Antipope Bergoglio and His Child-Pimping Boyfriend Gustavo Vera Openly Discussed in Argentine Media

My post of last week about Gustavo Vera HERE.

The Argentine readers are REALLY coming through, folks.  This just in:

An Argentine reader provides a summary translation:

1 – Natasha Jaitt is a “VIP” prostitute who says she was paid by an intelligence agency to spy on a list of powerful Argentinians, starting with Bergoglio’s close friend Gustavo Vera. After following + filming him for a year she announces that he is a pedophile and running a pedophile network, in addition to abusing his role in an anti-sex trafficking organization to further his own sex trafficking enterprise.

2 – Gustavo Vera denies these claims, and has filed charges against Jaitt. He says her slander could jeopardize his career as a primary school teacher. He’s in charge of 90 students across 3 grades (!). He then claims that Jaitt is being funded by a spy connected with the CIA and Mossad and that this entire thing is politically motivated.

3 – The article takes Vera’s side and spends a lot of time insulting Jaitt and going on about the spy allegedly funding Jaitt, named Antonio Stiuso. Stiuso was an enemy of the previous Argentinian president (Christina Fernandez de Kirchner) and Stiuso was collaborating with a prosecutor in an investigation of a terrorist attack that somehow linked to Christina. This prosecutor was assassinated 3 years ago and no one has been convicted, but Vera (and the journalist writing the article) suggests that Stiuso is responsible and trying to frame Christina. Bergoglio also loathes Stiuso.

An interesting quote from Vera “For 18 years we have suffered numerous attacks and if it weren’t for the protection of Cardinal Bergoglio, we would have been floating in the Rio de la Plata in no time.”

The article wasn’t as clear on a few things so I was planning on doing a bit more digging, will send you another email with anything useful I find….


This video is where Jaitt makes her claims public for the first time, at a televised dinner hosted by an actress. She seems much more composed and rational than the article implies. I’m working on a translated summary for you, since she brings up points/evidence not listed in the article, but what stands out is that she specifically says multiple times that Bergoglio was always aware of Vera’s pedophilia + trafficking and that Bergoglio himself acted to save and protect Vera on multiple occasions.

[Note from Ann – if you’re saying that this woman is not credible because she is a prostitute, I dare say that sources about the child sex-trafficking underworld of Buenos Aires will never be a group of Cistercian Nuns.  Just something to remember.]

[Here is the video for those who speak Spanish.  When I get a transcript of summary, I will update.]

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