and even committed the grave sacrilege of baptizing his own bastard son in an effort to cover his tracks.  Lev called the conception “a one night stand”, which given her extreme sexual promiscuity was sufficient to cast doubt in the Rome anglo social circle.  Lev’s flamboyantly gay “best friend”, (who also had a penchant for sex with priests and seminarians – hey, friends have got to have shared interests, right?) was enjoined to publicly and theatrically “propose marriage” to Lev (which was, after a sufficient period of suspense, theatrically rejected), stood as godfather while Fr. Williams baptized the child, and then Fr. Williams and Lev essentially made the sodomite godfather the child’s caregiver, while both Fr. Williams and Lev aggressively pursued their respective careers in Rome – being sure to grease the gay godfather’s palms, which continues to this day. Remember this when Thomas Williams claims that he left the priesthood in order to care for his son.  This is a man that happily stood by and watched while his son – suffering from mental retardation so severe that he is unable to speak and thus ever report abuse of any kind – was put in the care of a sodomite man.

Now to the REALLY unpleasant part.  In ARSH 2005, Fr. Williams finally admitted after years of lying to the General Director of the Legion of Christ, and Williams’ immediate superior, Fr. Alvaro Corcuera (now deceased) that yes, the rumors were true, and he was, in fact, the father of Liz Lev’s youngest child.  Fr. Corcuera ordered Williams to immediately start withdrawing from public ministry.

Not only did Fr. Williams disobey these orders, Williams turned around and increased his presence and appearances on American broadcast television, essentially being the “face of the Catholic Church” and “Vatican Analyst” for both NBC and CBS news.  Williams had also started a racket in book publishing.  The business model was simple: have Legion of Christ slaves ghostwrite mass-market books on Catholic “morality” and “spirituality”, have glamour shot photos taken of the somatic narcissist Fr. Williams, slap Williams’ name and picture of the cover, and market the books to the kind of middle-aged American women who buy books by celebrity priests based upon how “sexy” and “dreamy” the priest is.  Williams was pushing his brand, and pushing it hard – after being ordered to withdraw from public ministry. All the while, he continued to carry on his sexual affair with Liz Lev OPENLY – frequently co-hosting parties at Lev’s million-dollar apartment overlooking the Vatican, serving as the bartender.  Lev and Williams were often seen having romantic dinners in Rome, with Williams in civilian clothes, most notably at the infamous Roman restaurant PierLuigi. As if that weren’t enough, Williams was openly having sexual relationships with students at the Legion’s Rome University where Williams was, in case you have forgotten, the dean of the department of MORAL THEOLOGY. Classy.

And here’s the point, and the million-dollar question:


Given how brazenly and aggressively Williams disobeyed direct orders and carried on after being told in 2005 to withdraw from public ministry, how can it not be thought possible that Fr. Williams knew about Maciel’s crimes, and the crimes of other top-level Legionaries, and LEVERAGED THAT KNOWLEDGE IN ORDER TO PROTECT HIMSELF AND MAINTAIN HIS OWN LIFE OF SEX AND MINOR CELEBRITY?

Why did Fr. Thomas Williams and his baby-mama’s mother, Mary Ann Glendon, spend years working together character assassinating anyone who tried to blow the whistle on Marcial Maciel?  But I think the big tell came in January of ARSH 2014, when Williams, having just married Lev (who wore a snow white dress, naturally) in New York City a few weeks before, published an “interview” with Robert Moynihan in which he claimed that he was unable to process how it could be possible (cue the violins…) that Marcial Maciel, a man that Williams “knew so well” could be anything other than the living saint the Legion racketeering cult claimed that he was.

Oh, COME ON.  Maciel was carrying on a double life just exactly like Williams was carrying on a double life.  Maciel’s double life was “possible” in exactly the same way Williams’ double life was “possible”.

I strongly, strongly suspect that Fr. Thomas Williams knew damn good and well what Maciel was, and what the other top-tier Legion toadies were – carrying on sexual affairs with both males and females, and how Legion seminarians were being sodomitically abused, and instead of screaming bloody murder and blowing the whistle and trying to PROTECT INNOCENT YOUNGSTERS as any morally sane person would, Fr. Williams proverbially rubbed his hands together, licked his chops, and considered his ability to blackmail the shit out of everyone around him and over him in the Legion as positively ideal.

Sit in stillness with that, and consider what a complete monstrosity a human being would have to be in order to think and operate that way.

If you want to see something that will turn your stomach, watch this clip of Fr. Thomas Williams appearing on CBS news in ARSH 2009 hawking one of his ghostwritten glamour-shot “moral theology” books for lonely middle-aged women.  The best part is when Williams says that to be a trusting person makes you a better person, and that trustworthy people are themselves more trusting.  That’s rich coming from a dead-eyed psychopath liar whose entire life revolved around abusing trust.  I also find it informative that Harry Smith’s question is, “What is the reward in trusting God?” and Williams never makes any mention whatsoever to the one and only real answer to that question – eternal life.  Yeah, that’s telling.

And this is the point.  It isn’t just the boy-raping sodomite monsters like McCarrick that are the problem.  Cleaning them out, while certainly a step in the right direction, won’t even come close to solving the problem, because you will still have an army of Diabolical Narcissist psychopaths who actively want these monsters around and in power so they can LEVERAGE THEIR CRIMES INTO THEIR OWN CAREER ADVANCEMENT, SECURITY AND POWER.  If you can blackmail the shit out of the “boss”, then when you tuck yourself into bed at night, you can lull yourself to sleep with the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with the knowledge that YOU are really the boss.

Thus, the bigger the crime, and the higher the office, the more valuable the commodity men like McCarrick and Maciel become. 

Hell, for that matter, Antipope Bergoglio.  Don’t kid yourselves – Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin is positively GIDDY to have someone so wildly immoral and blackmailable as Antipope Bergoglio squatting on the See of Peter. Laissez le bon temps rouler! 

These leveragers of corruption are demoniacal saprophytes.  They feed on the moral rot and decay of others – but want very much to keep the host organism alive, and even thriving and growing.  Hence, the silence, the cover-ups, the enabling, the cooperation, the promotion of arch-criminals.  McCarrick, Maciel, Bergoglio.  it’s all the same thing.

Monsters leveraging the corruption of other monsters.

And, as we have learned from Antipope Bergoglio, the power plane ABOVE the McCarrick-level likewise wants to surround itself with blackmailable psychopaths.  Good men are driven out precisely because they can’t be controlled.  Psychopathy is a feature.  Integrity is a bug. Both above, and below.

So what happened with Williams?  A dossier was assembled and sent to the – wait for it – Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in ARSH 2012, which had jurisdiction over priest sex scandals, then still under Cardinal Mueller.  Yes, the same Cardinal Mueller that Bergoglio fired along with three of his priest staffers precisely because they got too close and had too much information on Antipope Bergoglio’s boy-raping buddies in South America.  That exact same office received a collection of evidence complied by a group of Legion of Christ whistleblowers and abuse victims on Fr. Williams’ sexual scandals, with particular emphasis on Williams’ sexual affairs with students at the Legion University in Rome, with a demand that Williams be removed from teaching.  Confronted with this, Williams deployed his rolodex (NBC, CBS, Katie Couric…) and updated his resume, and began searching for a gig in big-time secular journalism that would allow him to “maintain the lifestyle to which he had become accustomed”… while a priest under vows of poverty, while dumping the priesthood and operating as a layman.  He found a job offer with the Breitbart organization, from no less than Steve Bannon.  So, now able, at long last, to finally move all of his faggoty designer clothes into Liz Lev’s million-dollar apartment and pull down a sweet paycheck as Breitbart’s “Rome Bureau Chief”, doing essentially copy-paste stories lifted from the Italian press, Williams “discerned” that he would leave the priesthood and marry Lev.

As is cited in the piece linked above, Williams admitted to the New York Times that he really didn’t miss being a priest – which is funny because the previous narrative he pushed in the Moynahan interview in January of ARSH 2014 was that his priestly vocation was SO IMPORTANT to him, that he “discerned” that he should go ahead and lead a double life, carrying on his affair with Lev.  The truth is probably something like Williams (and Lev) had plans for Williams to eventually become a curial bishop or more, and that plan was ONLY abandoned because of the whistleblower dossier that was presented to the CDF.  Had that dossier not happened, Williams would probably still be one of the top-ranking members of the Legion of Christ racketeering organization, and might have been named a bishop by now.  We’ll never know.

Given what Antipope Bergoglio intends to do regarding priestly celibacy in the upcoming “youth synod”, which is, destroy it, do not be surprised if Bergoglio starts RESTORING THE PRIESTLY FACULTIES of laicized sacrilegious fornicators who married their concubines like Williams.  And don’t be surprised if Williams jumps at the chance, particularly if he is promised a position in the Curia and elevation.  After all, Williams already knows how to operate at the highest levels of a racketeering organization filled with boy raping sodomites and psychopaths, so he’d be like a fish in water in the Roman Curia of the Antichurch.

I hope this one example of many helps you understand that there is a massive throng of Diabolical Narcissist Psychopaths actively working to PROP UP, PROTECT, and ADVANCE criminals like McCarrick, and that is how and why men like McCarrick not only survive but thrive in the cesspit of the Antichurch bureaucracy, which is still occupying the same liturgical, sacramental and juridical space as the True Church, the Holy and Spotless Bride of Christ. 

Let the #CatholicMeToo movement continue and accelerate.  Let all of this filth be flushed out, including the leveragers of corruption.  And let the people on the so-called “right” no longer protect and hush up corruption by the likes of Thomas Williams because “he is useful to the pro-life movement”.  Wrapping one’s self in conservatism or even traditionalism can no longer be a viable strategy for evading justice.

And beware: these people are going to try to claim that psychopaths like McCarrick and Maciel and whomever else is finally exposed in the #CatholicMeToo movement, protected themselves from suspicion by surrounding themselves with good and holy priests that they kept ignorant of their crimes.  NOTHING could be farther from the truth. These men were all surrounded by saprophytic leveragers of their corruption and criminality.  DO NOT FALL FOR THIS TROPE.

Keep asking the question:

Who knew what, and when did they know it?

A good start would be:

What did Cardinals “Donna Girl” Wuerl and Kevin Farrell know about “Auntie Blanche” McCarrick’s crimes, and when did they know it?

Let me close with a screenshot from just a few days ago that came across my transom by none other than Elizabeth Lev herself:

Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.